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Last one 😜 Lockdown πŸ‘‡πŸΌπŸ₯³ PARROT MAKES IT 3-1 @jamesallcott The chat towards Kelly vs the chat towards Barbet
Retweeted by James AllcottπŸ™ŒπŸ» @DoctorBenjy @theoldzealand πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ Fair @pr_kopa @Jaack πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚What a man @jamesallcott
Retweeted by James AllcottNot a lot of good stuff has happened in 2020, but @jamesallcott winning promotion to the PL with QPR in FM20 has be…
Retweeted by James Allcott @jamesallcott scenes absolute scenes #LOCKDOWNSPECIAL #PremierLeague #FootballManager2020
Retweeted by James AllcottWE ARE PREMIER LEAGUE! πŸ† ARE ON OUR WAY TO WEMBLEY! COME AND WATCH THE FINAL NOW OR MISS OUT SOMETHING VERY SPECIAL… we are LIVE! 🚨 3 games from glory. the Play-Offs bloody love it backstage. The stream starts in 30mins! πŸ‘‰ anyone who missed yesterday here is @DomUpton_ with the update on the current situationπŸ˜‚πŸ™Œ @AliCowper It will do.Perfectly natural. Today. The Play-Offs begin.πŸ”΅βšͺ️ πŸ‘‰ #The5YearPlan #AllcottUltras #ThePlayOffs @Manny_Official The game is so hard man. @mijash_ @_FootbalLab It was a funny name!!!
@_FootbalLab @IanOllie7 Hahaha. I’m always impressed by your stuff mateπŸ‘ŠπŸΌI just want to take a second to showcase this young man. @_FootbalLab pops up on my timeline all the time. He has s… @Filthy_Fellas, @poetscorneruk and @DavidVujanic, and @jamesallcott doing the most elite content rn, just wanted to shoot out
Retweeted by James AllcottPut it on ice fella x it is! Over 1000 people in the stands for todays stream! I can't thank you all enough. The journey to We… is the current table with 6 games to go We kick off in 20mins πŸ‘‰… @GNGEONBOTHSIDES Looking wonderful. very Gareth Ainsworth with the extra button undoneLove this πŸ’™don’t forget your tickets before you set off! @lozcast can’t make it this afternoon πŸ™ BUT... @Flav_Bateman will step in by my side for the run in.'s gone early! πŸ‘ Get your suits out for the lads!"You are on the edge of greatness!" 86 hours committed to the dream of promotion comes down to today. Bring your…
So here are your 8 squads for this weekend’s #FMStreamerShowdown Who’s your winner?
Retweeted by James Allcott#FMStreamerShowdown A good nights work. Great fun and The Ultras came through big! This squad can go all the way.… streamer showdown draft begins at 7pm If you're a dreamer and believe in miracles join my stream. If not. Enjo… Five Year Plan returns today at 3pm!🚨 10 games to go. The next two streams will decide our fate. πŸ™πŸ‘‰β€¦
Retweeted by James Allcott30 minutes untill Kick Off! So many hours of works comes down to 10 games. I am going to announce my assistant li… @FootieGambler Five Year Plan returns today at 3pm!🚨 10 games to go. The next two streams will decide our fate. πŸ™πŸ‘‰β€¦’s weird because when I look at any spreadsheet it looks just like your one πŸ€” IMAGINE. wish this never happened. I wish people listened/cared enough when we spoke about this in the past, yet here we a…
Retweeted by James AllcottOut of respect for my friends who happen to be black i havent said a word, I dont know what to say to make things b…
Retweeted by James Allcott
Imagine..."Honestly, it's so good playing here because I enjoy going in every day and that's how you play the best football i…
Retweeted by James Allcott @rajnadkarni11 @AlokPeter4 πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»πŸ™ŒπŸ»
Me and Pajak playing Football Manager for the next two hours! Come say hi! VIDEO 🚨 Premiere starts now! @DoctorBenjy stars in..... πŸŽ₯DOCTOR BENJY IN TRANSFER WINDOW GONE WRONG!! | THE 5…
The quiz is back in an hour on the @premierleague YouTube channel Me and special guest @LeeDixon2 with the questio… VIDEO with @smivadee @StatmanDave @Flav_Bateman @mrbloodred @allcott_gary all make their QPR Debuts in the FA C…
Retweeted by James AllcottNEW VIDEO with @smivadee @StatmanDave @Flav_Bateman @mrbloodred @allcott_gary all make their QPR Debuts in the FA C… πŸ‘πŸ»
@SpencerOwen @DoctorBenjy @hashtagutd Bring your stickUp the Ultras! πŸ’™
So true @Flav_Bateman @ahand8 @WFH_League @PSG_English @PlayStationUK @EASPORTSFIFA Rmthat profile picture is so tantalising! Reveals your hands!We are live and nervous. πŸ‘‰ we go. 15 games stand between us and the Premier LeagueπŸ™ Going LIVE in 15 mins πŸ‘‰ @DoctorBenjy announcement didn't get the same kind of coverage as the return of @premierleague yesterday.…'s the Friday solo stream. 15 games to go and we need to put a run together. Kick off is 3pm Apparently, the tra… years go me and my friends created a podcast called 'Great Touch For A Big Lad' (@GT4ABL) in homage to the great… than a game. @BradPVFC @DoctorBenjy Sure pal. details in my bioHow many film titles can you spot...πŸ˜‚ forward to shocking the world in the #FMStreamerShowdown Allcott Ultras, clear your diary for next week.
@TheRedmenTV No worries guys xCongratulations to Josh, a worthy winner. What a belter if an event. Proud to be a part of it πŸ‘πŸ»’m getting carried away on Twitch with @willbrazier if anyone fancies it. live any minute!’s finals night!!!! πŸ”₯πŸ“― ARE LIVE PEOPLE AND WE ARE COMING FOR TOP SPOT! Something is happening here.... πŸ‘‰ FIVE YEAR PLAN - Doctor Benjy + JamesAllcott = BANCRUPTCY? #26 is the best tweet I have received ina long time. Luke. I love you buddy. 😍 Benjy said. 3pm. I've made a lot of bids. PLayers incoming...And possibly bankruptcy for finals night with @willbrazier πŸŽ™ ANNOUNCEMENT🚨 The FM Godfather of Twitch @DoctorBenjy joins me as Assistant Manager from 3pm-5pm As wel… the dream
This is the most insane FIFA tournament I’ve ever watched. 4-1 at halftime 5-5 at fulltime and Flav are going live in a second for Day 2 of the @WFH_League We are trying to raise as much of possibl… @HarryHugoGoat @lozcast Fair @HarryHugoGoat @lozcast 😘 @HarryHugoGoat @lozcast We've already had you on at the starts of the series mate?!"PAJAK! CHRIS PAJAK! HE'S JUST SCORED A SCREAMER!" 🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯🀯 Young @mrbloodred just scored a 20 yard volley… BOYS ARE BACK IN TOOOOOWN. By that I mean we are now live. FIVE YEAR PLAN - The final days of the January Window #26 KICK OFF! 3pm start today πŸ‘πŸ» MANAGER ANNOUNCEMENT 🚨 No one has given more to the cause than @lozcast. He believes in this project a… @thomasecox1981 it's a banger! @LibhongoLihleli Back this Sunday! @thomasecox1981 quick bit of Five Year Plan Trivia... Can you name EVERY Assistant manager ever to appear? πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡πŸ‘‡ @mrbloodred Yeah it was really special.... @benhainess What an appointment 😜This was the stream where everything changed ... (TBC 3-5pm this afternoon on Twitch)
@DoctorBenjy #FMGoalsWHAT IS GOING ON πŸ€―πŸ’£ @InvictusSAssoc take the lead over @BarclaysGames in the matter of SECONDS ⚽ πŸ“Ίβ€¦
Retweeted by James AllcottReally interesting read this. RIGHT NOW and Flav are commentating live on the #WFHLeague FIFA20 tournament! Come and Join us from 7pm πŸ‘‰β€¦ VIDEO🚨 THE TURNING POINT. πŸ™Œ πŸ‘‰
Me and @Flav_Bateman will be the commentators for the #WFHLeague FIFA20 tournament starting tomorrow! Kicking off… managing Flav πŸ˜‚ πŸ‘‰ VIDEO 🚨 πŸ—£οΈFlav is a Ranger! I repeat @Flav_Bateman is a RANGER! πŸ”΅βšͺ️ πŸŽ₯FLAV STARTS FOR QPR FIRST TEAM! | THE 5… to say. A new #The5YearPlan video with Flav will go live once #DominicCummngs has finished making excuses.