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writes, draws; comics, animation "Economic growth accompanied by worsening social outcomes is not success, it is failure" - Jacinda Ardern

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@McKelvie this is the only attitude that gets work done. i used to get real steamed about writing or drawing a whol…
@heyjenbartel daaaaaamn @mjgoodwinart @rightstufanime the pacing is wild, there are a LOT of characters, none very well-developed, and noth… @gostephgo this, where CLAMP meets Kawajiri, is where our brands overlap @stung_art only in the future @RoxyRocketeer OH MY GOSH YES!! Hey thank you I love that thing!! @ykarps That shook me @RoxyRocketeer got that box set baybeeee i love Patlabor! I just did the OVA's for the first time @robertwilsoniv It's wild and brutal but soooo so pretty @robertwilsoniv Yisokay this movie is too chaotic and moves WAY too fast to livetweet, i give up, but know that at fifteen minutes in… movie looks so good there are just layers and layers of incredible animation and everything is happening SO FA… war absolutely RUINING this beauty pageantcecily's dad is wearing a cartoon chef hat but also appears to be some kind of hardened terrorist cecily also just… immediately we cut to a beauty pageant where some girl named cecily refuses to participate then back to space for OH MY GOSH MURDERi have only ever heard bad things about Mobile Suit Gundam F91 but it looks so pretty so i bought it on sale from…
we have a winner @SandraStraubArt BLESS @antiquegameboy solid general use term, architectural legitimacy so far is difficult to verifyis there an architectural term for the railed hallway/balcony spaces overlooking a multi-story atrium? They aren't… @nthonyholden @gostephgo if you can't handle me at my Lazers then you don't deserve me at my Friendship @McKelvie @nthonyholden They don't deserve uscan confirm
@killswitchkatie @kiIIswitchkatie reported, how nasty @alliartist Welcome to the club
@hemsbutt OH MAN I remember this!! What a horrible king. @celineorelse Happy Birthday!
@gostephgo proud to have been there at The Beginning @dairysnake @nsumida I love the idea of an A to AAAAA ranking system that is brilliant @DaveRapoza Arne's is one of those twitter feeds I remember maybe once a month or so and scroll back through every… @nsumida I go on google images, fall down the rabbit hole, download whatever seems useful, then sort the harvest in… @gostephgo Steph your place is so cute
@celineorelse you're too powerful @celineorelse WOW @kmellon k i'll watch it @kmellon WOW THIS IS THE MEANEST SHIT ANYONE HAS EVER SAID TO ME @kmellon i went to go see Bumblebee JUST for the Cybertron bit at the beginning, which was pretty much everything I… @kmellon don't make me watch this show kevin @sktchmstrskllz can i see it tho @lbtreiman damn these are great @derekdraws yes it absolutely rips
@MarkOStack biggest shonen energy @RidicBowe WOW @elevenafter haha okay this will require more serious thought but I'll work it out @elevenafter top 5I'm eight episodes in and The Last Dance is a top-five sports anime for me. @Hedgehogozzy good luck and godspeed, hedgehogozzy @gostephgo be hokage of the village of your soulif you let people's judgement control you, you will always be working for their approval; if you rely on external a… friends struggling with this rn so: let go of other people's opinions of you. their validation doesn't matter… @moth_eatn @storysafari @alyssa_tallent @mrjakeparker @laufman @seangallowayart @JAMALIGLE @steve_lieber @artofserenawu M-mike Wizowski???
@all_F808Z like, subscribe @paulreinwand this whips so much ass i never get tired of looking at it @redherringdraws oh NO @TRiP21 THEY DID and they enjoyed it!boat life
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@evantickles @TannerTrue all he ever did was give us his best, it's true @TannerTrue @evantickles @evantickles is your neighbor's name WAAAAAAAAAAALLLT @tatsunical it seems v unlikely that you haven't seen this but just in case cc @kohquette
@kohquette Wow absolutely boss @SamuelDeats Truly a double-cheeked-up comic. @clementeworks And I turned around? AMURO RAY.It's Sunday but I think about this comic all the time.
@Dinolich @sktchmstrskllz @ZacRoane someday we may still transform and combine, friends. someday...
@saratoga @Limbert DAT BOIIIi cannot believe that "thongbird" has been adopted by readers across multiple platforms, @ykarps what have u done t…
@kendallgoode All of Satoshi Kon's other movies, they're all top-shelf. @sofiaealexander i am weak against robots and bureaucratic hijinx @JhonenV Aw Jhonen thank you 🖤 @Peter_Wartman @Michigrimk MAN the series' open discomfort with violence, militarization, and nationalism!! Goto 2020 @kohquette This is already so good @evantickles That pilot where the robots don't even show up for two acts and that is The PointBasically it's cool to see Oshii helm a lower-budget, technically limited production and make it rich and compellin… @Peter_Wartman It's WILD to watch with an awareness of what Oshii is gonna go on to do bc you've got this guy who's… @theRx_ Same! @Peter_Wartman Also, having started with the films, it's wild to watch him REPEATEDLY try and fail to get variation… @Peter_Wartman Yeah I feel like movie 1 still has some of that wacky, ranma-esque OVA vibe distributed throughout b… bought the Patlabor ova's because they were on sale and I like the movies, but it turns out they are a masterclas… @sktchmstrskllz 🙏💙🙏
@jthemm that's in the cards for down the road, i would love to just do necropolis @hottestsingles a tender embrace @say1041999 defund the polis @explodikid @webtoon helllll yeah @alliartist <3 thank you alli! @meherinmn Purple Rain (of death) @Peter_Wartman she finally learned how to murder the *RIGHT* wayn e c r o p o l i s @Jbourne269 TERRIFYING. @nthonyholden this is why I cannot do Precious Rascals
Retweeted by Jake Wyatt @sktchmstrskllz "pls stop discrediting yourselves, we are trying to survive COVID over here" @celineorelse what.... was that @TrinketEric I am glad that you were blessed with available wood! If the woodknock spell does not dispel all forms… <runs out of dental floss> Truly God is dead and man is left alone upon this earth to suffer, to curse his fate… @jhmonkeyfeather @jesse_hamm final form is gonna be a shoulder-length Dave Grohl situation @jesse_hamm @jhmonkeyfeather More Uncle Joey / Home Improvement vibes I think @Brandonbot *skywalker voice* NOOOOOOOOOOOO
Quarantine hair has transformed into 90's TV Dad Mullet There will be no photos