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James Asmus @JamesAsmus Portland, OR

Comics/tv/video game writer. TRANSFORMERS+MY LITTLE PONY (May; IDW) QUANTUM+WOODY (Valiant), GAMBIT (Marvel), DC, Disney+, History, Discovery, more. He/Him

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@IreneMarquette You can volunteer for dig sights!! @sispurrier @e_charretier I cant "like" this tweet, but i want you to know, I wholly agree
GOOD NEWS UPDATE: This is no longer true now that Ive racked up a few years talking with my kids! (Even accounting… study election rigging. I co-authored a book called How to Rig an Election. These tweets are lies. The purpose of…
Retweeted by James Asmus @DarickR hm... mine was either Steve Martin or Bruce Campbell
PSA: Audible is a SCAM!!! Your local library has an audiobook app that you can use for FREE i promise! Don't fuck around!!
Retweeted by James AsmusJust a reminder: three of my (complete) creator-owned minis are available for your self-quarantine needs: Tet, Past…
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@AshcanPress "The War of Northern Agression"Hey- do we all know & love spooky bluesman Screamin'Jay Hawkins or is he more a Cleveland thing / lost to pop his… @DarickR Human Touch
Just heard Irie (2y11mo) in her playing yell: "Monsters are not superheroes, now lets go fight those police-es!"… @darling_sammy*REAL* (damnit)eal life is 100% more pointed satire than anything in the Robocop reboot. (Constantly growing my disappointment i… @kierongillen @ten_bandits @illusClaire GOOD LORD. Then what are Eisners EVEN FOR?? @illusClaire Well, he's sincerely my overall favorite comic writer and the person whose work I return to the most t… @bigredrobot
@MichaelMoreci inspiration: AIM BIG! holding at $250, nerds. Let’s get this auctioned!
Retweeted by James AsmusI’m running a workshop to learn coloring! Tiered ticket prices to be accessible for everyone. If you can’t afford a…
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@DonCardenasArt *I* bought the shit out of it. (And Paybacks!)Entering on behalf of my bday boy son 🤘 have absolutely teased the Snyder Stans in my time, but I genuinely hope they find a deep and lasting fulfillment… - it's my sweet, funny, and totally hero-obsessed son Devlin's 7TH BIRTHDAY today! He's been a kind champ about… @brettwhite eh...both. It's earnest character definition through a moment that is (deliberately) funny @weredawgz HELL YES! plans 2020
Retweeted by James Asmus @thejensington ah. So much I don't know. I'm grateful for the chance to hear and learn. I hope the march of time i… @thejensington what's their reasoning for not letting you donate blood?🤨#BackTheComeback and get your #RickAndMorty fix today! RICK AND MORTY PRESENTS VOL. 2 features the hidden pasts of…
Retweeted by James Asmus @so_engery Tomorrow is (my son) Devlin's 7th bday and we've just tried to fill the week with a bunch of fun little… plans 2020
@HackinTimSeeley *earnest slow clap* @PaulRENAUDart (He was polite, it was fine. I don't remember much. Later, my friend's mom got mad at him for borrow… @PaulRENAUDart Tony Isabella at a small Cleveland sports cards, comics, and collectables show in some suburban hote… @VTTSofficial TRex Masala @OKatrinaFox Precisely. @thetzechun
That’s right - there are NINE primaries coming up on June 2nd. If you live in one of these states it’s a ✨perfect✨c…
Retweeted by James Asmus @bigredrobot thank you for your service
@IDWPublishing ? @Marvel ?Who in the comics world do I have to necromance to get Disneys license for a MR. BOOGEDY halloween comic? Genuinel… @joviellety I havent taken the test since I was a kid but those were my letters and Im especially happy about Mabel :)
@ScoopsDad @SUBWAY 😑Hey @SUBWAY? When the end of my oven roasted chicken looks like THIS is it burned or was it an expired piece to be…
@xtop Last summer, we had a 1950s kids toy gun unearthed itself @MikeCosta So real. 😬 @JoshCrewsReally @DavidWalker1201 Im at the intersection of these! Invest in creators doing passion projects AND fu… @B_Hay (Psst - that sounds better)Thanks to folks who bought from my web store this last month. As promised, 25% ($35) went to West Seattle Food Ban… character: Gambit Favorite writer for him: @JamesAsmus
Retweeted by James Asmus @tomfowlerbug @petergkrause That seems very understandable.
@Mindyleedoodles @Max_Dunbar This is WILDLY LOVELY @EliotRahal Until they pay into health ins or retirement, its really that *we're* indy, whether the pubs are or not 🤑😭 @EliotRahal (1/2 & 1/2 'indie' v corporate, tho?) @EliotRahal I try to keep it at 3, but lately have been stuck at 5. @Nekobaghira Yeah...I definitely dont feel every ep needs someone to give up on themselves or acting like a long te… - I still think theyre by and large charming, earnest, and much better produced than 20+ episode seasons had e… large reason I stopped watching the CW DC shows was they talked about being "heroes" roughly 380x more often than…
Surely the master strategist Donald Trump would not soft-launch his new slogan without buying the domain name first…
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Join me & buckle up for a-- VOYAGE! TO THE STARS! Even if you havent binged the podcast (you should) this is for a… @tossadoo I looked it up for accuracy and was equally shocked. funny: I'll never not remember how the one time I decided to reference Crackle (as a joke about pointless chan… everyone's having a laugh at Quibi being a ghost town, but Crackle has existed since 2007 despite you never having opened it.
@chelseaperetti @MitchGerads I had to get labs done at my (large network) med provider in Portland, and couldnt get a test because… @DarkoLafuente SO COOL!
@EvilGalProds I stopped at a grocery store for a fast pick up Fri night and counted 28 customers, ZERO in masks, so… made my heart flutter in a way I sure wasnt expecting. @amandaohly Friend at Devs first sleep over (at 5?) kept insisting on watching it, said it was his favorite movie,… @brookebreit On my 3rd watch (2nd with the kids :)Happiest of #MothersDay to you and yours.
Retweeted by James AsmusDevlin wanted to watch GRAVITY FALLS but forgot the name, calling it "DIPPER'S HOUSE" ...which made me picture a…
Similar: Dropped by a Burger King to buy a McRib. Wouldn't let me walk to front of line to taste that ladys order.…
@ericxyz Left speak first. I'm able to believe characters are moving between panels. I understand 180s importance…
Get your crazy hands off RBG, 2020.
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@whoisrico @robertwilsoniv she is blackwidowThis makes Jim Carey look like the insane middle transformation step between "SONIC" and "HUMAN CHILD" @erdna11 @nick_lowe_ @rthompson1138 @BradshawDraws @StockmanNate Indeed!Hey @nick_lowe_ @rthompson1138 @BradshawDraws @erdna11 -- we got the full SPIDEY: FRESHMAN YEAR for Devlin for Chri… @sarah_zrf @jmartinwrites I cannot make that kind of committment at this stage of my life @DannyTieger I believe it was the main guy when he was a brunette (?) vs a green guy in a turban? 🧐 @maryrennekamp *ONE* time I tried to watch DBZ on Toonami the entire episode was literally two guys each forming giant energy… didn't any of you tell me Dragon Ball has a character named MR. SATAN?!?!?I made a "Fall Asleep" mix for Devlin a few months ago. And now I discovered him softly singing all the lyrics to…
Science Comics Stockup! @01firstsecond #sciencecomics Give your kid one of these, I guarantee one meal where they t…
Retweeted by James AsmusI *finally* see what all the Boba-hype is about. #Maythe4th um...#FettLife? @JAMALIGLE That is major, man! Full respect. @joshuahood I think that makes the most sense? But Im just a writer. Im *always* a coward.Did every single one of you refuse to draw TurboTeen for #SixFanarts ?? COWARDS. @BrianLynch i would give them all away @EliotRahal @AlexPaknadel too late, old man, where were you on Father/Son career day
@AlexPaknadel @EliotRahal He might be mine. Im very young. Pass it on.Contactless Delivery Familiar to Children of Divorce:
Retweeted by James AsmusThe Lincoln Memorial, a fitting pulpit from which to tell Americans to start going back to the theater
Retweeted by James Asmus @kei_zama just sent you a message through your site. Wanted to point myself out here for easy reference. Hope youre doing well.