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make room when I come by. *commentary*

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I almost said something very rude and ignorant. your kinks cause ppl to seek therapy then it’s a problem, it goes from a paraphila to a paraphilic disorders b… is an unpopular opinion bc it’s also a terrible one. 3. @50ShadesOfPetty No shajshskjsjsjsjs @icylike1O17 As hellWhat’s Bena tea lmaoooooY’all not Wendy Williams, y’all not delivering exclusives, y’all just some weird ass bitches. again, why are y’all in lil kid business. Why did nobody answer this.Y’all some weird ass hoes.Who did Aubrey’s tattoos bc they need they ass WHOOPED for the placement like I’m genuinely irritated.Like why are they placed like that, it makes my skin crawl.....His tattoos bother me soooo BAD. has been the theme for us recently, y’all can call her messy all y’all want but at least y’all know the face always been a ten. @icylike1O17 He’s nasty and oldViral praise for the #doll. thought they started filming MONTHS ago, are you kidding me right now. I didn’t expect it to come in today but li…’ve had a zip for months now shajshsksjskjssk I just don’t like going through all that. I FCKN hate BARRY, why can… @twstedeIegance I have one, I haven’t got to doing all that. don’t like nothing abt that man, that is satan. FCK him.Barry Hankerson is going to HELL.Packing boxes doesn’t require much skill lmao. need to reconcile our differences.CAUSE YOU’LL LIE TO MY FAAAAAAAAAACE AND THEN YOU’LL SAY THAT EVEN JESUS FORGAVE TURNED MY ONE OF ONE TO OUR ONE OF TWO, ON JAMAICA AVENUE GETTING IT TATTOOED CAUSE...... gained my respect as a woman when I heard this. you’ll never love me, you’ll never love me, you’ll never love meee. @fckwitballas No they really do and I need these white btches to get on their sht again.Omg and then she was blocked again by Macklemore AGAIN and PINK????? I hate you Pink, I fckn HATE YOU. @fckwitballas She was really fighting for her fckn life against nothing but crackers!!! @AlexxDaKid_ That is DISGUSTING.Harlem Shake really stopped my btch bag omg Billboard so fraudulent for allowing all those damn streams.Oh HELL NO. two songs blocked Stay from hitting #1, I need to look into that bc I’m curious. still needs to be updated..... the...... is answering this...... @bodakkei I believe itY’all just be posting shit. @verymaddoll Why nobody answeringLike which one of y’all grown ass even following that lil boy in the first place.Why y’all in lil kid business though lol.Wake it up then. what my tl talking abt and was abt to be hateful but imma just say hey everybody lol.
@nayaisannoyed Exactly and it happens every time!Just stop speaking on my child, it’s that simple. not it. of them to assume it’s being released in 2021. dolls. 🙏🏾 know you down bad if James Charles clearing you. @yasirworldwide Point proven, that is all. 🙏🏾And where did that get her on the hot 100? everywhere but the hot 100.’t 150 low. Gizzy, my sister was ALWAYS pretty. I’m not even being biased in saying that but like a good percentage of the most notable rappers come from where......Rap would’ve really been sht for the most part without New York, like that’s really the tea. @verymaddoll He’s so bad my stomach hurtsAhqkshakshakjskaksksksk this is what leads me to slandering west coast rap. 😭But then again most west coast rappers fckn suck. @jaentyy He’s terribleI’m crying bc why E-40 really suck, what’s that abt.Like y’all use the terms cadence and flow interchangeably and they’re not the same. @verymaddoll And they don’t know what cadence is which bothers me.I feel like artists will remain stagnant moving forward bc y’all don’t like to give them any form of criticism or it’s viewed as hate.Megan is actually good, I’m mad he even tried to play her by using E-40.That was not the comparison he thought it was, that’s actually insulting to Megan.I would tell him exactly that bc he’s not good. @FactsOnlyJas Don’t ruin the thread ahajshskjsjsjsjsn delete THISDay 2, little to no soreness in injection site. Nothing else. never been ugly though. @verymaddoll I need it too.Like I said y’all are biased towards Twitter user that y’all live for and I would respect it if y’all were honest a… @estaszn Oh idk why when they do it to everybody elseWhat is mean girl Twitter, I’ve seen a few of y’all mention it. some of y’all will talk reckless and say the craziest sht like nobody’s supposed to have a rebuttal, it doesn’t make sense.And truth be told nobody cares. Don’t get on here poppin sht like a grown btch if you don’t wanna be talked to like… a take that may be controversial to some so imma just keep it to myself. 🙏🏾“When you gon switch the flow, I thought you’d never ask” there’s still an amber alert on that flow change.This one of the funniest jokes I’ve ever heard, seriously. @fckwitballas YeahRapAlerts be tweeting everything but rap alerts. @fckwitballas Plssss imma delete before ppl think I hate herSVANSGAKSHAKHSJS BRO WHAT ARE Y’ALL ON TONIGHT @tattooedreams Honest too 🙏🏾 @verymaddoll Literally NOTHING 😭😭😭😭 @gonfinna GaanvsnabsnahsjsjsksjsMy head literally hurts now omg why is this the funniest sht I’ve seen all month....THE FACT THAT LADY GAGA NASTY ASS DID NOTHING TO EVEN GET THAT TWEET SHAJSHAJSHAKHSKSHSKWHSKSH