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@JKap415 happy birthday goat @mackenziereynaa @Josh_Tries @LazasBautista @prakdip @Boy1drr hey @Daymeeein @dev0rama_ @exJackiee 103 on his headIf I were to stream uncharted 4 this weekend who would watch @justoceano Awhat @prakdip _ @LilNasX here before it gets deleted @HarryButAverage @tkrsnpzz @aimseytv Ratiod @Leopard100T cimplokmentreply for cimplokemnt @PaintClown_ RATIOOOOOO @dev0rama_ @exJackiee jackie hit the smooth criminal in this pic
Retweeted by Jakku ❄️ @PaintClown_ Happy for him tho fr @PaintClown_ one of my friends caught the most random stray on that its still in his bio LMAOOOO @PaintClown_ same night top 10 mob stans I believe @Josh_Tries @mackenziereynaa @LazasBautista @prakdip @Boy1drr Iconic tho fr @Josh_Tries @mackenziereynaa @LazasBautista @prakdip @Boy1drr Why did you RT this Josh @LazasBautista @bori_antt need this somebody better stream it too @crackwithdrawal Yessir!!!This has me bricked up at 6:50 in the morning I won’t even lie @CrypticNoHoes @qtbunn realpicture your energy not selfie @BossUpJose I get confused between you and @JokerSamuraii the bee throws me off @YourEmbracee I may I’ll let u know!#intel @hitchariide @DylanEnvoy Valid @xAidanZul @JoeyTheSuperJew What’s funny @jirgezi nah fr I’m the bi Titan @Reverrt what @Maven @Froste Nah Jaime HAD to kill Cersei there was no other option, he had to be the one to strike her down. I d… got me likin dudes @Maven @Froste I agree tho that the ending wasn’t horrible it just needed more fleshing out. Most characters got go… @Maven @Froste GoT always excelled in the slow burn journey mattering more in the ending and all of that was thrown out the window @Froste 4 eyed loser @itsxchels VAMOS @leahdb98 omg from McDonald’s w sweet and sour sauce !!! @nott_roo stop it @nott_roo stop @imjaoc lmfffff @LazasBautista @Josh_Tries oh @LazasBautista @Josh_Tries It is Wednesday evening
Retweeted by Jakku ❄️Darien just replied to a Josh tries tweet that’s how u know it sucked @Josh_Tries Shut the fuck up 💯💯💯NO HITTER THO!old cracker Nightengale doesn’t deserve rights.NAH THIS MOTHERFUCKER @Josh_Tries Fuck nightengaleLMFFJFJGJKFGO @Boy1drr @notedub Do not care @Boy1drr @notedub The app idiot @Boy1drr @notedub pull up espn bruh @Boy1drr @notedub I just wanna see a good pitching game man @Boy1drr @notedub chillLMAOOOOO it goes @tomvsthewrld YESSIR @Keennologs Yeah @Keennologs ? @Leopard100T Yoooo @notedub sorry @JokerSamuraii super joker samurai @LazasBautista @notedub It’s April @qcures been better but we lookin up now fr @xAidanZul what the @ripbrowardevil rough weekend we feelin better tho @qcures yoooo @xAidanZul sup Aidan zulwe back sup team @JhbTeam it’s been a few minutes
✌️ @SteveB0115 PayPal lets me on there, idk why cashapp doesn’t prolly stocks or sumn but I use PayPal mostly. Gonna d… @SteveB0115 Yea it was like accept this and then it was like we can’t verify under 18 and I was like Sadge but whatever @SteveB0115 I just sent it back not worth waiting 15 months @SteveB0115 Accept $ whatever @Wis_Alt @SteveB0115 Sadge @xAidanZul no I didn’t drop it in dirt, grow up @HoodieXF oh thanksthen @gentlm4n oh thanks @reaIlyshort THANK U GOATMeecahsa @CouRageJD @MLB @Yankees I’d strike u out buddy @reaIlyshort $jakkuxd @Josh_Tries nah fr @VinkolaJokic shiiii you might, shit is addictive and only like 30 hours total or sum bs. Cillian Murphy is amazing in it @VinkolaJokic ELITE!!! @DarienBMG real @Josh_Tries @ashlenite real @ashlenite @Josh_Tries I can’t readoreo and are a bit intoxicated were about to drink some arak (50% alcohol btw) weeee
Retweeted by Jakku ❄️ @JoeyTheSuperJew Y’all gonna be FUCKIN fuckin tonight @ashlenite @Josh_Tries ? @ashlenite @Josh_Tries At least I’m not in the twitter users blacklistMy parents were concerned because I didn’t kiss a girl throughout high school. To me it was more important to be #1 heard ppl say to do something new and went with some sea shanty ass beat last shot of Falcon WHEW