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I’m sorry you didn’t have your graduation babe but I’m so proud of you for all of your hard work!! 📚✏️ you and your… @zoemevorah @interstelambert Omg CUTEthe fastest way to lose my respect is if you don’t respect my time
good morning babes happy friday 🥰 there will be no new video today out of respect for this weeks events, uploading… @NYGovCuomo @MayorByronBrown Investigation of what??? There’s video proof. This officer needs to be fired and charg…
@friesfx I’m right here babe @Scottyxtree @davidpiierce omg 😂 there have been a lot of guys ive talked to where I’ve been the only one putting e…’s really frustrating seeing someone that never put effort into you posting about how they want to put effort into someone else 🥺Even though the 4 officers responsible for George Floyd have been charged, there is still more work to be done. Bre… @THEVIVIENNEUK the james charles palette is my personal fav
it’s been 81 days since louisville police murdered breonna taylor while she was asleep in her bed. the officers who…
Retweeted by James CharlesFUCK YES!! NOW LOCK THEM ALL UP & RELEASE THE PEACEFUL PROTESTERS black lives matter including black trans men and women!!!! PROTECT THEM TOOBreaking News: the state of Minnesota has just filed a Civil Rights law suit against the Minneapolis Police Department. #WokeAF
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VOTE. Ya ain’t got shit else to do man! Get yo ass off the couch and go vote!!! I don’t wanna hear another excuse!!…
Retweeted by James CharlesA black family tried to get the attention of the police to protect a neighborhood store in Van Nuys and were immedi…
Retweeted by James Charlesthe blackout tuesday does NOT mean to simply post a black picture and leave social media for the day. It means to s…
Retweeted by James Charlesdonald trump is a ra_ist a) c b) p c) all of the above
Retweeted by James Charles @praisemeb I’m not posting a vid today don’t worryI’m waking up today and seeing a lot of mixed opinions about #blackouttuesday - I’d like to hear from my black foll…
@HAPPYHAHAJK not the fucking timeIf you're protesting today please stay safe, please wear protective eyewear and clothing, and if you're white, your… videos of police officers abusing their power are making so fucking angry holy fuck it's absurd that lawyers ha… offering pro bono services for arrested protestors. Minneapolis, Houston, New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles. I…
Retweeted by James Charlesyou know shit is wrong when amish people, witches, and anonymous are prostesting about the same thing.…
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Exposing James Charles problematic past; a thread (new receipts)
Retweeted by James CharlesHow to Be an Ally
Retweeted by James CharlesI saw this and I wanted to retweet it but the protester’s face was in it... so I cropped it but I did need this to…
Retweeted by James Charles're a winner baby!!!! CONDRAGULATIONS TO @jaidaehall!! Your reigning Queen!! 👑 #DragRace
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@norvina PlzBRUH IM CACKLING OML @jamescharles
Retweeted by James CharlesHE JUST ASKED TO PEE AHAHHSDKDHXHD @jamescharles
Retweeted by James CharlesTHE POP💀 @jamescharles
Retweeted by James CharlesRETWEET to be the next video's sister shoutout!! My 21st Birthday DRUNK Makeup Tutorial is now LIVE on my channel… @jollycharless It seems like 3rd would be the easiest to prove in court. IMO, they have a case for 1st since Floyd… now charge the other 3 officers that stood there too officer Derek Chauvin has been arrested and is in custody for the murder of George Floyd. The first step towards justice.
Retweeted by James Charles @OhMyGodExposeU I got two this week, neither had to do with my ass lmaoo but they’re both life changing and things…’m out!!!! Surgery went smoothly and the pain is no where near as bad as I had expected 🥺🙏🏻 The surgeon & nurses t… to go under for surgery #2, love u guys 😣 see you in a few hours for the new video!!I signed, did you? 🖤 @graceflorence_x yup it’ll be a bonus video sometime soon and my mom watched with me HAHAHA 12PM PST 💀😂
I just donated to the @MNFreedomFund & I strongly encourage everyone (if able, of course) to do the same.… my editor just sent me the drunk makeup video that goes live tomorrow... I blacked out so I have NO idea what I… has come to my attention that people actually believed that my surgery yesterday was an ass reduction.... baby..… #BlackLivesMatter
I FINALLY DID SONG ASSOCIATION WITH @ElleMagazine hahahahah this is a dream come true!! Check it out 🎶 @Jack_Septic_Eye 🙈🙈🙈🙈btw my surgery is an ass reduction cause it’s too fat 💔😢today is surgery #1 😣 wish me luck @PhillyD Hereditary, sinister, as above so belowRETWEET to be the next video's sister shoutout! The $50,000 WINNING Makeup Look ft. @strashmee is now LIVE!! 🧡 Che…
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“OFF — WHITE” 🧡 makeup by @strashmee @jamesycharley well ya but that was an advertising banner and now the show is over hahah we need a new one!get into ittttt🤪🤪🤪
Retweeted by James CharlesITS FINALLY HERE 🎉 @jamescharles and i’s collab’s are now LIVE 🤩 👉🏼
Retweeted by James CharlesLMAOO this friendship is cute 🥺 @strashmee @jamescharles
Retweeted by James CharlesRETWEET to be the next video's sister shoutout! The $50,000 WINNING Makeup Look ft. @strashmee is now LIVE!! 🧡 Che… video coming in less than an hour :) @butterflybazzi rain on me hahahahI hate my roommate
fireee 🔥🔥 @cakecharIes it was just a sample, it’s not comingy’all spot literally EVERYTHING @OhMyGodExposeU lol did I miss the invite or something bc there was definitely no partyIf I could be anywhere in the world right now it would be in Australia
I am now realizing that I look naked in this photo lmao I promise I had shorts on don’t call peta @zoemevorah No I have shorts onthe lighting in this photo is too busted for instagram but it’s too cute not to post so hi twitter @Wendys can u please consider add the option for special requests on postmates and doordash?? I always wanna order… missed glamming this pretty face @jamescharles 💗
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@abbyrartistry I love u so much @Jack_Septic_Eye thanks jack!! @Loeybug I LOVE U @ImAllexx Jesus Christ21 🍾💞 @DerekBlasberg I LOVE U @MannyMua733 Dude it’s an instant unmatch for me at this point @lilpapivoni I LUV U MORE @kamm_lester Thank u babe!! @ianrborthwick Thank you Ian!! 🥰🥰🥰 @CrankGameplays And I’ll never forget that ethan ❤️❤️ @alissa_ashleyy Omg the delusion jumped out LMAOhappy birthday james!! we love you so much💘 #happy21james
Retweeted by James Charles @MacDoesIt 1942 @sherinicolee thank u mama 🥺🥺Goodmorning! I filmed it 🥴 too bad I don’t remember any of it HAHAHAHAHA @TaliaMar Holy shitOFFICIALLY 21... HERE WE GO PLEASE PRAY FOR ME 💀 @jschlatt That was literally the point dumbass!! U reply to all my tweets but were too shy to actually slide in the dms 🙄 @jschlatt you’re literally the main culprit these gamers looovveeee to quote tweet my photos and flirt for memes & likes but never have the balls to actually slide in smh @skinnycharIes 😭 to be the next video's sister shoutout! The TRUTH About Instant Influencer... 😬☕️
Retweeted by James Charles @jesssusgomez LETS GET SOMEangles really are everything lol
why am I literally so bad at learning tik tok dances holy shit lol