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James @jamesr_diaz Los Angeles, CA

geeky cyclist. he/him

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@AndreaRhodea In the beginning it’s hard because you don’t know exactly what your capabilities are, but then you le… @wblanco85 How is Gentefied season 2 coming? (Sorry I just thought of a comeback) @AndreaRhodea I played it yesterday, it made my brain hurt too haha 🥴Said “bye” on a teams call without saying “mmm” before it please clapOpened F*cebook to see an old hookup has pivoted to a shirtless lip syncing TikT*k gay 😔Give it UP for the band Y'all on this #Kellyoke! 👏🎸
Retweeted by James @reindeereks Haha I’m a Cancer Moon game was a cute little surprise. #PS5Share, #Maquette @ThornsPerfected - Jewel (1995)
@lycanthr0pic_ No I was waiting for the PSN gift card 😭 lol @benjrainwrite Ok but your hair looks great tooGreat news, but my window to become a hot is getting smaller and smaller :( gets a dose of her own medicine. @VUMChealth
Retweeted by James @VanDerWhat I was mad! Lol @nickybrownson Just you! @nickybrownson 🥺 @worldagainstjos The amount of people that believe I landed a sugar daddy at my age, I’m honoredI got a PS5 bundle, and my console came today but when I tried to redeem my $50 on the store it said the code had been used. 🙃I enjoyed G*nny & Ge*rgia
I’m about to make an appointment to go into my office because I need to use a stapler and print something. @reelSNOB You don’t even say the first part @introvertgay A classic💿WHAT’S YOUR PLEASURE?💿 I felt inspired to re-create @JessieWare ‘What’s Your Pleasure?’ album cover especially a…
Retweeted by James @BillyRubinCyrus I- @transitdiagram 😌 @transitdiagram 😕 @FirstKnivesClub Or when they do but then it just clips through all the armor :( @Nathaniel_Gu24 Yes @dogvomitco Haha it was from a cycling event I was in last year 😕 @GenieGene_PS Hello ☺️ @brumioji AIDS/LifeCycle @keithkurson @EmilioEmm Yes and yes 😌 @friskky 👀 @lycanthr0pic_ 🥺 @lobitosuave 😘 @ponyfren 🥰I heard eye bags and middle parts are cool now @oscar_sarutobi Happy birthday! @sailorbluto 🥺
Okay but why did she beat her face just to choke out the kids omg not agastasia beverly harkness hills
Retweeted by JamesIf I stay out on my couch too late, my dog will give up and go to sleep in my bedroom @bry_guy012 Let’s talk about biologyWho up playing with they ringtone @imjustapawnsir Up @dogvomitco Unless locking you up makes you more h-wordLove to be a cyclist in LA hours of the Outriders demo and I have concluded it is not for me @qjotx SameJust the one at my grandpa’a ranch in Mexico when I was 10, it was so cute! Then they killed it and made birria. anyone would like to send me some cupcakes or ice cream I would greatly appreciate it thanks!! @wblanco85 The twist at the end is dumb.Behind Her Eyes is terrible wtf @morgthemerrier And that dump truck 🍑 @morgthemerrier Idk, you always struck me as more of a That Sexy Guy On Twitter #538394 anyway
Here’s the @goldfrapp song A&E from our kitchen disco after party. Dedicated to everyone out there. We’ve all been…
Retweeted by JamesThis game was so much fun and it only took an extra hour after beating it to get a platinum. #13Sentinels #PS4share up thankful for the nudes on fleetsOk, yes, hello #PS4share @dominicsjr It’s so good! I’m almost at the end, I’ve been addicted to it this week
@morgthemerrier I don’t tolerate you ❤️Slept amazingly, but I realized this morning it’s been a whole year since another m*n has been in my bed :( @introvertgay Lol my boss cancels at least two every month. True blissMe tryna get outta bed without waking up my dog
Retweeted by JamesIt’s going to be ok❤️ love you!
Retweeted by James @wblanco85 17I just got new bedsheets and idk, I think they’re about to solve all my problems
Retweeted by JamesYuffie!!!! @dominicsjr Love the James Bond vibe of this trailer/songme in a meeting: “this could’ve been an email” me receiving an email: “i’m going to hurl myself into the sun”
Retweeted by James @dps_moira Ugh I hated it, almost unwatchableAre we bringing Beyoncé Always on Beat back? #AgathaAllAlong
Retweeted by James @dps_moira I just hope the show adds some lighting so we can actually see the costumes now 😭 @HanabiDrift Thank you ❤️ @reindeereks Sorry, but I think Natalie should have just given her the jacket... @Queerrilla I haven’t played that 😩 the combat in this took a bit for me to get into, but once the battles get hard…
Post an image of yourself as the final boss without downloading new pics I belong in FFVIII.… @mynamedeek I’m enjoying a lot ☺️ @mynamedeek I would say yesThe plot of this game is absolutely batshit but like in an amazing way and I am hooked.
97% of people won’t post this image of our Lord and savior on their timeline. Will you be one of the 3% true believ…
Retweeted by James @MJsaysthings The last time I went out someone spilled my whole drink on me and I just wanna feel that alive again
I hate when some guy I haven’t talked to in months messages me and I respond earnestly and then they leave me on read 🤡 @antwat33_ Was this tweet for you?Sarah McLachlan really snapped with Drawn to the RhythmIt’s a Sin: come for the tragedy porn, stay for the soundtrack
Retweeted by James @chrtucci @charles_jensen It offended you, of course I deleted lol? @eddiepdoherty This is all your faultWell @reelSNOB @ANDY_P_S HelloWe’re having a picnic with my dad for his birthday. He’s a little buzzed, and out of nowhere he turned to me and sa… @reelSNOB No @introvertgay So strange, but it’s great. @brbrbrantley I was definitely not in the closet but I will respond
A brand new drawing of every Zelda ever made specifically to celebrate #Zelda35th 💕
Retweeted by James @reindeereks Haha it happens! (Woof love the fur btw) @RodcommaThe @Scott__B__ Lmao @imjustapawnsir Lol I’m still in the tutorial, it’s fun! Interesting story tooI’m really into this lol