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18. I like playing footie for my school/youth club teams (that's me in the pic ⚽) Listening to music 🎸Chilling out 🕶️ Politics: Anti-Brexit, Pro-EU 🇪🇺

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@slaveto5cats So is Darren Grimes 🤣 @slaveto5cats I hope she's not a Brexit supporter! @slaveto5cats Is that a unicorn on the table? @DrewLawDesign You'd be picking up the bill for breaking into our house 🤣 @DaveSav88827610 @Matt_VickersMP Whatever I'm not going to keep making the same point to you over and over again. @DrewLawDesign "Walk Out To Winter" by Aztec Camera @10DowningStreet We wouldn't get a truthful answer so what's the point.
@DrewLawDesign "When it's Night Time in Italy it's Wednesday Over Here" by the Everly Brothers @DaveSav88827610 @Matt_VickersMP I object to the term "will of the people" because there is no such thing as the wi… @DaveSav88827610 @Matt_VickersMP 37% of the electorate voted Leave 35% of the electorate voted Remain 28% of the el… @DaveSav88827610 @Matt_VickersMP That's not what I said @DrewLawDesign "Breakfast in Bed" by UB40
@DrewLawDesign "I'm a Liar" by The Pigeon Detectives @Matt_VickersMP Repeat after me: 37% of the electorate does not equate to the "will of the people" Keep repeating… @DrewLawDesign "Animal" by The Pigeon Detectives @mojo02942583 @Fox_Claire Jeez! It's a bit late to put it back to the people if we've already left. @spudcambs @juanincognito @Fox_Claire Businesses didn't know what they were "transitioning" to until Dec 24th @Fox_Claire Hahahaha you keep saying the voters matter. But those that wanted to put the final decision back to the… @Trademarkno2 I thought Sam and Dave were more cockney than soul. Gertcha @Daily_Express @Facts4euOrg @benhabib6 @MartinDaubney The Brexit propaganda rag strikes again! Have a day off. @benhabib6 Have a day off @LordAshcroft The govt never looked for evidence of Russian interference in the referendum but that doesn't mean th… @westham009 Oh right. The only reason I ask is because West Ham play my team Stockport County on Monday so the fewe… @westham009 Why is that?
@MikeOGallagher @DavidLammy @Conservatives On neither occasion is he advocating riots or violence so you're barking up the wrong tree there @MikeOGallagher @DavidLammy @Conservatives I don't even know what that means @MikeOGallagher @DavidLammy @Conservatives The campaign was to put it back to the people. If the people still wante… @westham009 Wise words from a wise puppet @DrewLawDesign "Nothing To Do With You" by the Pigeon Detectives @thephilippics There is nothing undemocratic about campaigning for a second referendum once all the consequences of… @Lee_Smith1991 @RhonddaBryant @amandamilling @AndrewRTDavies I've already written to all the world leaders and told…
@thephilippics Are you really that dumb? @CharlotteCGill You don't even know what democracy means. @Lee_Smith1991 @RhonddaBryant @amandamilling @AndrewRTDavies That's because there is no "will of the people" 37% v… @GSMScotland @BorisJohnson He's probably writing two speeches and will then decide which one will best serve his career. @DrewLawDesign "Stop Stop Stop" by The Hollies @AdamPeckham3 @MickyT67 @IanLane10 @evans_marke @SamuelMarcLowe @Sunpoches Ah right. I did have a quick look at you… @AdamPeckham3 @MickyT67 @IanLane10 @evans_marke @SamuelMarcLowe @Sunpoches I can't work out whether you're suggesti…
@LozzaFox @BBC Yes they will. There are plenty of good programmes for kids on the BBC. They're probably watching th… @BrexitLondon The EU get tariff-free access to UK markets where the EU has a trade surplus with us. The "right-wing… @MickyT67 @IanLane10 @evans_marke @SamuelMarcLowe @Sunpoches Yeah well anyone who thinks it good to have friction w… @IanLane10 @evans_marke @SamuelMarcLowe @Sunpoches But less than half of our trade is with the EU. The majority the… @alongnumber Yeah but that's only because we couldn't afford electricity 🤪 @alongnumber It looks very tidy to me @Tobias_Ellwood Your former boss was keen to do deals with China @DrewLawDesign I gave my dad a Father's Day card and then realised I was a week early. I obviously got the dates mixed up. So embarrassing. @sturitchie2010 He's probably going to announce a major policy at 4pm but needs the 5pm presser to say that the pol…
@DrewLawDesign "Pianos and Clocks" by Aztec Camera @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign I think he lived into his 70s. Freddie passed away at 67 😢 @nadhimzahawi @BorisJohnson @NHSuk "The PM @BorisJohnson has made it clear that..." Never start a tweet with that… @J5pink Cowardice @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign I think he outlived him by a few years @DrewLawDesign My great grandfather was born on exactly the same day as Freddie Bartholomew. Yep he was born on a F…
@jenben71 @DrewLawDesign I'd have used the word 'opinionated' rather than sociopath 🤪 @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign Santa didn't get me anything because he got stuck halfway down the chimney. We're still tr… @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign Mine is the only opinion that matters 🤪 @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign Yes thank you. Did you? @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign It's better. @jenben71 @DrewLawDesign I introduced you to a BETTER version, not an "equally good version". You're lucky I don't give detentions! @danielmgmoylan "EU tyranny"?????????? All we had to do to leave the EU was send the A50 notification and that was… @danielmgmoylan Surely every trade bloc is "protectionist" in that it protects its members. That's why they join. I… @westham009 Yep. Or the joy and relief he saw on their faces was as he was leaving the shop. @Nigel_Farage And you really expect people to believe that???? Really? For the last few days we've had so many peo… @DrewLawDesign "Gimme Some Truth" by John Lennon Or to be grammatically correct: "Give Me Some Truth" @Peston A leader needs to be able to make decisions. Johnson is clearly incapable of doing that. He left it until t…
@Nigel_Farage Stop lying. Johnson says we've now taken back control of our borders and I believe him. Brexit means… @DrewLawDesign "I'm a Liar" by the Pigeon Detectives @DaveSav88827610 @tomhfh Plenty of people don't understand that when we stop paying that money into the EU budget w… @marblechops @BrugesGroup @Fox_Claire I know what 37% is. The EU is not on its arse Yes we will go back one day. @DrewLawDesign "Wake Up Little Susie" by the Every Brothers @JanBoote @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO She doesn't have to worry about that. @stevo0501 @miffythegamer I don't think i've ever interacted with him tbh @Lovehasnowords1 @DrewLawDesign But do they still think it was for the best? Have any of them learned anything from… @BrugesGroup @Fox_Claire JFC! You "won" a referendum on the back of just 37% of the electorate. So you've hardly go… @johnredwood Keep digging @toryboypierce Do you get paid to be this stupid or do you do it for a hobby? @Fox_Claire @Ash_Hirani @UKHouseofLords @CatharineHoey @MorrisseyHelena @danielmgmoylan @GiselaStuart Hmmmmm someon… @BrandonLewis The gift that keeps on giving. A govt minister openly admits that SM/CU/FoM is a great opportunity fo… @BritishAlba @tutt_brian @BrandonLewis Hahahahaha as if you're the one to say what the UK would tolerate! You're a BOT 🤖🤖🤖 @Fox_Claire @Ash_Hirani @UKHouseofLords @CatharineHoey @MorrisseyHelena @danielmgmoylan @GiselaStuart You are clear…
@tomhfh That's not how it works. Go and educate yourself. @DrewLawDesign "You Better Not Look My Way" by the Pigeon Detectives @DmitryOpines @AnnaJerzewska Call that a border? This is a border @miffythegamer Haha I am too polite. I swore for the first time on twitter yesterday but then deleted the tweet. It… @miffythegamer No-one famous has blocked me yet. I must be doing something wrong! @miffythegamer She keeps repeating that cr@p and it started pi55ing me off. But she still won't answer or reply to any of my tweets. @Fox_Claire @NeilNeilthree @ChristianJMay Can you explain why people who campaigned for a 'final say' referendum ar… @lifeisdifficut @BrandonLewis It's what they get paid for. It's their job. @KellieCyorks Are you still drinking? 🥛🍸🍷 @Lordbrexit1 @Ang84842365 Someone who voted to leave the EU now decides he wants to live in Spain which is in the E… @moonvalley11 @Fox_Claire @Future_Cities There is now a border in the Irish Sea. Did she mention that or was that too negative for her? @NashWaynenash1 @Fox_Claire @Future_Cities What does that even mean?????? Words without context. @Fox_Claire @Future_Cities You expect people to back something that they fundamentally disagree with????? We live i… @talkRADIO @mrmarkdolan @spikedonline The man is a prat. @dagadog @MattHancock Hmmm i'm sure they need us more than we need them. @strandedatsea @lilyparis_liz @SteveBakerHW If she's struggling she could ask her followers for suggestions. I'm su… @Romanez @Baddiel If his aim was to have an external border down the Irish Sea then he's achieved his aim. If that… @MattHancock Have you told them yet that we're the bestest country in the world? And that everything we do is world… @ChristineEasda1 But i'm talking about the notion that national broadcasters should be told what they can and can't… @lilyparis_liz @SteveBakerHW What were the other ridiculous rules that prompted you to vote for Brexit?