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@Karla78646512 @Indians #2020Changemaker conference is lucky to have @JakeMillerTech bringing his #EduDuctTape magic to attendees! Join…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @shagungaurz Yup! @Ms_Morgan15 GIFs, Audio, Submit, EdPuzzle and, most importantly, differentiation! @Filibuster3 Did they respond about the accessibility issue?Anyone have any favorite podcasts about crafting, baking, or theatre? My 9-year-old daughter is looking for some to listen to. @Dyknow @TacklingTechPod This blog post makes me sound surprisingly intelligent!We are so excited about our newest blog and @TacklingTechPod episode with @JakeMillerTech!! We included an amazing…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @Screencastify I’ll be sure to communicate anything I think of! I think it’s really great already though!NEW #EduDuctTape #EduDuctTape Season 2 Finale - Listener Success Stories & The Season 2 Giggle Mix…
Retweeted by Jake Miller#BlendedLearning MVP tools w/ @jakeMillerTech #EduDuctTape #DLLeaders #DLLSummit via @GIPHY
Retweeted by Jake Miller @According2MattL @dannymaas @Rangathetrainer @Screencastify If the teacher sends out a Screencastify Submit link, t… @Dyknow I had so much fun chatting with Brett!🎉New blog post alert! "Tacos and Technology" with special guest @JakeMillerTech! 📝Check out the full blog here👉🏻…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @MrsWraithmell @DillsMelissa1 @loom @Screencastify @edpuzzle It was good seeing you in there, Melissa!Good times with @ECOEA educators this morning! It was nice seeing you in there, Melissa! I had never heard of @IamMRMOSELY (Drakeo the Ruler) or his music, but his story is a fascinating and concerni… Season 2 Finale - Listener Success Stories & The Season 2 Giggle Mix
Retweeted by Jake MillerNot gonna lie... when I first saw someone mention Google Keen, I thought it was an odd autocorrect of Google Keep.…*NEW* #EduDuctTape Season 2 Finale - Listener Success Stories & The Season 2 Giggle Mix
Retweeted by Jake MillerWith @Screencastify students are able to respond from mobile devices, tablets, and other devices where they may not… tip and a great visual for what it looks like in the editor!
I'm excited that I made the cut to be on this episode!
Retweeted by Jake Miller @SteinbrinkLaura @JWalterTeach @SturmDon @jmattmiller @GoogleForEdu I haven’t used it in years, so I’m not sure, bu… be tuning in later this afternoon to @JakeMillerTech’s #EduDuctTape Season 2 Finale! Such an honor to be inclu…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @dave_ternent Glad you were on the show!! @Filibuster3 @INDEPENDENCENHP Interesting!!!What the Duct Tape! Before I get some rest I wanted to give praise to my fellow Son's of Technology member…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @ClayCodes @tannerteaches’t wait to listen to all the great listener tips in #EduDuctTape’s final episode of the season. ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @MannyDiscoTech @themerrillsedu @AllisonETEC @BryonCar @mr_stitzel @MrsPaden1st @Catlin_Tucker @sarahdateechur It w… @deelanier @knix4 @Indians If people are ridiculous enough to be against a name change, they'd certainly be ridicul… @buddyxo @Kirkland_edu @Indians I do as well!Check out @JakeMillerTech latest #podcast that is full of teacher reflections! I also highly recommend reading thi…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @comicsocks I hope they do. It's not the biggest concern right now - there are bigger justice issues to be tackled… @PHausEDU Thanks for sharing! @33heupel @amyjhuckaby @comicsocks @MrDsengclasss @kiefersj @technologylaura @PHausEDU @tonyvincent @buddyxo @dsdPD @deelanier @knix4 @Indians kick themselves for making the name change, you mean? @buddyxo Thanks friend! 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️ @technologylaura @quizizz @AllisonETEC Thanks Laura! @comicsocks YES! Are there talks of a name change ther>?Remote learning success stories from #EduDuctTape #eduKATE
Retweeted by Jake Miller @SethiDeClercq 👍 I included your bit about the scorpion in the "Giggle Mix"! So funny! @comicsocks Gladly! Thanks for sharing!Cleveland Guardians 👍 Cleveland Spiders 👍 Cleveland Rocks 👍 Cleveland @Indians 👎 They're my favorite ⚾️ team… you've been anticipating @JakeMillerTech's season finale, wait no longer! #eduducttape #podcastjunkie #SummerPD
Retweeted by Jake Miller @MrDsengclasss Thanks for sharing, Les!I’m sharing this way late, but if you haven’t read or listened to anything about either lately, the pieces about Ta… I'm a hot mess. I published the episode wrong and had to do it all over again. I apologize to the… @KATE_MSU Thanks for sharing!!!#EduDuctTape Season 2 Finale - Listener Success Stories & The Season 2 Giggle Mix @technologylaura You were cracking me up with that Quizzeees business! @timmons_wendy Thanks Wendy!Shout-outs to the peeps in this episode: @MannyDiscoTech @themerrillsedu @allisonetec @BryonCar @mr_stitzel to the peeps in this episode: @AmyJHuckaby @ComicSocks @MrDsengclasss Michelle Smith @kiefersj @33heupel, listeners, I flubbed the process of publishing the episode, so if it may not pop up automatically for subscrib… #EduDuctTape Season 2 Finale is here! Tune in to hear “success stories” from 8 educator listeners who share abo…’ve always liked Matt’s perspective on “risky teaching.” I like this addition to it as well. “I’ll never do IT t…
I’m excited about this new project! Daily tweets about common history and misconceptions. I’m excited to learn some! @HollyClarkEdu looks so good! @cdiaz_christine resources for math teachers! @neverever46 @Redskins @Indians @Braves! Check out this game board template!! Fantastic for #Gamification! @neverever46 @Redskins @Indians @Braves
@An_Wr3n @MrDsengclasss Thanks! We try to talk about why the film writer, speaker, singer, rapper, etc chose those… @neverever46 @Redskins @Indians @Braves @buddyxo @Catlin_Tucker Great video, and tip! I’ve always used TextExpander, but I may need to switch to Pro Keys! @Filibuster3 @CMcKee27 @annkozma723 @Taralson @Savvy_Educator @jessxbo @GridPalGeorge @AdamShortShorts @CMcKee27 Thanks Christine! Have a great day!! @mspriester_ITRT @Flipgrid Of course!!! It wasn’t even my idea first. Someone in the Flipgrid community shared it l… @MrDsengclasss Nah - my wife and I believe in allowing the kids to be exposed to bad language when it’s used approp… @Andrescartago04 It was so good! Saw it at Playhouse, but it was amazing seeing the original cast! @schinker @shirky17 @acottos I had to turn it up as well!! @breicher It’s an awesome video!Not only is doing this the right thing, IMO, it will also highlight the immorality of the companies and individuals… @Redskins @Indians @Braves and any other similarly named sports teams: when you change your name and sell new m… @shirky17 @acottos Haha! Just a sony soundbar here. @gorland2 Giovanna!!! It made me smile so much to see a tweet from you. I hope you’re doing well!! @acottos Yours was better than mine for sure!!! @GreenScreenGal @jonboag81 @JoeMarquez70 @edcampOSjr Can’t go wrong with this crew, Erika! @janeamenicucci @JoeMarquez70 @MeehanEDU Check out the #EduDuctTape podcast episode with @dave_ternent! We talk abo… @MsNyreeClark @disneyplus Your couch is probably better than my camping chair was 😃 @n8than_thomas It was soo soo cool seeing it with the original cast! @mamabeargant Worth a 2nd watch for sure!!! @LCRGoBlue Soo good! @Filibuster3 I’m sure they were like “kids, keep trick or treating, I’ll catch up soon.” @MsNyreeClark It was sooooooogood! We saw it in Cleveland last year, but seeing the OG cast was 🙌🙌🙌🙌 @ghluchhill Ha!! We could’ve combined parties!! @trgriffin1 Many neighbors couldn’t hang... but I couldn’t look away!Spoiling our neighborhood tonight... #HamilFilm of nice improvements have been rolling out to #MicrosoftTeams’ video chats!!
@Flipgrid Done!! @coachrichlax @Indians I like the metaphor! @AnnGagne @mswhitworth Yes and no. As far as I know, Microsoft won the race to doing it in a presentation like that… @Joshua__Stamper Thanks. Same to you!!This looks look a promising learning opportunity!