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@Nadeshot welp no turning backI won't make the joke, I will not say it, I will notFaZe Clan have released their Top 100 for the FaZe5 recruiting challenge. RowdyRogan, a 6 year old, is the youngest on the list.My opinions are my own and do not reflect those of Esports Talk Black Cherry seltzies remain on topAnd xQc joins the list... sucks Timthetatman, to DrLupo, DansGaming and many more, millions of Twitch clips are being deleted as some Twitch s… is now live again, jake you are worthlessDr Disrespect was set to return to PUBG today, and ended his stream abruptly after saying "You are not yet authoriz… from talking to teammate and friends of those accused, none of these players fixed matches, but did bet on m… @DexertoMike i frikin love this @JhbTeam Drunk words are sober thoughts, you would know gunna be a movie @JhbTeam u think ill ever find the one?don't pay attention to the extra small comment, they were joking ha ha ha haUpdate on Cloud9 underwear... I am sorry to let you all down army crazy @AstralisCS @dupreeh why is this the most Danish thing i have ever seen lol @esportsawards can't wait to do it after 7 seltziesTHEY GAVE US THE WEEKEND AND YALL DID IT IN 15 MINUTES LETS FRIKIN GOOOOOOOOOOOOOWould you guys please do me the honor? And smash this frikin thing @OpTicGaming I will fight anybody on this earth for a jersey... and also tweet about it @VivianNgyn_ @esportsawards 🙌If David Beckham truly wants to enter Esports the dude needs a Twitter for the love of pete come onStreamers should pay to stream those video games guys @esportsawards hey asking for a friend how many likes for me to give out an award this year @JhbTeam I kissed her need to speak upoOh iBUYPOWER match fixed? BAN EM FOR LIFE Match fixing in 2020? Let em play again next year! Haha! @JhbTeam Why are you the way you are @RyanAtRBM how... are you still standing @DylanEnvoy holy frick get off my timeline my girl is here @JhbTeam @ZooMaa In 2026 you can legally drink there! Can't wait! hehe!
So that guy decides to make a blatantly misleading Reddit post, saying it was her being a streamer which got him ba… Lulu reported a hacker in Apex Legends and submitted evidence which led to the hackers ban shortly after. The… @RyanAtRBM BRO THIS IDEA IS ACTUALLY GENIUS HOLY CRAP @SpacestationGG First kiss I’ve had in 7 years 😍Yo @SpacestationGG the first Org to ever send me 2 matching sweats and jerseys, I appreciate y’all @PlayApex Oh no a girl got two people worthy of bans banned? Let’s hate on her cuz she girl hehehahaAubrey has had sex 376 times since this tweet @JhbTeam I'll be picking you up from school today and you're grounded this weekend @jasonschreier oh for the love of frickWhew I was getting worried everyone thought this way boy @piethrouer @talk_esports hehe @hitchariide This guy gunna bear tackle you on LAN LULULUL @BangBangClick Thank you for tweeting thisUpdate know ppl have done this before but I have never watched it live what an experienceI won't out anybody, but if I just witnessed a Twitch streamer say a naughty word, end stream, delete the VOD, and… @JessicaBlevins just need 1 pair I am no scared @amiller @NRGgg N-R-G for lyfe Andy @RohnJobinson Rohn you are lovelyNinja paying Twitch streamers refunds W 100 Thieves opening their facility as a voting center W Jake getting… lie if Ninja or Jess send me a pair of his undies I'll hit the same pose but harder and I think they scared I officially announce my retirement from Esports Talk homage to 100 Thieves and the Cash App Facility, it was Team Liquid in their Alienware Facility reveal makin… gum ✅ Esports shoes ✅ Esports socks ✅ Esports watch ✅ @CouRageJD @MrBeastYT ya and Overwatch made Tim lmaoYo Ninj it's really weird I just had $6k refunded from my Twitch stream in high school, you know my paypalNinja just paid for a Twitch streamers donations which were refunded by the donor, straight W @Ninja @Average_Jonas @Twitch @PayPal Ninja been straight W's lately
With Call of Duty going back to 4v4 and Overwatch 2 on its way, the amount of jobs lossed by pros in both CDL and O… @JhbTeam Sorry still have iPhone7 @portilho I just held my breath for 8 full seconds hahahahaha what the @arnoldwh ^^^^^I literally made this tweet thinking of NRG who just gave Beehive a job today and I forgot 😂I suckYou want a job in Esports/Gaming? Take note from some of the people killing it on social media and making a job out… @drdisrespect yo @JhbTeam I thought you got better grades than that @Cloud9 Y’all gunna hear from me if there ain’t no underwearGuys I swear I won’t leak this one @Class @JhbTeam @verified @Twitter bruh wtfrick @JhbTeam @verified thats when the ladies starting simpin us right????Thank you all for 90k, I am 90% of the way to your toes @verified to @XSETGAMING for the jerseys, just need someone to send me a turtleneck of the World's most popular Latin artists in @JBALVIN who was repping FaZe Clan last week has now announced his… @WickedGoodGames good god I look thicc @Mendo BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHA YEESH @Mendo I am a man of the peopleNot a doubt in my mind Overwatch is watched more for porn than for Esports @Dexerto Deeply concerned for this world @jplusnone @cloakzy Appreciate the update J!Twitch lads David Beckham has helped his Org raise $26+ million in funding and now a $3.6 million sponsor and they have… fans bashing 100 Thieves for making content is funny @guildesports @dev1ce @drakenCSGO @YACINELAGHMARI @Officialbonkar @leojannesson @goffeval @PlayVALORANT Hi I’m Jake… @guildesports @dev1ce @drakenCSGO @YACINELAGHMARI @Officialbonkar @leojannesson @goffeval @PlayVALORANT Ok now I se… @LuluLuvely life be a rollercoaster sometimes, keep ya head up @cloakzy @TTfue oh dont tease like datI'll watch the stream again when they let the twins join @Ninja plz for the love of god get in there with xThe game hasn't started yet and AOC on Among Us has now broken Timthetatman's viewership record getting his first c…'ll take xQc or Ninja cuz those boys are my favorite yellers in Among Us by a landslideThis AOC Among Us game needs Ninja cause everyone is already being way too respectful
Like would he get banned for DMCA or would he get banned for Doc's voice on Twitch? Guys I have no frikin clue but… @hitchariide Dave I been sitting here for 4 minutes straight trying to understand this weird triangleIn the wake of DMCA warnings Cloakzy plays Dr Disrespect's song Alleyways and jokes getting banned lol I can't keep… DrLupo and Borat collab peaked at over 170,000 viewers on Twitch and was one of the funniest yet awkward not su… Thieves has officially joined CAA, the same talent agency that Ninja recently signed with, and Dr Disrespect is… @launders The Danes never did me dirty I’m just here for the ride brutha 🦒