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James Leech @jamesdleech Surrey, England

I'm gonna tweet about wrestling more than you'd like, but don't worry, the rest will be incomprehensible too (@barkygoodboy fan acct)

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Jerry needs ipad you see a man in a fawkes mask walking down the highway with a sign that says "Gamestop: Power to the Players" that's me and i need water
Retweeted by James LeechBillionaire hedge funds rn
Retweeted by James Leech @GomessVV oh i thought it was set partway through 1963That's right. You're in the meme dimension now. There is no offline culture and there never was.
Retweeted by James LeechVideo Games would be much better if Clayfighter had been a success @itsbigian the goochgamestop stock situation made me remember that greentext storyy about the guy who used a store as his bank
Retweeted by James LeechLike she gets tossed anteaters every day of her life.
Retweeted by James Leech"rhapsody of steel" (1959) truly is the crowning jewel of these sutherland industrial films--it may be eyvind earle…
Retweeted by James LeechJOE VS THE VOLCANO by @JohnJpshanley The stylised world, the playful imagery, the fierce romanticism, the total s…
Retweeted by James Leechshoot rumble @imkellyrichards yes, absolutelybest comment would be the coolest job @alsoMike 😮I like cheery backstage photos of Peter Cushing laughing more than just about anything else
Retweeted by James LeechThis scene from Step Brothers is utter genius.
Retweeted by James Leechhow many times will i see that tweet with the phrase “pump and dump” wall street is gross, get better slangworth it
Retweeted by James LeechThinking about the very early Simpsons line where Jimbo says "that was just cloud talk man" way too deeply. Someti…
Retweeted by James LeechFresh from the presses: Robbie Reyes aka The Coolest Ghost Rider & a Thor commissions! Find inking process for both…
Retweeted by James LeechOne deep breath looking at this feels like reaching a lovely "The End" screen on Twitter. Permission to stop. Time…
Retweeted by James Leech
Dudes rock
Retweeted by James LeechI’m also always going to appreciate the hands that caught Bruce Wayne as he was being born being the fucking Bat Si…
Retweeted by James Leech“We defeated the B N P” - no you didn’t you adopted their policies and this is how the far right shifts the Overton…
Retweeted by James LeechCary Grant & Joan Fontaine Suspicion (1941)
Retweeted by James LeechThe British media is terrifying just the same loud noise coming out of different tubes.
Retweeted by James Leechhe's giving you dreamworks eyebrows
Retweeted by James LeechOH MY GOD did you just cut that guy's chest open? I said the key was inside his stomach, you just had to make him t…
Retweeted by James LeechThis is blowing my mind. By @DanSchkade
Retweeted by James LeechWHAT DID THE GREEN LIGHT REPRESENT? Green is associated with one of Gatsby's most famous enemies, the Joker, who was to appear in the sequel
Retweeted by James LeechPeople keep saying Godzilla is the "villain" and yet here we can clearly see Godzilla going in for a friendly hands…
Retweeted by James Leechthe regular dreams that i’ve got a job again would indicate that THAT is the thing I miss most, but I really miss m…’m a forager, there’s nothing like finding something you didn’t know existed 🥰bechamel sauce is just when a sauce is made by two women who aren't discussing a man
Retweeted by James LeechBrowsing secondhand bookshops almost every workday, just in case they got new stuff in baby porcupine is called a porcupette
Retweeted by James LeechMovie scenes that feel like shitposts A thread
Retweeted by James LeechCompiling this story
Retweeted by James LeechLady: are you a cute Fox? Fox: euHeuHeuUehuUehuHeuh
Retweeted by James LeechDoctor Fate coming to the rescue of Doctor Strange, by a full-on Ditkoesque Dennis Fujitake from the back cover of…
Retweeted by James LeechDoodled these guys to unwind a bit.
Retweeted by James LeechI am really really sceptical about this
Retweeted by James Leechfrom smol kitten to chonk cat
Retweeted by James Leechas a non-descript, arrogant bus boy has just developed a baffling addiction to chlorine... in the Twilight Zone.
Retweeted by James Leechsome of us just call this “hug”
Retweeted by James Leech @Farts_Johnson you called?#science
Retweeted by James LeechFamous deathmatch wrestler freaking out about becoming a dad is the most wholesome thing
Retweeted by James LeechWas flipping through my dad’s 70s-80s mags, and... francis ford coppola and fassbinder wanted to work together???
Retweeted by James LeechThe cute thing about Bram Stoker is that he was clearly gay for all the nice characters in Dracula. Just obsessed w…
Retweeted by James Leechthe look he gives me when I feed the other dogs first
Retweeted by James LeechA Brian Bolland page for a cancelled 1988 Superman project intended to celebrate the opening of the Superman Museum…
Retweeted by James Leech“You’ve got a friend in me.” #TillerTuesday
Retweeted by James Leechrent free comic moment
Retweeted by James Leech
Retweeted by James LeechBed time
Retweeted by James Leech @Rabbitsnap @itsbigian @amicusryelei luring visitors in as snacks @Rabbitsnap @itsbigian @amicusryelei they should put a giant Kong in Planet Zoo so you can test your theorythe alternative to sizing Kong up @moonshinemaude @moonshinemaude VEGAN TOADS?!?! @moonshinemaude toad-in-the-hole is nice and i wanna know why she didn’t cook hers
Retweeted by James LeechI know these are winding down but this one is my all time favorite
Retweeted by James LeechAh yes, Harvey Dentist
Retweeted by James LeechMy lil brother used to call the Riddler, The Wiggler. ^_^
Retweeted by James Leech#ThisDayInBuster…January 26th 1928 #BusterKeaton signed a 2-year contract with #MGM for $3k a week & 25% of the pro…
Retweeted by James Leechbundle babies
Retweeted by James LeechThe golden retriever looks so sick of this shit 😭😭😭
Retweeted by James Leechi put eyes on the cat’s bed and could not be happier with the result
Retweeted by James Leechrandomly remembered how much I love it when real cats interact with muppets
Retweeted by James LeechThis is the most important video I've ever seen.
Retweeted by James Leechso i
Retweeted by James LeechIf raccoons weren’t meant to be our friends they wouldn’t have tiny hands for us to try and hold.
Retweeted by James Leechi don't care for this gentleman
Retweeted by James Leech28 years of drawing Rogue, sugah! ❌
Retweeted by James LeechIf someone doesn't like the luxurious French fashion you're wearing, ladies, show them the dior
Retweeted by James LeechShot. Chaser.
Retweeted by James Leechwho needs a full set of fingers anyway
Retweeted by James Leech
Retweeted by James LeechTook 3 years of reading boring history books but finally found the funniest name of an academic ever
Retweeted by James Leech"Ellie, this one was always my favorite when I was a kid. And now I've seen one, its the most beautiful thing I eve…
Retweeted by James Leechconspicuously placed period doing alot of work here
Retweeted by James Leech @bradcandoit ahhhhhh, yeah. now remembering when I stopped watchingIn honour of Paul Newman’s birthday, here is a pic that never grows old.
Retweeted by James LeechSeeing this, and remembering that @ChrisHero was in the crowd for ECW Heat Wave 1998, is reminding me that Lynn and…
Retweeted by James Leech @bradcandoit of all US promotions, surely ROH would’ve been the worst fit anyway?Dogs originated as Siberian wolves, according to recent scientific research. The study, carried out by British, Ame…
Retweeted by James Leech @bradcandoit literally had to google that invasion angle because I’d completely forgotten itThe River Wey. Then the Thames, probably, at least as far as rivers i’ve paid attention to crossing seen a more perfect cake
Retweeted by James Leech“I picture my epitaph: 'Here lies Paul Newman, who died a failure because his eyes turned brown.'” Remembering the…
Retweeted by James Leech❤️
Retweeted by James Leechtarzan's last thought as he plummets to the jungle floor
Retweeted by James LeechOh no
Retweeted by James LeechIf you are looking for an editor or know someone who is, please consider Claire, she's brilliant If you're not, pl…
Retweeted by James LeechThere's a reason you never hear stories like "I once heard a mystery giggle in an abandoned factory and went to loo…
Retweeted by James Leechthe paper that muffins sit in is actually their pants
Retweeted by James Leech