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@MirrorAnderson 👍United are weighing up their options over Sanchez. He’s not in Solskjaer’s plans, but won’t just walk away from £45…
BREAKING: #LFC confirm that they will no longer make use of the government's Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme. A le…
Retweeted by James RobsonWoodward emailed Manchester United today to confirm no furloughs. Also plenty more really commendable measures by… confidence United will land Sancho after he showed little interest last summer #mufc is still an ‘overriding determination’ to complete the season - even if it means delaying the start of the ne…
United have done a lot right lately - and this is the latest example #mufc #lfc scouts have been given three key factors to look for and Sancho fits them all #mufc details on this #MCFC #LFC note Liverpool Man City: "We can confirm, following a decision by the Chairman and Board last week, that Manch…, war and more teams like City. United actually published their worst fears for all to read #mufc
“As the Premier League continues to grow in popularity, the interest of wealthy potential owners may increase, lead… Glazers’ worst fears spelled out in black and white #mufc
United players are expected to be guarded when asked about transfers. Rashford’s Sancho comments point to a shift i…’s pursuit of Sancho has echoes of the tactics (successfully) deployed by Barcelona and Real Madrid #mufc
It’s understood there are no hard feelings towards Haaland at United. They consider his buyout reasonable and are p…
@DiscoMirror YKTGMaguire was Solskjaer’s top CB target - but he’s a big fan of De Ligt, too. #mufc has convinced Solskjaer of his leadership qualities on the pitch and United are confident he’d be signific… could have been brilliant for City - but they didn’t want or need him. No wonder Guardiola was left so ba…
Just one example of how messy football could get if it’s postponed for too long. United are a company with responsi… want £200-250m for Harry Kane is stepping up his recovery from back injury after scans showed he’s responded well to treatment #mufc
"I couldn't say yes and I couldn't say no." Harry Kane would consider leaving Tottenham if the club is not going '…
Retweeted by James RobsonDortmund will not block Sancho’s move to United #mufc asked about his ‘disdain’ for Pogba in his Times column today. Notably doesn’t attempt to deny the accusat… @MUFC_Bobby 👍If you are a football person please join the challenge of posting a football photo. Just one picture, no descriptio… @1ELITEANALYSIS With Rashford, ‘Sancho’, Greenwood, Fernandes, ‘Pogba’ - there should be plenty of goals. Every tea… @smarthinking99 Justifies their misgivings about signing him. On the other hand, who’s to say another contract coul… @1ELITEANALYSIS Not this summer @1ELITEANALYSIS I can say what I think a perfect summer might look like if everything went to plan - and that’s a b… @1ELITEANALYSIS I’d never guarantee anything re transfers as so much can happen to change the situation - eg Utd ha… @1ELITEANALYSIS Hi - Go for itI don’t know if Solskjaer will be United’s next title-winning manager. I really don’t. But objectively assess the…
@daveh270 They are trying and have the money. @Blueblood1233 Didn’t need to guarantee - just not actively buy numerous players to block his development @mpecky61 Consider the forward players signed at the time he was being offered a new contract. City haven’t missed… will haunt City if he is the catalyst for United. Solskjaer is banking on capitalising on Guardiola’s bigge…
⭐ 𝗤𝗨𝗜𝗭 𝗧𝗜𝗠𝗘 ⭐ We have compiled some 𝙩𝙤𝙪𝙜𝙝 questions across a variety of sports. Think you're up to the challenge?…
Retweeted by James Robson @kwameA_B That’s a risk u take when u sign a player still contracted to another club. He will be out of contract and that’s the point @CooneyFitness Certainly makes it easier to do that by drawing a definitive end to this season @northenders1 Suspect there’s the potential of legal action in most scenarios. Look at the kit arguments brewing at… will come a point when it’s impractical/impossible to complete ‘this’ season. Ziyech is 1 example. What if h… surprise that United are very much one of the clubs who want this season to be completed. Liverpool rivalry is o… will offer season ticket holders a pro-rata rebate against their season tickets for next year, or a pro-rata… club majority required to void the Premier League season. Here’s how you get very close to that figure #mufc talk of the season being abandoned. Clear here that declaring it void could be the point of least resistanc… have changed their strategy after accepting they can’t dominate the transfer market like they used to #mufc’s clear Sancho is the ideal fit at United. Here’s three formations in which his inclusion would transform #mufc
Retweeted by James RobsonIt’s clear Sancho is the ideal fit at United. Here’s three formations in which his inclusion would transform #mufc
United thought terms of Haaland deal set a dangerous precedent. They didn’t want to give control of his future to R… @hirstclass @MullockSMirror Question. Not a statement. But thanks for reaching outCrystal Palace Q&A @JackRosser_ will be answering your #CPFC questions this afternoon. Leave a question as a repl…
Retweeted by James RobsonDillon Hoogewerf has signed pro terms at United. If you haven’t seen his FA Youth Cup goal against Leeds, have a look. #mufcDon’t expect Sancho to be the only arrival - but this shows what a difference just one addition this summer makes t…
The No7 shirt is ready and waiting for Sancho at United. He could be to Guardiola what De Bruyne and Salah are to M… @GuvnorRhys Can only play XI at a timeUnited’s next title-winning team? #mufc figures at Dortmund think Sancho is on his way to United #mufc morning from another day of self-isolation in Spain. I'll be doing a Q&A on @standardsport later today at 1pm…
Retweeted by James RobsonHard to know if this represents good or bad news for United. Crucial the uncertainty isn’t allowed to compromise su…
@phil_leckey Should be#WHUFC I'll be attempting to fill the footballing void with a Q&A on all things West Ham for @standardsport this af…
Retweeted by James RobsonIghalo’s contract runs until the end of May. Even the most optimistic of estimates make it unlikely he will be elig…
Really can't see football returning by April 30 - and United have experienced first hand just how difficult it will… all. I'll be filling the void (and your lunch hour) with a Q&A on all things Tottenham from 1pm on…
Retweeted by James RobsonSolskjaer’s first transfer decision was symbolic for the future of #MUFC. Across the board he’s got the big calls r…
Sancho wouldn’t push for a move to United last summer - but they are far more attractive prospect now and one of th…’s personal showreel this season proves he is a scorer of all types of goals. His improvement has often been… Glazers have shown their flair for the spectacular as United prepare for a big summer #mufc
Liverpool Q&A Got a question about #LFC? 🔺 Title 🔺 Transfers 🔺 Timo Werner 🔺 Latest lockdown news Leave a reply…
Retweeted by James RobsonUnited and City have combined to donate £100k to foodbanks in Greater Manchesterær would tell Martial “That’s not the job of a striker” He’s been one of his biggest successes at United. The…
Pogba ‘could be driven out of Man Utd after criticism’ #mufc a reminder, I’m hosting another live Q&A today on @standardsport, this time discussing all things #cfc. Feel f…
Retweeted by James Robson
As transfers go it was the equivalent of Manchester United snapping up Harry Kane this summer #mufc➡️Woodward knows this summer is critical for #mufc ➡️He trusts Solskjær’s judgement in the transfer market ➡️Unite… have raised the prospect of the cancellation of the Premier League amid Covid-19 despite FA announcing rule… Utd to pledge to protect earnings of casual staff with £1m payout that’s around £1.25m United have pledged to fans and casual staff in the space of a week in relation to coronavi… will pay out £1m to protect casual workers during coronavirus. #mufc Another good move by the club followin… @samuelluckhurst ‘matchgoers’ are only part of the issue. At what point will every football club in the country be…"Woodward also realises this is a critical point in United's future. Guardiola is likely nearing the end at City an… surprise Premier League postponement has been extended. Hardest decision was postponing it in the first place. S… Q&A up and running. First question regards United’s transfer priorities and how many signings are being target…“I definitely want to take a great player to Real Madrid, and I will try to do so this summer” #mufc @AlbaMokopane @YOURFAVEOLIVIA @standardsport Self-confessed?Sancho, Bellingham, Grealish etc - send your questions about United’s summer transfer plans and City’s rebuild. Q&A…’m hosting a live Q&A today on @standardsport to discuss all things #mufc and #mcfc Post questions here and I’ll be answering from 1pm.
Some United fans have been quick to criticise the Glazers over Brady. Personally, I don’t know how you fit him, Pog… @City_Chief players have been told to give daily WhatsApp updates to Guardiola after being handed personal training plans #mcfc#afc Will be making my Q&A debut later to discuss all things Arsenal. Feel free to send me your questions on anyt…
Retweeted by James Robson
Bellingham is a huge part of United’s summer plans & they believe they are well in the race to sign him, despite Do… Matic’s contract is the triggering of an option - not a new deal. His form & attitude suggests he still has…𝗟𝗜𝗩𝗘 𝗤&𝗔 We are LIVE with @JamesOlley to discuss the challenges facing football amid the coronavirus outbreak and…
Retweeted by James RobsonFrench Open postponed from May to September, becoming first tennis grand slam moved due to coronavirus. Read:…
Retweeted by James RobsonEuro 2020 has been delayed until 2021, taking place between June 11 and July 11. More follows.
Retweeted by James Robson
Likewise Wolves are capitalising on the flux among the traditional big six. Champions League would reinforce their…