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Red Jam Spear @jamesdraper Frequently Liverpool

Call me Jim. Infuriating blancmange of undiluted chaos. Makes daft wonky music. Has ADHD. Probably likes you. He/him

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@TheDobletOfFire @tomverse Me: But what if he's celebrating the end of lockdown and treating himself for once? Mum:… @TheDobletOfFire @tomverse Me: Mum, if you went for lunch with Trevor McDonald, what d'you think he'd order? Mum: H…, my dog, noticed that #GrangeHillSausage was trending and asked me if I fancied accompanying her singing the…
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearBut he has been born already.
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @allwrongthink True, I mean, weird graphics bugs are definitely the first thing that spring to mind when I think about Cyberpunk these days @_Embo It's true, I do say thatthe word of the day is register. it's when you've already gistered but you need to do it again
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@TheDobletOfFire @tomverse I feel strawberry is a tad gauche for Sir Trevor. @TheDobletOfFire @tomverse I think you're right though, he's normally a Darjeeling man, clearly. But you only come… @TheDobletOfFire @tomverse Boys. Yard. Trevor.Friendly, intimate contact fren
Retweeted by Red Jam Spearpeace of mind
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @brokendowngolf h e l l o @pylonfan New pylon just dropped. @_Embo One of the best pieces of advice I ever received was "sometimes the most productive thing you can do is rest".(Submitted by @MoraEdd_)
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@EwaSR Ewa @_Embo Wait, what is......Night Twitter?You know. You can pronounce leopard to rhyme with leotard and nobody can stop you. It's totally legal. @Feehlo It would be a public service (and I bet it'd be dead satisfying too!). Please do it! @Wangleberry Evergreen tweetMy two email/text response times: 1. immediately 2. never
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Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @pettycommajared I think I'm one of the few fans of the N64 controller. It always just felt really comfortable to me.Spending the evening researching drone flying restriction laws even though you don't own a drone or plan to buy one is ADHD culture. @penfriendrocks @NeilLarrisey Yeah, the "mini" is something of a misnomer! @HelloCullen I hate that I got this @_KateAshton Well done, you're doing great! Keep it up xEdinburgh Ghost Tour Guide Doesn't Give a Fuck
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @hels When I was a kid I was terrified of my Granddad's border collie. She herded cattle on my Granddad's farm, and… @gun_toucher @heaberald There's literally always a dril tweet. Every single time.someone asked if they could buy an NFT of one of my videos and i said i’m not really interested in that sorry and t…
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearSo boring
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @ellegist @Ric4rdoTM Solidarity on that. So many foods I thought I hated until I realised what they had in you deal with bees
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fuck cancer. fuck it right off this cursed planet.
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearGet my chonky lil book HERE 📘 Secret Panel HERE 🎩
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @mellymellington @Joanne4Mayor This is fantastic news (even though the new mayor being called Jo Anderson is gonna… you receive an autism or adhd dx: Neurotypicals: I’m so sorry 😞 Neurodivergents: Woohoo! Congrats 🎉 🥳 👏
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @tamoorh Oh hey, "open for a surprise" is still a thing after allWith me it's usually "ok so the short version of the story is....." and's usually true! I am intentionall… toxic trait is saying “long story short” and then telling the full length unabridged Snyder cut story anyways
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @LoneyJane ....the only person so far! @Gin_and_bones Which also makes sense! Probably a very good realisation to have though (in the long run at least) @sflogicninja Fantastic! (sorry if my first reply was a bit condescending, I kinda feel like it's always best to ch… I might release an album next week. @sflogicninja Does that mean you had your second shot today? Because if that's the case, you're not actually immune…, the context doesn't help explain this joke as much as you might think @brokendowngolf I'm celebrating too. Maybe with a nap. @kaylaasanaaa @leonardcowalski "I wasn't planning to do this but I'm afraid you have left me no choice" *unleashes the bees*I somewhat buggered this up, but it's worth it
Retweeted by Red Jam Spearwe did it. we had his head replaced with the cat
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @ewart_lynne @PaulStudiophoto @hazelglasgow @TanjaBueltmann Don't worry, the fact you're concerned about this sugge…, if you buy an album from bandcamp, it's around the financial equivalent to the artist of you streaming th…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @Gin_and_bones This makes perfect sense tbh xYou can tell a lot about a person from their personality and behaviour. @mangmangmang Especially when the main purpose of the crop was (presumably) to compensate for the smaller screens on phones. @Reading_Tegan @EwaSR New theory: I'm having a stroke @Reading_Tegan @EwaSR I had to check this wasn't some kind of weird optical illusion, but yeah. #sliving @LydiaMizon @Bobby_Seagull I'll definitely be watching @LeeAHarris @EwaSR You can tell chickens are fake fans though, because they're always going round saying "Spock, Sp… @LydiaMizon Frank's gonna be great in this! @EwaSR 100% agree (though I think it's in part due to the acoustics of the room as opposed to just the surface). @HooiWanV @mangmangmang I never knew you hated dogs, Jess.Just voted. Turnout low and polling station staffed entirely by bewildered primary school children. Make of that what you will.
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Huge heads up on PayPal Twitter Tip Jar. If you send a person a tip using PayPal, when the receiver opens up the re…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @RaxKingIsDead He* (obviously) @RaxKingIsDead Mine would have been 67 a week on Monday. This'll be the second birthday since we died. Shit sucks and I'm sorry xxxWhat's this? It's episode nine of Not About Food! We talk all about ARFID, a little known but serious eating disord…
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearPlease sign this
Retweeted by Red Jam Spearme: i want to journal more brain: so write in your journal me: absolutely not
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearPeople using this hashtag to express anti-Tory sentiment and unwittingly making it trend thereby giving them a free…
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearCitizen Kane is on BBC4 in an hour. If you haven’t seen it, it’s like the Citizen Kane of films.
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @CrawlersHQ Your Best American Girl just kicked in. Fuckin yes. @CrawlersHQ Ok the first song just kicked in and I genuinely love this already. Getting strong St Vincent vibes fro… @CrawlersHQ One step ahead of you m8 @CrawlersHQ It was the only one I didn't know and I was just a bit confused by the seemingly random "PUBE" on the c… @CrawlersHQ Excuse my ignorance but what's the bottom left? @SheRa_Marley To be fair, babies aren't exactly noted for their verticalityI try not to be old fashioned about technology but I allow myself ONE THING: please let me have wired stuff. I'm be…
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @MeldrewPoint How do I work it out?
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearIf you care about arts education and believe that it shouldn’t only be available to the privileged few, please sign…
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearWhen you don't want to receive any more email from an artist whose mailing list you signed up to, pls click UNSUBSC…
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearAnyone fancy watching some adverts from 22 years ago? It’s almost worrying how many of these I remember: @EddieRobson An *extremely* charitable interpretation is that it was maybe designed to help educate girls about pub… @NeilLarrisey Exactly. The whole point of writing headlines like that is to drive engagement. It makes no differenc… @NeilLarrisey And you've shared it.Finding a face mask in your pocket is the new finding a fiver.
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @_Embo Which is more than can be said about the wolfI knew I shouldn't have left that witch's cursed amulet in the boot of my car
Retweeted by Red Jam SpearCaligula tries to get everyone on board with his horse senator idea
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but i used to love to open for a surprise
Retweeted by Red Jam Spear @WearyWithToil EXACTLY 😞😞😞Or, better yet, can we just abolish the requirement for proof of address in general? Aside from the faff mentioned… @brokendowngolf They're so LOUD though!"Work, work, work, money, money, money, Shakespeare, Shakespeare, Shakespeare" -- my kid doing a bit he calls Boring Grownup
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