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Great tip! I can’t wait to use this!
Retweeted by Jake MillerI was wondering why I had such a spike in overseas followers yesterday! @Tyo_JeBew @PoliTwika Thank you for sharing it and for tagging me!! I was wondering why I had seen a sudden spike i… @TxTechChick Happy birthday!! @Mr_Brilla @buddyxo Me too!!Making a list? Save yourself seconds with the keyboard shortcuts for bullets and numbering! #EduGIFs #1to1techat! #cfisdedtechlive great advice from @buddyxo's appearance on #EduDuctTape earlier this season! @MrsPaden1st Thanks friend! See ya tomorrow! @BecStyne @TechSavvy_Teach For sure!This post started out as 1 #EduGIF, then it was 2, then 3, but then.... THEN I discovered something huge! If there…
@edtechjay @EfrenR @avwitherspoon can’t wait to try these!
Retweeted by Jake Miller @stephvchambers @mr_stitzel @MckinleyMuseum Good to hear! @Queenieteach @ms_wood Thanks! But you deserve lots of credit for this awesome creation, Marcie!! @stephvchambers Precisely! The idea of doing it in slides so they can look back is great. Have you considered print… of good stuff in here. I’m a @dotstorming fan! Planning on using it this week in a workshop! @MissLwbt Are the potty PDs the same as what you have elsewhere? @eslwithtina @googledocs @ericcurts I don’t think it was ever in Docs...Opening Season 2 of #EduDuctTape with @JakeMillerTech to talk #TechWithHeart @Flipgrid @PearDeck @Wacom @Edpuzzle
Retweeted by Jake Miller @ChampionChatFM Im jealous! @EfrenR Thanks friend! @feldmantech This is adjacent possible for sure!!Wow! I ❤️ how they’ve kicked this up a notch with the pictures & definitions! is quite cool! Ideas for next year 🤔
Retweeted by Jake Miller @mr_stitzel @MckinleyMuseum Ooooh! I’ve never heard of that! We should check that out sometime! @DaraKappel Tinkling with Tech is a new title for me! We sure do love our potty puns! I think the best advice tha… @DaraKappel Thanks for joining in, Dara! @ChampionChatFM Thanks for joining in! Where's your favorite place that you've visited? @AllisonETEC I'm sorry, what were you saying? I wasn't listening. 😬 @sdcthailand And thank YOU, Sethi for all of the awesomeness that you're sharing! @AllisonETEC Yes! They're super efficient! @edtechjay @TaraMartinEDU That’s awesome, Jay! @mrshowell24 @amyjhuckaby @54Mr_Meyer @sdcthailand Yes! I like what @mr_stitzel said in the chat about posting it in lots of places! @elenguz01 @SBISDEdTech Solid points! @sdcthailand @AllisonETEC Glad you two were able to join in! @EdTechTinker @iLearn_iShare @MrsVanHeckITIS I love that you’re utilizing multiple modes of offering this! @MrsVanHeckITIS Great stuff, Melissa! @sarahdateechur I appreciate you, Sarah! Thank you!#nowlistening to ⁦@JakeMillerTech⁩ #podcastedu
Retweeted by Jake Miller @Pen63 @TechSavvy_Teach That sounds frustrating! In confident that your connections with those students and that teacher w… @atkauffman As Seth Godin says, “act as if...”One of my favorite hacks to making grading in #GoogleClassroom a bit easier! #EduGIF #GoogleET #GAFESummit of #HourOfCode & #CSEdWeek resources here! case you missed last night's #EduDuctTape Twitter chat! out these great {free} #CSEdWeek opportunties from @Seesaw #SeesawCoders! #edtech #edu #ux @Auen_Ed_Tech That’s awesome. I love that you have survey data to back it up! @MeganNaglik @edpuzzle @Screencastify That’s great! That probably speaks to your connection, rapport, and trust with them. @TechSavvy_Teach Bummer! @Auen_Ed_Tech Good choices! @MeganNaglik @edpuzzle @Screencastify That’s great! @RoCro23 @EDTSoapBox Indeed! @mrlosik you miss the #EduDuctTape Twitter Chat tonight? Never fear! Here's every tweet that was part of it! Lots of g… @KarlyMoura @SEANJFAHEY I did, but haven’t had a chance to try it out yet! I am excited!Get ready for #CSedWeek! Let’s chat about it tomorrow night!! @amyjhuckaby I agree! @MeganNaglik @Seesaw I am truly psyched about that tool! @CMcKee27 Lots of value for sure! I'm excited to curate it all into a blog post. Some really good stuff in there! @TechSavvy_Teach what a cool story! I hope it grows into even more! @TechSavvy_Teach Thanks for the retweet! I was happy with the group size though - it's about the quality not the quantity! @hartel30 @Auen_Ed_Tech yup @54Mr_Meyer Yup. I've fractured relationships with teachers in the past and then it's so hard to get them to buy i… @AngelaGreene12 @EDTSoapBox hmm. apparently. It's probably just to spite me because he knows I'm allergic. 🤧 @AngelaGreene12 indeed you did!! @edteCheatham YES! E + R = O! I've spent my share of time complaining, but at some point we've gotta realize that… @Auen_Ed_Tech @TaraMartinEDU @sheldoneakins thanks Patrick! @54Mr_Meyer That GIF! 😂 I love that after all that talk about how to communicate you came back to the most impor… @Auen_Ed_Tech taken for granted! @AngelaGreene12 @sdcthailand Indeed! Such a cool, calm, reassuring voice! Sethi is probably teaching right now (it… @missusem I like that you're repeating the same content in multiple places so that they can access it where they're… @TechSavvy_Teach @TaraMartinEDU @sheldoneakins It's my pleasure! And an honor! It's so cool to have so many people participating!! @CMcKee27 @Flipgrid YES! So efficient! @Auen_Ed_Tech it was for me too!By the way, Duct Tapers, NOW thru 12.31.19, every #EduDuctTape tweet that shares a *favorite* moment, episode or ta… @amyjhuckaby @EDTSoapBox Wonder Woman rocking that deck! @TechSavvy_Teach you're all good! @CMcKee27 @wakelet I love the combo of screencasts + wakelet! @TechSavvy_Teach If they start asking questions, you're on the right track!Thank you for participating in tonight’s #EduDuctTape Twitter Chat! Be sure to follow your new Duct Taper friends!… @mr_stitzel @WeVideo @AdobeSpark @YouTube YouTube playlists are underutilized in education! @kiefersj @Screencastify Often teachers are like "wow, you made that video just for me!?" and you're like, "no one… @AngelaGreene12 @Screencastify Wow! Kitty has pretty coloring! And that means a lot coming from me, because I'm not a cat person! @edtechjay @Flipgrid @WeVideo @edpuzzle indeed! @hartel30 @Savvy_Educator What did she say... "If you can dream it, you can @flipgrid it"? Sounds about right! @missusem Welcome in, Sue! Thanks for being here tonight! @edteCheatham good ones! @MeganNaglik @edpuzzle @Screencastify What grade? Do the kids like making the videos? I've experienced kids feeli… Bonus Question: What's one takeaway from this episode or idea that you came up with from this episode that you… @shirky17 @mr_stitzel and stay seated. @54Mr_Meyer @kiefersj @wakelet for sure! @hartel30 I'll have to check that out! @CMcKee27 @FCLEdu Awesome! Best way to develop skill with writing is to write! @amyjhuckaby @54Mr_Meyer @sdcthailand I think that every issue should be "Issue Number 2."