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Red Jam Spear @jamesdraper Frequently Liverpool

Call me Jim. Makes daft wonky music. Sometimes tweets about it. Sometimes just tweets about sandwiches. Has ADHD. Probably likes you. He/him

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No, I don't know either @Brainmage 🎶 TAKE me down to the Manfred Mann City, where there she was singing "Doo Wah Diddy" @quornnuggets I'll have to go have a nose at some point @quornnuggets I don't even know where Reynolds Park is @rankamateur The translation app I just downloaded seems to think it means "Quiet garden" (actually it seems to thi… @StevenKelson @rankamateur @LibPrice Just installed it @StevenKelson @rankamateur @LibPrice What's the name of the app?My friend is a carer and one of her dementia patients had this written on his garden wall. He can no longer remembe…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @Brainmage 🎶 Oh TAKE me down to paranormal City where the girls are green and the grass is covered in crop circles and stuff.... @AnnSava62 @moespetshop I believe so @Wangleberry I'm proud of youHi, quick reminder that when an abhorrent hashtag is trending, including the hashtag in tweets complaining about sa… @Wangleberry Wow @Gin_and_bones 🤷🏻‍♂️Hate speech has consequences. It is not victimless.
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearLooks like today is a good day to take a break from this hellsite @HelloCullen @ShutUpAndrosky @SlingerNick The title track on that album is amazing. I actually discovered it throug… @pettycommajared @PettyCommaAngie This reminds me of one of the most charming things I ever heard: a German woman i… @Sand_Co @ranchodelaluna Was that one recorded at @ranchodelaluna ?
@edgarwright @Boopa1219 @MuseZack @ava @mang0ld @ManMadeMoon @rianjohnson @sethgs @BarryJenkins @thumbelulu @WearyWithToil A real person or a bot? @100Covers @MVinny69 Recovering from injuries (a car crash maybe?) if I recall correctly @BadgerSpanner @jude_teacher @Luiseach 😐 is this sign for
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearIf you haven't seen, the tireless @ianiansymes has added a list of pieces about Seb written in the last few days. I…
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note the casual entry and hurried exit this is an experienced seagull shoplifter
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearSo I added the Imperial March to this video and I don't know if I'll ever sleep again.🔊 📹: Imgur user papemaker
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @unfortunatalie Woooooow. That is quite a detail! @WearyWithToil A problem to figure out another day I reckon. He's home and safe, and that's all that's important ri… @WearyWithToil please let us know when he turns up x @EwaSR Apparently the poster is from 2017? Something very odd about this whole thing @The_Anchoress Have you tried the CS80 in that range? I've been thinking about getting it, as it'd be nice to be ab… see @daniel_barker has been hacked then... @chick_in_kiev @EwaSR This is just.....*chef's kiss emoji*
@CharlTaylorPage It was pre-emptive!(By the way, ummm......that's my knee, just to be clear) @ZiziFothSi @manytypesoftea @WearyWithToil omgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomgomg… @daniel_barker No idea how common it is up here to be honest. I may have just had an unusually proactive driver. @400FootGhost @WearyWithToil Amazing. Glad it's not just me who remembers it so fondly. It popped into my head last… @daniel_barker Fucks sake. I'm pleased to report that on the one bus I've been on since Feb (I usually get at least… @j_plusb @Peter__Field Yeah, my guess is that the accessibility options are an invaluable friend here!Outstanding! @400FootGhost @WearyWithToil @quornnuggets Happy birthday m8! It's shit that it's *this year* but I hope you're still managing to enjoy it xI can't help but feel this is somehow the fault of @maclockdown @400FootGhost @WearyWithToil You know what show had a weirdly great theme tune, especially for a show which (to put… occurred to me today that there are now adults who were born after I became an adult, so if you'll excuse me I'l… @tambourine @EwaSR @dustybooks Same tbh. Sadly. @400FootGhost @WearyWithToil Well this is a delight! @CazG1 @WearyWithToil Is that from True Romance?This this this. One of the least explicable aspects of ADHD for me. @WearyWithToil Ohhhhhhhh @brokendowngolf What happened? Can you get it fixed? Do you have a spare? @brokendowngolf Oh no!!! @WearyWithToil ...the way the melody feels really tentative at first, as if the performer isn't sure he can remembe… @WearyWithToil Jon Brion's theme from Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. To me, everything about this is perfec… @WearyWithToil Ok. Gimme a minute. @WearyWithToil It probably won't surprise you to learn that I have *many* answers to this. Would you rather I list a few or just pick one? @WearyWithToil @EddieRobson @Winskillfull @Bolt_451 @Baron_Susu_Binx Imagine Kate Bush kicking off on you though. Chilling. @babano22 @fmadrid012 @RocksteadyGames By the picture it seems to be a Suicide Squad story *about* Superman, so...I mean... Hey ⁦@HamillHimself⁩ have you seen this?! ❤️
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @ogiovetti Oh my sweet lord! I assumed it was just someone with the same name. This has made my day! @johnneh It's so frustrating that he's a few days late for the anniversary of feral pigsNot sure about this Kevin Costner reboot...
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @dustybooks Of course @dustybooks Yeah, I'm not sure if "annoyed that you can't ask about Ray Davies" is the stage that comes after anger or bargaining @dustybooks From what I recall of his telling of it, I think that that impression was mostly formed before the gig… @dustybooks I remember my Dad talking about going to see them live in I guess about 75/76 (?), and how even then it… @jotajessie @nlyonne I'm trying not to think about what his December looks like
@WearyWithToil @WearyWithToil (but like, why wouldn't they? To be clear, that's a rhetorical question!) @agentbizzle Hey, so, quick question: am I having a stroke? @pylonwitch @homosupremacy69 Seems to be a TERF too. So. Yay. @pylonwitch @homosupremacy69 Eesh. I used to follow her too. That's projection strong enough she could open a cinema @Luiseach Fucking hell @stupidgirl45 @EwaSR @unfortunatalie I believe that's "No Face" from the film "Spirited Away"I have done more crosswords in the past 6 months than in the 36 years that preceded them. Can't begin to imagine wh… @Brainmage (I'm truly sorry. We both deserve better than this) @Brainmage He's in like, 6 Marvel films, so of course he's a great comic actor. @MundyMorn I thought the same thing until a few years ago. I think there must have been Stay Puft merchandise made… @EwaSR @HKesvani what @400FootGhost @porridgebrain might know. @HayleyThough eekIs there a name for when something changes, like, say, how Windows looks, and everything looks wrong but you have a…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear“Wearing a mask is a personal choice, and there is no practical way to enforce a mandate to wear them,” says the su…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @Brainmage This is my "I've just been inside someone else's house for the first time in 6 months it's probably fine… @DaynaEMCraig @Brainmage 🤐 @400FootGhost Nippleshire @Brainmage I was once walking through Liverpool and heard some amazing experimental techno blaring out from a shop,… @ryanqnorth Nailed it @ryanqnorth If it helps, I see you're not enough of a nerd to always proofread your tweets 😉 @HowtoADHD I've wondered about this. I generally think a big part of what we think of as talent is just the ability…
@Sneakachu25 He'd season him to perfection first though @BootsMcGoot @accentvoiceguy Just gonna leave this here. @drbethhills @400FootGhost Wise choice @400FootGhost Leftover pizza is a another great contenderLego people live in houses made of their own flesh.
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