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Writer/Director/Producer. PGA Member. Some of my films include: BEYOND THE LAW, BLOOD CRAFT, PERNICIOUS, CARGO and BETHANY I produced VEROTIKA IG= @jamescullenb

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@DevonESawa @TotalZackWard Haha you should def wear that. Zack is the bestTgim! Thank god its monday. Continue on your path. Nothing strong is built overnight a common misconception that we always have to agree with the people we love, we simply just need to be able to… @RealDonMancini Suave!Today i was asked why i became a filmmaker. The answer was simple to me. It was a series of events, not just a film.
Love what you do and you will never “work” a day in your life @Cornelius_TD If youre in the UK and cant import it, i guess so. But i think it can still be imported? @RacketyEsperus TrueThe hero we need but not the hero we deserve @Stephano1o1 Yeah @BIGTIMEFandD Rumor has it that the film will be up on TUBI in time for halloween 🤪 @Stephano1o1 Same feeling. Torn, on one hand i find it amusing that it was banned because i use to hunt down banned… @ericarhodes I am so sorry for your lossOne day after my birthday in 2015 the BBFC banned my film ‘Hate Crime’ it is still banned to this day in the UK. It… only place to get official tshirts of my Movies @DevonESawa SameDont it always seem to go, that you dont know what youve got till its gone
@RichLeigh 😳🤪😳All red outfit for the red shoes is in 8 days. That pretty crazy to think about.This is exactly what they needed to do, erase the finale season. Fantastic!
For Halloween this year im going to be a guy watching netflixCrazy that this year is almost over. It went by so fast and yet so slow. Strange to think aboutBorat 2 is ridiculous! Haha
What a way to wake up! @DavidMLatt :) @ScotlandBaldwin 😂😂😂 @BigBrother1988 @filmrisetv @Popcornflixnews @Crackle_TV @Tubi Then ive been contacting the wrong people! Filmrise,… @BigBrother1988 @filmrisetv @Popcornflixnews @Crackle_TV @Tubi You sure filmrise has it? @BigBrother1988 @filmrisetv @Popcornflixnews @Crackle_TV @Tubi Thatd be great @manicsocratic @DiscoverSonar I emailed sonar and never heard back. Unsure if i have a good email for them? Found t… @christieish Please submit :)! You rockI dont care about making anything on it, just want the powers that be to get it up on one of the streaming services… many of you know my Dad, passed away about a year ago. In the 90s he created a cartoon show that he loved very m… wonder if all the Quibi content will end up on the other streamers now. I cant imagine they arent going to sell o… @terriesamundra @dassanir @tajmilan @elandassani @JacobSChase Lets plan something! @dassanir @tajmilan @terriesamundra @elandassani @JacobSChase When its safe to venture out again drinks on me 🤟🏻 @dassanir @tajmilan @terriesamundra @elandassani @FANGORIA @JacobSChase @comeplaymovie @amblin Thats a super strang… @JacobSChase @terriesamundra @dassanir @tajmilan @elandassani Great double feature! @tajmilan @terriesamundra @dassanir @elandassani @FANGORIA @JacobSChase @comeplaymovie @amblin Shes the kindest human in history @terriesamundra @dassanir @tajmilan @elandassani @FANGORIA @JacobSChase @comeplaymovie @amblin I use to do that every weekend 🤪🤪🤪 @terriesamundra @dassanir @tajmilan @elandassani @FANGORIA @JacobSChase @comeplaymovie @amblin Quadruple feature @terriesamundra @dassanir @tajmilan @elandassani @FANGORIA @JacobSChase @comeplaymovie @amblin My film The Call is… @terriesamundra @tajmilan @elandassani @dassanir @FANGORIA Love to see filmmakers hyping other filmmakers! Cant wait to see the films! @terriesamundra I will be!!!!
What horror movie are you going to watch on Halloween?Are we in an alternate timeline where we are going back and retconning everything? @francis_ngannou Its time for an Interim Belt. @jason_blum @blumhouse @JohnnyBerchtold 😂😂😂 @TommyPistol Yo @TonyPorshe Thanks for watching!!! @feralkelsey Climbed it like a ladder @DaveWeasel LolUhhh how come this is news to me? Had no clue this was how this was used as a kid Morning everyoneAfter dealing with the death of a loved one, the craziest thing to me is quietly missing someone who is still alive…
@Saccharinestar Its pretty wild how good at it they areThe UFC does a great job of continuously convincing us people actually stand a chance against KhabibNew nikes @liljsez LolBack when i was in the WWF martin like one of your french girls jackMartin posing for his painting by Jack on the Titanic times like this, and all times really, its always important to choose love. Love conquers all. Choose love not hate.If you dont... dare i say that would be unforgivablePlease tell me you know who this is
Dont focus on negativity or the past, live in the present! Thank god its monday! Have a wonderful week everyone
Saturday night vibes is everything that show the Boys is crazy
I will always be sad i never got to meet and pet grumpy cat @elvisfReShley Yes to all thisSo tired but also wide awakeGood to be workin with my buddy DMX again
Dmx wanted me to eat the leftover bread lol
Holy crap! Is it erasing the last season? Man that would be great!! Is it wednesday already? Halfway till the weekend! That was FAST! @ryanlarson The shinningHoly shit, its happening! Spiderverse!!!! my twitter randomly unfollows people... i dont even know how it does that?The worlds best short film. Please give this an oscar
@DaveWeasel 💪🏻Have a wonderful day today! When you get a chance this morning, look in the mirror and say these affirmations :) lesson I’ve learned : Sometimes a lack of Closure, is your ClosureDid any of you ever play that old computer game TOONSTRUCK? It was pretty wonderful. Wish there was a nintendo swit…! when there was a rumored Shaun of the Dead remake called From Dusk Till Shaun? That would have been awesomeSeed of Chucky is my favorite Chucky movie... does that make me a bad person? Its really the most fun one @feralkelsey 😂😂😂 @arwatkins89 My point exactly
Anyone who says they wouldnt feed a Mogwai after midnight is lying. Theyre too cute. Youd want to give them a littl…! Thank god its monday! The start of a new week! Hope you had a good weekend full of reflection and you are rea… @Parvesh The cleveland brownsWhats the best ride at Disneyland? My favorite was always Splash MountainThe browns having this good of a record is the most 2020 thing there is @MNVikingZombie Except he crashed into a fire hydrant to get oneI started reading all the VEROTIKA tweets. I couldnt help but fav some that made me laugh out loud. Hahaha Anyways, goodnight everyone!Get it together! Youre drunk! did Kobe proud tonight!