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Jakku 🦑 @jakkuxd he/him bi

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@iHaveNoHoe 0 bitches @iHaveNoHoe Raggedy ass haircut @iHaveNoHoe Credit score of 0 @iHaveNoHoe No 401k @iHaveNoHoe No job @JhbTeam @neekolul Poor Jermaine man @scumptious rllyHow do you forget one of the parts of the very first amendment to the constitution and get put on a court that has… @rossstopher_ It’s better than the abuse I’m put throughso anyway I ate that mf Corona doing the going it’s frank ocean can rap??? @ezDrob You would be k*lling me if you did this. R u sure @endeylol @JoeyTheSuperJew Spongebob cornerpants @endeylol @JoeyTheSuperJew No it’s Joey @rossstopher_ You know me @rossstopher_ @justoceano Oh really LOL @_Hillzzy @Froste @CouRageJD You took realJBA seriously on twitter
@Freddychini @Froste @CouRageJD Get a life @BWAMatt @Froste @CouRageJD I been on that frrrr @BWAMatt @Froste @CouRageJD HE AINT PAYING YO ASS EITHER LMFAOOOOOOOO @Froste @CouRageJD I think it’s a worthy investment @CouRageJD @Froste Courage please he really needs it. And I need it to maybe with that 5% he starts paying his mods… @Boy1drr lemme handle this. @Boltsiola LOL @PallassCheeks Truth @EduGoneForever AND THEN THEY MAKE YOU WATCH AN ADI’m shooting myself in the foot before I’m eating LEFTOVER MCDONALDSHUH @G00NGII I HAVE NO IDEAI AM NOT SURPRISED YO ASS DOES THIS TOO @G00NGII I WISH I WAS KIDDING @BisonPriv Aight pal sure DUDE BISON SAVES HIS MCDONALD’S FOR LEFTOVERS @SamManlol @Hauntterr @Yuhuuur @Leo__ffs Holy shit.THIS IS MULTIPLAYER HOLY FUCK @prakdip No I’ve never heard it before @_A113N I HAVENT LISTENED TO IT BEFORE OK @prakdip By frank ocean @prakdip Thinkin Bout You is the vine of the potato on the guys ceiling fanTHIS IS THE POTATO FLEW AROUND MY ROOM ORIGINAL LMFAO @TommyThroatEm He won’t know I existListening to channel orange for the first time @Yuhuuur @Leo__ffs I understand. @Blankzy_ joeyth1MAGA @daiptix Drilla hru @daiptix Yo @rickyreapers Nice @SamjaySJ Sowwy @SamjaySJ HackedSam or Jay pick a fucking name bro @nCaustic_ What the fuck @bmanlewy @WARDELL416 Aired completely aired not a single person responded @LazasBautista @Chriztopha_ @bmanlewy ITS ACTUALLY HIM TOO LMFAOOOOO @LazasBautista @Chriztopha_ @bmanlewy loser @jjustin92 @xanful @realJBA jakkuxd @xanful @realJBA @jjustin92 Nah @Freddychini @COSTCOBACKWOODS BANGGGGGGFirst night I went in there I said wowww @realJBA Yes @YourEmbracee @realJBA is an enigma that I continue to ponder over every single day @realJBA @realJBA Talk!!! @procastinatn Talk!!! @_A113N @USAmbSO @ABA_Demonz @Froste No I don’t think I did @USAmbSO @ABA_Demonz @Froste He cooked yo ass @_A113N @Wis_Alt m m m m monkaS @Wis_Alt What @JoeyTheSuperJew @KingEmail0 Yea not in a game thoThey seem ok at the game homo we slurping semen!!NO SHOT @Blackbeard @nerdstgamers Everybody has it rn @JoeyTheSuperJew Damn he finished you off good fr @JoeyTheSuperJew Did you get your hair cut by the nude barber @HarryButAverage @rickyreapers @lexieyuh LMFAOOOOOO @24kGoldn @scooterbraun Sup 24kGoldnWho edating right now @prakdip Intellectual things
Retweeted by Jakku 🦑The Who want us??? gc is a place of intellectual discussion @roojuliee No @roojuliee Yea @bopndop MGMT the band? I love your album Oracular Spectacular!Deadass tho to Petals for Armor and grinding homework catch you guys laterGoing back to LA @JoeyTheSuperJew @JoeyTheSuperJew They gave it to everybody LOL @daiptix @100Thieves On god!Everybody is given golden Kappa and now all of a sudden it’s grey Kappa check. Mfs are never satisfied @xanful Yes mayhaps I did @peekm1d Credit score improved by 2 points??? Lets go!!! @xanful I said wowwww @PaintClown_ No problem