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🇪🇺FND & NEAD suffering Sci-Fi fan🇪🇺 USS Hope's Operations officer, love Startrek's prime directive and science.

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@BatlethBabe Thank the maker! @BatlethBabe Are you back now? @Mieliboo Yes, that's exactly what my daughter said too! Ha!! @EarlGrayTrekkie I wish "cause and effect" was a two parter. Would loved to have seen Picard welcome Captain Bateso… @Number_2415_LS @scarlet_trekkie Yes I knew that, only my phone is so used too writing about Star trek the autocorr… @CelesteDLBanks It would be quite graphic, however I would like to get it out of my head and on paper. @MadScientist_CH Thank you, my Etsy helps with my medical bills.A thank you to all. @DenisCoveney @octavya360 @AAnagha197 @zoidberg95 @datsme4sure1 @FinalFronqueer @HenInAHat1 @egonomically
My daughter turned me into a animated character. @scarlet_trekkie Here's mine, UNSC Infinity. Halo. USS Daedalus. Stargate. USS Enterprise. Star trek. The Millenni… it's 8'c, I have the window open cause I'm hot. Sam sits smelling the fresh air from under the blanket, he is…
@datsme4sure1 @StarTrek @rashiduzzaman82 @TakaakiMasuda1 @scarlet_trekkie Name 3 things ( And 3 friends) you still…
In an alternative universe is Rachael. University student, studying experimental Physics. 14 years from now she wil…🎶If it bleeds we can kill it!🎶 @datsme4sure1 @rashiduzzaman82 @TrekfanRick @Trash_Panda_C @TeltheTrekkie @dandeckr @BatlethBabe @scarlet_trekkie
@JulieAnn718 Have fun @TimeForAFilm @rashiduzzaman82 @MissHrisoula @TrekLad @TTrekkie @scarlet_trekkie @zoidberg95 @jamie2bad2000'll even sign the box.I've been gifted a Galaxy Active2 44mm LTE but I can't wear it so I'm selling it to pay my treatment and medication…
I loving this #Android11 @TakaakiMasuda1 I thought the ship exploded this way due to secondary explosives because Kirk knew the Enterprise h… @datsme4sure1 @ListenToDave @RentzAllison @SlapTrek @MarcieStarfleet @YouBetUrSpaghet @SavaeWalton @KristiLynnFox
@dieseldog97 Toe-mar-toes.Home now after a scare. Been skimping on pills again, I was in denial and reduced my meds to stretch them out abit.… @amused2Bhere @Etsy Fantastic, I can't wait to see them. You're the first to buy the prints from Redbubble, so con… @DenisCoveney Wow! It looks great! I'm so happy you like it. Right now that's number 001 so you're the first on pla…
@crystalclearc1 This will be my birthday cake on the 30th @crystalclearc1 Can you share it? @crystalclearc1 Yes! Is this your recipe?In 9 days time I will be turning 46. The simpsons was on Tv when I was still in school. Nuts! @ellenieanna It was a while ago, can't even hold a pen now.My daughter has updated my Etsy page with all my drawings. Hope you like them. Please retweet if you do. @Etsy @JulieAnn718 They suit you @glee_writes
@evan_kapitansky @nerdyscott91 ClarksonJust finished a binary code teardrop necklace! This one spells out "STTNG" (for Star Trek TNG). It is ready to jour…
Retweeted by James firman 🇪🇺#WeAreStarfleet🖖I have a new drawing on Redbubble. It's a small tethered relay station, found around Mars. #findyourthing #redbubble @PDPdoesTrek Baby blue @Weezleuk The realization of my predicament hit me today, freaking out is putting it mildly. So much pain. Worrying… want to go home. @DenisCoveney What you up too?I had no idea the battle of sector 001 lasted over 15 days. The Enterprise was patrolling the Romulan neutral zone…
I'm so grateful, thankyou. @datsme4sure1 We love you and are here for you 24/7, that's our Starfleet promise x
@TrekkieJim @Etsy That would be awesome thankyou. @datsme4sure1 You're very kind.Who's going to finish my impossible jigsaw puzzle? @Malissa_Longo Whispers.. @AlphaAstro2 That would be nice, I just hope someone buys some, I've got hospital bills to pay for and I'm already behind 😓 @SUSIE1932 @Etsy I'm ok, im currently waiting for someone to help me turn over as my arms gone to sleep. I do think… is the huge command station orbiting Mars, this station has a built in Jump generator that accelerates militar… orbital station around Venus, privately owned. is my Capital ship, the Morgan Le Day, she patrols the system with a fleet of smaller ships. @SwenglishStore @Etsy I don't know how to find the right link!This is my Etsy account. I have four drawings on there for now which I drew between 93 and 96. I hope you like them… are cool! this link work?
@TheStarTrekWars Is that a thing in the states?Following and retweeting as ordered! Great cause🌈 @datsme4sure1 @TakaakiMasuda1 This breaks my ❤️ @leia0428 You're a better person than I, I can do it now because I use a computer to talk with😁 @Julie_Ann_718 I'm impressed. you can, film it, then post it in the comments.Can you say the Alphabet backwards as fast as you can say it forward? @Julie_Ann_718 You, of course I do. @leia0428 If you where an Alien, would you tell me?I do not trust anyone that can say the Alphabet backwards. You're an Alien 👽 It's not natural!
New drawing has been uploaded. The UNA Leviathan. @jamie2bad2000 "Sing Faith of the Heart one more time! I dare you! I double dare you motherfu#ker! Sing it one more Goddamn time!"Who wouldn't like this on their bed. #findyourthing #redbubble
@NicholasGolden I wish it was something profound but it was something like I would love a tea! Then shock that I sp… @paulajkaye Love this, and it's the same with me when I was a kid. I always knew if I did wrong when my parents cal… have some good news peeps. I spoke a whole sentence today.short hair // long hair?
@JamesGunn I've said this before and I'll say it again, this scene in Toy story 3 was brutal. @HeyStevieLee I'm a fan of long hair but it's only because I have no hair and I'm jealous. Before mine abandoned me… @BrentSpiner Brent do you like this? @MadScientist_CH Police have been spotted on the main road now. @MadScientist_CH Don't know, it's very out of the ordinary. Still no police and it's been over an hour now.It's all happening today, right now the village is on the look out for two men trying to take kidnap women. Second… @robert_harrower @MadScientist_CH Even I have limits, and I'm getting closer to it every day. @CelesteDLBanks Tell me about it, we think it must have been 4ish, cause Sam started barking around then, you just don't think it's that. @MickyTennico Looks like they took my torque wrench, a box of spanners, and my box of sockets, it's a right mess in here.Thankyou so much xx @MadScientist_CH One step forward 5 steps backwards it seems at the moment. I'm projecting a victim vibe, and I'm f… @manic_pixi_meme No there not coming out, they just said to make a list and inform my insurance company.Some lowlife scumbag broke into my shed last night!! I have nothing, and what I do have can't be replaced. Bastard… @classicgirl91 @a_simple_tailor Brilliant.
I have a Etsy page. Available now. @Julie_Ann_718 @MickyTennico This made me chuckle. @TakaakiMasuda1 I was so embarrassed, I brought her a coffee to apologise.💨💨💨 @TakaakiMasuda1 Years back, I was in a store desperately needing a good fart so I found a empty isle, I walked to t…, am I twelve or what because I cannot stop laughing at this video.
Retweeted by James firman 🇪🇺#WeAreStarfleet🖖 @iSinGaming Solar panel to charge your electric devices. @BatlethBabe @BatlethBabe This is my face, but you already knew that. 🖖🖖🖖 @amused2Bhere Yes, you'll find them here. Etsy page is running now. Signed prints available as requested. Thankyou all taking an interest. Means the worl…