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Joe @jakuuire Accra, Ghana

Design. Writing. Sometimes I tweet. Podcast @open_converse. Alt account @JoeKuuire. I'm not my tweets

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I’m such a Lana Del Rey Stan… was bliss.@LamorneMorris stars a cartoonist finally on the verge of mainstream success when an unexpected…
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I think technology has ruined a lot of things. Positives are great. But the negatives shouldn’t be ignored.Sometimes when I sleep, I just stay up and wonder… I even want to wake up tomorrow….. Then I wake up and do it all again“All my admiration turned into aggravation…"I hope you guys are paying attention….. @enyonvm And you haven’t approved the request…sigh...Yooo! I'm officially broke, I'm going to start asking all my friends for money the story. More complex than the initial description..... The group should just change their name reported to consider late 2020, early 2021 public debut by @alex
Retweeted by JoeSomebody....please tell me that our Minister of Education didn't say this.... It has to be from The Onion or some… That's a lot of people 😅BREAKING: Supreme Court orders Trump's tax returns turned over to Manhattan prosecutors
Retweeted by JoeIs anybody working on a local version of @tryPico? Somebody should.....Is this burnout....This is a good tip🔹 Brooks Brothers. 🔹 J Crew. 🔹 Hertz. 🔹 JC Penney. 🔹 Chesapeake Energy. 🔹 Neiman Marcus. 🔹 Lucky Brands. 🔹 Chuck E…
Retweeted by JoeElon Musk sets update on brain-computer interface company Neuralink for August 28 by @etherington
Retweeted by JoeLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL’s response to COVID in the beginning to its response currently’s your own people…. of a sudden, political parties are all about inclusion of women and female empowerment? LOLSometimes I blame some of y’all. You guys hype up these people so much when they do the barest minimum. I have suc…’s so funny to watch a govt administration build so much good will at the beginning and basically take a huge dum… A record day for new cases at 10K+. A huge death spike — 121 — drives up the trend.
Retweeted by JoeOne day…. 😬 list of people I would like to profile: - @deborahvanessa7 - @ethelcofieThe closest one I’ve done is this: Behind The Screens: A Day With reminds me: Just published a story on RLG my writing “career”, the only thing I haven’t done which I would like to someday is to write a profile piece"When I die, fuck it, I wanna go to hell/Cause I'm a piece of shit, it ain't hard to fuckin’ tell/ It don't make se… @Kekeli_E @Citi973 From a words of a wise person: “Hope is not a strategy…"Footage of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, buried at his home town at Nkroful on July, 1972 after He died in a clinic in buchare…
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Story of my life..... for female writing contributors for @UnordinaryHer. If interested, reply or DM. Thanks
Retweeted by Joe😂😂😂 Ok. This was funny wondering where he was….. comes at you fast….. terrifies me…... people problems….. kingdom for (African) data…..The orange/yellow line is per capita New York cases per day. The blue line is Arizona.
Retweeted by JoeWhen I get better health wise, I’m well rested, mentally better, have a healthy bank account and master @webflow CM… @KiyaniBba Oh ok. Cool. I just finished a fasting period doing intermittent fasting with an app called Zero. It def… wish I had a backyard to get one of these @KiyaniBba Question: Did you do a “full” fast with just liquid or did you do intermittent fasting where you broke fast and eat something?Sounds like Slack with extra steps…. Twitter should buy OnlyfansI recall Twitter wanting to create a “Hootsuite” style platform with Tweetdeck in mind. Wonder if they pivoted to t… Are tech companies in Ghana “too quiet”? I think I know way more about tech companies in other markets bu…….. is coming for developers heads…."Never read the Qu'ran or Islamic scriptures/ Only psalms I read was on the arms of my niggas Tattooed so I carry o… SMOKED this intro for female writing contributors for @UnordinaryHer. If interested, reply or DM. ThanksSigh….., you’re going to have to pay for the next ones….Tomorrow, I would have officially published 900 articles in three years 450,000+ words On the road to 1000…..Ok I’m confused...
Retweeted by Joe @JonnyStone_ @omithehomie If you had one, you would know…. @JonnyStone_ @omithehomie You see, this is why you will never grow a beard with this mindset of yours. Smh @omithehomie @JonnyStone_ Herh. Can you two kiss and make up and get off my TL with this useless stat beef????????????? The bar is low….oh my waiting @MTNGhana......
Podcasting, Digital Design, Video Editing, Content Publishing, Startup owner, Author..... I think if I was to pass… much to write. Lots to design. Data to gather. Lots to build. When I die for exhaustion, I just want to see "at least he tried...."Move fast. Ask questions. Experiment. Discuss. Execute. Iterate. But don't slow me down.Nothing but trust issues after that. Sometimes people just stand in your way. That's why I always feel like I'm bet… remember when it was my last year in university and I was project manager for a class project. Started with a 4 p…'ve been thinking (overthinking) a lot. Lots of stuff to little little help.... @MsBawoni'all only reach out to ask for stuff.... Ok. NotedBeen fighting anxiety all day. Exhausting.....I'll probably delete this but I said what I saidOnly exceptions for me are old folks. If you're in a business/tech environment and are having a hard grasp on basic… may come off as elitist, but people who keep saying "I'm not tech-savvy" when it comes to basic internet confi… the reason people like selling on Twitter/Instagram and using WhatsApp to make sales because everybody is doing… @wizaj Damn. Hope you have a quick recovery and well soon ✊🏽 @Jessetheranter Right now, I think MTN has more areas covered and looks to be a better choice for fibre.Hi @MTNGhana. I think a turnaround time of 48 hours to fix a technical issue with fibre internet issues is too long…“Just hits, no misses…that’s just for the married folks..." @ha_k_eem Only in Nigeria at the moment
Content is hard. Monetization of that same content is harder....In the meantime, you can always check out the great content on @TechNovaGh, @HarmattanRain, @culartblog, @SquidMag,… is set in stone but there's a great opportunity to scale with this and build something bigger. Just need to… today, I had a very small meeting about my tech news website and @LabariMedia. It's nice to get validation and h… said I was going to work on redesigns and new designs. I lied. My body said nah....Had a less stressful day than usual #ProgressOh.... for the “how does she handle being a homemaker and managing her career as a woman” question….. @niiapa Ozark. Started early. Stop watching. Forgot about it. They did two extra seasons. Then went back to itGhana…still keeping that mediocrity bar real low…. should write about this female vice president pick on the website….Definitely one of the best tech sites in Nigeria right now 👇🏽 @thebellower *cough* It won’t *cough @adomaa_music @iamBeatMenace Because Ghana news media doesn’t like nice things….SEC To Introduce Framework For Crowd Funding in Ghana Next Year
Retweeted by JoeOnly comment from one on GH politics is that I don’t get how some folks are celebrating a female VP pick as a “win… @ethelcofie Lol. So it has already started…. I’m never surprised. Sigh