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for those that don't know we are doing a "Project 30" where we level to 30 in retail wow (level 70-80 pre level squ… boss kill w/ my new loser guild <pretty cringe my man> LET'S GOOOOOO!!
IT’S TIME!! Episode 3 of CROSSOVER by OMEN is live right now. Me and @GoldenboyFTW are facing off against… @h5a2mf @OMENbyHP @LosPollosTV @ZachLaVine project 30 raid is tonight. ill be a lil late tho :(Not sure who made this, but I love it
Retweeted by Jake'n'Bake @ LA 🇺🇸 @Hiko glhf brotha @OMENbyHP @LosPollosTV @ZachLaVine Oh lala, who might it be?! @AutumnRhodess what the heck every day @KarlJacobs_ @FaZeClan was fun hope to see you in a lobby again one day @KarlJacobs_ @_Tenal @FaZeClan TENAL!If you missed us DOMINATING again in Among Us, here's a YouTube video from last week's @FaZeClan tournament:… @LordRamown What??? @Greekgodx Can’t wait for dinner @Greekgodx @BullyJuicee Greek you got me into Bully 💪🏼
@Tempo_Storm @PUBGMOBILE @EsportsPUBGM @MonicaXgg @J7iOS @rainPUBGM @spcctre @hh24__ Whaaaat????? Next time lemme be the translator haha @Cloud9 @ATT @PlayVALORANT @alexismarieNY @Annie_Dro @Jazzyk1ns @katsumiFPS @mel_anji HUGE @TSM_Myth MAH MAN 👏🏼didnt think getting a car this year would lead to building a whole new sub-community of car andy's and friendships…
@maximilian_ Holy.Borat 2 👍🏼 👍🏼 How does he do it? Unreal. @RudyGiuliani Hahahahahahaha @BNODesk =\
@MrBeastYT What does ratio-ing mean in this case?it is absolutely insane that record labels have put Twitch in a position to force streamers to delete their entire…
Retweeted by Jake'n'Bake @ LA 🇺🇸Little morning hike ☀️ w/ @WaterLynnn and @TSM_Myth @TwitchRivals @itshafu 🔪im watching the debate while working out because nothing else gets me pumped up than watching two old men argue!…
Best message I’ve seen in Twitch chat in a long time @MOONMOON_OW @JERICHO Yooooo Grats hope it all goes well @Hiko Yah, let’s go golf IRL. Loser gifts 50 subs. @GGXupdates @DrCrackOfficial Beautiful @PewPewLasersXD @noriyaro asap @yelotree EzJust signed up for my first track day coming up on 12/6 🚗 💨 nervous and excited. Hopping to IRL stream some of it…
Playing with some of these kinda cool people when I wake up tomorrow I don't think they know I am literally top 1… @Trainwreckstv @AOC @xQc @Ninja OK DUDE. GG’s yesterday though @Trainwreckstv @AOC @xQc @Ninja Forgot one Train :)I spent the past 6 hours watching @Sodapoppintv play the new Amnesia and I’m not ashamed one bit ~7 years ago I r…
@WedidValorant NawIF you missed IRL streaming from a helicopter over LA... finally a YouTube Video is out for you! CLICK:… @TSM_Myth Wanna go on a hike? No stream attached @Yetiapocalypse Grats man big W today @FaZeClan Faze up brotherW for the impostors with that double kill from @Trainwreckstv and @jakenbakeLIVE 🔴 (…
Retweeted by Jake'n'Bake @ LA 🇺🇸Ending up tieing for 5th place in a 40 player tournament. It's Among Us... so it is what it is. But really fun to c…
@AOC #2 player in the world checking in lets goooooGoing live about to win some of this $25,000 by playing among us with some noobs 2nd place in the boom and now we… @priusOBS Saw that. DamnThis is insane. When your president becomes the national security threat.. what do you do? Holy motha. 🤡 Have a… in this today with some really cool people. Let’s see if we can make it to the top like we did two weeks ag… @FaZeClan @itsandreabotez @NateHillTV @GeorgeNotFound @Sliker @DJellyPeanut @KarlJacobs_ @Lazarbeam @LudwigAhgren @MicTreehole Yep @LaLaChuu Good stuff @hanubuu Get one, you won’t. Need more ctr friends @CouRageJD You lookin a little sus rn @ffirg_ Same you handsome devil goddamWish we had cell signal. Still looking for a canyon with actual LTE. :(Today was actually so sick... Couple pics Feels good to have a somewhat side interest/hobby nowadays. Been so l… @Bronzey Or is it... @Bronzey Where you at??? Come byLoved today’s car stream thanks for watching 👀
🚗 and ☕️ this morning Going well so far @AutumnRhodess @thenunmovie its really good though holy crap @AutumnRhodess @thenunmovie AGAIN?!?!?! IM TRYING TO SLEEP!!!!!! GET THIS.... OUTTA HERE @AutumnRhodess fk this wtfffff @lol0ptz @DarshanU Been to KR a few times for travel. For great places to stay: Mapo-Gu (Hongdae) or Gangnam area a… @Valkyrae geeeeezus
Car Andy stuff tonight My car is filthy and need to clean it then hanging in the 626 Tomorrow might do a early… @hanubuu good timing? @amonguslfg @5uppps @m0xyOW @easyrod @Yetiapocalypse @fourconner @Trainwreckstv @Deansocool @LudwigAhgren @FaZeClan @GFuelEnergy @GoBoomTV 2nd place finisher in the boomtv tourny. im ready to play :)If you missed last nights stream it was something special and spoopy and hope those who watched it enjoyed 🎃 Doing… @fuslie Love to see it @Smix Oh mah gaaa @_liquidpyro @hanubuu I’m in @hanubuu Badsss @TheNo1Alex Ootoya Black Vinegar Chicken and Veggies. Good choice 👌🏼Ya boi @jakenbakeLIVE is streaming from the TEMPO HOUSE! 🌩️🍻 Spend your Friday night with us at…
Retweeted by Jake'n'Bake @ LA 🇺🇸LIVE NOW
Doing a little IRL stream Friday night hangout / cookout at the @Tempo_Storm house tonight 👍🏼 ~7pm… @LudwigAhgren @Atrioc @Trainwreckstv @drdisrespect 50/50 HAA (ya u right tho) @Slasher Good times 😢
@AwkwardTallulah @LiveU Amazing.
@RiotPHRISK @TSM_Myth it was aiiiiiight. 8.6/10 @drdisrespect @RogueCompany this is awesometoday im going to go skate around LA w/ @TSM_Myth and start fulfilling our mission to try ALL OF THE HOT CHICKEN IN…
@Jamesmeister111 My manSpending some time w/ Wawa today. Might be live tonight 👍🏼 Have a great day everyone! ☀️2年了 😯 ❤️ song for the restless. Goodnight 💤
@shortyyguy Wait really? Haha ok then you’re good @shortyyguy The hell is this?!?!? @TSM_Myth Tfti @andymilonakis I literally just said yesterday that I was gonna get an RV and pick you up and go to NY. Weird.... Can I join? :) @bnans @shroud Damn you guys stayed in the parking lot for a long time. Breakfast looks great 👍🏼faming intense gamer moments tonight on various games @NRGgg @KOLER1337 wait a sec....Pretty nice few days last week in Palm Springs 🌴 w/ the gang This week coming will be busy. Rental house hunting,…
@fuslie This is awesome. For all the people complaining about it.. get better. If you think this notepad ruins the…