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@HarryButAverage This explains why they deleted the VOD where they said it 😂😂48 hours after Twitch staff claimed every streamer is given a reason for their ban or suspension A Cloud9 creator… @hitchariide ur my favorite N-R-G OPtiC Chicago town memberI didn’t understand a single word but love me some Wusky banterTHE ABSOLUTE STATE OF CALL OF DUTY AND WARZONE LOL via @wuskinz @wuskinz @RavenSoftware LOL HOLYFor reference, I didn't make this bet.$10,000 on the line. 1v1 Half court basketball. HECZ starts 10-0 up vs. Dr Disrespect, first to 11 by 1's. Who win… @drdisrespect @H3CZ that $10,000 1v1 best be coming @INTELCallofDuty idk if its just me but i see a trend hereI CANT BELIEVE I JUST HIT THIS @dev1ce really happy i look like u tbh @HarryButAverage U gunna be a star :)Vitality have been issued a $10,000 fine following a CSGO broadcast being on a TV in the background of their stream… @MrBeastYT lemme know if its gaming relatedWanna make it clear I don’t want any of these kids banned, tons of them have made successful careers and are now of… are some huge Twitch streamers who made their accounts before they were 13 years old Will Twitch treat ever… @Slasher If this is facts aren’t there some big streamers in trouble in the future?
@crayolasown BRO I AM DEAD LOLSnapchat “gaming” news be something else just ain’t anyone quite like OpTic HECZ. That’s the goat. Period. @OpTic 💚💚💚The last time I stepped into a GameStop they offered me $25 for my Xbox and a copy of Dance Dance Revolution but go… @METZY_B Hey man, not making any accusations, was just curious why you deleted a VOD from 7 days ago after last nig… @TeamVitality, it’s a frikin honor to rep the French Aussies were just the start with more to come, sigh. @benspoont @CorinnaKopf @elonmusk Got off with Elon... niceESIC not willing to ban or punish well known CSGO pros and teams but will generously go after the Australian scene… work for Esports Talk on YouTube has joined Nickmercs in being done with Warzone tournaments for the time being, until changes are made. months ago, 37 CSGO coaches were issued bans for the coaching bug This morning another 35 CS players have been g… night confirm by 100T Tommey, the accused Twitch Rivals cheater does indeed not know who Clara is CSGO stans please rise upAll these Warzone cheaters should just hire a scientistAs of right now player "Metzy" and his team have been disqualified as his game play was found unnatural beyond a reasonable doubt.This is the most complaining for a competitive game that I have ever seen, and that includes frikin Fortnite. What… @KaleiRenay What he did to you... bah I had to cover me kids eyesSet the alarm for 4:45 am, c u beautiful people thenKeep in mind half the competitors were invited, and half qualified through qualifiers LOL @ATVIAssist suh?There's a $250,000 Warzone event underway right now... and the accusations of a cheater have officially begun :) @DevinNash hmmm the hub u say 🤔
Lot of rumors about Esports Talk bringing on a replacement for me... I understand the decision if it must be made Admins spotted the TV on they immediately informed Vitality to turn them off, which ViT did without hesitation… @MACHINEgg 100% stretching just rather safe den sorryVitality team in room where TV seems to be also playing the stream, not saying stream sniping or rules being broken… @JhbTeam i cant win with uThere is nothing official to say right now but if the grown men of Counterstrike can't get it together and follow r… @Clayster when you yell at me my skin tingles hehe @Syndicate @Tommey just made me day :D @Syndicate @Tommey <4Any Twitch streamers who received these emails wanna hit me up? DM's openTwitch has stated and clarified in a recent stream that all creators suspended or banned receive emails detailing the reason why. 🤭 @NICKMERCS im the inverted version of u @100Thieves @JBLaudio @RohnJobinson @JhbTeam LETS GO JONNY BOYYYY @dekay Twistzz leaving Water Clan to join Fire Clan. The plot thickens. @TheTacticalRab @thehumanlettuce @Attach The pretty boy of CDL and ain’t nobody denying it @OpTicCHI let him finish the story i gotta kno100 Thieves sent ME a Jersey smile @CarlosR @sammathews @G2esports @Pringles @EASPORTSFIFA I just woke up whats upCoD content creator Rara has made the steep accusation that the reason why Warzone has no anti-cheat and cheaters a… @GoMeZCSGO @talk_esports I will contact my camera man... smh @talk_esports My longest solo video ever with Esports Talk... it's an honor @Censor @AccuracyLA this is good @neLendirekt I am nice guy today @Sw00sh__ @The_KaNoodle dang its actually scary people will believe this lolFaZe Banks will be leaving the current FaZe Mansion and Compound and upon his return to YouTube seems to be plannin… @NICKMERCS @talk_esports @barstoolsports @drdisrespect @FanDuel WHEN I MAKE 14 VIDEOS A WEEK ABOUT NICKY WE START T… @Tommey Unbelievably tough spot to be in. Not sure what else to say right now, was really hard to watch.The accused person in this case has admitted to cheating at least once in his past on an alt account, expect a stat…
@JhbTeam CHANGING ESPORTS TALK TO GIRL TALK !!! hehe!The Sonii and Ninja Saga: Ninja kicks Sonii from Valorant team after rage clip grrr Sonii jokes streamer fight li… @lauralou248 You worked your magic!! ❤️ @KaleiRenay LOL @DonHaci @Slasher LOLOL I love you and I hate you god dang it @Slasher kk only part of Dream cheating which really bothers me is in Dream's final response his own scientist admits that… @Twitch @tommyinnit oh wow twitch social media guy finally woke up @scump Dream did it, u can do it too heheNew Twitch PogChamp plz @HUN2R Gamers rise up @s1mpleO 👑 @zywoo @TeamVitality GASSSSSSSS LETS GO is the #1 player for CSGO in 2020Hello I am Call of Duty Record breaking sales year ✅ All time high stock price ✅ Warzone biggest BR success of… @Symfuhny @timthetatman come on @TeamLiquidCS frikin*Woke up today ready to tell Hiko's mom about my girlfriend just to find out she's roasting me on stream again like… @Nadeshot bro u been gaming too muchWe ride 100t tommey @WarsZ and I think they got @KaleiRenay and @AverageJoeWo too @WarsZ NRG @Hiko bro??? @JhbTeam My girlfriend really wanted to talk to you and i was like omg haven't u heard? he's a frikin thieve he wil… morning I call Jermaine at 4:47 am to talk about girls. We know a lot about girls. It’s so nice. videos coffee @sjokz 🦒😍😆 @sjokz anything giraffe pattern would be dope @JhbTeam Posting a pic of us later100 Thieves signed a Warzone pro and they got a god dang anti cheat what a steal @ZLanerOFFICIAL @Activision @Tommey I have made 4 videos on Tommey being the goat of exposing peeps, time for a 5th the man is a fiend @jukeyz This is legit facts