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a very tiny account. I animate and illustrate carchewns✍️ she/her

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@TheFantasticIan I remember when I played it first as a kid and Sasha said a SWEAR WORD I was like omg... are games… vaccine for Lyme *does* exist! It was 90% effective, and it stopped being produced because the post-Wakefield ant…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @artbydanagreen I mean personally I wouldn't call this statement a shit take, it's very informative as to what bliz… poms
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @Vertrucio heheh this is the answer @richandcreamy @twitchykun
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @GennHutchison hey it's me! Congratulations on the big announcement 🤩On September 2, 2022, a new journey begins.
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @randeepk @philrynda Frickin niceeeeeee. 😎 @bigrowdydemon There is so much gold hidden in those demos, just the concepts alone are AUs I want to see explored…梅シロップ 1日目~4日目
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @itsginnydi @RollPersuasion love to see mermaids adopting modern methods and embracing technologyNew sticker in the shop! The Pinecone Wanderer is a doodle I made a while back that I wanted to give a second life…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿This really lept from your average game company sexual abuse scandal to like, political espionage shit didn't it I… the fuck is Blizzard hiring far right former republican politicians previously involved with war criminals like… please donate if you can, i have already donated, and i have been sharing around, but i have someone in a cr…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @softnadjah_png Thank you for the direct link 😔 @softnadjah_png Is this someone in particular or a general cause? Is there a link? The user you've quoted blocks me… animation based on an ancient legend -- one of the crowning achievements of Shanghai cartoons From: Nezha…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿If you know anyone who is behind on their rent, direct them to this tool. There are still $10s of billions in renta…
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Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @_spatsula It's going to look fucking insane. I'm seriously in awe lol I can't even imagine @_spatsula Oh my god thoughTwitter was indeed a mistake.
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿✷ 대신 우는 달과, 마음을 읽는 별 The moon and the star ✦ 이번 8월 팝업전시에서 원화+대형인쇄로 전시됩니다.
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿begging u guys to look at the dutch dude who got the gold in windsurfing
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿it's funny how I STILL feel embarrassed to watch movies alone instead of with with friends and it's still the pande… MEAN THIS IN THE BEST WAY OKAY
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿#centaurworld in a gif and Rider. #centaurworld (Netflix, July 30)
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿Simone Biles: *prioritises her mental health* Novak Djokovic: *offers up a mansplaining lecture about you need to…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @eyecager this feels like it's some sort of strange religious dante's inferno thing
Thinking about Her.
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @alexriesart @charliepgavin @smyazitouni Honestly if they'd just split the jobs up into the singular assignments th…完成しました。
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @LazyGyodza boy this olympics has really just been about women kicking ass and men being fucking insufferable about it ehthis is great advice, and as someone who literally works in animation, one day I hope I can heed it, lol them assembling—
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @spikermonster british people have this affinity for the simpsons I'm telling you my british grandpa and his friends are obsessed @getvent I mean yes naturally, yes absolutelyRegistration for the workshop is live! Click below for more details #storyboarding…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @bogboogie @_emnays *runs into room violently* M-MINDHUNTER
The amount of people at my studio that I've seen watch joe rogan as they work has always made me feel unsafe. Liter…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿us, the day after our showcase
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @Inknetti @dungeonsanddads No because I know i would probably have to draw them and I'm frightened @Shaun_Bryant I only got to see the one episode and I only got a tiny bit of fanart out but oh my god IT WAS SO FUN… @krispyykrist I KNOW I GOTTA GET CAUGHT UP ASAP @ziqqix Yes!!!!Last night I came to a realization that I would like to become one of those artists who draws really nice horses. A…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @akimillustrates I want to watch the mice and murder one so I can just go full furry and draw a bunch of little animals 😫 @TheFantasticIan Am I going to have to learn to draw horses to draw fanart of centaur world. god damn itYour clown name is your first name + your last name
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @ellle_em What is the conditioner that psyduck uses I can never get my hair that shinyAll the autumn vibes halloween goth adjacent instagram accounts I follow are now slowly raring back to life after w… @meakoopa The glitter licence plate frame lol. I respect her so muchHELP #dimension20 @b0ombox 🤩 omg if you do make sure you tag me!! @TheDamnThinGuy Omg congratulations 👀I'm gonna mute this thread but seeing all the mentions of solidarity is cool. Let's hope something happens soon @vanillaopinions and yet with all the terrible shit happening, it tracksMy mom now has my cat (she was living with my dad) who has been mine since 2003 and look at her. Just look at her.
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿god the damn show hasn't even started and I want to draw all the #dimension20 seven already @HKdevblog cats arrive when they want to and are ready to I expect nothing lessI've never teared up at a game trailer before kitty......... 😢 @DommiFox OMG A NEW TRAILER YESSSSSSSSS @Killskerry what do you mean??sometimes I just kinda want to watch youtube videos with friends, that sounds like it'd be niceThey made me take Fred's hand off Wilma's boob but then they just covered everything in flames anyway smh 😔…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿안산선수를 귀여움으로 응원합니다 'ㅂ'* 좋은것 귀여운것 힘나는것만 잔뜩 보고 기분좋게 돌아와요!!
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿I've been laughing at this for 5 minutes straighti made a (very short) game boy game called WINDSOR RD! it's a nostalgic love letter to my college days in boston <3…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿I can't breathe @Gamchawizzy OMG I'm flattered, I can't wait to see everything😍HI I MADE ANOTHER DIGITAL SKETCHBOOK ZINE!!! It's a collection of all the personal sketches I've done between Jan-…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @Gamchawizzy Yes yes yes yes!!!It's rare that I nod along to an article this long for the entire length but I did
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A one-of-a-kind kinkajou named Vivo embarks on an unforgettable adventure to deliver a love song. 💌🎶 On August 6,…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @Andy_B_Cung MY BABIES ARE BACK 😭😭😭I ♥️ARLO series trailer!!!
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿 @TheFantasticIan I need my virtual pet program on this"...when Activision Blizzard, a company currently under fire for its discriminatory practices and rampant sexual ha…
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿this is the galaxy brain level take vancouver needs right now
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿Thread I hope these studios are being reached out towards for comment on their plans to address this @oakleybillions Y e s @crispy_ghee When I do it, it's really just that I am scared to say my reply openly that's all :( it's more me than… @Iron_Spike @A_Zedig_Diboine meanwhile I'm out here dying for scraps that have been translated into english loldoot doot doot, outfit reference lineup for season 2
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿anyone who reads them knows that french comic books ARE high art. have you seen Blacksad?? and puppycat is criminally underrated🐝
Retweeted by jess a. m. 🌿Damn, this is a brave statement 🤔 US COOK THEN I WILL COME BACK