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@abhishek_tri That is usually the case at least with Indian market... Resume boast a lot but justification is a difficult task..
Here is the video from London Bridge attack! Please don’t watch it if you sensitive. Involves shooting! Please ever…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @Uppcb_Noida @noida_authority Just to mention ... It happens after 10 pm
@Uppcb_Noida doesn't it come under noise pollution and is it allowed in front of residential society.. torture dail… @GotabayaR @narendramodi Welcome sirWoohooo...i love this
@brianmwang How to make them adapt to anyone's lap @sachinoberoi @RubikaLiyaquat Politician ek hi thaali ke chatte batte hain... Aisa lagta hai har koi kisi ki b team…
@rehankkhanNDS Doesn't look like south folks
How Facebook crammed all its major features into a 2MB Lite app via @thenextweb
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@PankajSinghBJP Sir we request your attention please.. @sonamakapoor Lol @sspnoida Sir this is daily norm.. we are torchured by this.. wedding villa sectoe 51 noida.. @noidapolice ..please…,@narendramodi Modiji.. sarkar banane se jyada zaruri isey rokna hai... Warna koi nahi bachega vote dene ke liye‘Chinese spy defects to Australia’ - this is an explosive report from ⁦@Ageinvestigates⁩ and colleagues ⁦
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@CeoNoida .Madam..air pollution mein toh chain se sone dijiye.. humble request for noise pollution from wedding vil… @noidapolice ..please it is a humble request @UPPCBLKO Noise pollution at highest level daily due to wedding .. after 10 pm as well.. #weddingvilla sector 51 noidaSorry to see the @WeWork layoffs starting. To those of the ~4,000 affected, especially in London and Moscow, please…
Retweeted by himanshu jainYes please ! Enough is enough. We all have a #righttobreathe .
Retweeted by himanshu jain"India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is putting the flagging economy back on center stage after announcing the big…
Retweeted by himanshu jainकांग्रेस के लिए आंदोलन करने वाले भी राहुल गांधी की तरह है।
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@noidapolice please stop this nuisance of loud music at wedding villa sector 51 noida... Irresponsible people still… @narendramodi sir.. i think environment ministry is in hand of incapable people... No outcome yet on air pollution$1 in every $13 that Google made in advertising revenue last year came from & Expedia Incr…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @RahulGandhi RoFL,🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
Ak47 is available as cheap as rs 300
Sad. V sad
Retweeted by himanshu jain @abhishek_tri @makemytrip Lol.... Collective efforts gone down @AdityaRajKaul Ab ni aana inko wapis @Sonal_MK Dukaan band hone wali hai...If IIT students can take study loan and pay high fees, Why cannot JNU students? Have ever seen IITians protesting a…
Retweeted by himanshu jainThe hell ! 👀🔥🤪
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Students of premier universities in US do part time jobs to pay their fees. They do not march to US Congress. Why c…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @ArvindKejriwal @narendramodi ...Yesterday's stubble burning is haunting us back... tomorrow onwards we might get i…
@ArvindKejriwal Arey bhai IITian.. dimaag toh chalao thoda... Aur tuesday se phir aqi dekh lena @nsitharaman @PMOIndia .. we will be forced to leave @ArvindKejriwal Your logic is great... Along with stubble burning.. winds play a major role... If stubble is not th…
@OnePlus_USA Sleeping DragonNew Cases of Stubble burning in Punjab nd Haryana on 15nov. there might be more as satellite can not gauge cloud co… @dviyer @TLHumanRights Not south asian..... She is pakistani activist.... You know na what happened with Malala
@mlkhattar @narendramodi .. your state.. your country @honeytech DysonThe MPs who missed the parliamentary panel meeting on #AirPollution should be removed from all committees and penal…
Retweeted by himanshu jainPollution par bhi kuch bol dijiye @BDUTT @washingtonpost India ows clean air... Kya hindu muslim laga rakha hai.. zinda toh rahe pehleSeeking urgent help from the powers to be to reduce the beyond hazardous pollution in Delhi. We do not deserve to l…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @narendramodi aate wqt dekh lena sir.. how bad situation is...अगर खबर गलत है तो खंडन भेजें पर nbt रिपोर्टर को मीडिया ग्रुप से हटाकर तो अफसर क्या बताना चाह रही हैं। @CMOfficeUP
Retweeted by himanshu jain#Airpollution has become one of the largest risks to our health. We can't take anymore of this deadly air that affe…
Retweeted by himanshu jainReally salute @Nagarro for taking a stand here. #DelhiAirEmergency
Retweeted by himanshu jainNOT Happy Children's Day‼️😥👬 @k_satyarthi @PMOIndia @moefcc @NITIAayog @Energy_NITI @MinOfPower @mnreindia
Retweeted by himanshu jain#DelhiAirEmergency: ‘Forget months or even weeks, we had only a handful days of good air quality in the past few ye…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @narendramodi @RahulGandhi @priyankagandhi @ArvindKejriwal Dear Politicians Instead of reducing WE all are increasi…
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@SkymetAQI @SkymetHindi I just used it for a day.. how can be app cache built so much @SkymetHindi @SkymetAQI Your application response is slow.. hanging so many times.. deleting itWedding villa sector 51 noida @myogiadityanathWe are on verge of collapsing due to pollution and see how irresponsible people are burning crackers @noidapolice @rajbhagatt @narendramodi @ArvindKejriwal We people can only try to find out the root cause and suggest solution..… @rajbhagatt @narendramodi @ArvindKejriwal I believe, few measures can show results in shorter-term but courage is r… @rajbhagatt @narendramodi @ArvindKejriwal I alone cannot change policy and implement strict adherence to laws, stri… again we are in trauma.. seems like we dont have right to breathe.. i will be boycotting all future polls if g… last several yrs, 1000s of citizens hv died due to air pollution in Delhi NCR, n this is what our 'leaders' do:…
Retweeted by himanshu jainComing soon to a neighbourhood near you. Here a Pakistani takes a leak on a London street.
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#DelhiAirEmergency no relief in sight for citizens of #DelhiNCRPollution , know the air that you breathe with…
Retweeted by himanshu jainDear Sir, in Gurgaon, Noida, Faridabad and Gurgaon, we have BJP government for many years. What have they done in s…
Retweeted by himanshu jainI am unable to breathe even inside my home in Delhi tonight. @ArvindKejriwal you need to make odd even permanent an…
Retweeted by himanshu jainDM प्रशांत शर्मा जी, ये एक मृतक का भाई है, थोड़ा जज्बाती होना लाजमी है। आपने इस गरीब का नहीं, समूचे लोकतंत्र का कॉल…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @narendramodi ... This comes under your purview #DelhiAirEmergency @narendramodi you are in brazil, pls discuss delhi pollution with chinese premier.. he might be able to help in cop…
Delhi is something @PMOIndia @PrakashJavdekar and @ArvindKejriwal should solve at the earliest. Delhi is dying beca…
Retweeted by himanshu jainMost air of Delhi NCR has turned hazardous once again.
Retweeted by himanshu jain#Delhi is facing an extreme air quality crisis with dangerously high levels of fine particulate matter, PM2.5. Thi…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @PMOIndia @rajbhagatt Delhi NCR is back in heavy pollution... Thanks to increased cases of stubble burning...#DelhiAirQuality
@noidapolice @Uppcb_Noida @myogiadityanath @aajtak diamond crown sec 51.. pollution numbers are ir…
@ghulamabbasshah @FaisalJavedKhan @sherryontopp @AshishSinghLIVE @rsrobin1 @Geeta_Mohan @SanjayBragta I humbly ask, who is the lady holding the visiting card? She has exquisite well manicured nails and the color i…
Retweeted by himanshu jain @camanpour @MehboobaMufti Bullshit... Who the hell is she to convey what is kashmir...??
Even though the supreme court is rapping hard on Punjab government, inefficiency shown by @capt_amarinder will caus… @SkymetWeather Wind direction highlights that no Stubblefield burning pollution will move in ncr region rather.. it… from a Muslim party had won in a municipal election in Belgium. What did they immediately demand? * Setting up…
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Hopefully winds direction will give us respite in coming days #DelhiNCRPollution @rajbhagatt @SkymetAQI @aajtak bebas bjp sarkar @cctvidiots @narendramodi .. sirji ye bachayega pollution.. bike poolI have no words. 😂😂
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@paanibhaat @SkymetAQI @aajtak Multiple @rajbhagatt @ARanganathan72#DelhiAirEmergency @SkymetAQI Current Situation seems to increased airflow and no new fires in last 24 hours making… shame on @narendramodi @capt_amarinder . this is what you want for your grandchildren back to other day, we are on verge of collapse..@narendramodi are u coming or not?? We need army on ground
Finally some clarity and respite in noida #DelhiAirEmergency #DelhiPollution is terrifying to the core! CHILLS..
Retweeted by himanshu jain @SanjayBragta Ye sab twitter protest ki den hai :) @AdityaRajKaul My air purifier is not crossing 200 after opening doors.. thank god...Air purifier filters - left one, just after 12 hours of use. When will the Indian govt. wake up? AQI hit 2900+ toda…
Retweeted by himanshu jainALL that is required, is purchase of 30,000 Happy Seeder machines. Cost: USD 68 million. That's it. The money spen…
Retweeted by himanshu jainEvery year India BURNS 98.4 million tonnes of crop stubble, releasing 141 million tonnes of Carbon Dioxide. Carbon…
Retweeted by himanshu jainOur dear politicians have made the impossible possible. They've turned the sun into the moon. #DelhiAirEmergency
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