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The man accused of derailing a Manhattan subway train by tossing metal construction debris on to the tracks on Sund… @aer_attorney @eliehonig @danielsgoldman Damn you ... @aer_attorney @eliehonig @danielsgoldman That’s why I love you — except for your Dodgers support! @aer_attorney @eliehonig @danielsgoldman Agree to disagree. Ginsburg was mistreated as well. But Bork was tipping p… @aer_attorney @eliehonig @danielsgoldman Brother, before Bork, every president was afforded his SCOTUS selection —… @JerryDunleavy 😂🤣😂 @RinRtj @eliehonig @danielsgoldman Cool! Bork got “Bork’ed.” And it’s the description of the opposition party ele… @RinRtj @eliehonig @danielsgoldman “There were legitimate complaints.” Put up an activist, progressive, liberal De… @aer_attorney @eliehonig @danielsgoldman Bork’ed has become verb, Hermano. They destroyed a good man and a great ju… @eliehonig @danielsgoldman Elie — knowing friends of the complainant and thoroughly scouring the evidence — it was… @eliehonig @danielsgoldman 100% disagree, Brother. We’ve both worked within system — no reasonable prosecutor would… @MikeFigs Amen, Brother.Throw the book at this traitor!
Retweeted by James A. Gagliano @MikeFigs Good luck tonight, Mikey! Braves need to close this season out! @MikeFigs Jets World Champions in ‘69. Falcons never won a chip. Not even remotely close, Mikey! But, Go Braves! #ForTheA @Omarltl @AWeissmann_ Done. Have a great day. 👋🏼 @arpee64 @OfSlumandGravy @WestPoint_USMA My Pops graduated in 1960. Have a 1956 R-Day drop-off photo his parents took. Ivy was there. @Omarltl @AWeissmann_ Respectfully asking — do you have USG experience? Specifically within DOJ? Just trying to asc… @Omarltl @AWeissmann_ You are purposely ignoring the fact that more than two dozen Mueller team members’ phones wer… @Omarltl @AWeissmann_ What is inaccurate?Same @AWeissmann_ who conveniently, “accidentally wiped” his government cellphone after entering improper passcode… relationship status: @OfSlumandGravy @WestPoint_USMA What year was this photo taken? My guess: 1933?Ruth Bader Ginsburg chided the Senate in 2016 for failing to fill Antonin Scalia’s Supreme Court seat until after E…
@russellstuart @politicalelle I wanted a pony as a kid too ... I got new school clothes. It was 1975. I’m still… a young conservative elected posted a video like this, the media would lampoon it for days on end. @BFinn86 No words, B-Finn. Wanted to feel stunned, but I’m already conditioned to be numb. @jeffkatzshow @MissionBBQ #BackTheBlue rally AND barbecue for dinner? You are living the life I want to lead, Jeffrey! 😉 @yashar Um, @SirajAHashmi ... ✍🏼✍🏼✍🏼 @mrkaplanmusic Stay safe and healthy. Appreciate your weigh-in. 🇺🇸🦅🇺🇸 @mrkaplanmusic Appreciate your civil weigh-in. Not much of that exists in today’s hate-filled discourse. Please und… @cbrokmei Wait — I’ve “already killed a guy by kneeling in (sic) his neck, by shooting him in his back, by choking… @mrkaplanmusic Mr. McClary, respectfully, you do not understand 1Am protections. None of the ANTIFA, BLM or “peacef… @buckbelue8 @CoyWire’s how to register dissatisfaction w/policy in 2020: You’ve already rioted, committed acts of vandalism, arson,… rioters burn a thin blue line flag in downtown Portland. “Blue lives splatter,” they shout.…
Retweeted by James A. GaglianoWashington Post headlines on Scalia's passing and Ginsburg's passing
Retweeted by James A. Gagliano“But it’s confined to only a couple of blocks ... “ Cole, a community organizer for Black Lives Matter in Indiana, fessed up to the years-long ruse [pretendin… Manhattan man suspected of stabbing his girlfriend to death called authorities and vowed to end his life — but no…, leader of the Jets gang, joins w/Nate Dogg and Warren G, to formulate an insurrection plan. @TPCarney We see what you did there, TC. @brad_polumbo @SamanthaFong1 Respectfully, disagree w/this president on many things. And I have served in combat theaters. Don’t…
@michaelhenry123 Feel it was more related to the fact that the Politifact “Lie of the Year” in 2013 — “If you like… @SamanthaFong1 Please do your research. Oops. @AndrewCMcCarthy #ForTheA @PaulBegala @CNN @AnaCabrera @amandacarpenter PB — do NOT jinx me! 😉 Still have Frostian “miles to go before I sle… that during the hollowing-out of the Democratic Party during the Obama years, there were over 1,000 combined… @PaulBegala @CNN @AnaCabrera @amandacarpenter We oft disagree, Brother. You still remain one of my favorite follows. @shipwreckedcrew I’ll add Souter to the list.Wait. Weren’t threats of riots supposed to occur AFTER Senate attempted to confirm RBG’s replacement? Or we just ri… @JohnKincade @buckbelue8 @680TheFan Was never able to listen to you enough. But whenever I returned home to the ATL… @shipwreckedcrew Have to factor Sandra Day O’Connor into that group as well, no? @Lazertrade, Chip! #ForTheA @Lazertrade @Lazertrade Snark masked as earnest rejoinder.Question for SCOTUS-scholar Twitter: When has a Justice appointed by a Democratic president ever been considered a… @Kabongod1 @AndrewCMcCarthy Brother — it will eventually be the framework for a book. But the published dissertatio… @Kabongod1 @AndrewCMcCarthy Within the criminal justice system? No. Are there outliers and instances of injustice… @Kabongod1 @AndrewCMcCarthy But that’s a different topic. I’m studying (and will soon publish my results) fatal p… @JoeConchaTV [Furiously scribbling notes with young daughter in mind] @Kabongod1 @AndrewCMcCarthy KD — this is same reflexive response I get from critics when I challenge them by using… @JoeConchaTV Room to negotiate a better *fee structure* or “take it or leave it” parental rights? @JoeConchaTV Ice-cream reward followed?Rochester: Shots fired at 12:25 a.m. in a backyard party ... When police showed up, they found a chaotic scene and… [in Camden, NJ] are asking for help from the public in apprehending the miscreants responsible for shooting…“They’ll tell you there’s endemic racism in system. Pressed on matter, though, they would not be able to describe f… just love this.
Retweeted by James A. Gagliano @SirajAHashmi @hard2ern @GraciePrincessP Ern, blink twice if you’re a hostage! I’ll come rescue you!!!
@Rafa_Mangual Well said, Raf. May she rest in eternal peace. 🙏 @shipwreckedcrew Fair points — but still fervently believe firing Wray would be yet another ill-conceived, base-sat… wanted to suggest — Randy Rhoads. But then I remembered the tragic, far-too-soon loss of Ronnie Van Zant. And,… @JayCaruso Preach, Brother!#BackTheBlue @shipwreckedcrew Ship — I’m huge Bowdich fan. But do you sense that firing Wray would be “for cause?” Wray’s done n… Soros-Funded Color of Change (BLM Group) Pushes Wall Street Banks To Defund Police Foundations. Enjoy yo… @danevans87 @danevans87 you for bringing issue to light, Brother, @CBPMarkMorgan. #FidelityBraveryIntegrity to represent an upstate New York municipality as an elected trustee — where real crime is not a huge concern.… @AndrewCMcCarthy 100% agree, AM. Just hate these *floated* stories that it’s even being “considered.” BTW, Bravos… German Espinoza Acuna, 17, allegedly used an AK-47 to fire multiple shots at Arizona Department of Public Safe… is what accountability looks like.😂🤣😂 you @FBI Director Wray.
Retweeted by James A. GaglianoWould be a mistake. @jimgeraghty Wait, you’re not a real person?Utterly heartbreaking ... 🐾💔🐾 @darkblue714 @PeterMoskos Wokeness @jeffreycortese So you get the flavor of just what kind of insanity we’re now up against ... @jeffreycortese JC — have you seen video filmed by the SJW who followed the CVS manager around the store lecturing… the police on shoplifters in a Georgetown CVS is now considered "racist" and deserving of "activism."
Thread @colbyhall Hey, @joshscampbell! 👋🏼 @SharylAttkisson