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Red Jam Spear @jamesdraper Frequently Liverpool

Call me Jim. Makes daft wonky music. Sometimes tweets about it. Sometimes just tweets about sandwiches. He/him

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@EddieRobson And the whole misdirection leading up to it is just pitch perfect @EddieRobson I watched The Third Man for the first time, aged 35, last year (in the cinema). Worth the wait imo! I… is so completely perfect I'm annoyed I didn't think of it Boys For Life is a great way to avoid the 5p Bad Boys charge.
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @WearyWithToil Oh, turns out I misremembered some of that. He didn't marry her, but did get her pregnant when she w… @WearyWithToil Do you know the story of how Lolita was supposedly named after (and inspired by) Charlie Chaplin's w… @jimmynixx @WearyWithToil My Dad once bought a car owned by a guy named Lazarus Cool. His real name too (my Dad nev… @dannyodwyer Blackpool isn't what it once was.
@BootsMcGoot More like a "ta-daaa!" list, amirite??? @flea333 I made a risotto tonight with peppers sautéed with oregano, garlic, and honey. Total shot in the dark but it totally worked. @CharlTaylorPage I know. I'm totally not trying to dismiss that, but I still reckon it's worth mentioning how good… @CharlTaylorPage You *are* surviving though, and then some! I can't begin to imagine what things have been like for… @SaraKateW The first rule of nap club is.... take your shoes off if you're having a nap on the couch @EwaSR Eric! That's the chap! Where are you up to? @EwaSR Can't remember his name, but Otis's best friend is *incredible* and just gets better as the 1st season goes… feel like space camouflage should look more like this...
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @Gerphq Oh I can relate. I was soooo tempted to go for the next model up in the Ditto range just for the reverse fu… @RobinFlavell @rejunevated Took me a minute @Gerphq It could also probably fit into a medium sized coat pocket. You never know when that might be useful. You just never know. @Gerphq Yeah I know a lot of people who swear by that Line 6 stuff. I wanted something super simple though, so I go… @Gerphq Just a TC electronic Ditto. No bells and whistles, but solid build quality and 24 bit recording, so it'll suit me well @BoatReddish I'm ok 🙂 @BoatReddish That quote at the end. After the month I've had, that just broke me, but in the best way. Incredible film(it doesn't arrive until Monday. You've all got a few days before you have to hit the mute button)Just bought myself a loop pedal. Time to be completely insufferable for a while folks... @hyperdude53 My thoughts are @mmalex is somehow responsible @BootsMcGoot Can't begin to imagine the plot here @DaveGorman THANK YOU! I honestly thought it was just me. Thought I was going mad. Now I suspect we're all on the l… replies to this are *chef's kiss* @CanYouNAUT @PhreakyDreams @Sneakachu25 JUSTICE 4 KELLY @Sneakachu25 @Sneakachu25 Anyway I hope your brain gives you a break soon. I’m gonna try (and probably fail) to get some sleep. TTFN x @Sneakachu25 Another go to for me is this amazing YouTube channel that does demos of guitar pedals, but they’re all… @Sneakachu25 Like, I watched this so many times before the beta launched that I can honestly quote it like some peo… @Sneakachu25 Yeah. It’s such a personal thing so I totally recommend everyone make one of their own. I reckon most… @Sneakachu25 Ooh, nice! I totally relate to the late night bad brain times though. I actually started to make a You… @Sneakachu25 What sort of tea? @mikeBithell Michael.
@BootsMcGoot I feel like that with malted milks @michaudstudios Thank you x @BootsMcGoot Your hair grew super fast between these two photos @FrogCroakley It's an amazing game for sure, although I really hope they include Bus Meat in the score for the PC version @abbieheppe It was, I really needed to pee! Seriously though, thank you. I'm actually ok most of the time, it's jus… guess that sort of thing is going to happen A LOT over the next few years. So that'll be funDaft the things that get to you. I'm staying with my Mum until my Dad's funeral, and when I woke up this morning I… yeah it's called self care
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearI don't pretend to fully understand the technology behind this but it looks ace! @abbieheppe Because look at him! That's the very face of sophistication and class right there. I mean, if you ignore the mud. @abbieheppe AND HIS NAME IS MR BEEP?!? What a gent @abbieheppe ABBIE! You had this magnificent cat all along and didn't think to show us? I'm not angry, just disappointed... @EwaSR My brother and I bumped into Julian Barratt (Howard Moon) at the local Tesco. He spotted the loo rolls my b…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @farty @jcleighton @shornKOOMINS I mean, I can see why you’d say that, but I ADORE the Gloria Jones version and the… @rearviewbeagle @mikesparky7 @KimmyMonte I can hear it and I am physically unable to stop laughing
@chrisssayer @BrokenNixon @shornKOOMINS @BassTunedToRed Me three. Jimi’s version had greater cultural impact and it… @jcleighton @shornKOOMINS I never think of that as a cover (the Motown guy who wrote it was annoyed that the origin… @nothing_counter @shornKOOMINS Yes! To all of this! @BarLFC @shornKOOMINS @KevinKelly1992 Not controversial at all. Just factually inaccurate, there’s a difference! 😉 @AliceAvizandum Not sure if this counts, but the ice cream van that comes round by my flat even in the pouring rain… JUST GOT IMPEACHED FOR MAKING A PERFECT PHONE CALL!
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @mangmangmang I might just start using it in all tweets from now on #FakeMoneyRealCrime @possiblyel Omg. What did you say to that? @Finnattentive Yeah you can. Someone I met on Twitter bought a ticket to spend 7 hours on a coach just so I wouldn'… @Luiseach It says "quote tweet this" but there are some nice replies anyway @Luiseach Oh, yeah I think the shitty teacher stories were in response to a thread about great teachers. Hold on, I'll try and find it... @mbraden66 @EwaSR As far as humblebrags go, that's definitely one of the more subtle examples I've ever seen @NeilLarrisey It's a film made in the 80s. However: "the he girl"? @NeilLarrisey They help the frogs escape, right? It's decades since I've seen it @JDas2k @agentbizzle A bit over a year I think. (weirdly, the new Cyberpunk release date is exactly 7 years after G…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @Brainmage Thanks I hate it @myinmo You help a lot of people so much already. Never forget that. But remember that you need to remember to look… @Gerphq How many episodes have you seen with him? I think he's in 2 episodes in the first season and the second one is sooooooo good @CanYouNAUT 👀doctor: describe your average night me: they wear suits of armor doctor: no I mean at bedtime me: they probably take it off
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@Sneakachu25 This suddenly makes a LOT more sense @mrnickharvey Every time you share these it leaves me close to tears. His writing and playing are absolutely beautiful. @HelloCullen "Doctor Doctor, my equivibe has no ears" @sakkusmind @BogdanVera @mediamolecule On first glance I honestly thought this was taken from an Arkham game. Outstanding work! @BootsMcGoot (stuff after you do them. Wow. Way to word good Jim) @BootsMcGoot I actually saw a thing on here recently about how it's actually totally fine (and even beneficial) to… still don't think they're what you'd call *good*, but it's nice to occasionally remember that I am now *technical… of everything else going at the time I didn't say anything about this, but one surprising and nice thing th… @myinmo You're not an easily forgotten person m8! I can promise you that xx @myinmo Something to look forward to though innit? #GlassHalfFull @hansmollman @daniel_barker I'm coming out of my cave and I've been doing just fine @ZiziFothSi No apology necessary whatsoever! I was entertained immensely. Hope you're feeling better today though x @papsby @EddieRobson This is your fault thenI call this error "The Coventry Wedding"
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @BJohnShawL @SaraKateW Sorry @TheDobletOfFire It’d be smug (albeit slightly clever) if spoken out loud, but written down it just seems.......pointless? @hels I think I actually started following you based on that time you ranked Christmas songs a few years back. Turn… @daniel_barker This is very much, as they say, a moodJust gonna leave this (from August) here...
Ok fine. - Gillian Anderson - Denis Villeneuve - Alex Turner @IdleScriber Oof, and we just decided we didn't want any poetry read next week too... @pettycommajared Is there a second grouping, because I'm not comfortable with this blatant erasure of Mr Toad of Toad Hall @ErrorJustin @IGNDeals 3: Dreams is getting VR support. I have a hunch that being able to make VR content using jus… @mmalex This doesn't really answer your question, but I think Death by Audio's Reverberation Machine pedal (pedal s… @MajaLisaKehlet I love this, it's like she's wearing a volcano! 🌋