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Need new computers for your classroom? No worries, just throw some plastic bags in the ocean, befriend adorable fi… his #EduDuctTape interview @JamesVarlack explains why “Engagement is developed” & how he leverages tools like… fangirling over the fact that I was able to "talk shop" with THE @JakeMillerTech on the #EduDuctTape podcast!…
Retweeted by Jake MillerTech Meet Tuscaloosa returns for its 11th iteration Monday! We bring @JakeMillerTech back for 2 encore performances…
Retweeted by Jake MillerCheck out the 17 biggest takeaways from this past season of the #EduDuctTape Podcast! Featuring 17 AMAZING educato… @ruthreplogle @apsitnatasha Yay! Thanks Ruth!! @MrNunesteach @mrsleban @HollyClarkEdu @deelanier @TxTechChick @robertkaplinsky @mrhallpass @knikole #EduDuctTape 17 Takeaways from Season 3! | #PodcastPD #PodcastEDU #edtech
Retweeted by Jake MillerYup! I wish I had this kind of training in my preservice days. @apsitnatasha You’re silly, Natasha! I was so honored to have you on the show!!! @RMayben9 @bwigintonPhD @atimpd @AlabamaAchieves @bwigintonPhD 😂 love it, Barry! I’m honored to be the opening act on your farewell tour! @SoTxLibrarian Great stuff, Amy! Keep reflecting, sharing, and inspiring! @MrDsengclasss @MrNunesteach Thanks Les!!
Absolutely honored to have been on and I had a blast!
Retweeted by Jake MillerWhen he was on the #EduDuctTape podcast, @AbramsTank95 shared some great insights about helping our students naviga…*NEW* 17 Takeaways from Season 3! #PodcastPD #PodcastEDU #trypod
Retweeted by Jake MillerCheck out this blog post from @MrValencia24 to see how he used #edtech in his math classes during #remoteLearning a… @BonnieRaz - I had an audio issue in here (because, of course) and had to fix it. Just reposted and it should appear in yo… - I had an audio issue in here (because, of course) and had to fix it. Just reposted and it should appear in yo… @MrNunesteach So glad you were on!!🥳 SURPRISE! The #EduDuctTape Podcast is back! 🥳 😎 In this episode we look back at some of the 💥 amazing💥 things sh… awesome is it that the @JustMoteHQ extension even works in #GoogleClassroom Question Responses!? #gSuiteEdu
Retweeted by Jake MillerI just listened to he “how to create a self-paced classroom” @cultofpedagogy episode a few days ago. It was 🔥 💯 👍!… @jamesvarlack @TxTechChick It was a great one!!!Check this out! It might be too late for the contest, but the news is still great! @canva x @PearDeck!! 🙌 #EdTech
It was energizing to listen to @JamesVarlack talk about his thoughts and strategies for developing student engageme… is part of the Teaching & Learning Upgrade and Education Plus #GoogleWorkspaceEdu plans. I love seeing #a11y @NewEdTechClass I’m eager to see it too. Lots of potential there. @MobleyintheMix @MrErdoganEDU Congrats! @SarahJKiefer @jcorippo @DrADraper2010 @ERobbPrincipal @tonyvincent @ShakeUpLearning @VirtualGiff @The_Tech_Lady @LisaBerkery Awesome!! @iamDrWill @TeachersOnFire Thanks for the good content! @The_Tech_Lady Me too!!Easily add math type & graphs to tons of #EdTech sites like #GoogleJamboard or @WhiteboardChat using the @texthelp templates! I know this was something that people were missing when the transition to “new sites” happe… hearing 2 of my favorite #edupodcast’ers chat about #podcasting! @TeachersOnFire @iamDrWill #podcastedu… new #ChromeExtension alert! Make your New Tab page… ✅ a to-do list 📝 a blank doc ⬇️ Downloads page ⏳ your Hi… >FREE< #ShakeUpLearning Back to School Conference kicks off on Sept 24! Join me, @jcorippo @DrADraper2010
@NewEdTechClass What’s it do? It looks like it’s dragging activities onto slides? Is that right?Trouble copying & pasting images from Google Docs elsewhere?! This tweet might be 2 years old, but it's still such…
Retweeted by Jake Miller @NewEdTechClass What’s happening there? @abid_patel @nabadvin Thanks for sharing Abid!Monday: write. Tuesday: write more. Wednesday: write more. Thursday: write more. Friday: write more. Want to compa…🧮 How do Roman soliders count off? 3️⃣ Why do teenagers always travel in groups of 3? ⛰ Why do Geography teachers f… out this 🔥 🔥 #GoogleSlides or #PowerPoint template for a Jeopardy-like review game! The hidden bonus: 🔍 The… @SoTxLibrarian @Mrs_HPE @DitchThatTxtbk Great point! @blogdecristina Possibly. I’m fine with wearing as needed, I just hate seeing people not doing their part. My dau… @LeslieFisher9 Thanks for joining me!! @JVTVNews @alisamcelroy 🥰 Don’t worry - it’s on YouTube!! @Jamaymiyuki @CyFairEdTech @CyFairISD So glad I got to hang out with you these last 2 days!Jake Miller is sharing some awesomeness with Screencasting with students! @CyFairEdTech @JakeMillerTech @CyFairISD
Retweeted by Jake Miller @alisamcelroy Thanks Alisa!!🥰 one more session to go! Join me in room 5 - @Mrs_MShields 👍 I am fine with people having their own beliefs, even if they choose to contradict science, but our… @MannyDiscoTech Thanks friend!!Good guide to the “remixable templates” feature in @BookCreatorApp as well as some other recent updates! 👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇👇… a background-free image for a graphic design project, #HyperDoc, or pres? Use Google Image Search! Note: Two…
Retweeted by Jake Miller#Superexcited to have @jcorippo @DrADraper2010 @JakeMillerTech @ERobbPrincipal & @tonyvincent speaking at the…
Retweeted by Jake MillerGood quick learning about the difference between 2 somewhat similar instructional tools… #hyperdocs #EdTech @ShakeUpLearning @jcorippo @DrADraper2010 @ERobbPrincipal @tonyvincent @CHoward_teacher 🥰 thanks!! @SarahJKiefer @HighAIMSNetwork @SlidesManiaSM yaaaaasss @5thGrade_ELA I'm just so sad for students everywhere. @TCEA @parker_class thanks!! @markrauscher The longer it takes us to unite on all of this, the longer we'll be dealing with the repurcussions. @dalipeinouye 😞 so sad for kids. @drsmith_edtech 😞 my heart is breaking for kids.Feet up on the couch ready for some digital learning! I always ❤️ this event from our district. #cfisdDLC
Retweeted by Jake MillerLet’s be honest: Teachers + students will be wearing masks to school AGAIN this year bc of people who refuse to ge… is great! Check out the video to learn… 🔊 how to put audio feedback into a #GoogleSheets rubric 🗣 how to put… underway! #cfisdDLC
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#Jenallee caught some great sessions this AM at the @CyFairEdTech #cfisdDLC conference 🎉 Great job @sethfewell
Retweeted by Jake MillerDoes @TxTechChick force all of her students to use the same #DigitalPortfolio tool? Find out in this snippet from h…
Retweeted by Jake MillerHead to if you’d like to watch the recording! #cfisddlc at this cool #GoogleSlides or #PowerPoint template! I bet it could be used in some great beginning of the year… @HollyClarkEdu @Jenallee1 @CyFairEdTech @sethfewell @Fergy4Tech It is cray!! @parker_class Thanks for joining me!!! @CHoward_teacher Thanks for joining me!! @LutzEducation @padlet Awesome!!! @MrsV212 @CyFairEdTech Thanks for joining me!!! @SlidesManiaSM Any time!!! @Jenallee1 @CyFairEdTech @sethfewell @Fergy4Tech Thanks for joining! I loved seeing your name pop up in the chat! @Sanchez2ndgrade Yay!!! I’d love to hear how it goes!! @MrDsengclasss @Flipgrid @justmoteHQ Sounds like yours was cool too! 😎 @TechiePri Haha! Right!There’s still time to join us!!! @54Mr_Meyer introduced me to @Padlet Timelines in a #EduDuctTape chat, I decided to try it out by creating a t…
Retweeted by Jake MillerThis would be a fun way to organize all of the videos from a unit! #EdTech #EduTech #EduTwitter #TOSAChat🧠 learn why retrieval practice is so valuable 👨‍🏫 learn techniques for doing it in your classroom This is a great… is a great visual to share with students… and coworkers!!! me for FREE as I present as part of @CyFairEdTech's #CFISDDLC! 7/27 8:00 AM CT 🎙 PodCLASSting 7/27 9:00 AM CT…
You know how I could've made this #EduGIF even cooler? I could've used emojis as the dropdown options. 🍕🌭🍔🍣🥗 Yup,… @Flipgrid @justmoteHQ @AutomagicalApps Please keep me posted!!How cool is this idea!?!? It’d also be really cool to do this with QR Codes that connect to infographics, videos (… make all of my #EduGIFs with @Camtasia and occasionally use @Snagit for a quick #EduGIF or annotated screenshot.…
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