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Just watched xQc lose $170,000 in a matter of 140 seconds of gambling and life really isn't real anymore @Falloutt @hxrdecki This behind the scenes footage is priceless 😂
In some crazy news, former Paladins World Champ and Rogue Company pro player "Kuhl", who has had toxic instances in… @TheFlank @Staaandy @Timeless_HQ ahhh good ole twitter user gurshI was personally told that COVID was also not the reason for Hirez holding back on having a crowd, so hopefully the… over 2 years since having a LAN crowd and coming off a huge OTK Smite event. The game went trending this week… @bymascs @tyloogaming YER @triciaisabirdy this is dope afDumping interview clips, Valorant next? 👀I asked Halo Pro @Spartan if a Battle Royale would save Halo Infinite @rakkinishu @Bronzey nah I love the perspective, good pointDumping clips today, Halo next 👀Apex Legends player @Bronzey and I talked about how EA seems to fix issues that make them money a bit faster than t… my brightest idea @ImTheTris honestly might just for this out here dm’ing me their entire grocery list announce winners in 3 days so y'all have time to prepare! I can give multiple tickets to winners as well so i… @RyanAtDust2 here for repliesI am super excited to be giving away 10 SILVER TICKETS to the Timthetatman Tailgate ($229 value each) All you gott… @Wipz This is what I get for being a family friendly texter mother frikin iPhone7 @Wipz You’re kissing me offdoing big giveaway for Timthetatman yo gimme a secYouTube has confirmed the termination of ItsOwen following his clickbait of Technoblade's death Pro for KCP Druk says the team was told by HCS that they were “projected to get skins” in the game.* with the HCS, these are seltzer hoursThe Halo Community is in shock right now as a top team in the Kansas City Pioneers has been denied franchising to t… us twice a week doing interviews in esports: best Twitch stream we have had to date. Thanks everyone so much for the amazing interviews and moments. Blessed @902Creed @HUN2R Legend! @BostonBreach I still have no idea what interviewing a Boston Breach Twitter account means but yolo
@AlexBActive @HUN2R Frick… @HUN2R 3 but I'll do 4 if there's a cs proYouTuber ItsOwen had his account terminated following a video clickbaiting the death of Technoblade... @LuluLuvely pop offPortion of sales going back to the competing teams* my apologies @sweetdreamsh1 twitter needs an edit button @HisWattson think more coulda been done?Esports Org skins officially enter Apex Legends 👀 And they will be used to crowdfund and add to the upcoming ALGS… away 5 copies of this game: is Hypercharge, an action figure styled FPS game kickstarted by just 5 guys where you battle it out in a toy s… @EsportsCloset @Cloud9 @AlexBActive @C9CSGO gotta collect em all
I asked the Devs where they got their inspiration for the game interviewed @HyperchargeGame Devs on their game which went absolutely viral this week and asked where the inspira… department did show up, it seems everyone is okay.IShowSpeed, YouTube’s biggest and fastest growing streamer, sets off a firework in his room for 4th of July…’m also gunna be doing a giveaway for some copies of the game lol should be funI will be interviewing the indie devs behind the viral Action Figure FPS Hypercharge. The game was on Steam and Swi… @AB_LOOP ❤️I want to interview cs pros and playersI spoke with @AB_LOOP about the harassment and toxicity he had to face while playing CS Dude has persevered throug… LOCKED IN AN INTERVIEW WITH THESE GUYS FOR THE FUTURE LEAVE YOUR QUESTIONS HERE ASK ANYTHINGThey’ve gone absolutely viral 5 dudes are trying to make an indie game where you play as an action figure in a toy store… and it’s sick doing the Dr Disrespect post interview is a vibe @I_AM_WILDCAT @Nilkski_ congrats!Any other pros wanna talk let me know 🔥 @BxbyJ_ @Ninja ❤️I spoke with @BxbyJ_ who told me a crazy story of meeting @Ninja as a Halo pro... then somehow stumbling across him… @BxbyJ_ I’ll be waiting bb ❤️ @BxbyJ_ you will be back, keep ya head up. @FaZeBizzle LOLShotgun seltzer with interview guest ✅ Biggest Valorant leaker ✅ Valorant pro player ✅ Esports host ✅ Thanks to ev… @lilmillyyy Let’s run it
His response and apology: @Pyrowyd Wait actually ya you rightFaZe Clan have kicked Fortnite Pro Cented after a clip surfaced of him using the N word. delivered me a package and all it said was “Get wet” League was the #1 esport in the world this weekend Beautiful @Atrioc Changing the game completely @RLEsports MoistThere comes a point in your life, where someone will teach you, or you will learn what can and can’t be said. It su… don’t know who needs to hear this but, you really shouldn’t say racial or homophobic slurs, whether you’re in public or private.Also revealed: they broke up countless times, confirms her provocative posts got him fired from NAVI, at time of di… a recent interview, Boombl4 revealed he spent about 28 million rubles, or around $500,000 on his former wife bef… EsportsI spoke with @LawlerTV on CSGO being the best esport in the world, but Rocket League being absolute perfection to w…
@SunlessKhan My super followers be going to war god dang @CooperCSGO @jeffcubediscool Dear ChristRocket League be an esport where I just feel bad for everyone who losesWill be doing interviews all weekend long, any pros, streamers, creators who wanna have a fun conversation let me k… @ItsSakumai @RealBobbyPlays holy frick I’m on team mobile what have I done @RealBobbyPlays Dang… that’s a big boy ratio…frick @RealBobbyPlays Listen I went for big boy ratios and them deleting the tweet ruined my options chill papa I luv u @MoistEsports El splashicoMobile gaming: 1 Dignitas: 0 has apologized for making all of this public to begin with. @1337mask @tdawgsmitty Leave my boys alone 😂ImperialHal calling out Apex streamers Diegosaurs and FaithTTV for allegedly viewbotting on Twitch 💀
@KaleiRenay @NICKMERCS you're two steps ahead of everybody and two feet shorterAfter sweeping Nickmercs in every Apex Legends match, Timthetatman has choked a reverse sweep in every UFC match N… @NEAT0QUEEN This be my fav format no lieBruh Rocket League is crazySmash Bros competitor Collin Boldizsar, otherwise known as "Sweets", has been arrested this morning on accusations… always, thank ya @fullsquadgaming. Excited to talk to more people this week!I spoke with @LuluLuvely on the toxicity that women face in the gaming space and how it is dealing with that