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Louisiana born, Mississippi raised, Arizona adulted. like to give compliments and make people smile. Gay 🌈 🧟‍♂️

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@SGLewis_ How come!!!? @GLADESMUSIC Im thinking of making a shirt with one of my favorite bands of all time on it😍🤗🤟🏾🥰😍💜 @RazzieSaldana Or GunSo the place i was gonna get my braces from is hiring. I need dental experience
They were playing Chemicals by @SGLewis_ on my stores radio. Good vibes 🤗😍 @LilNasX im trying not to be on the bandwagon of liking your music. But Panini tho🤟🏾WHY IS EVERYONE DOING PORN?
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHToday is just weird.
I literally could not focus today because of a fly. Please help @goldroom I see Breaks and Tough, and Freeway Lights. My effing favorites! @jennaortega is in the new Babysitter movie! I fucking lover her! @Matthew_Hodson Actually you STILL got it going on🥰🥰🥰🙌🏾
@FlairScorpio 🤣🤣 @FlairScorpio It doesn't really matter. Its based off of your metabolic rate. It takes one shot for some or even a bit more. Or lessMinimum wage is 12.00 in Arizona and there are retail jobs still paying less than minimum wage?? Really? Survival rate=RIP @FlairScorpio Im sure, but the human body does react to toxins lolBeing in love is cool and all, but I rather just enjoy the company of somebody else with the other stuff involved.Look at my friend!
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH @FlairScorpio I mean the human body does react to toxins.Damn yes !!!
👇🏾 👉🏾😥👈🏾 👆🏾That's so cool they mentioned you. How do people in the US try it? Or do I have to come to Paris👉🏾😥👈🏾 asf @SGLewis_ I cant wait for covid to end. I qanna turn up with you🥺😭They not mad at you, they’re mad at the attention you get for just being you. Hurts being a STAR doll, but you’ll live 😘
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHidk who needs to hear this but making the “there’s one imposter among us” joke abt trans ppl is transphobic
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHOne of my coworkers keep calling me frijoles 🤣🤣🤣Customers are not always right. Whoever made that phrase wasn't either.
This is so beautiful is terrible. God its so fucking terrible. @Garrionn_ If only they got better at the multitasking spectrum. I use my phone for school and the dual screens help bunchesThings are starting to look up. Currently listening to @iamroosevelt__ #CompleteRooseveltPlaylist… man Thanksgiving is around the corner asfThis weekend was actually good but wild.This movie was on repeat day and night and helped me fall asleep too.
@NecioLuex Your ain't short
@spizzyspose I'm Awesome. My anthem. Gets me through the day and makes me feel badassI got asked out by a 20 year old. Thats not common
Smile! Somebody loves your mean assPeople need to learn to showerNot gonna lie I’m proud of the weight i lost in 8 months . 80pounds down and more to come!🥺💪🏼
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Time to get ready for work. Good vibes and energy!MD = physician DO = physician PharmD = pharmacist DPT = physical therapist DMD = dentist PhD = professor/scientist/…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHThousands of convenience items. Get $5 off your first two orders with code: TWX
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHThis is just awful, and it’s happening all over the country. I tried counting the number of times I played at UHall…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHAh man. This is so so gutting. Have some absolutely incredible memories from this venue. Thank you @uhalldc for eve…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHAelita be going in on Sissi. She never know what to say next. 😂😂
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@TRANSVIOLETBAND I cant wait! We need another fantastic night realize your worth once you look back on all the mistakes that could've dragged you down.Im ordering now why is the pandemic still everyday. im tired.
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHU can't have a positive mind outlook or want ppl 2 be great they wanna destroy any hope remaining
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH @christinoflores crush 🥰
I sent a mass email to all the students in my patho class because studying and doing this alone sucks. I keep forge… @thatryanlogan That shows the lack of respect. So sad dude ugh.Bruhhhh @TRANSVIOLETBAND The Hamptons was one of my most listened to songs in 2018. That shit was and STILL IS a t… I get accepted!Just applied to NAU
@diamond_phoenix Thank you
@Tinashe im so sorry the music industry doesn't give you enough credit. You are truly amazing. 💜💜💜 Always will be. @SGLewis_ 😍😍😍😍😍 @JaiyeLamario I see....
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH @LisaFranceCNN @lauferlaw Omfg this is brilliant. It’s undeniably gonna influence some people who wouldn’t vote, an…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH#FILA RT @LisaFranceCNN: #Atlanta strippers have pulled off the best voting #ad campaign I have seen yet. Because..…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHThe Atlanta #GetYaBootyToThePolls ad campaign makes me happy. It's sex-positive; it shows sex workers as informed…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH#Atlanta strippers have pulled off the best voting #ad campaign I have seen yet. Because... Atlanta #Vote…
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHI found this song called #menaretrash today by @ImNotScottySire today. Don't know who he is, but that song is my anthem.
My favorite coffee shop #KingCoffee played #Chemicals by @SGLewis_ Im in love 😍 🥰 💘 💕 💗Wtf is this?!! Playing SG Lewis, Robyn, Channel Tres - Impact @sglewis_, @robynkonichiwa, #channeltres
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UHPlaying Resident Evil 3 Remake felt like watching a good movie @PurpleSneakerz @GLADESMUSIC When they said "fierce ", I felt that. Way to go guys!
#Crush is definitely my goto song now @GLADESMUSIC @SGLewis_ Fuxkin trueI can’t believe I did it. Over 2500 miles on a bicycle, 36 days 😩 LMFAO
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH @Dougshields271 Lmao wtf!!!I literally almost cried for the help of one of my instructors. Like, some people don't have the luxury to NOT work… the growth. Please let me pass all my classes with AsGetting braces tomorrow. Eeeeek @socialistfairy Lmao tf
I need to learn to live in the moment and stop thinking so far ahead. I mean, it's beneficial but all day every day ain't it.
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH😂this is amazing. heard this bomb ass Mashup with @ArianaGrande in #Experience @khalid @VictoriaMonet @SGLewis_ 😍🥰's new track 'Crush' is a serious VIBE. #crush #glades
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH @GLADESMUSIC you did it again, another song to have repeated 1million times 😚🤓 #crush #vertigoour new song crush is out now! check it out 💜
Retweeted by Jerry-My-UH @GLADESMUSIC This song sounds a radio hit. 🤤🥺👉🏾👈🏾Woohoooo as a music fan this is so depressing. We need more music in the world :/
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@GLADESMUSIC About time!CRUSH - out this friday 💜
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Came across this picture of me and Pod when he was a puppy and I could cry. He’s grown so much and so has my heart…
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Why are there so many homophobic heterosexuals On television? Why can't we just have ours like you get yours? Why c… @xLaurenLacey That’s two characters. There are millions of straight characters & there are a handful of gay charact…
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