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@1Krat0s @BoundlessMC @imstormin @Calvin2une @CoryxKenshin @welyn Help @TheBroJordan I can do all this and more
@Calvin2une @Calvin2une LETS GOOOOOOOO @TalentLacking @lmaoRedstone @AssassinTWT Ion want this shit
@hyperwithac UNBANNED. FATTY. @shawrkie its me my fault @mcethot Im a lil shy @ItzMaxK Even when yo lungs leave U still got drip ๐Ÿ’ฏ @mcethot U won't believe it. @mcethot Mornin @khasiid @NocturneIsTaken @dreamwastaken both words have secondary meanings but they are universally acknowledged aโ€ฆ @khasiid @NocturneIsTaken I can do it but does that mean it's morally right? @khasiid @NocturneIsTaken @dreamwastaken define what "people like you" means @khasiid Interesting Response, what about you @meowmeowdreamxd @NocturneIsTaken @dreamwastaken hey @khasiid what was the inspiration behind your tweet @mitchedits Iโ€™m just horny @a6doff @Calvin2une
@hctans Gimme 5 minutes with it ill do it all by my self @abzfrrr @hadevvv Man @hadevvv @abzfrrr I TEXTED HIM THAT DAWG. @hadevvv Im on some new shitDoctor told me I had high blood pressure, Dawg why tf would my Blood be High ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿ˜‚ @AntTastesHoney That was the last push I needed. Goodbye. @anastwasia God damn That hurt me @andivmg @ItzMaxK @inteledits based
@iconnsmp by myself @AreuMadLoL I risked everything for this tweet @AreuMadLoL Fat mfs always be talking bout "Ratio" Dawg the only ratio you know is Burger:Fries ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿคฃ @ignGTed can it make vipers playercount go up? @smokjab ok? LMFAOOO WHO CARES + ratio @mitchedits I just went 9 and 21 ๐Ÿ˜ˆ @yun_head How can I join @NoContextJamal Honest Question, no shame. @MaxIsNotWell @GEVidsTweet Got my honor roll picture taken today @jamal18925350 @GEVidsTweet nah u are EVADING your MATH WORK โ—๏ธโ—๏ธโ—๏ธ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚
Retweeted by jamal @GEVidsTweet We Tax Evadin ๐Ÿ˜ˆ @nasgobrazy demon time ๐Ÿ˜ˆ @hhsduke me neither @TaliHCF Made a fancam for yall @Genocado_ Gimme reyna and im nuttin on everyone on the other team @Aozolax i just uninstalled that. @lola_naomiade Im not one of them @Tryhard_PvP @GyaIIy shut the fuck up + ratio @GyaIIy
@notjoelbtw @29planets @emerqId @29planets @notjoelbtw @emerqId Dont remind me @NoContextJamal I just woke up and this the first thing yโ€™all do @AssassinTweetYT they already know that @VurmTheWorm @AssassinTweetYT โœ… @hadevvv no way u follow assassinYouโ€™re 400+ pounds and tryna be a rapper? Letโ€™s calm down NLE Whoppa ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ @OOCJamal @NoContextJamal There are TWO??
Retweeted by jamal @TheRealPatarHD I'll be whatever U want me to be if U paying @Offical_X74 LMFAOOO WTF @29planets Boutta be 6 after watching you play Valorant @azawlol @GEVidsTweet I tried and schools mfs found it AND my likes. @GEVidsTweet Tiktok boutta see the rise of jamal @inteledits God damn nigga whatโ€™s up with yo thumb @percucet @gevidsuwu Took me years to get that @DAWGTHISUMBRA #MuteTwt #DreamSMP IM A COMFORT CREATOR!!! @nasgobrazy @bapeb0y But Pooh u know im really nuttin
@LeftB0ob I have just gotten some food, Real Nigga News needs to take this one. Over. @LeftB0ob @0ffenT Turn off the light and heโ€™s gone type of dark.MISSING: Calvin. Approximately 400 Pounds and 5โ€8, More on the darker side and Last seen inside a Whataburger. If yโ€ฆ @ItzMaxK @cap_ade @mwedic @DudespostingWs @LeftB0ob you in the same channel with me @krter_ @Calvin2une @Simon_Hypixel @iTz_Frozen @LadyBleu_ Knock Knock @Skeppy Today is a great day to also watch my videos @kyoshisblessing U want my credit card too?
@looljonny @bapeb0y @moolahmatthew When U was on Fortnite there was nothing in the world that would get you off that game @abzfrrr @Calvin2une @krter_ @Simon_Hypixel @iTz_Frozen @LadyBleu_ @Calvin2une @krter_ @Simon_Hypixel @iTz_Frozen @LadyBleu_ Why am I blocked by Krter @LeftB0ob why Allah gotta wake me up every single day @SheepKiller69 MMC UHC was doin dat too @percucet @29planets @ashythegod โœ… @29planets @ashythegod Ima post my booty 29 @ashythegod How do this get numbers but my tweets donโ€™t @SkylineTrains @JustVurb and me
@Calvin2une it was me please let me in @ron2nn @LeftB0ob ๐Ÿ˜I uploaded ignore this title and thumb uploaded
Retweeted by jamal @TheRealPatarHD Iโ€™m jobless @damda404 @CRYSIK_ @Barney30847952 @inteledits @inteledits I can barley even upload every other week
@LeftB0ob So is my stomach @LeftB0ob I just got us the deluxe gooch @LeftB0ob U gonna listen to him? @rahmensnp @_MegaPVP_ I need it @LeftB0ob @lildellaa