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Thank you so much!’t wait to see all of the amazing things you’re going to accomplish! @Elliott_Bull2 @ReelBlend Just followed ya — keep me updated on how things are going!Are you not subscribed to Jake? WHY NOT? Please be a good, loving person and correct that now. K thanks bye 😁
Retweeted by Jake Hamilton @Elliott_Bull2 @ReelBlend Thank you so much!If you don’t already, please subscribe to my YouTube channel! I’m posting awesome new celebrity interviews every w…
Another killer interview @JakesTakes you really need to create a shirt with great question on it. Btw, loved the na…
Retweeted by Jake Hamilton @OliviaLilyMarks @ReelBlend @midnightskymov @NetflixFilm Thank you SO MUCH!"That's a good question.” "That's a well-phrased question." "Oh, that's an interesting question." This is such an…
Retweeted by Jake HamiltonThis interview is so good, it’s borderline ridiculous. Proud to be a friend!
Retweeted by Jake HamiltonMy friend Jake's interview with George Clooney is so damn good, I now hate my interview with George and refuse to a…
Retweeted by Jake HamiltonHell yes! you SO MUCH!❤️🙏🤗
Retweeted by Jake HamiltonThanks for always watching, my friend! was the right call — I agree with @rianjohnson on this one. proud to be in the @FOXTV family with you, man — not only can I not wait to ring in the new year with you…’m genuinely proud of this interview. I have so much respect for George Clooney, his cinematic work, his humanita… is such a damn hard one — she is a legend. What’s your favorite Angela Bassett performance?! an entertainment reporter, there may be no cooler feeling than making George Clooney laugh. YOU for joining us for the ride! @B_Garzillo I ugly cry every time.Rewinding movies back to the beginning before bringing them back to the place that loaned them to you. of the single greatest episodes in the history of television.👇🏻can anyone help?👇🏻
@TomiLaffly Ugh, what a GREAT movie. Now I have to watch it again.Me: Mr. Clooney, how are you sir?! George: Dude, don’t call me Mr. Clooney, that makes me feel old. Me: Fine. Geo… @TomiLaffly They always make me think of SLEEPY HOLLOW for some reason!This is incredible.❤️ is just the best. @AnitaPadilla32 I know you like me, but what about George?!Pretty sure that someone is @gabeKovacs. @NBC5Doll He’ll hit it big one of these days. Too bad he’s not good looking.Gearing up to interview a little-known, up-and-coming actor today. Really hope things work out for him — seems tal… Potter. loves her Grogu.
This week marks @BrittneyPayton’s final week on GOOD DAY CHICAGO. Not only has Brittney been my desk neighbor thes… absolutely love these — you guys have the BEST questions! @SebasGarrido @ReelBlend @RidleyScottCG @fox32news Happy Birthday!Happy Birthday to one of the greatest directors of all time: Sir Ridley Scott. Alien Blade Runner Gladiator Thelma… @Hilary_TV @dj45williams Hilary.Wow. THAT was a finale. Wow. #TheUndoing
2020 sad to hear David Prowse has passed. He was a kind man & much more than Darth Vader. Actor-Husband-Father-Member…
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Weekly Poll: Which December release are you most excited for?
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@teamfatman76 This is the way ;)That’s why I wake up at 4 AM on Fridays so I can watch it before work. will go down as one of my favorite tweets ever.🙌🏽🙌🏽🙌🏽
Retweeted by Jake HamiltonThis week’s episode of #TheMandalorian is some of the best STAR WARS I’ve ever seen — and precisely what I was hopi…
2020 @TSmithFOX32 So glad you’re safe and happy! Have a great day!This. Thread. Blew. My. Mind. on AppleTV! finished @Pixar’s latest masterpiece SOUL — and cried like a damn baby through the credits. Movies, at their…
Retweeted by Jake Hamilton @JJWatt Have a great and safe game, dude — I’ll be cheering on the @HoustonTexans from Chicago!Just finished @Pixar’s latest masterpiece SOUL — and cried like a damn baby through the credits. Movies, at their…’s feature presentation:
Absolutely loved chatting with the great @carriecoon! Thank you for sharing! loved this interview — I hope you’ll get it in your ears ASAP! think Clifford and Daenerys would get along just fine :) is actually really cool.’s the correct answer! really want to be best friends with @russellcrowe. @leethomastv Love and miss ya, buddy! @leethomastv I don’t have to endure a seemingly endless marathon of WALTER MITTY every single year of my life ;) @CarrieCihasky genuinely LOVE this movie.
👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻👇🏻 Is. AMAZING. this. @ShutUpKaleena @ArthurMingo1 You have to be someone worthy of a meet up to maintain your number one spot. @ShutUpKaleena @ArthurMingo1 For now. @JFrayWTOP 100%Meh. second favorite Marvel movie, after INFINITY WAR. @ArthurMingo1 I MADE CIRCLE 1! @B_Garzillo WHAT?! Are we going to be GDC friends?!LOVE. THAT. MOVIE. bonus episodes are just the freakin’ best. one! could watch this all day.
This is amazing. was going to interview @jes_chastain for this in a few weeks... ....and now I’m not. Sigh 😔 I have any followers in Austin, please be on the lookout for Loki! a movie in MUSIC BOX AT HOME: Come to one of our DRIVE-IN SCREENINGS:…
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Happy Birthday to one of the most legendary actresses of all time — and one of the best people to interview — the g… says as she prepares to change the music world forever. on headgear
Retweeted by Jake Hamilton“You’ll be fine.”