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Jake Hardiman @jakey_hardiman South Oxfordshire

Football fan #oufc 💛💙 Rail enthusiast 🚂 Leeds alumnus 🎓 Former Erasmus student 🇩🇪 🇪🇺 Adopted ice hockey fan (Adler Mannheim, Sheffield Steelers) 🏒

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Atalanta have now faced eight goalkeepers in this season's Champions League. They have scored goals against seven.…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanA customer has just bought a 2021 calendar. Sir, we admire your optimism.
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Just checking in. 👋
Retweeted by Jake HardimanWe received notice from a member who wanted to cancel their membership due to the mosque on our kit. To that we sa…
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman @AETshirts The Mainz Karneval one is lovely!President Trump just claimed that the “great pandemic” of 1917 “probably ended the Second World War.” Difficult to…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanHer: what’s your favorite position Me: devil’s advocate Her: i meant sexual position Me: but what if you didn’t
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@oufcoli @British_Airways Genau, I've made that mistake before! @oufcoli @British_Airways Heathrow today, got picked up in the Faye-mobile (but would have made the last train by the skin of my teeth) @oufcoli @British_Airways Bloody wish I had! Busier than I expected but quieter than usual (was rammed in December!) @oufcoli @British_Airways Aye, only 45 minutes late in the end and got this tidy sunset in Göteborg for my troubles @oufcoli @British_Airways The Deutsche Bahn of the skies 😂Still the best thing I have ever seen in a museum store : #AwfullyBritishMuseumArtefacts
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman#OUFC The 15/16 season, promotion aside, was also a great success as far as chants were concerned! Just remembered… @British_Airways I'm awaiting the arrival of BA792 in Gothenburg and was wondering what the reason for its delay… No.1 of holidaying in the UK is VARIETY PACK OF CEREALS and this is a hill I’m prepared to die on.
Retweeted by Jake HardimanWe must protect Chris Kamara at all costs
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Great turn of speed there. Drop of the shoulder and she was gone
Retweeted by Jake HardimanSmallpools - Dreaming - FIFA 14
Retweeted by Jake HardimanI am at Gatwick Airport station, which as ever gives me an excuse to remind you of a rather exciting fact - the sta…
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Retweeted by Jake Hardimanbeing notified when someone visits your profile on LinkedIn is the most chaotic feature of any social media
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman"Careful lads, these are the super secret upgrades. Make sure you don't drop th........" 😂🙈😂 #F170 🇬🇧 |…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanCrane that looks like Freddie Mercury
Retweeted by Jake HardimanI take my trousers off, have a cup of tea, and I think about chasing a wild boar *Parklife*
Retweeted by Jake HardimanThis means that on average since the game was released on the 31st of October, 40 goals have been scored EVERY SECO…
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Real Madrid are out of Europe. I sincerely hope that Gareth Bale is at home, polishing his golf clubs and laughing his head off.
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman💛2️⃣0️⃣2️⃣3️⃣💛 @Cameron246bran
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman.@Cameron246bran pens new deal 🙌🙌🙌 #OUFC
Retweeted by Jake HardimanA boar stole a man's bag at Teufelssee and here are the photos of the exciting chase. He was naked cause, well, Ger…
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman“Never played the game”. Just the 144 England caps + 32 goals, played in 9 major int’l tournaments, won 11 major cl…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanFIFTEEN years ago #OnThisDay! 😲 One of the most incredible moments in cricket history ❤️🏏
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Well, that seems a fair trade-off.
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Retweeted by Jake Hardimanlooking at my bank statements after a night at @BrewDog
Retweeted by Jake HardimanWhen Scott Parker meets The Streets 😂
Retweeted by Jake HardimanThis is phenomenal
Retweeted by Jake HardimanYES! If you're going to use an HST power car, this is how to use it
Retweeted by Jake HardimanStumbled across Matty Taylor in Sweden today 🐐 💛💙 #oufc's a family on TikTok who recreate iconic football moments and it's my new favourite thing
Retweeted by Jake HardimanIf Premier League football doesn’t go to plan for Fulham next season, I’m all for Scott Parker joining The Streets
Retweeted by Jake HardimanThe UK's first Dutch-style roundabout which prioritises cyclists and pedestrians over motorists has opened in Fendo…
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman @bilywiz @HLTCO Dry your eyes mate by Scott Parker 😂🎧🎵
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman✍️ Welcome to Oxford Sean Clare
Retweeted by Jake HardimanThis is brilliant. 👏🏻 Dry Your Eyes Mate - Ft Scott Parker
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Evening sun at Paris Nord.
Retweeted by Jake HardimanBristol Rovers next season after the signings they’ve made
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@davetheinvictus @Steelers_1991 @Steelers_1991 Not for me, EIHL tries too hard to emulate the NHL in this way, anyhow it's hard to get behind the s… You drive for four hours. You are still in the same part of the country. UK: You drive for two hours. The…
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@KitCrimes In all clubs that traditionally wear red-&-white stripes with black shorts have appeared in 15 play-offs…
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman2016: “I see no downsides to Brexit, only a considerable upside” “Sunlit uplands” 2020, in the middle of a pandemi…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanDark was the most-watched series globally on Netflix in July! 👏🏼
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Retweeted by Jake HardimanAdd 'and the' to the middle of any band name to make it an indie folk band. Imagine and the dragons. AC and the DC
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P20 ➡️ P12. Pace was decent today. The hard work will pay off 💪
Retweeted by Jake HardimanStage 1 complete. All Ross County's goalkeepers are now called Ross. Now onto Stage 2, the defence.
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Emiliano Martínez is the first ex-Oxford keeper to win the FA Cup since Milija Aleksic in 1982.
Retweeted by Jake Hardimanyes
Retweeted by Jake HardimanYour tweet alleging that Eastern Europeans speak poor English should have read "of not being integrated", not "of n…
Retweeted by Jake Hardimanan ice lolly has to be juice based, this is a hill i will die on
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Dear BBC, The FA cup final should be a 3pm kick off and the build up should start at 8.30am in the car parks of the…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanBREAKING: Matty Taylor comes home to #oufc - permanently. Three-year deal.
Retweeted by Jake HardimanDone deal 🤝
Retweeted by Jake HardimanAll we need for a thrilling race at Silverstone is a hefty amount of rain. The chances are small but fortunately I…
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Locomotive Services HST set to return to service in November in full BLUE PULLMAN livery!
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman#OTD 54 years ago England were crowned champions of the world! 🦁🦁🦁
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God I love this country
Retweeted by Jake HardimanMike Dean showed an average of 2.0 yellow cards per game this season with a beard and 4.72 yellow cards per game wh…
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Retweeted by Jake HardimanThe kids are alright
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Very possibly
Retweeted by Jake HardimanCan't believe I've just been kicked out of @Tesco for not wearing a #facemask
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman @tinkernurse @Sheppyuk @Tesco The joke isn't about the type of covering, but rather that it's camouflage so they ca…’s fans at the final whistle 🙌 👏👏👏 #oufc Thank you for your fantastic support. Have a safe trip home
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman @ellis_platten Bootlegger's "Well you just knew that was gonna happen!" at Chester vs Wrexham a few years agoputting a hot frying pan into a sink running with cold water makes me feel like a blacksmith
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Retweeted by Jake HardimanOur clown-car of a government: a comedy in 3 acts.
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Tory MPs when the NHS asks for more funding
Retweeted by Jake HardimanI’ve got a great joke about Apple Macs but it’s not very PC
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman @ellis_platten Very promising looking thumbnail! #oufc 💛 💙
Test cricket is just better when Rakeem Cornwall is involved 🥺
Retweeted by Jake HardimanAbsolutely sensational one-handed-grab from Rakeem Cornwall in the slips. Lightning reactions from the big man, ma…
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman“Dark” is the best show on Netflix
Retweeted by Jake HardimanYes boys. This is what the fans want to see. My guy Rahkeem. 😎😎 #ENGvWI
Retweeted by Jake Hardiman @AexanderGarside @bbc5live @elisjames @nomadicrevery @BBCSounds @DefundBBC Rubbish, this clip alone is worth the licence fee!Our last animation from Elis and John's #IsolationTapes looks at how an alice-banded John considers his future as a…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanStourbridge will retire the number 22 shirt following Birmingham City decision to retire Jude Bellingham shirt. Th…
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The hotel buffet breakfast being a 'thing of the past' sucks. Am I really gonna have to look a person dead in the…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanThe joy of taking your first wicket. Look at him go! (ignore the hilarious action, the batsman in shorts and the…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanI got my first ever wicket in a cricket match this week and it seems the internet loves it as much as I did! Cricke…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanThe Swedish government today officially commissioned the country's transport administration to procure new sleeper…
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Retweeted by Jake HardimanLovely to welcome the team from @SteamDreams with Mayflower today. They were here to collect support coach 35453 a…
Retweeted by Jake HardimanBREAKING: #oufc sign Northern Irish winger Joel Cooper on a three-year-deal. Story here:
Retweeted by Jake HardimanWelcome to #OUFC Joel Cooper 🙌🙌🙌 ➡️ #FirstSigningOfTheSummer #WelcomeJoel
Retweeted by Jake HardimanGood news for travel to Scandinavia: The Swedish government has today ordered Trafikverket to start the procuremen…
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