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T-tell your boyfriend, If he says we’ve got beef That I am Jordan Peterson And all I’ll fuckin eat is him
Retweeted by James ColleyI'm receiving a lot of heat for my design of Clifford the Big Red Dog from people who don't even realise in my vers…
@cashbonez Are you okay?? I heard a slag was dumped and was worried about youThis remains one of the most rewarding shows I’ve worked on. And not just coz of the 20 bucks.
Retweeted by James ColleyI'm only clicking this if it puts the heat on two adults, living far apart, who haven't thought about this promise… @Brocklesnitch Hi Bec, sorry I was nervous but great to see you! @thefreshserve the gruen segment tonight required learning an awful lot about it.. a truly worrying lota reminder tonight to support australian music even if you know deep in your heart that it shouldn't have been made: on The Unmasked Jingler, a jingle composed over 30 years ago by a duo whose signature sound was the banjo.…
Retweeted by James Colleycannot express enough how long I've wanted to get this story on the abc @jrhennessy hey man, congrats! i dont think 'most gratitously sexual children's song' should be a category but I d… @Cormac_McCafe yes thank youThere are few genres of article I enjoy more than a 7,000 word rambling treatise with the thesis 'as you can see, i… @prafxis That’s the one! @prafxis if you liked this I’ve got a great show about brands that you’ll love - I’ll dm you a linkTonight
Retweeted by James Colley @bhakthi Hell yes Jen rulesuhh i did not give permission for this to be shown at the abc upfronts??
Sorry, i should clarify. Kill you with kindness, trying to convince you to tune in. But yes, you will still die. Ho… advertising is about simple, clear communication. In that spirit: If you don't watch Gruen tonight I will kill you.So, in the wake of the Brereton report detailing 39 murders of innocent Afghans by Australian Defence Forces, the M…
Retweeted by James ColleyMy feelings don’t care about your facts!
Retweeted by James ColleyTerrible look for Trump. The pardoned turkey has already reoffended.Gruen tonight, Russ back in the studio with Todd, Karen Ferry and Christina Aventi on the panel talking fast furnit…
Retweeted by James Colleyforgot to go incognito before reading history articles and now i'm getting ads like this on other sites
Retweeted by James ColleyGrief Psychologists Say Best Way To Cope With Death In The Family Is Dropping 50 In NBA Game
Retweeted by James Colleyseems only fair that the job of model be given strictly to the most average looking people. that's science. @KevinBloodyJin I’m so sorry @KevinBloodyJin This you??, ubereats, Deliveroo all have run tens of millions of dollars on marketing campaigns during covid while on…
Retweeted by James Colley @CondimentWords Sorry just got this - VERY funny @CondimentWords Don’t be childish when lives are at stake @skalagas I hate that you have this handy at all times @duncana_ I put an animal on a pike which is therefore architectureThanks for the feedback! Very proud of this piece! @AuntyDonnaBoys A starting five that's Simmons, Embiid and Aunty Donna? Sign me up. @thejimmalo never apologise to an academic. what are they gonna do, cite you?? @balfies“Hey, did you hear chess is cool now??”’t say i agree much with this, but “10 things I’d physically destroy” is an opinion column format with legs
Retweeted by James Colley @jrhennessy ahaha im losing it ahahahaBoris, in a confused moment of Government messaging, urges any member of the public experiencing symptoms to "get o… UK Government under fire for a plan to give the sweatiest Britishers a golden token that allows them to spit in… @_tomcashman the pawn structure on these mfersThere’s been an influx of people posting photos of themselves playing chess, which I understand to be because of a…
Retweeted by James Colleythe ideal writer's environment @ch_tangy Huh - I can’t even remember which of my many chess trophies I was referring toT-tell your boyfriend, If he says we’ve got beef That I am Jordan Peterson And all I’ll fuckin eat is himfun to imagine if this didn’t land @ahcayley easily. soft.
@andylevy nonsense talk. firstly, i'd already be doing that as a diversion tactic, second I have a gun in this scenario. check your facts. @wtb_Michael Same @BaldwinAlistair coward shit. im not scared by gangs. @DJanD71 same. @andylevy tell your bear buddy to come make mereal talk: one-on-one I would kick paddington's arselmaoo im buying into this season again job, Victoria. Now let's get that 'Number Tested' down to zero, too! [My advisors dive for the microphone]meekly pushes across results showing my vaccine is 51 percent effective while making the 😳 faceall the melbourne arrivals have me thinking about the heartwarming scenes greeting bec as she entered victoria @ghostpathogen This is very similar to my conclusions re: the new models to study cryptosporidium. Glad to have inspired you!this is the bird that tied me to the train tracks food delivery rider died last night. That means a food delivery rider has died every 11 days since Sept 2…
Retweeted by James Colleyextremely tempted by Gmail giving me the option of replying to an emotionally fraught email with "Love it!"[trying to impress my grandkids] I once programmed an app that said hello to the whole world @ahcayley I’ll get back to you[guy inventing the word “egg”] “Egg”
Retweeted by James Colley @puppy_eggs If you're a fan of Mice Going Mad At The Wholeness Of Existence then The Jaunt is the book for youBig Brain Day: just typed ‘sandwich’ into google mapsInteresting that My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy is a decade old when I'm still young, energetic and not at all n…
@danilic I hope you drank the beer out of the podcast award, like the stanley cup @rhysnicholson @netflix Amazing!As they say, some personal news. From December 20 you’ll be able to watch my new special, #LiveAtTheAthenaeum, on…
Retweeted by James Colleyextremely unfair that night james's actions (staying up, snacking) should effect me, morning james, a completely di…“I lost my grandfather to the pandemic” “I’m so sorry he got Covid” “Huh? - ohh no the OTHER pandemic” @jonathonio [crying as I load the shotgun and lead you behind the shed] that’s right, day you’re young and vital and the next the group chat is torn apart on which Steely Dan album is the masterpieceif you knew me before my 20s, you never actually knew me. you knew season 1 me. we were severely underfunded and th…
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now you take this home, throw it in a pot, add some broth, a potato, baby, you’ve got a stew going
Retweeted by James ColleyIn a candid interview, the multi-talented @missmirandatap discusses life in lockdown with her husband and why, as a…
Retweeted by James Colley @HarvsK Hope you’re alright mate x @HarvsK You have passed, my son
Retweeted by James Colleyuh really not comfortable with this?? stress disorder
Retweeted by James ColleyWe must safeguard the integrity of Rugby League Chat one person says it’s raining and another person says it isn’t, it’s not your job to quote both sources. You were… sad to hear about Dave Jory. One of my favourite comics, and a Sydney legend. He had the dryest delivery of…
Retweeted by James ColleyI hope one day to be so beautiful that my Instagram feed naturally develops a soft pastel colour palette
Aaaaagh!! So proud of us #debutante @audible_com #thewalkleys
Retweeted by James Colley @Brocklesnitch I should be herefri day night
Retweeted by James Colley @edzitron Thank you. This is my glow up :) @allymcleangames I love to every so often think about the kind of character i'd play in a campaign that I'd show up… sure the NT News is entirely across Pizzagate already existing @CondimentWords @QueenWillRock hey Lizzie you seen this shit?? @TheGoodSandy I hope you find joy in your life so you don’t feel the need to act out like this for attention 😇im a person of interest 😇