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Who would have known this little fucker would grow up to hate everyone and love the sweet taste of revenge 🖤 @TheXavierWalker YeahSaw someone wearing this Saturday. Good job 17 year old Jake. @steadyglxw Makes me sweatConan meets his first-ever fan guest, Donovan (aka @DanhausenAD), who, like Conan has dedicated his life to "absolu…
Retweeted by Jake Something @JurnSimmons Haha idk! I’ve had it for yeaaarsLegitimately proud of you, kid. than people know, is how this photo is a full circle moment for myself and my career. Only the beginning of…
Retweeted by Jake Something @Capt_Cody_ @MsAAshley Hahaha I’m glad he liked it. His hand writing is probably already better than mine.Logan asked me to get him @JakeSomething_’s autograph when I saw him last night. Logan: “That is some fancy handw…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingTickets for Wild Ambition on Saturday May 22 at the SBAC go on sale tomorrow at 10am! Battle on Broadway was absolu…
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@GailKimGroupie @IMPACTWRESTLING @HakimZane @MahabaliShera A parasite can only survive by clinging to a stronger host.I can’t wait to show you the mistake you made. "You're just the same loser you've always been." A brawl broke out backstage between @JakeSomething_ a…
Retweeted by Jake Something @realsuyung Hollywood babbbbbyyWith @JakeSomething_ @karampro_ and @TheXavierWalker Michigan is producing the best big men in wrestling right now.…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingPromoters Round 2 vs @JakeSomething_ please
Retweeted by Jake Something @byronblack666 diving on @JakeSomething_. This match was amazing!!!! You can’t tell, but they landed on a table.…
Retweeted by Jake Something @TheBadReed vs @JakeSomething_ WHAT A FREAKING MATCH!!!!!!!! @WeAreGloryPro
Retweeted by Jake Something @BMRasslin @RichHomieJuice @WeAreGloryPro @TheBadReed Mine.The Champ is here. dropping some knowledge & insults on the crowd. And @RichHomieJuice. #GloryPro
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@TysonDux Absolutely @steadyglxw THIS SH*T Link In Bio
Retweeted by Jake Something @CeeHawk @Walking_Weapon @DanhausenAD Gonna get some really cool side carts for themIt’s not his title, it’s mine.
Retweeted by Jake Something.@WeAreGloryPro why haven’t you announced me as your champion yet?
Thinking about getting a pt cruiser so @DanhausenAD and I can start a rough and tough pt cruiser gang with matching leather jackets. @ZweihanderRPG @bedirthan 👀Danhausen cannot handle all the fames
Retweeted by Jake SomethingThis match used garbage can lid from #HardcoreJustice signed by @Myers_Wrestling and @JakeSomething_ is available t…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingI finally got to photograph a @JakeSomething_ match & i am obsessed with how the pictures turned out!🙏🏻😍
Retweeted by Jake SomethingMurdermania 4.8.21.
Retweeted by Jake SomethingSiiiick out @JakeSomething_! It will be inked and avaialable soon!
Retweeted by Jake Something @DashingChrisBey YOU LOOK COOL @JakeSomething_ is relentless! #IMPACTonAXSTV | #ImpactWrestling
Retweeted by Jake Something @Walking_Weapon I like money.@JakeSomething_ is @Myers_Wrestling opponent! #IMPACTonAXSTV
Retweeted by Jake Something @007southpaw @JordynneGrace @Myers_Wrestling Lol at the gif @secord_brandon @HakimZane @AAWPro No thank you
TONIGHT at 8/7c on @AXSTV🇺🇸/@fightnet🇨🇦/Twitch💻! @GottaGetSwann and @KennyOmegamanX press conference @MegaTJP vs…
Retweeted by Jake Something @renjones824 Eat shit @familyfooddude Sex @DanhausenAD @ConanOBrien @sonamov @TeamCoco @ringofhonor Absolutely love that DanhausenI’m ready to EAT @fanboytone @BanterAndBabble Featuring cute dogJake Something will be appearing LIVE at Take No Prisoners 2021 on May 7th at 115 Bourbon Street! @JakeSomething_
Retweeted by Jake SomethingSURPRISE! Danhausen is on the @ConanOBrien podcast this week! No this is not a joke. Yes it was without a doubt the…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingThe episode is called FANHAUSEN 😭😭 desperate search for celebrity friends continues on my podcast, but now it's time I inflict my neediness on my l…
Retweeted by Jake Something @ConanOBrien @BillieStarkz Pretty neat @SeanRossSapp @DanhausenAD I think I’m gonna be sick :/
🚨🚨🚨BREAKING NEWS!🚨🚨🚨 Palē Pro presents: Pushing Limits Jeff Cobb vs (C)Sam Adonis 💢June 19th Doors open 5pm 💢Cr…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingYou see Jake comin' And you all together run for cover He’s taking over this town...
Retweeted by Jake SomethingIt’s not his title, it’s mine. @WeAreGloryPro @RichHomieJuice @JakeSomething_ Me versus @JakeSomething_ versus @meowdyxyall
Retweeted by Jake Something🔥NEEDS TO BE SAID: @ColeRadrick vs. @JakeSomething_ was one of the BIGGEST POPS of #ManiaWeek🔥 @UnsanctionedPro
Retweeted by Jake SomethingRematch. week on #impactonaxstv, @jakesomething_ & I beat the crap out of each other. There was no winner because Bad M…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingI am one very happy wrestling fan today Thanks @JakeSomething_ I love it, this mad fan of yours just needs to buy…
Retweeted by Jake Something @RawkStar_Ant Hell yeah, glad you like it! @blaqkmajik Damn shame @kaijupower @IQWrestler My favorite YouTube channelHello please make a highlight of me to this song @TheXavierWalker Can’t wait to wear it when I find it in my car @MsAAshley I will! @mechvwolf 😂 @secord_brandon Yeah, but you’re a big dumb idiot. @sharkbrah420 I think I have a medium that’s ready to go
I packed a big bag of merch for my Florida trip but in true Jake Something fashion I didn’t even come close to sett… is also good. @ItsOkImRussian @Superkickd The hotness @MikeyBMOC I sincerely think of this a lot @Parrow_ Deal @TheW34ponx Yes @MoonshineMantel I’m glad you agreeThis is good.*AHEM* @JakeSomething_ for SCI.
Retweeted by Jake Something @RighteousJesse YES. @steadyglxw 😍😍😍oh how sweet it is to be loved by you ❤️
Retweeted by Jake Something @TheXavierWalker @DanhausenAD Wow, that sure is... something Ha Ha Ha 🙃🔫 @DanhausenAD Hey what’s wrong
@thejamiesenegal SHIRE [vs] JAKE SOMETHING ALL KILLER, NO FILLER June 12th, 2021 - 3PM - Vibes Event Center 🎟…
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To me Mania weekend indie wrestling matches should give fans crazy unique matchups experiences!Credit to @HakimZane
Retweeted by Jake Something @NoPeaceFL #ShallowGraves #TheEND @Parrow_ @OdinsonOfAsgard v. #TheHustleAndTheMuscle @HakimZane @JakeSomething_ A…
Retweeted by Jake Something @NoPeaceFL #ShallowGraves #TheEND @Parrow_ @OdinsonOfAsgard v. #TheHustleAndTheMuscle @HakimZane @JakeSomething_ A…
Retweeted by Jake SomethingHas @JakeSomething_ and @OdinsonOfAsgard ever happened 1v1? I wanna see that 👀
Retweeted by Jake Something @Parrow_ and @JakeSomething_ are brawling through the depths of the haunted-as-fuck Cuban Club #NoPeace
Retweeted by Jake SomethingWow ugh wow @ColeRadrick vs @JakeSomething_ was great , FN insane #FueledBySpite #UPspite
Retweeted by Jake SomethingADIÓS RADDY #FueledBySpite @UnsanctionedPro @JakeSomething_ ▶️
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