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was James Id | Game Dev | Pronouns: Don't fucking talk about me / They | my opinions are my own and no one else's. | Private acct: @alsojamesid

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It's like saying bread tube is far left. me to make music, I'm super fucking cool. Have you seen my shades?
Retweeted by James Interactive @NonTrotski 😘 @NonTrotski So do I!!!Kamala Harris is a cop. Vote for Biden, but don't stop protesting until they realize they have to do something mor… won’t forget the words you’ve said. The past comes back. You’ve also sexually assaulted women at festivals.
Retweeted by James InteractiveEli Roth is gross as hell
Retweeted by James Interactivethe news about mozilla is quite sad
Retweeted by James Interactive @NonTrotski You've got good progressive friends tooo. @GyaragaX @PushinUpRoses Nah nah nananaaaaah. @MadDashiell Hell yeah.Clarissa is a big reason why I do what I do, and @PushinUpRoses is always a blast to listen to, so do.
@PuppetCombo @ghostghostdev Bubba Ho-Tepplease hear this... I’m asking everyday for accountability over how I and other survivors were treated by them. we…
Retweeted by James InteractiveWhen is this app getting banned
Retweeted by James Interactive, I was just tweeting last week about how I blocked that stupid baby nut / Mr Peanut account and woke up to…
Retweeted by James Interactive @Harlack No, you are.lrt may @Nyxfears is such a great, underrated youtuber. even if you're not really into horror, her videos are well…
Retweeted by James InteractiveWear your mask. @Nyxfears or parish ✨
Retweeted by James Interactive @ItIsClit The fast food wars dont seem as farfetched these days.Terminus is now available on the Oculus store for Rift users to do at home. Tell your trippy VR obsessed friends!…
Retweeted by James Interactive @DaveCapdevielle Change your name to Grandpamayor pete is trending so I'm obligated to re-post the best moment from the primary, when he got absolutely demolis…
Retweeted by James Interactive @Hellgradedos The thing to remember: these folx hate everyone. They will find any way to be cruel, and not one drop of it is true.We were able to stand the tide of Covid coming from NJ and NY, and flatten the curve like a mofo. So yes, Rachel L… @MaggieMaeFish You have the names switched. @GyaragaX @AnderssonKev Smoke weed, fight Nazis.
Oh jeez. Woke up at 8am this morning for the DMT trip. I cannot remember when the last time I woke up that early w… @cathroon 😳 @LysandraAriella Bookmarking this for later...Punching was too good for Nazis. @AITA_reddit "You must be uncomfortable for my comfort" - cis male proverb
Retweeted by James Interactive good way to think about private property vs. personal property is to see CPD flip out over some fancy insured sto…
Retweeted by James Interactive @ItIsClit I knew the cops were stupid, but walking into walls is just taking the cake! 🍰🎵If I could commit all the crime. If I could find a way.🎵's fuck around and find out
Retweeted by James Interactive @KyleKallgren Stay well, comrade! @Nyxfears Are you the Terror From Beyond Space? Can I get your autograph!? @AnderssonKev Yep. While everyone was gaining covid weight, I lost 20lbs. @K1mpp4 Thanks so much for this!! @K1mpp4 I'd be interested in games no one can play. @K1mpp4 Everything is equally accessible if no one can figure it out. @DaveCapdevielle The Jersey Devil. Part of my family is from the Pine Barrens. @Nyxfears They are fucking pathetic sociopaths.Fuck you, I'm cute. @KamiSawZe @_mostruosolalli @TylerGlaiel You realize they aren't actual bees, right? @Nyxfears Hello yes. How much is one? @Nyxfears Like wut?Tax the billionaires' pandemic profits and pay for everyone's health care.
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New patreon competitor, run like a coop. The creators using the platform having democratic control of its trajector…
Retweeted by James InteractiveAnytime a queer person, POC, or Woman has a public presence and influence there’s some dumb as fuck white guy sayin…
Retweeted by James Interactive @Maddss_BBL Definitely gives me Captain Blood vibes. @itsmatay A BBQ place had a bunch of vegetarian stuff. I rolled up to it, the cashier said they didn't make any of… @SoozUK is stopping your game hud from looking like this? @TylerGlaiel You sucked. @TylerGlaiel Black Mirror did it! @MathasGames @BaerTaffy @Fleshsqueeze I know what will make you feel better. to react to someone correctong pronouns.
Retweeted by James InteractiveA case study in "punishable by fine = legal for the rich"
Retweeted by James InteractiveThe words are “Illegal“ and “warrantless“
Retweeted by James InteractiveDo Drugs Love Others clown cars. 🤡🚗 @Fleshsqueeze Hot sweaty guys in an industrial environment? Still delightfully gay.Just remember that Pink told y’all. #KanyeConJob
Retweeted by James InteractiveChild killer. @NYGovCuomo Child killer.Some folx are poly, or ethically nonmonogamous, or swingers or whatever. Big deal. @Fleshsqueeze Body Hammer is my jam. @ItIsClit I feel your pain on that. I get your point and it's absolutely valid. Just don't get upset when yall see me say yall 😉 @ItIsClit Oh i just refer to my fans or a single person as yall to be gender neutral, but I got you. Never good to… @ItIsClit Aw... @BryceBucher @ModusPwnin You calling me brainless? @InnerVoltRock @JoshuaPotash @donwinslow
Retweeted by James InteractiveWow. The cops have no idea what to do about the organized shield wall in Portland tonight.
Retweeted by James InteractiveI will run for sheriff. This will be my police force. I expect a landslide in my favor.
2020 @dungeonfaust And immediately out of stamina?The pandemic is the karmic price we're paying for a program as good as Blender being free.
Retweeted by James InteractiveDorian Electra - Adam & Steve
Retweeted by James InteractiveHappy #VoreDay #VoreDay2020 @ompuco Do fbx files have ghosts?cool how they decided to do a remove-until-reviewed policy for content protesting fascism, yet actual fascist conte…
Retweeted by James Interactive @VIDEO1_ Weren't they in Dark Souls?people who use cringe to mean bad are weak willed, they absolutely disgust me. cringy shit is funny as hell and i l…
Retweeted by James InteractiveLife in prison for property damage, no prison at all for the 2 cops who shot a man 30 times as he was running away…
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@iFarons Because I hate game devs. @thanosroblox69 I knowwwww. No hard feelings, love ❤ @GyaragaX I love them both, so it makes sense to me 😘 @thanosroblox69 Good catch. Too bad I'm too much of a garbage monster to look things like that up. @Enichan But Bernie BrosI am retweeting this again. I hope folx read this. Don't let another abuser walk away Scott free just because th…