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@faith_schaffer @JenilleBrown FAITH YOU FLATTER <3
@DaveRapoza bring em over here and let's find out @nthonyholden @ykarps pls do not besmirch the humor in my favorite family-friendly comic strip, it is always funny @nthonyholden @ykarps shut up @AustinReinkens ty my dude! @Beavs 😩 thank youuuu @GWillowWilson sameupdate 🐎🐎 @derekdraws @nthonyholden i told you, HE NOSE I LOVE HIM @derekdraws @nthonyholden he knows i love him @nthonyholden @JamesHarren1 @TannerTrue extremely good, damn @nthonyholden @ykarps what you didn't know is that the fastest way to summon me by magic is to draw a deedlit @ykarps hell yeah
@MollyOstertag this is really good @MollyOstertag mmm @gostephgo witch, what am i @sofiaealexander YO congratulations!! @agentfitz777 hahaha wild
@MarisaBalkus NOOOOOOOO @_gabrielpicolo Happy day!
Did a drawing to celebrate that my buddy ⁦@jayperior⁩ and artist ⁦@jeaninidraws⁩ are kickstarting their shonen-insp…
@MaxHumphries @pcberdwin Oh I love this @pcberdwin y'know i can no longer remember if that was a deliberate design choice or if I just biffed that second a… @IrishBAMF88 @nthonyholden @ykarps anthony is a vile traitor @Dinolich @ykarps sigh @nthonyholden @ykarps i have no friends @DafnaDOOM i have no friendsvandalism @ykarps i have no friends @Peter_Wartman @natetronerud excited to buy in your store @kmellon heavily, HEAVILY referenced @ykarps you're EVIL🐎🐎 @jorydayne I mean I 100% believe you, it's just... who the hell decided that escalators were how we needed to model… @cousineggplant aw dang thank you ariel! @servicebork @kevinjaystanton noted
@kevinjaystanton @littlemac1183 @ykarps @Taijuey It's not your fault that David showed up, can't be helped @kevinjaystanton @Taijuey lol i meant attached to your body but yeah that's some powerful blood magic i would be unable to resist @kevinjaystanton @Taijuey gonna need both arms to make my ass hit a deadline kevin @kevinjaystanton @Taijuey imagine the power @DarkoLafuente Alan Moore's run on Vigilante, which should NOT have had access to, and the Robocop adaptation @Story__Monster these are all of my favorite childhood movies, wheelers and skeksis for life @Peter_Wartman she's just so good at everything she does! @musashinoelegy <3 @GWillowWilson 😊 @queen0fpuns I'm so sorry I love COATS @jorydayne i cannot process this @larsenproject whoa thank you!! @alexdecampi <3 @nicodelort aw thank you nico!update @evantickles oof that’s lovely
It's finally showtime - the #BountyLight Kickstarter is live!! It's a comic I've been writing since high school abo…
Retweeted by Jake Wyatt @AbdiYohan the knob perspective is what makes the sword unbeatable
@sktchmstrskllz damn samir
@OweeeeenDennis tbh i find the whole live action process horrifying, i hate the idea of trying to wrangle all that messW-why are the Parasite boards so cute probably mention, my art book TENDER is still available over in the @Short_Box store!…
Retweeted by Jake Wyatt @DocShaner aw dang we cancelled jokes i haven’t been so active on here i really am not up on the haps anymore @DocShaner i liked the joke
@Trungles man i’m gonna see the SHIT out of that moviethanks everyone who thought of Gawain's GF now that the #TheGreenKnight trailer is out >:) the obligatory plug. my…
Retweeted by Jake Wyatt @kmellon we need to talk alita sometime, i have so many feelings about that movie man @kmellon i try to scale everything in and about that movie against the fact that its most grounded character was a… @SakiAndy_10 they are written in the order they occured to me tbh @gostephgo at the pool, practicing, OBVIOUSLY
@AbdiYohan the knob torments us all @samBkays @Dinolich spin the hits sam @ngoziu perfect tweet @Dinolich CONSTANTLY PISSED @hotspringsummer man still working on number 2 @jayperior look kubo is my king and i will not apologize @kikiinspace Heyyyy happy birthday!When I realized #1 I was like “oh right this is why they’re paying me.” When I realized #2 it was like seeing the m… most of any creative job is doing notes and revisions to make someone else happier with your work 2. unless you… @_gabrielpicolo @Trungles yeah extremely high courtesy rating, low functionality @ykarps I think she is my favupdate update @AndyCErnst ah thank you!
@Totterworks yep! it’s a cheat code. @jeandrawsstuff I have a daily checklist of the things I want to do and/or spend time on (work out, personal work,… @sktchmstrskllz i respect all your opinions @my2k @Dinolich i tried watching less anime once and it was absolutely awful
@jslipchi AND Over the Garden Wall AND all of Narnia AND The Golden Compass AND @ProfChestnut sir i don’t make the news i just report it @HaleTungsten In Another World With My Fursuitsad to report that ‘where the wild things are’ is an isekai
necropolis athleisure au
@ykarps @amudork (don't tell anyone that I also prefer the parody) @ykarps @amudork <3 @amudork @ykarps I hate that all my friends prefer the parody
@nthonyholden @ykarps your favorite comic is back @RonDanChan Farewell, My Dear Cramer is about a girl's soccer team and it is so damn goodgraphic novel update
Retweeted by Jake Wyatt @MarisaBalkus I found out about that when my Dad came into the living room with a newspaper saying "Jake I think your show is a terrorist"*sighs* *pinches furrowed brow* i guess nebroboblus is back @Onlymowgly not at present, but ppl keep asking so i'll probably have to do something eventually @DaveRapoza ME TOO, thank you