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Dad, widower, brother, Atlantan, idea guy, problem solver, TV news & sports junky HS and College, & tech savvy. Follow me to get your problems solved.

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@brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker The system will always be rigged against us. It's up to us to prepare our… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Where do you get that I don't understand the statistics? @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker You said it - trust. We are raised not to trust one another. We prefer som… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker I read those statistics over and over. It doesn't change the fact that we… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Right. Because I'm as marginalized I should teach my children those skills… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker 50M black folks, 25M donate $12 each. So donating $12 per person for 25M black folks is a stretch? @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Why are they damn near impossible? @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Can't agree more. We need to save and invest more. Not only in the market… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Well aware of our situation @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker To build a fund for us? To create a plan of change for us. To create a PAC… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Agree the people we hold accountable are the politicians. If we don't elec… @brotherOTG @Jerk_Kobain @TorraineWalker Never advocated that any of this was fair. There are bad cops all over the… @Jerk_Kobain @brotherOTG @TorraineWalker I live in Atlanta. Considered one of the the toughest places to climb out… @ArmaniCooper @TorraineWalker Will always vote on substantive matters. I choose my side and stand with keeping us moving forward. @CElizabeth685 @TorraineWalker Because it effects white people! Plain and simple. What happened in 1994 was a resul… @ArmaniCooper @TorraineWalker I prefer the lesser of two evils. You choose the one that clearly tells you he has no… @ArmaniCooper @TorraineWalker SMH @Jerk_Kobain @brotherOTG @TorraineWalker 😂🤣😂🤣😂 far from perfect. Grew up in 4th Ward ATL. Lost both parents by 19 t… @ArmaniCooper @TorraineWalker The racial motive as you say was a cry from OUR community to do something about viole… @Jerk_Kobain @brotherOTG @TorraineWalker Pretend we didn't have a choice? The vast majority of us work. A small per… @CElizabeth685 @TorraineWalker Young lady we have control. That control involves the choices we make. The violence… @CElizabeth685 @TorraineWalker In your assessment where does the crack era rank? It was partially responsible for t… @TorraineWalker @ArmaniCooper @TorraineWalker Do you remember the crack era in our community? I do. It was awful and something need… @brotherOTG @TorraineWalker Don't forget a lot of Black politicians sign on as well. The crack era destroyed our co… @TorraineWalker trumps Central Park 5 debacle was just as bad @MSNBC It excites his base🤣🤣🤣🤣 @bluestein Surprise the article didn't mention militias are illegal in Georgia. These loans are terrorists. Can't… @goldietaylor There needs to be a national alert when he's a guest on their shows. I would tune to watch every time @soledadobrien Always amazing how they like to dish it out but whines when someone ask them a simple question @rolandsmartin @realDonaldTrump @BCFPresident New KKK recruits....
@susanwe53310595 @jennyleigh6 @Yamiche So trump and his family stealing and influence peddling means nothing. You k… than 5.8 million votes have been cast in Texas so far
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Twitter got rid of Retweets? Why?
Retweeted by James Reese, Jr. @TalbertSwan Karen in training @IAMMGraham @Jeff_Jacoby This type of ignorance is what is killing this country.Lawyers say they can't find the parents of 545 migrant children separated by Trump administration
Retweeted by James Reese, Jr. @politico Already giving $$$ to red state farmers more than blue states farmers. Why wouldn't he so this?WashPost: Trump’s farmer bailout has given $21 billion to red counties and $2.1 billion to blue ones
Retweeted by James Reese, What an ad.
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@AayeMuhMaan @MattRosoff @Phil_Lewis_ Atlanta's airport is not only not in the city its in another County - Clayton
As a fan of Georgia teams @UGAAthletics @Braves @GeorgiaTechFB @ATLUTD my weekend
@Shaunya_Chavis @soledadobrien Why are you laughing? I started ironing my clothes in the 6th grade. By the time I g… got paid millions of dollars by Saudi Arabia for helping them cover Jamal Khashoggi’s brutal murder.
Retweeted by James Reese, Jr. @DawgNation It's clear there is no QB whisperer in Athens. That said Duwan needs to go portal asap. He'll never be… @putemupcdukes @GeorgiaFootball This shows the issue with Stetson. This shot from @AJCsports makes his look like a…
@LeadToday Don't laugh there's a similar law in Georgia 😑Voted in the last 7 elections around here and added to my collection with this time limited edition @StateFarmArena @offbeatorbit Definitely Reese blood @robbie_couch The lactose intolerant crowd is side eyeing all of it. Damn 🥛 @JaStunDa1 @Cory_ThePatriot @rlb74 @kdog0126 @_realjgoodwin @icecube Who's out spending anyone? Super PACs create a… @Cory_ThePatriot @rlb74 @kdog0126 @_realjgoodwin @icecube Why do we need politicals to be involved? I get we need p… @AnonymousYewsr @Cory_ThePatriot @rlb74 @kdog0126 @_realjgoodwin @icecube How about we try consolidating our $$$ t… @rlb74 @kdog0126 @_realjgoodwin @icecube Oh great some random white guy in our business again. @TiffanyDCross Social Justice will finally close the circle for America. I can see a cartoon with white supremaci… @BrianBWagner @dave_brown24 @PerdueChicken I take it you are aware Wikipedia shouldn't be used a serious source. To… @toni__peregrin @DetroitDwelling Where there's a will there's a way. Is that a mirror or phone holder on the left? @jilevin Easy clean house on day one. The snitches will let you know who's been disloyal to the people and country @MikeConti929 @DawgAXactly You know after the kickoff it's pretty much over at Tech. Just saying. @IAMMGraham You mean being a hack like yourself peddling an obvious piece of garbage that's been planted by all the…
@nhannahjones Would never, but you gave me an idea for the Georgia v Alabama football tomorrow night. Thanks! @offbeatorbit Atlanta would be overwhelming. We closed though.The writer here did the same crap he accused Peele of. Two many comparisons in piece missed the mark of the title o… @God_sgift_ Everything is too transactional when dealing with 45. He's built that way. Celeb to celeb begets a piss… @lceychris @sobizzle @God_sgift_ @GOP Theory 2 they found 45 so repulsive and transactional that they walked away.… @lceychris @sobizzle @God_sgift_ @GOP Resources get the door open but the need to remain solvent keeps them from re… @lceychris @sobizzle @God_sgift_ @GOP It's easy for black folks with vast resources to over look racism as a challe… @samsanders My neighbor's Bull destroying my lawn @DavidSandbeck @DanRather ABC YouTube had 293k viewers while I watched.
DONE @goldietaylor News orgs punish their staff for lying (as they should) and the WH gives theirs high fives.😑 @ddale8 ABC should move to 9 pmDuring peak times, we strongly advise Fulton voters to consider @StateFarmArena (300), @TheGICC (50), and Dorothy…
Retweeted by James Reese, Jr. @step4battle @nola_creole I'll settle for a DJ. @ConanOBrien ABC should move their townhall to 9 pm. That'll drive 'em nuts. @ATLWatershed are we there yet with COVID-19 poop testing
@maddow Those damn caledars.... @Apple
This one should show off tonight after the sunsets. Look in the eastern sky for the reddish jewel twinkling #Mars @… SE in the sky on #StarMap 5:15 pm 13 October 2020 @ South Fulton, GA @AdamKrouse @bluestein 17 minutes at State Farm Arena. My neighbor quoted two hours at Wolf Creek Library early in the morning.
@bluestein City of South Fulton @ Wolf Creek Library before 9 am @politvidchannel Interpretation - you can bet your arse we are. shot of my ballot for @JoeBiden @ReverendWarnock @ossoff Early voting underway in Georgia. Go #Vote We owe too…, vote, vote Republicans are allegedly setting up fake 'official' drop-off boxes to harvest ballots donald trump paying off one of his pundits, then nbc propping him up on meet the press. the corruption is rig…
Retweeted by James Reese, Jr. @KohzKah A citizen showing up at a protest with an assault weapons means they they are a terrorist, insurgent, comb…
@BarrettSallee Character counts to Arthur Blank @mraglan28 @ladydi7182 @JeffSchultzATL @TheAthletic @TheAthleticNFL You probably a Saints fan @Bulldurm59 @Godfrey2_ @MSNBC @NBCNews That figures. @DOrlandoAJC Aren't these family? Daaaammmmnnnn! @CraigSagerJr It's clear. No need for explanation. @SECfootball Bruh? @CraigSagerJr Nothing to see here, move along. Legalese to keep mask maker from being sued that's all. Much like yo…
Bruh? #ugafootball if you are ready to fire Donald Trump & elect Joe Biden!
Retweeted by James Reese, Jr.Mind-blowing stuff at this Trump rally with @jordanklepper
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