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James B @jamesbaconx Kingston upon Thames, London

I make music & help businesses do things better: (worked at google for 10 years).

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@DrewLawDesign Blur’s last album contained the word ‘magic’ and which other 2 words? @RussInCheshire Maybe you were watching Fox News? @DrewLawDesign A much better one than this one. @brucedaisley Do you want to borrow my tiny violin? @JJHTweets @BorisJohnson @DrewLawDesign Who is @DrewLawDesign ? @DrewLawDesign @DrewLawDesign Can I have one of those amps? @DrewLawDesign Who is Nigel Farage? @johnredwood A round of applause for John Redwood please. wish I could move to Monaco. @terrychristian They’re quite good at u-turns @King4ADay_UK Not sure, I think aliens came up with it. @ChillaxBcn @SkyNews Just hearing her voice makes my blood pressure rise. @Baddiel Too many penny sweets. @DrewLawDesign Who is your favourite MP of all time? @damocrat .. Start your Christmas shopping.
@sarahcpr Not knowing where you put your keys. @damocrat There’s a time lag.. give it a few months! @DrewLawDesign Jeremy Beadle had a ? But on the other hand it was quite small. @piersmorgan @TheStephenRalph I reckon 2021 is going to be even worse. @damocrat @SpanishDan1 I think he said it with his eyes. 😜 @DrewLawDesign Good job little buddy! 🤪 @DrewLawDesign You’ve got me! I only got a B I’m afraid. @DrewLawDesign *whose* doh! @DrewLawDesign Who’s hair do you wish you had? @johnsweeneyroar @DominicRaab @BorisJohnson I imagine Cummings will be rubbing his hands with glee, thinking if Trump can do it so can we. 😳 @PippaCrerar Wait.. what?!Nick Ferrari. Good grief! Of course it’s about Trump but all they’ve highlighted are behaviours that everyone should call out. @lbc @mrjamesob They’re still calling it project fear.. even when it’s coming from lead Brexiter Michael Gove of Vote Le… @Otto_English I’m confused. Who do Brexiters believe about anything these days? If Lead Brexiter Michael Gove of V…
@seanonolennon Every day. More & more. Have you seen the Brexit madness going on here in the UK?!At Christmas you lot voted to separate Northern Ireland from the rest of the UK, and this afternoon you announced a…
Retweeted by James B @DrewLawDesign I’m not very good at drawing so I don’t have a room for it. @Jennyflower @Jennyflower The Brexiters of Kent knew full well they were voting to turn their county into an EU lorry park. If y… @Femi_Sorry Because she’s mad as a box of frogs. @DrewLawDesign @LBC @mrjamesob I’m really happy for the Brexiters who knew what they were voting for. @VeeBear Fed up.I want to congratulate independent Kent!
Retweeted by James B @mrjamesob @thatginamiller @HackedOffHugh As long as they don’t blame it on the boogie. @Haggis_UK What a kent. @IsntTony105 Surely there’s no need to prepare for sunny uplands. @DrewLawDesign Les Dennis @J_M_Griffiths Judging by his answers he clearly doesn’t understand the questions. @JeremyVineOn5 @Femi_Sorry @theJeremyVine She’s a lunatic. @BBCPolitics Delightful.Man on train pulling down his mask each time he leans forward to speak to someone. Come on! This isn’t that hard! #WearAMask @mrjamesob He’ll blame the other Boris Johnson, then triumphantly proclaim he’s taking back control from him. @RichardGCorbett The previously sunny uplands of Kent ruined by lorry parks. Does anyone who voted for Brexit genu… @KayBurley @DominicRaab At least they’ve got Brexit done, which is one less thing to worry about. Wait.. what? @RussInCheshire It’s not a surprise that he’s an imbecile, look at the other host of The Apprentice.😳
@Femi_Sorry Very subtle 😜 I don’t think Johnson has any idea what he’s saying.. he’s just reading what Cummnings p… remains Vid of the Year.
Retweeted by James B @Iancoll94354676 I think a goldfish tank would be more her speed. @DrewLawDesign to argue with a conspiracy theorist
Retweeted by James B @luluphooey Matt Lucas and Noel Fielding always make me smile! @DrewLawDesign Who you calling funny face, big nose! @DrewLawDesign Don’t let the bastards grind you down mate! 😘Devi is fantastic.. #Covid19UK Boris Johnson just boasted of ‘succeeding’ in the first wave of coronavirus & ‘saving 1000s of lives’. T…
Retweeted by James BOf everything that Boris Johnson has ever said I really think this may be the most bone-headed, idiotic, entitled,…
Retweeted by James B @MrMichaelSpicer Feeding him lies, you should be ashamed! @JonathanPieNews Manners maketh man. Boris Johnson is a turnip. @ayeshahazarika I believe it was Ron Burgundy who said ‘turns out common sense just ain’t that common y’all’ @campbellclaret Do you think he believes a word of what he’s reading?What an oaf. @JonathanPieNews He tried but failed to style it like Donald Trump. @carryonkeith Level twelvty coming up!Like a Thames whale, Boris Johnson has got stranded at Westminster | Boris Johnson | The Guardian @DrewLawDesign Believe by Lenny Kravitz @DrewLawDesign Who is Andrea Jenkins MP’s mentor? @doctor_oxford The man is a lunatic.I don’t know what to say about Boris Johnson anymore. The words that come out of his mouth bare no resemblance to r… the narrative I've been expecting... In international trade you can always blame others, just ask President Trum…
Retweeted by James B @DrewLawDesign Nope. It was twelvety. 😳 @DrewLawDesign What number am I thinking of?Priti Patel #SpittingImage
Retweeted by James B @RosieisaHolt Liar. Nadine Dorries does.Covid restrictions in place for the next 6 months, at least Boris got Brexit done eh! Imagine still having that ha… @mikegalsworthy She’s definitely overtaken Nadine Dorries on the stupid o meter. @DrewLawDesign Tell me about the Farrow & Ball paint range.‘Work from home’ ‘Go back to work or you might be sacked you lazy gits!’ ‘Actually.. work from home’.
@bbclaurak What a pointless gesture. @DrewLawDesign What does your wife have in store for you tonight Drew? @jenben71 @stoknut @DrewLawDesign I’d be making a *grave* mistake if I didn’t make that joke.Looks like I won’t be sitting in my chair this evening.. @DrewLawDesign I like an é @AvaSantina Wouldn’t be much of a pub crawl if they were.Agree with every word of this.
Retweeted by James B @Napmug1 @Haggis_UK Err.. it was a joke.Days since WHO said you had to "test, test, test": 189 Days since PM promised "world-beating" track & trace by end…
Retweeted by James B @Rob_Merrick Because she’s just as useless as the rest of them. @Haggis_UK I miss Theresa May as PM. announcement: Covid will not avoid you if you wear your mask on your chin. 😷
Retweeted by James BI guess if you’re consciously biased there isn’t much point taking unconscious bias training. @domjoly Probably due to right-handed scissor accidents.