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he/him/his. playwright & composer; artistic associate at @orchard_project; gay and resilient, with applause

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this is.....not the first time i've been recognized in public because of my ankles. lil devils. —-> obliteratedtwink @disgracedtwink snuck up behind me at the train station and scared the daylights out of me and i want that twink obliteratedi treated myself to a matinee screening of And Then We Danced and i am INDESCRIBABLY EMOTIONAL @emmylanepotter growing older by the hour? it meit’s that woman, it’s that Armfeldt!! @isaacgrivett i’ve never had my feelings for his campaign summarized so succinctly in only seven words @MilkmanNick MilkmanNick needs a MilkmanNap 🥺 @divarobbie oh for sure! i’m here to sing back up for your tweet @LaurenPokedoff @laurjbrown @sammieliebs she hasn’t yet! these are the games we play ☺️ @LaurenPokedoff @laurjbrown never heard of it what is a Lumpeeka @divarobbie Goodbye, My Love.@thekrissychula is a hero @DatDemlow @ashtonevans @Polidorable Jacob i will fight them for youok everyone the move this weekend is that we're all buying Heath's album and complimenting effusively @LouisPeitzman @hjaycee i've been told that my affection is healing @ashtonevans @Polidorable OK I WILL DO JUST THIS @hjaycee DAD ARE YOU OK @lylebrand these are research materials for a project, so they gotta be physically sent there. @DKimps @queer_bones you two never steer me wrong @MilkmanNick Nick what is it like to be so successfully responsibletwitter what is the easiest/cheapest way to ship a small box of books? @RichieHof you are everything @JohnMCoons @Slade @bemoresam @Randrews1322 @Slade @JohnMCoons yes a famously unsuccessful musical @maarkm @LouisPeitzman somethin u don’t see a lot in Winston-Salem, tbh!!!! @LouisPeitzman @maarkm i’m the Completely Naked Statue @maarkm ya that’s who you cast yourself as i was recreating one of my favorite Victoria Clark line deliveries @maarkm HE’S HER BROTHER @GrossmanMax Tenor Clarathe only thing better than a song in a musical about light is a song in a musical about flight and if u have a son… @mackfalzone my dad loved it @alexgibby tryin to find me a man who’ll leave River City the library building but leave all the books to MEright i know yes me and Balzac @WFKARS @kwprime they’re not *not* like this...... @DiscreetLatino @BAHjournalist @hjaycee i did! @soneall89 my man!! @LouisPeitzman @soneall89 @LouisPeitzman @soneall89 time heals everything! @soneall89 excited for me to have this to look forward to for a little while! @nlabosco Nick it loves you too!i care about this painting you will be in this painting
@mattycakes16 only if we get to exit through the stage door so you can get applauded again @CharsTreehouse how’d that go for you, king @LouisPeitzman don’t worry i’ll always come home to yousomeone take me on a date to 51st and 8th for Taco Bell and Wicked as soon as they hear two random students have shown up to the Emerald City:
Retweeted by james holod kennedyAmy Adams admitting she was horny for Lee Pace to the point of distraction on the set of a movie is the most relata…
Retweeted by james holod kennedy @MilkmanNick my warm boy @MichaelVarrati @MaraWilson yes yes yes exactly 👏🏼 @themarkweaver BEAUTY @sammieliebs @lizovich @LouisPeitzman don’t worry i can make it worse!!!! was Mungojerrie AND Rumpleteazer (ft @lizovich, 📸 by @LouisPeitzman) @LouisPeitzman @hjaycee yeah what Louis said @pricewalden yes @FTSGooen you are welcome here"Cancel culture" is some shit white people made up because "facing consequences for your actions" sounds like you've done something wrong.
Retweeted by james holod kennedy @FTSGooen Sandy that was friday evening!!!! @BrendanDrake truly my pleasure! it resonated in such a special way.i saw this last month and not a day goes by when i don’t think about it. truly in awe of the spirit and artistry of… rowdy cats thoughts James Corden binge eating trash can’t hurt me if I don’t look at it. If horny cats can…
Retweeted by james holod kennedy @yesitsthatshane SHANE HELLO @laurjbrown Ja @AndrewRyHolder @Slade my living room? a GARDEN my tv set? a FOUNTAIN @speucer Spencer go collect your people @JulianFlei @SpencerDay this particular Spencer worked in finance, hehe @emoonzz IMAGINE BEING LIKE THISsunday morning Umm Kulthum, ya know? @mischabreslin *THIS* is the elite school i can’t get into??? @alex_abads it’s so early @oureric this is why i’ll never get a book deal @Pschlarm @ashtonevans this is about me and beans in the future @romainepolanski i will always put my bod on the line for uthere were many unforgettable moments of happiness at Rowdy Cats but this was my fave I LOVE 😻😻 my hearing aid battery might die before the Cats screening tonight it’s a good thing 1) i know all the words… @kyry5 @LouisPeitzman surprise!! @kyry5 @LouisPeitzman i have been told i am intimidating when i’m out and about because I have RBF but once people… @adam807 ok EXCELLENT @sammieliebs @wowveryjillian how lucky for the worldsomeone let me host a rowdy screening of Peter Pan LIVE!Kyle beautiful???!?!? how is this legal @KitMoxie WE MUST DISCUSS
where she tweets gay tweets out of sight of Harge’s judgment @squeakytoy aw, thanks Steven!! likewise!!!!holy shit Dana HOne of the muses were closeted send tweet
Retweeted by james holod kennedy @tysonarmstrong people don’t know that words mean things!“what do you do?” “i write musicals” “oh, i hate musicals” “gosh, thanks for telling me Spencer”i truly don’t care that some people don’t like musicals because we all like what we like and at the end of the day… @adam807 ooooh thank you! @dervogelfamber @pearlrhein it would not at all surprise me to discover a latent interest in diseases and medical history. thank youuuuu! @feeltheheath NOT A SOUND OUT OF YOUUUUUU @RLindnerLolong @ShakespeareGay oh my god @WFKARS very fair. he’s a god-tier writer for me, but i also had a brilliant HS teacher who walked me through my fi… @WFKARS’mornin, anyone have recommendations for podcasts about science? yes this q is intentionally broad @OrangePaulp we’ve been in tech this whole time. we’re still in tech. opening night is never coming. @OrangePaulp how was this only half a year ago