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Comics & tv writer. New stuff in pinned tweet. Previous: QUANTUM+WOODY (Valiant), GAMBIT (Marvel), BUMBLEBEE (IDW), DC, BOOM, History, Discovery, more. He/Him

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oh no Tr*mp's immortal
you know Cory Booker is a real vegan because he brings it up in hundreds of different totally unprompted and irrelevant conversationsAnswer me @MattMinerXVX, you rascal.Pulpy retro re-modeled horror goodness is COMING YOUR WAY
One more time: who else an I gonna see at BALTIMORE COMIC CON this weekend?
▬▬▬.◙.▬▬▬ ═▂▄▄▓▄▄▂ ◢◤ █▀▀████▄▄▄▄◢◤ █▄ █ █▄ ███▀▀▀▀▀▀▀╬ ◥█████◤ ══╩══╩═ ╬═╬ ╬═╬ hey!!! ╬═╬ ╬═╬ down he…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115I was lucky enough to hear *some* of what Matt has written for this and IT. IS. GREAT.
@KrangTNelson If they dont pretend these are old movies, maybe no one will go see the "remakes" in 2022
FYI: #ForgottenHome is out from @comiXology Originals. You should check it out.
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115*I* want this! James puts 100% into all his work, and this looks cool as hell! @milwaukieTFAW please order a tpb fo… @EricaSchultz42 @baltimorecomics Happy to sign whatever you want! :) @AgentM @badcoverversion WONDERFUL to hear!!Still one of my favorite comic moments I ever got to write:
@BuzzFeedBen @maggieNYT FWIW Ive had multiple comic book publishers tell me the same instruction
@MDesaad @afwassel +1 vote on Alien Vessel ! @DanaSchwartzzz FOLKS - who am I gonna see at #baltimorecomiccon next week??
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115With Mrs. Flubbins captured, can the kids step up and be independent adults? (At least enough to rescue her...) How…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @DerekRuiz Shorts?
Ready to try satire writing? Our next NYC workshop is on October 24th - or learn more about our online workshop her…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @BrianLynch I am going to be the Hagrid to my son's Harry :) How old is yours?This is where the "bad but not impeachable" argument breaks down for me. And I haven't heard a good rebuttal to it…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @EricaFails Lake Erie Monster my summer camp told stories about an island of Pygmies that would occasionally raid… you liked Ward's Valley, the many MLP comics she's worked on, or great cartooning in general, consider supportin…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115COMIX FOLKS - who am I gonna see at #baltimorecomiccon next week??OUT TODAY -- FIELD TRIPPING #2 where in we introduce an interdimensional junker pirates' NAVIGATOR named NAVYGATOR…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115
OUT TODAY -- FIELD TRIPPING #2 where in we introduce an interdimensional junker pirates' NAVIGATOR named NAVYGATOR… @jamescmaddox @comiXology @AWaveBlueWorld @gavinpsmith @ryanwriter @JosephPIllidge Way to crop out *my* book there, "buddy"COMICS RETAILERS: What makes a good Diamond solicit? How about a bad one?
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @weaponxtra Thank you!So as I'm too ill to go out for #NCBD let me advocate for Comixology Originals a little here. These digital books r…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115James Asmus chats about FIELD TRIPPING, his scary but whimsical reimagining of The Magic School Bus…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115New FIELD TRIPPING tomorrow! FREE insights to read NOW!
@ohcararara Via my wife Mara
@ZackBornstein @AshcanPress A+ reframing 😄Oh it’s that time of year!
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115Moooooore Halloweenie Icons! I'll...keep 'em going for a few more days!
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115
@audkoch @mariacfrantz @caitlike 3 of my favorite artists in one book is the easiest YES @Doncates Youre one of the best at delivering genuinely epic power in your tales, brother. PERFECT pairing 🖤
@ohcararara @JoshuaDysart A Modest Proposal! I always assume everyone knows that, but then I have to remember conversations I h… @HDTGPpod General Q?: Are there any games youve done that youd rate higher now after playing other, worse games? @SGirner I *just* watched 1 for the first time last week! It was... fine.
Dear comic book movie twitter: new "Dogs Playing Poker": out my good friend @JamesAsmus' amazing comic FIELD TRIPPING! I love it and can't wait for more! Hoping to pl…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115
@jeffparker This asshole got us three - THREE! - separate times here in O.C. @Obscurus_Lupa wait do you also do Baywatch *Nights*??? @atlasincognita Yeah, but I dont network to get hired at cons. I stress-vomit all my anxieties and bitterness to pe… @atlasincognita I want you to know that if/when I look over friends' shoulders, its 100% an effort to scout the roo… @mightyfineline @jerhaun
#WouldBuy @christinastrain @JudeWeng !!!! Holy crap! CONGRATULATIONS!! Genuinely excited to see it! @EvilGalProds My brain kept thinking "tomato tortilla, but too short for a burritio" Nonetheless- YES. MUCH, MUCH… @EvilGalProds I cant process what she's holding?"...from *A* Republican congressman." Threatening a war that would kill your own citizens. *ONE* dude out of a co… @lawrencehurley @deray Even more troubling / illuminating when tweeted alongside the facts of how many Popular Vote… earliest memory of Halloween is being 5yrs old and judging costumes made up of a mask and a shirt with a *PICTUR…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115Are you tired of looking normal? Isn't it time for you to look spooky? Cause I mean, October is tomorrow and your i…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @mooncalfe1 Fulci's City of the Living Dead : a telekinetic makes a woman vomit up *her internal organs* one by one… @HackinTimSeeley ♥️welcome aboard!My earliest memory of Halloween is being 5yrs old and judging costumes made up of a mask and a shirt with a *PICTUR… just wants another Civil War because he knows we put up statues of the losers
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @TheDweck This is an *EXCELLENT JOKE*
As you watch Trump’s defenders lie, deflect, and distract today and in the coming weeks, remember that they don’t c…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @DarkoLafuente @NicKlein Whats the 1% you like? @RachaelAtWork wait are you A Royal?
@NickPitarra @TheRealAlSnow Holy cow. Great distillation of a few core drivers there. @bevhallmezzo @ibjeninnola Yep. I feel a flu coming on 2 months from now... @ryanseamons @JenAshleyWright some damn fine storytelling this Saturday Morning: @EvanMcMullin 🎯This is a damn fine series thats funny, thoguhtful, fresh, and filled with character. And nudie bits. But its real… @JoshuaDysart I am sad knowing this will drive plenty of Sunk Cost Fallacy voters to flee into Inf*W*rs conspiracy… Karma Kung-fu @heathercampbell Nice work! Im really enjoying HDTGP and definitely hope to see this. 🤘 @ohcararara 50/50 odds? My dad sniffs out maybe 20% of the the most egregeous bullshit. But the other 30% 'no' is…
Worth knowing as we all make our plans for national "Hear An Uncle's Increasingly Unhinged Political Rants Day"⚡️You can pick up THE BLACK GHOST #1 - the superhero noir comic by @eatyourlipstick @GeorgeKambadais
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @JoshuaDysart Whats the name of the name of the porn in that tweet @tedcruz liked?I can't begin to count the number of "Wall Street thinks Candidate A is too left-wing" stories I've read. I cannot…
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I'm within striking distance of 10K followers and have a bunch of new books out (and coming out soon), so let's do…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115Thanks too, to @Skybound @JonMoisan @ariellebasich & @SeanMackiewicz for good guidance as always. If you like exis… #18 - the finale of our body horror outbreak saga - birthed today. Cowriting interweaving narratives with…
OUT TODAY: the final chapter of EVOLUTION — written by @joekeatinge @JamesAsmus and me. Super glad we got to make t…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115For #ComicBookDay we're recommending Quantum and Woody (2013)! Written by @JamesAsmus and art by @tomfowlerbug! Wha…
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @IreneMarquette More plz @HackinTimSeeley I dont usually read Amazon or Goodreads reviews. @HeatherAntos Honest fast answer: 1 Comics (editing) 2 Milkshake 3 Smart, confident discourse leadershipThe fact that all press about the MacArthur grants puts "genius" in "quotes" makes all the press read as delightful… Not Accepting Any More Television Recommendations At This Time
Retweeted by James Asmus @ BCCC-115 @McKelvie @COLORnMATT WAT?!?! 😍 @JSolis82 @Radtasticalcore @ryanwriter @comiXology @VillainMediaCom Thank you, sir! I especially appreciate that th… love for FIELD TRIPPING ! (which is available *right now* on Comixology) @Chad_TOB @baltimorecomics Please do! @kibblesmith Yeah but no one gives a shit about Alec Holland, so he pretends he didnt *want* to celebrate that one… backed the hell out of this, and you should too! Also: come see *both* Matt & I at @baltimorecomics next month! COMIC CON here I come! @wmqcomics @mattkindt I keep seeing that as 'Taco Bell'and I look forward to learning what my therapist thinks of that