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@MJCheen @CODLeague @NNeptuunE $5 a month subscription to encheen owning no anti cheat stops it @CODLeague @NNeptuunE Absolutely shat on this kid check it pay my bills @CODLeague @NNeptuunE Who gave Microsoft the social account @MJCheen @boomtv vouchI'd like to apologize to FaZe for all the things I said, just jokes, let me joinAlong with a $1 million signing bonus, the winner will get a $250,000 GFUEL sponsorship AND a brand new Nissan GTRFaZe Clan have announced they will be doing a FaZe1 recruitment challenge. The winner will join Faze Clan AND recei… just getting better and better got my back right now holy @elgato thank y’all so much!!! @timthetatman @undertaker @machinegunkelly @WWERomanReigns @WWEgames This guy on a whole new level @Safarooniee GL manCourage calling out the COD League "this is a joke" as some big names are missing from their talent list👀
Breaking: The Halo pro for BBG "Minds" accused of cheating in the $10k Magic Mushrooms event has been disqualified… @RyanAtRBM remain outside, it's not safe herePokimane calls out Ninja saying he will never address this situation cause he is scared of the repercussions of sta… has dropped an entire list of what Jidion did along with his hate raid in order to be banned by Twitch and… @charlieINTEL @Valkyrae these peeps went to the dark side and forgot where they came from @Valkyrae Light mode army I need you now more than everValkyrae is set to announce her platform signing January 31st… Staying with YouTube, back to Twitch, Where is she… @GeorgeCGed SORRY CANT HEAR YA NA CS IS SAVED @GeorgeCGed How in the world did you figure that outNitr0 returns to CS, Asian duo is back, Tarik is doing Tarik things, OpTic stickers are my best investment to date,…'m gunna guess that FaZe is bringing back the #FaZe1 recruitment challenge for 1 content creator to not only join… Clan's big announcement is going to be a recruitment challengeWhat other streaming/gaming/esports cases do you want Tom's opinion on? Leave a comment! @EsportsCloset @AlexBActive @Sector_Six @UOEsports @uoregon They sent us home and away jerseys in Oregon fashion, w… did it ❤️ @Trainwreckstv W @flexinja Hehe:)This was so frikin fun to do, more ppl plz talk to me, but actually, plz, I’m lonelyI spoke to an attorney on the Pokimane vs. Ninja and Jessica Blevins potential lawsuit and if they had a chance at… Maven or Merk have a signed contract with the CDL yet this season... with both unsure of their future in it
One of Twitch's biggest streamers and the #1 streamer in Germany MontanaBlack announced a giveaway with an NFT know… @thecodemiko grats miko :DFaZe Clan are doing the wildest thing they've ever done in 2 days Leave your guesses here @Wipz What as unverified stream helper guy? LOLTimthetatman has been the best talent scout Complexity could have hoped for holy nuts they just keep goingHey peeps, currently doing a Scuf giveaway over on @EsportsCloset. So I’ll do mine on here this coming Sunday! ExcitedMaven has announced he is still unsure if he will be a part of CDL this year… just wanna say sorry to Microsoft for all my Mixer jokes I didn't mean itThe year is 2042 and Microsoft owns my Xbox, my Fortnite battle pass, my dad, my favorite master chief skin, Mixer… has announced their acquiring of Activision Blizzard for nearly $70 BILLION Holy @HUN2R You need a bra probablyAlright Pokimane ruthless for this @KEEMSTAR L + RatioJust wanna say thank you Ninja, Jessica Blevins, and Pokimane Unemployed W @pokimanelol I'm officially 3 seltzers inNinja and Jessica Blevins are considering SUING Pokimane BRUH WHAT IS LIFE RIGHT NOW @TheAntt_ how bouta moan
Screw the water and coffee bring a pack of seltzers lets go @pixiekate13 yep WWhat's going on with Pokimane and Ninja: Ninja was gifted subs by Jidion the same night Jidion hate raided Pokiman… just dm'd Pokimane this... "you are making a big mistake" has called out Ninja for his actions during the Jidion drama and him attempting to help Jidion "evade a ba… dropping the absolute nuke @TheFlank Might have to do the carrying this year.At what point do we start questioning the CDL when we have no updates from Merk, nothing from Maven, Lottie has ste… @Fwiz @Delphi_Digital @pierskicks @YanLiberman Gunna slap a seltzer and listen to this tonight can’t wait @VellyCardwell @ScufGaming I’ll see what I can do1,000 likes and imma do a giveaway with @ScufGaming Nickmercs, Scump, OpTic, Faze, Thieves, can give away anything. What y’all want? @HUN2R Collegiate esports news and an education lets frikin get it babyOpTic MaNiaC under fire this morning send backup to Jidion his ban for hate raiding Pokimane has gone from 14 days to a permanent ban… @LuluLuvely No shot… right? @timthetatman This picture of @DrDisrespect was taken by @timthetatman as the 49’ers took down the Cowboys in a failed comeback Gotcha
Welcome to the weekly game of spotting Dr Disrespect at sporting events @BlondeVenom ❤️❤️❤️Timthetatman got a custom Dallas Cowboys jersey and Complexity has flown out just about every streamer not currentl… @MdrnRockstars Yo me and my lady loving the shirts 🔥🔥🔥I'm officially jake sucky now has confirmed that the NRG Thoom house is no longer a thing @EsportsCloset @ScufGaming @AlexBActive LETS GOOOOO Optic, faze, subliners, mutineers, I want them all @RyanAtRBM Ya, meant more so with the mansion in Vegas and what is gunna happen moving forward, obviously pretty unfortunate situationAfter the recent situation with NRG and no posts or streams from Daequan and Hamlinz for months, Hamlinz has made t… got a cod team banned and the ppl are all riled up @Jujubez_ Mine is in the mail… I can’t waitIt looks like FaZe Clan will be giving away $1 million in crypto to 1 individual this year for their partnership wi… @H3CZ boutta be the funniest eavesdrop of the yearI talk about it:'s a tough argument unless Censor or Game Battles wanna share more info, but the accused cheater here has admitte… @flexinja @GeorgeCGed drink a seltzer for me plzzzzCensor got an entire CoD team banned from Game Battles today for having an accused cheater and the reactions are ve…
Probably the funniest wildest beef I ever covered yolo iphone7 @TheFlank @ZooMaa Idk but I’m the last airbender @TheFlank hi mr flank <469 likes and i release the video tonight yer yawDear LA, I am in you @HUN2R Hi I’m jack and being unemployed has taught me how to love myself and my body oooooweeeeeee uwu oowie gooey ya ya :) @CrypticNoHoes DoubtAfter leaving 100 Thieves Valorant Nitr0 has returned to CSGO and Team Liquid NA ITS OUR TIME’s YouTube contract is officially up as of today She has confirmed she is not quitting streaming and will… @OctaneSam @SnakeBiteFPS My question is would a CDL pro be fined for saying this about the game? SnakeBite has now called out the HCS for having Halo Pros pay more for fines than CDL pros… HCS Raleigh the Halo team has reported that both Sentinel’s members Royal 1 and LethuL were fined for the…
NRG Lulu has been temporarily banned on Twitter #freelulu enough Twitter for the day @GenG Yes @FluidFNBR You go kingWith Keemstar posting any clickbait possible around Pokimane she has now had to clarify that she has never done cok…