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@THump Think Shahz had the same argument, having to go through entire quals all over again despite winningBoth EU Valorant Masters Grand Finalists in Heretics and Acend will NOT be going to Iceland NA time to take overThe undefeated Valorant team Vision Strikers has just lost their first ever series I believe now 104-1 @Braxlover69420 Wonder no more @TheJamesMattone the only answer is yesSometimes I think about the Valorant cheater who was caught live while scrimming the Dignitas female team And I wo…
@layer_cake Both Nick and Tim are contracted Twitch streamersAwhile back Nickmercs hinted not being able to play with Dr Disrespect even off stream, Timthetatman has now stated the same.Victim #1 of some intense follow botting on Twitch was xQc, especially during his time on OTV Rust server. He has l… @TheTacticalRab YO YOU GOT VERIFIED LETS FRIKIN GO HARD WORK PAYS OFF FLSDJGFL:DSSJ:LG MY MAN @RyanAtRBM Ok notis are officially on for youTwitch have responded on the on-going viewbotting and follow botting issue plaguing streamers for awhile, stating t… @TwitchSupport oh frick whaAs expected, Call of Duty League has confirmed the return to LAN for select events later on this season. LETS GOOOO @amiller @NRG_Brettbox @GradyRains @WhatsUpPizzas my day had been so peaceful until this point... @AshleyKang Struggle with it frequently, honestly getting random dm's of love and support go such a long way, but a… guys are right, there's a lot more to this than just the headline, should get interesting.… @HUN2R I'm glad you could share your side of this situation, proud to be working and growing alongside ya.Activision lawyers going to the doorstep of cheat makers and providers is super cool Activision lawyers going afte… @Nors3 @Activision the frick... @tarik I’ve had one black cherry seltzer every hour sinde you reeted this and I’m so happe fur u
I apologize to all the Siege fans out there, y’all on the list too, pouring out a seltzer for my mistake ❤️🦒League of Legends, Valorant, Call of Duty, heck even Dota 2 are trying to put on LANs and I need CSGO to be doing t…’t wait for an Esports stock price to fluctuate just based on xQc being banned from a GTA RP server or not @EsportsTalkNews @kyedae @tenz The new waveeeeeLudwig has officially broken Ninja's all-time Twitch sub count record I don't think anyone thought we'd be here 30… OF DUTY COMING BACK TO LAN?!?!!?! teasing Call of Duty back to LAN or??? @TenZOfficial big dubya100 Thieves got Brookeab and now Kyedae All they need is Symfuhny and TenZ and let the power couple takeover begin @kyedae @100Thieves LETS GO GIRLKyedae has officially joined 100 Thieves The TenZ and Kyedae supremacy continues @RyanAtRBM @Fifflaren @heapcsgo bro did u have this banked or what lol @hitchariide Bout time reminder that Master Chief dropped into Fortnite before Halo Infinite former MAJKL roster are now the only remaining 5 on C9 white, Keiti had joined just last month after a trialCloud9 White have parted ways with Keiti This is Valorant's by far and away best female roster so something is upLast week Envy raised $40 million in funding This week the parent company for MAD Lions, Toronto Ultra and Defiant… @hitchariide Yo @H3CZ can I run the title by you @hitchariide Announce itThis mother frikin legend Ludwig has passed 250,000 subs on Twitch and is hours away from streaming for 30 days str… @kyedae @12 LA was crazy I bet 👀👀
@CarlosR @NICKMERCS You are something else lmaoNickmercs when asked if he's gunna be a co-owner of FaZe Clan 👀👀👀 is the first Esports Pro you remember watching? Mine was JW when he was JWonderchild and I first got into CSGO @TTfue 420OG Kush apparently won't be a thing for HECZ 😪 twas' beautiful Rain is officially unbanned on Twitch after 1 week @H3CZ u lookin like pure joy up in der nice stuffReeee is now officially free from Fnatic 👀 @NICKMERCS @CarlosR the tides have shifted ya love to see it @CarlosR Welp your Esports Award for Esports CEO of the year goes to: G2 Carl Hot tub meta > @CarlosR My girlfriend bought a $14 milkshake once and I haven't been the same sinceInterview with Stewie boom done Card corrupted during an amazing Aleksib interview where I got him to show off his… @RyanAtRBM @TeamVitality @BLASTPremier @RpKTANKK it's 5:53 and im one bere inThis was supposed to be a joke Tarik @HLTVorg so Tarik was trolling so much that the troll became the truth or he still actually trolling and we all being trolledSensitivity training just won Toronto Ultra a Major so I’m gunna do it too
From here on out Shroud gets to decide how every Valorant pro's name is pronounced a frikin interview with the one and only Aleksib tomorrow morning Drop your questions here and now and sip ur hydrating substancemeow cawwww is one of the best clutches I have ever seen holy Cadian @neLendirekt Lolol frick offSomeone at Snapchat gaming is a very angry camper @HUN2R @H3CZ @KEEMSTAR 2nd time I’ve ever made out with a couch @H3CZ @KEEMSTAR I’ve never abandoned a spilled drink no lieLocked in an interview with the young Stewie2k Leave your questions here and I’ll ask what I can homiesIn the past 12 hours Rokkr trash talk OpTic after unbelievable round Rokkr apologize for trash talk Nadeshot… @H3CZ Peeing after a night of seltzers is one of the best feelingsWhen you give in to the Green Wall @WickedGoodGames @DexertoMike @timthetatman Hey guys. Busy. Can’t chug. Swim strong. Much love.
@drdisrespect I need some red wraparounds prontoCollege buddy walked up to me at this wedding and said “Dr Disrespect wants his look back” Goodnight everybody @CheekyPepp Yo what theWe all knew this day was coming @Nadeshot I’ve been waiting for this day... @JacobWolf LolllllCloud9 finally gave everyone in the LEC a chance GG @GoldenboyFTW @G4TV @Jerry_XL W @RyanAtRBM @RushBMediaGG @JackEtienne This plot is almost as THICC as you Ryan 😍People asking if TenZ is worth $5 million and I’m like Lebron signed an $85 million deal and he doesn’t even have a YouTube or a Twitch @RyanAtRBM Even 1 million seemed expensive to me, unless you know for sure this man wants to complete long term and… @DonHaci Doekfoemffowmxkssmdjdjdd I DRINK CUZ OF YOUTenZ buyout up to $5 million... ya that man ain’t leaving C9
This is all I had to see @HLTVorg CT not winThe duality of a man called @CSGO @CSGO @RyanAtRBM Why does this still hurt @RyanAtRBM @CSGO I’d make a C9 joke or something but I’m just down so bad rn rn @CSGO CT win dear lord almighty @DonHaci @CSGO For the love of god this will haunt me til the day I dieI bought almost 4,000 capsules and I haven’t told her yet @hitchariide I read this tweet 3 times and yep I saw that correctly 💚💚 @CarlosR U drink this early? Nothing but respect @GoMeZCSGO Out of town for a bit. Will see if I can do anything.TO ALL THE LADIES ITS ACTUALLY @JhbTeam WHO DOES THE RECRUITING FEEL FREE TO CONTACT HIM AT ANY TIME OF DAYI got more DM’s from girls yesterday thinking I’m a 100T and FaZe recruiter than I have gotten in my entire life