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Oh god he’s asleep. ❤️ @rorowrii It was made of the same substance as a jelly baby. It’s a fake. @ColinMooreDraws Fucking HELL @mxgloom Of course! I’m enraged that photo is being used as a tactic to manipulate people to sway the biggest and h… @LifeAfterEgo But not worth upsetting someone.Beautiful. was triggered by that last image I retweeted so I have gladly taken it down. But fuck me, PLEASE know dolls… the nook in the sofa 🐶 16 YEAR OLD WAS MURDERED FOR THROWING A SANDWICH IN A CAFETERIA WHEN THE SCHOOL STAFF HEARD THAT HE THREW A SANDW…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈When you talk about the need for reparations, think about this: the land that was stolen from the Bruce family woul…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈💔 @RedandTerrible @taytaypurv @analuisafm1412 Send me recommendations of similarly high profile trans men with such d…💅🏿 @aimeelajoie 😂
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈 @randum_fandums Not talking about IO specifically. Every time I talk to or work with any single activist, I’m told… is the future @ChantayyJayy ❤️ he fights TikTok as successfully as he fought Covid, you'll find it running on your toaster in six weeks with no way to uninstall it.
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Rejection is hard but your success may be just around the corner, there are too many opportunities I missed in my 2… video is how we all feel tweeting about anything other than cake. in March: “cOviD wOn’T sUrViVe tHe sUmMeR hEaT” Covid in August:
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Pandas are basically little drunk people and here’s the proof.
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈'Let Us Help You Lead': @iammarleydias on Why Young People Must Be Included in the Fight for Racial Justice
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈I want to buy this song. Where is best to donate? Any shelters? Relief funds? Firefighter funds? Drop details below please. Than… @_viridianne No when people are transphobic about him I consider it transphobia, when people aren’t and are just an… @analuisafm1412 I had a witness/friend of Amber Heard on my podcast to discuss trans/mental health/queer/childhood… representation is still scarce and we have few trans men able to succeed in media due to rampant Transphobia.… be very very clear, I am not supporting Amber Heard nor am I supporting Johnny Depp. My choice to talk to one of…
@Maihadls I’d love to. But Wanda would be far better. @SteveG1425V2 Well, you’re simply going to have to just watch someone else! @SteveG1425V2 You’re annoying @NFR_Track7 Yes! @TMeeks2345 An amazing shoutWanda Sykes for The Ellen show. And for every show please. @jeremyoharris @JackeeHarry OmgPrisons and jails aren't drug rehab centers, so why does our country use them as such?
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Now tell me what happens at Christmas.
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Don’t ask me to work for free just because I’m disabled – Metro
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈 @gallopaway8754 I have addressed my old bullshit many times already. ❤️Somebody said that aioli is a gay mayonnaise and YES!?
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beyonce is one of the greatest performers in recorded history wow her mind
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈 @higgy365 Shine is the masterpiece to end all masterpieces.He’s getting a haircut today and I can’t bear it. So I’m posting vids of his long hair while I can.
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Trading places. Barefoot in the Park. Twister. The Color Purple. Bridesmaids. What we do in the shadows. The Favour… u still be the Beyoncé of your craft when u love to wake up at 10:30am
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Feeling bad that you haven't done your weekly social duty to *reach out* to people, so you call, they don't pick up…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈92% of trans people consider suicide 1 in 8 have been physically attacked at work 41% suffer a hate crime over a…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Beyoncé. BEYONCÉ!!! ❤️ again humiliated by feeling better after drinking water
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Is this @sarahcpr fault for being too funny? the doggy park. Every time. @brittbartoli Omg amazing xxxxx👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 tweeting this laugh video of @thatonequeen and @Peppermint247 because I needed a chuckle today.
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Please please boycott me. Your words are wasted on me. And you’re potentially only increasing my engagement on here… @Jimanekia @DoctorJonPaul Fair @Jimanekia @DoctorJonPaul 🤯 this is so early in the year! @DoctorJonPaul @Jimanekia Shit!!! You ok? @BoersmaDamien @HoodieXander @kanyewest If they want one @Jimanekia What? Where?
@angelique814 WooooooooppppppppppAvailable now. An exceptional podcast episode about survival, activism, childhood trauma, transitioning, being quee… @meghantonjes Omg @StacyL55738084 Got me confused with another brown woman do we?Right now millions are suffering from extreme flooding fuelled by the climate crisis in India and Bangladesh - alre…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Happy birthday to the most talented comedy actor. The Comeback is one of my Favourite ever performances. What a leg…
Twitter is a place where people with loads in common who’d enjoy talking to each other in real life misunderstand t…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈The most 2020 #earthquake to wake up to.🙌🏽, this is real problematic. Some Latinx people are Black too. Let's not erase Afro-Latinx people. It's anti-Blac…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Who wants to be transported off this planet?
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈She got 2 Emmy noms in the same category. Maya is 😍 @VeganCybersec Don’t ever tell a woman how to feel or how she should speak about periods. I change on my period. As…
What about just over the clothes stuff?
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Reliving my childhood during lockdown FUCK BATMAN @hellraisin Yep.My heart have no control over this. This falls on the picture editor. more we know about our minds, the more we can be there for ourselves & each other. ✨ Today on #IWeighGlossary,…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈There’s such a huge link between being fat and poverty, yet the government refuses to acknowledge this. Instead o…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Every Zoom should be a phone call and every phone call should be a text
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈😬 @RealDeniceC @Paul_Hanlin_Jr @TheEmmys @nbcthegoodplace Thank you! @TelevisionAcad @TheEmmys @nbcthegoodplace Gah sorrrryyyyy
Love is: love being able to see the notes
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈Sixteen year old Cornelius Fredericks, died on May 1, 2020, after being restrained by Lakeside Academy staff. He sc…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈More importantly... COUSIN GREG is nominated!!! Woooop Nicholas Braun. are nominated for an EMMY! Thanks @TheEmmys @nbcthegoodplace ❤️
Today marks 💯days until the 2020 Election so I’m sharing 100 reasons why you should register to vote. Our lives dep…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈❤️❤️❤️ leave antisemitism unchecked. That happened in the Middle Ages and during the Crusades among Christians who s…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈There are black men doing time for this There are black men doing time for this There are black men doing time for…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈2020 have to accept reality before you can change it. It's been this way for a long time, but even the most well-int…
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈This was recorded just like The Office 😭
Retweeted by Jameela Jamil 🌈 @SurrealCalarco Yes and we can more likely change that in 4 years rather than 100 days @Seraph1337 @VWaaaat Be realistic. We don’t have time for a fingers crossed moment