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you might not get it because it's comedy 2, it's brand new

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The statistic I heard most staggering today was that the police have killed 7,666 ppl in the past 6 yrs & there has…
Retweeted by James Etchison @jk_rowling Might start going back to church just to burn your books. Because you're a disgrace!Why do liberals act like the Doomsday scenarios we talk about regarding Biden is just theory? Biden has a 40 year…
Retweeted by James Etchison#BlackLivesMatter
Retweeted by James EtchisonThe cops have no concept of morality. They want black genocide. They are not human. Take every penny from them and… what a fucking loser
Retweeted by James Etchisoni haven't done it in years, but if my brand is bean throwing, then so be it.
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I have been informed by my memory that the punishment for diverging is death. @jasonfifi They're trolling you personally with these unthrown beans.I am no longer a potterhead, instead I am now a fan of that Shailene Woodley nonsense Divergent and my faction is *… @samlymatters Haha, I feel this. Back when I was a kid and people smoked on TV it never influenced me but now that… @richmommie Mmm damn @antlergoth I'm really grateful for a friend who helped me through my minor feelings about my gender identity and g… @joezimmerman Yeah it does suck the cops didn't want that timeline.Parental Warning: Look Out for These Dangerous Fantasy Books Your Kids Might Be Reading
Retweeted by James EtchisonIt'll be easier to shut down the economy and make an economic system where the people democratically control the we…
Retweeted by James Etchison @Chumbolex *autoplay on Facebook rather than share the tweet @Chumbolex Kimberly Jones co-author of I'm Not Dying With You Tonight shit I need her name so I can write it in my ballot for president
Retweeted by James Etchison @sunnyleigh26 @nothelordscheme Dom was hanging out a lot around my friends and most of us were wary because he's ve… son is learning to sound out words and he wanted to practice using a “big boy book”. He is now sounding out rand…
Retweeted by James EtchisonOh just remembered I had a flat tire and have to drive 3 hours tomorrow. What a great time to catch up on sleep.I had so much to do tonight and I just went to sleep 7 hours instead. Infuriating.
@Dusty_Cupcakes Is coffee savory?Being cute as shit and twice as squeezable. @caleb_r33d I hate myself for immediately trying to find a combo with this. @ImMichaelHilton @pnut @therealelp @Pharrell on that hook is the stuff dreams are made of @vestermania Islam is a religion of peace, I really believe that. I see so many of them fighting for it. But callin… @vestermania Cop is a job and it's a bad organization, they're being ordered to beat and fire on protestors. The be… did my economics concentration at AU and I took some very well taught classes of things I fundamentally disagreed… the cops. It can't be overstated. @CowPanthers @jasonfifi I don't even know how ironic I was being here tbh @jasonfifi Thanks Daisy. You know I always struggled with being slightly below average in size and uncircumcised bu…
@suddenlymexican Get to stomping in our air force ones @vestermania @AOC It's not thugs out there, it's people fighting for their family's safety and the government shoot… @vestermania @AOC 🤦‍♂️ The Democrats do nothing to stop this but Trump is now trying to escalate to get these peopl… @WerknBlerk @allycamein It's just very cool to see that happening. I'd love to see more stuff you've written but I… @WerknBlerk @allycamein I was just about to say, there's something extra good about them. Like you expect haikus to… @kirinwilsonn @elder_ridge Idk but I thought he was Theo's little brother but I'm hearing conflicting reports and I blocked him @sorrytofollowu Let's send him something nice @WerknBlerk They hate him cuz they hate him
@mrbray30 @extremely_dope_ @allycamein Anyway I'm done talking. It's been a huge waste of time and I only kept goin… @mrbray30 @extremely_dope_ @allycamein I think Joe Biden has made all the bad decisions he's made knowing full well… @chewiff Are you good now? @Jessiexthexmess @finelinestyIe Right, these were white college kids. I'm pretty sure the AU Economics department h… @mrbray30 @extremely_dope_ @allycamein Biden seems better than Trump but they're both too evil to vote for and a sl… @mrbray30 @extremely_dope_ @allycamein I don't think I ever said "I'm an ally" but to suggest I'm doing this becaus… @murpheypound I don't think that word means what you think it means.Bruh all Joe Biden has to do to guarantee this election is back Medicare for All and promise to propose it within h…
Retweeted by James Etchison @murpheypound I should've known when I saw the breakdown of non-voters and third party progressives was 100% white… @murpheypound Ok man, please, I can't take any more guilt just stop calling me names on Twitter I'll vote for whoev…“shoot them in the leg instead of the heart” is a PERFECT analogy for the type of change a Biden presidency will bring
Retweeted by James EtchisonAttention Columbus Democrats, I'd like to announce I will be endorsing Joe Biden for president on the condition The… @murpheypound Your normal is for-profit Mexican baby prisons and drone strikes with 90% civilian casualty rates. Keep it. @mrbray30 @extremely_dope_ @allycamein I'm not laughing Brandon. The only reason we're going to have 1 of 2 right w… JUST DROPPED. @allycamein The people who vote third party were not voting for Biden under any circumstance. The Democrats seem to… @jasonfifi Oh man what a reply @kcpolice none of that was thrown. i have thrown beans, and those are not thrown beans. what'd they hit? a pillow?
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SOCIALISTS: While socialism will not eliminate racism, most of racism's worst effects are expressed materially LIB…
Retweeted by James Etchison @RiverCartoons This is in my head every dayI-bu-profen all night, Man I-bu-profen all day, Straight up pimp, If you want me, You can find me in pain!
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Facebook HQ: show James a guy he worked with 10 years ago and never talks to saying happy birthday to 19 people in… cool life hack I do is to tell everyone everything about my life always and never have any secrets so no one can… have no effect on the game as their movement restrictions are completely worthless.They can teach computers to play chess.Chess is a dumb game there's no real strategy and once you get three concept whoever goes first always wins. @WerknBlerk I don't understand what instigated himI keep deleting comments and undoing retweets and changing my mind with new information so please continue taking n… @1691UK @kendricklamar they're keeping your name out of their mouths I think it's time to drop a single. @itsmejordieb @antlergoth You're so right. I will say LSV and Gaby Spartz who stream MTG have lost a lot of followe… Trump's work for him. erasing the actions of black heroes violently protesting. Stop pushing a narrative that burning down police st…
Fully furnished with pedestals for everyone!If anyone needs somewhere to stay rent free my head is always open if you don't mind living with 28 other people an… @Dusty_Cupcakes Yeah it's not a great feeling when it's someone you care about but it'll keep you focused. @shujaxhaider @likeluke They don't remember shit. They'll stan any war criminal who tells them they're cute.The zoomers haven't cancel partied me yet but I am definitely sus until further notice.I like D&D, Audrey Hepburn, Fangoria, Harry Houdini and croquet. I can't swim, I can't dance and I don't know karat… is why yall need to stop giving a fuck about these lootings or vandalism. It will be fixed TOMORROW. Black peo…
Retweeted by James Etchison @ChelleLeary Shouldn't take long, most people are in it.
Racist violence and police murder are inherent to capitalism. It will be around until we get rid of capitalism. Kn…
Retweeted by James EtchisonMy goal is to blow up and thank everyone who put me there with an edible arrangement. @creamcorndog Don't do it you're so sexy haha @jamesetchison i'm just having some water, the normalest thing ever. i'm not initiating a sequence. i'm not a chemi…
Retweeted by James Etchison @carpe_dentum That's irritatingly stupid. Isabelle has been completely reclaimed as a queer icon. Good luck fightin… @omgurbc Yeah it's really oversaturated everyone's speech @fraxiommusic You're doing the right thing by saying this. That's most important. But know music matters and this…
@WerknBlerk Thanks, sorry if you didn't want to spell it out but I'm pretty sure you were being flippant. @WerknBlerk I hear you even if I don't know what word that is. I started it and I realized I wasn't going to enjoy… @gupimusic Please ignore the trolls. I fucking hate a lot of rich people but you know you and your family are good… @chewiff @lsv Not into MTG too much these days but I always appreciated you showing up for doing the right thing. You're a GG. @FINALLEVEL @rullund Fuck em! I was thinking about Cop Killer and how important it was that you don't hold back wh… @SnarkyDarci Let's go girls @IlhanMN I don't want to believe you believe this.
@rozacalderon @YouTube @TheStaufferLife Yes! That boy will carry that with him forever and its going to hurt every… @pamelabeyer @MykaStauffer @YouTube I can't imagine. I'm so lucky my parents watch my daughter while I work but I t… @rozacalderon @YouTube @TheStaufferLife This makes me fucking sick. I mean even if I wasn't a parent of an autistic… @richmommie Pastor ex-husband is such an ominous phrase. Almost the exact opposite of Corndog Williams.