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5 hidden IG story function. Omg seriously helpful gila!
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Been a solid 3 years since my lastJust got my cards pulled and read, baby we on the right track.Gonna tell my kids this was jfk and Jacqueline Kennedy
Retweeted by jnr🥀A little over a month later, FINALLY a response sat in the top 10 for 476 weeks this decade. Y’all. There are 520 weeks in a decade. - that's how big Drizzy…
Retweeted by jnr🥀Pnd coming to save music, YES MA’AM, CA. Keep an eye out for a white Mercedes Texas plate LKG0337. First blocked my drivers door after the…
Retweeted by jnr🥀Nigga got the hulk tryn come in
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Pressuring the youth spend money they don’t have to impress people they don’t know
Retweeted by jnr🥀all jokes aside this man is really trying to help her and she’s not even paying him any attention. so many young gi…
Retweeted by jnr🥀HAHAHAHAHA is the move for New Years??
Them weird ass niggas boo’d Drake I don’t think I’ll get over it
Retweeted by jnr🥀They really had people out here on the radio repping they city & slapping each other for 5k 😂😂Do y’all remember smackfest??Lmfao you’re loud and wrong
she looks like a cinnamon buttered bread roll
Retweeted by jnr🥀Like.... LOOK at her might wanna check the queen’s insta lmao WHEW
Retweeted by jnr🥀Gotta admit, kylies new Christmas collection is amazing. I want it lmaoooSICK. know what’s really bush league and cowardly? Trying to rip a guys helmet off, striking him in the groin multipl…
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Retweeted by jnr🥀🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 girls are SITTING.
This picture is telling a whoooole story
Retweeted by jnr🥀Okay.. and? Am i supposed to be embarrassed?
He really made this at 20. Lmao you other niggas SUCK
Retweeted by jnr🥀Trying to develop healthy habits. It’s challenging but I can do it :) (& you can too if you’re trying to as well)
Retweeted by jnr🥀Limewire.. you really taking it there 🥺 heart literally DROPPED at the end of American Son ARE MY LONG WAY 2 GO STANS AT??? 🗣🗣🗣
Retweeted by jnr🥀This is so fucking scary. I’ve been seeing videos abt trafficking and kidnapping at an all time high this past mont…
Retweeted by jnr🥀Make sure your tasers have full battery ladies!Day 1 starts today 💪🏾WOW. Where tf was this knowledge when i was in hs?’re supposed to fluff it... is so young. I can’t believe society tries to make you feel like you should have it all together by then. Th…
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Retweeted by jnr🥀 @aquarina !!!!!!!WHEW.. EXCLUSIVE?!’m crying @ the woman @ :48 😭😭😭😭 Bart never fails to entertainHit it Fergie! playing !!!! Hope You Do is IT
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Me and my fellow social workers on our way to take your kids after y’all dumb asses beat them viciously on camera a…
Retweeted by jnr🥀 no baaaaaby. Hell will be on earth forreal, there’s FOG on campus and y’all really fighting’s a yes. was freeing folks in this weather????
Retweeted by jnr🥀So my little sister taught me this dance that the kids are doing nowadays lmaoo. Can y’all tell this her shit 🤣😂😂😂!!
Retweeted by jnr🥀just fyi bc it's cold now, and I don't want anyone to die bc they didn't follow directions.
Retweeted by jnr🥀Me knowing the weather will be like this for the next 5 months
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If you can’t accept Bay Area culture then DONT MOVE HERE.
Retweeted by jnr🥀focused on me, i deserve that.
Retweeted by jnr🥀The chest rubs, the bread, the “it happens to everybody”... these niggas solid 🤞🏾
Retweeted by jnr🥀This is literally how dumb y’all looked @m_jbellz692 @carterkesan RIGHT 😂😭 @carterkesan Went ahead and added some @JRsBBQ commentary with this.🤣
Retweeted by jnr🥀only in Antioch, CA 🤦🏽‍♂️ this was across the street from my house .
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I’ve watched TOO many videos about this for THIS to be what happened. I refuse to believe. don't know what this cat is going through but I can relate
Retweeted by jnr🥀What’s love without tragedy?Let me go get my Drake on
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HUH?????? years ago today, Destiny’s Child released ‘Say My Name’ 💕
Retweeted by jnr🥀Nigga think he Rodger off American Dad
Retweeted by jnr🥀day four of daylight saving
Retweeted by jnr🥀I eat the pussy with precision 6 rings Jordan Pippen I do gymnastics with a brick and flip it money to the ceiling…
Retweeted by jnr🥀!!!!!!!!!!!!! you see me look at the blunt like this, just know the blunt winning😭
Retweeted by jnr🥀elie saab ss17
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With this sex trafficking shit at an all time high I need all the ladies to get a taser, pepper spray, keep your ph…
Retweeted by jnr🥀Points? Made.
Retweeted by jnr🥀A woman was singing from her apartment window and this was her neighbors reaction....
Retweeted by jnr🥀Do y’all read your own tweets sometimes ?
Retweeted by jnr🥀Next summer, Joe Gardner will discover his brilliant, passionate self. Watch the new trailer for Disney & Pixar’s S…
Retweeted by jnr🥀MRS CARTER IS GOING TO SERVE. mcwt looks return, yes! 3 of daylight savings:
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🍂🍂 a mother, ain’t no fucking way I’d let my husband, father of my child, whatever take my daughter to the doctor e…
Retweeted by jnr🥀retweet BART pony for good luck
Retweeted by jnr🥀 @ayeblizzy @kdriley05 I fixed it...
Retweeted by jnr🥀An era. A classic. God for sports photographers.
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LETS GO. YOURE OVER @realDonaldTrump it’s November I’m really starting to get in the Christmas spirit!!!!!
Retweeted by jnr🥀The scene outside the WH...
Retweeted by jnr🥀 @RainbowKiddus spelling of “wednesday” still don’t make no fucking sense
Retweeted by jnr🥀Can the sneakers run by themselves? Were the sneakers not available to the general public?? Why can't losers just…
Retweeted by jnr🥀What a morning.. and it’s not even 8.This drip got you in heat 🔥😛
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