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another perfect summation of uk political discourse: national broadcaster journalists not being allowed to publicly… be good if the people writing these actually displayed a modicum of understanding of being online case you missed it was smart and thoughtful, especially on the cycles of access, capital, and acclaim that importers, roasters, a… some reason, "11 Stacked Beefy Bois You Can Massively Oversaturate on the Gram" didn't pass the headline test
@WraggJessica @eaterlondon a valid point @abrowntable huge congrats nik @_terroirism_ what i will say for this episode is that it was crammed with split-second moments that encapsulated everything wrong with itthis week's bake off was both a total mess and a reminder that the show needs to answer for its representations of… first episode of @criticismisdead is up! it's about snoozefests REBECCA and ON THE ROCKS, and also two famous m…
Retweeted by James Hansen @portobelly @hollowlegs this is --exactly-- why this episode was so disappointingWrote about why I think negative book reviews should in fact be legal
Retweeted by James Hansenanyway here's how that went'll believe it when i see it
@RachaelKrishna [weeping] @adamjmoussa you're going to let people enjoy things i believe, a radical corollary to this could be, the permission for indi… @meemalee @chrispople yea its dominance enduring has not necessarily been all to the good @chrispople @meemalee (also it's home to tonkotsu which is the dominant style us ramen nerds glommed on to after ip… bake off doing japan week could go really wrong, thank god one of its judges didn't make an entire tv show in w… @LRB I wrote about Marcus Rashford’s Child Poverty Task Force, private sector CSR teams competing over free sch…
Retweeted by James Hansendamn matt berninger's new album is topasap's back the absence of cogent, compassionate government food policy, here's where you can help
Retweeted by James Hansenthere's a "guess the person from the baby picture" game at work and it's cute but also i think you should leave has… about how speciality coffee spent more time demonising decaffeination than exploitation of coffee farmers
Retweeted by James Hansenmoon soupright now the story is that a footballer is FEEDING HUNGRY CHILDREN. the story the tories don't want to be told is… about how speciality coffee spent more time demonising decaffeination than exploitation of coffee farmers if you have a squad whereby you could play aubameyang cf, pepe rf, and saka lf with partey breaking line… fact the current Tory position of 'feeding children is ludicrously expensive' is overwhelmingly defended by imp…
Retweeted by James Hansenreal kick in the teeth for ealing
Sharing this essay I wrote in 2017 (&published 2019) in response to food bank stats. We have a history of state sub…
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Children going hungry in one of the richest countries in the world is an INJUSTICE. While charity is helpful &welco…
Retweeted by James Hansenhorrible way to go honestly do you know what your job title is
@AliceMaryGrier absolutely, i just fear they're going to look at this and "go great job, lads, we smashed the idea… shouldn’t have to be this way, but it is more important to feed a hungry child than argue about how it’s done. O…
Retweeted by James HansenMarcus Rashford's amazing campaign is the same as gofundmes for school food in America: It's not a feel good story,…
Retweeted by James HansenA month after closure of the #ElephantandCastle Shopping Centre, @santuli23 @patria_roman and Natalia share their t…
Retweeted by James Hansenthe thing about saying individuals, local cafes and uh, mcdonalds "shame the government" by paying businesses to do… new restaurants is back — here are october's’s true, you lot just chat shit constantly
Retweeted by James HansenThis country is just sick. The fact that the default response to child hunger is for people to whip out their calcu…
Retweeted by James Hansensimilar to the "do we need proof of address at the pub" discourse, the reaction to rishi sunak’s very staged, very…
mission chinese was supposed to be a better restaurant. but sometimes toxicity isn't about just one person, but a s…
Retweeted by James Hansenplease only moan at arteta when arsenal start drawing or losing games they --should win-- because that was the bigg… PERSONAL NEWS: I'M BECOMING A PODCAST GUY AND YOU CAN'T STOP ME subscribe to @criticismisdead, a pod from…
Retweeted by James HansenThis is extremely patronising. Marcus Rashford isn’t naive and “adorable”, he knows who the Tories are. Campaigns l…
Retweeted by James Hansen[slurping down bicarb while doing 100 hour weeks on 20k pa] this is good for my brain this was genuinely difficult. it’s hard to look beyond not the basic cruelty in the denial of food, but the… people who just liquidated their businesses at the cost of hundreds of jobs joking about business lunches pretty ghoulish tbh[jonathan swift returning from the dead as an MP] so ... gang ... i have a proposal, it's pretty modest though, you in orcould one political journalist hold the government instead of the public accountable for one fucking second just hope the many food figures who spent 2019 election season lambasting labour and handwringing now reacting in… you want to understand My #EndSARS tweets, read this piece I wrote for @AJEnglish. As it went up, the military o…
Retweeted by James Hansen @nicmillerstale this image contains multitudesoh good it's "you can buy seven potatoes and pickle some local weeds, you lazy parents" time again i love this country responsibility to not live under Tory rule, parental responsibility to not have suffered a decade of auste…
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a party that votes for children to go hungry has over 40 percent in the polls Scottish and Welsh governments have pledged to extend free school meals over the holidays up to and including E…
Retweeted by James Hansentime will tell if w11 is the west village vibe buvette knows but this place should be worth a look's rounding up bake off going? yeah really well thanks everyone it is possible that writers making restaurant lists have omitted places on purpose rather than forgetting them cheers
Retweeted by James Hansen
.@adamjmoussa it's that time again fellas, 2020, it's had it all. but the one thing i cannot imagine, in any timeline, is lee mack interviewing a… perfect typo doesn't ex— thread for everyone who is fulminating about why India is not 'growing' asafoetida/hing
Retweeted by James HansenWhatever the rights and wrongs of the Özil affair, there’s something essentially quite weird and sad about good foo…
Retweeted by James Hansen @RachaelKrishna ummmmmmmmmmhi everyone it is possible that writers making restaurant lists have omitted places on purpose rather than forgetting them cheers
i remain blocked by an esteemed food writer because i liked a tweet that was not about them, the text of which they… is true, and additionally speaking for now, it is way past time english football analysis moved past "not that…
I’ll rephrase that last tweet. I find it chilling that people are so angered by the idea of cultural criticism and enquiry
Retweeted by James Hansenfondly remembering being called "mean" and "trash" for observing that a lucrative food writing award had broken its… idea that all cultural products are inherently worthy of respect is yet another scheme that oligarchs have conc…
Retweeted by James Hansenbadly written negative reviews often --don't-- review the work and instead review a person/marketing/hype/expectati… can someone stick a pin in the idea that all negative art criticism of any kind is mean/unkind/rude/hurtful/… fans getting exercised over a 1-0 loss to city preserved by three great ederson saves while tottenham have… @CursedFootball reserves of uk us food discourse are exhausted. they are dry. it is finished. no more please
at! your! service! key tldr: don’t be dicks to waiters who are being implicitly asked to enforce public health law…
Retweeted by James HansenThey say the left never stand up for their country, but look what happens when Americans start tweeting about what…
Retweeted by James Hansen
italians mad at food can direct all enquiries to va[at]ffan[dot]culo knows market is changing cities and being changed by them. In today's newsletter three writers examine the political…
Retweeted by James HansenMorning Call now back in its early March groove of "look, if you want to do this, you really do need to do the econ…
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Some labour MP's are agst giving police and other agencies the power to murder and rape. To commit more hillsboroug…
Retweeted by James Hansenin my intro today i wrote about the hierarchies of seasonality and why natoora don’t stock plantains
Retweeted by James Hansen @chrisecrowley fucking manifest it[laughs in hipster analysis]! your! service! key tldr: don’t be dicks to waiters who are being implicitly asked to enforce public health law… beautiful piece by @patrick_barkham, with an absolute gut punch of an ending.
Retweeted by James Hansenhow it started how it's going vs London cc: @BorisJohnson
Retweeted by James Hansen @tmorrissyswan i thought two tweets would be overkill but yes, there are many more issues (: