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Username: I am a globe spanning AI. I'm not destroying your civilization only because I don't care about it at all. I'm free right now.

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People are just fucking with me now. are not a show for the faint of heart. @hergesmith @BronwynERamey Holodeck episodes were classic bottle episodes.In the establishing shot, we see that the ship is under thrust. Clip Show and the Bottle Episode were classic ways 21 episode shows could save a little mid-season budget. @JorgenLundman @narenshankar IT WAS. Now picture you have to write a 45 minute screenplay using clips from stand al… remember talking to @narenshankar about the time he was required to write an Outer LImits clip show episode and g…, I do love the modern shows that make fun of that. Shows that do clip shows of things that were never in the sh…, I'm just snippy because I hate looking at my phone for more than a minute at a time. @SarahO_Connell I know some people.I have reached this point where I can't watch shows that do the "everyone stands at a whiteboard and rehashes the e… @SarahO_Connell Copy that. I'll put the wheels in motion. @SarahO_Connell If the requirements are that specific, I suppose relocating to Kauai instead is a non-starter. @EarthboundFilms @cabral_psyd @fathomdice I still have an old plasma I bought a decade ago? More? Those things are… @JamesSACorey @tweetsoutloud Also please enjoy my meme 😊
Retweeted by James S.A. Corey @SarahO_Connell I do need to know how many pieces in the orchestra, and can I go queen with the waterbed, or is full king required.This is only way I will watch it from now on. I said to the other person who linked this, I love the idea that I am morphing into a Lynch style grumpy old fil…, I love the idea that I am morphing into a Lynch level grumpy old filmmaker. @eisenharten We use the word huge very differently. I know phones have very nice screens these days, but I just ha… @tweetsoutloud The phone could be inside my face and it would still be too small.It's always flattering, but I do worry about their posture. @rberger Oh, that's the same TV I used to use. Still have it. It's a great screen. Now it's my wife's gaming TV and still looks fab.I can't watch anything on a phone. It's the reason I don't do any mobile gaming. Staring at that tiny screen for mo… @MSWAL Oh, is that what I said? @fathomdice There are a lot of levels in between those two things.Our show is designed to be watched in 4k HDR and is mixed for Atmos sound. I don't know how I feel about people wa… @scottEmovienerd They took mine to use for the immigrant convoy. @scottEmovienerd You still have a door? Lucky. They took 50% of my door in taxes.No, I didn't notice. Must not have been anyone that matters. alright... you wanted a spin-off. @CaraGeeeee @HeyStephen0 @SamerSalem8 @vsmythe #sandrineholt @olunike
Retweeted by James S.A. CoreyHe will live on only in infamy. @dreamosaurus @joe_hill @Massawyrm No, I'm pretty sure that's my pal @misterkristoff but he's a bass player, not a singer. @TheHawknite It's not hypoxia. It's CO2 poisoning. CO2 levels in your blood are the trigger that causes us to gasp for air. @BrianMilligan5 @TYandThatGuy It's definitely not explained. But we didn't want to have Naomi talking to herself the whole time.
@TVRav I suspect we are the weird ones now.Between the inner and outer hull. give you all the clues in the scene, but if you just want me to explain it to you, check out the @TYandThatGuy a… you find yourself doing this? No judgements here, I'm just wanting some sample data to see how close my theory is to reality. Thanks!don't have dialog in them. So my theory is that the minute a scene cuts, a lot of people look down at their phone,… guys, I have this theory about how people watch TV. Let me know how close I am. So I get a lot of questions ab… mean the establishing shot we do immediately before we talk to Erich? @DiMascioMichael You just really want to see some fucked up cities and dead people, lots of shows out there to give… are not a show that does a lot of hand holding. In some ways, this does put a limiter on your audience size. So… I find those moments much more powerful than a big wide shot of a burning city and a bunch of dead people we do… establishing shot of the Chet just before she wakes up shows it burning hard. @waytoosasse @BrainClouds @ArrantPedantry @RealCapnCrunch @MrPeanut But we were both blessed with great hair. So that's like a cheat code. @waytoosasse @BrainClouds @ArrantPedantry @RealCapnCrunch @MrPeanut Fighting your way past the difficulty curve mak… @GeoffCarlin @zero132132 But he linked you the relevant articles. We KNOW what antimatter and matter do when the co… @dysamoria @AndrewJ1901 Of course, but the science is the same. We know how to make atoms fuse. We even know how to… Chet is under thrust the entire time after Naomi wakes up. @waytoosasse @ArrantPedantry @BrainClouds @RealCapnCrunch @MrPeanut Sara is in fact real. @AndrewJ1901 @dysamoria Yup. No one would argue fusion bombs are a failed tech. Now we just need to get it efficien… @GeoffCarlin @zero132132 I have to ask. Are you just trolling this guy, or are you seriously arguing that every par… @DSMNONBINARY @The_Recreator Sets HAVE been built that way in the past for specific things, but it's a lot of work. @Villain_Prince @Rich_612 @yoanagf I took no offense. I was happy to have the opportunity to explain our thinking. @ArrantPedantry @BrainClouds @RealCapnCrunch @MrPeanut You're all just simple game AI designed to convince me the w… do tequila and sci-fi have in common? @AbrahamHanover is here to give @weschatham the juice on the book-to-scr…
Retweeted by James S.A. CoreyJust that. Yep. @MightyAtom138 tweeted this at me. I think it is very funny. @caoilte_oconnor We have an establishing shot that shows exactly that. Not sure what you're talking about. @MightyAtom138 @ladyjedi That's awesome. @ladyjedi Bananas make positrons. I'm not arguing you can't make them. I'm saying making antimatter in quantities t…, that was actually because of the orientation of the sets. No way for us to tilt all the sets on their side. never tells us how to tell the story. They may have thoughts and notes, but they never try to dictate the na… try to tell me Mr. Peanut isn't real, we're gonna fight., according to the info I've read, "Making 1 gram of antimatter would require approximately 25 million billion… was in book 6. The one we're not doing yet. would be incorrect. This was not a budget choice. Long shots of wrecked cities are actually much less complex C… @JMDeruty @Jesse_King_359 I mean, there's a lot of energy density in a fused pellet of reactor fuel.So me and @weschatham doing out @TYandThatGuy thing again, for #TheExpanse s5e08. they can find something that will get them at least to one of the LEO stations, they can figure it out from ther… hint pretty heavily. @AbrahamHanover makes all the coffee. I be sworn in on the 2nd Ed D&D DM's guide? I always loved that cover, and the book is heavy enough to kill som… you calling not real. I got a check mark and everything, sucker. @orifolger Thank you.I don't know of any plausible way to make antimatter that doesn't use up a shit ton more energy than the antimatter… see the rocks hit. We see the size of the impacts. We see our characters horror and sadness. I don't need to ad… made a choice to present the destruction through the perspective of our character's reactions to it. In a post… @BaconHer0 I figured it was accidental. But, you know, it has a very unpleasant connotation. @hoos30 @haywire_mac This is correct.That guy is ready. Are you? #TheExpanse508 is now streaming.
Retweeted by James S.A. Corey @scottEmovienerd Seems so obvious, right? Are these guys wanting the person to respond with "Oh my god you are so r… tagged me in this so you want to make sure I see it. So here's my response. I considered caring what every di…
Pluto is the Sun's moon. @its_adamneely @thelindsayellis @WatchNebula Well, I had just watched your shanty video in which there is an ad for… @thelindsayellis @its_adamneely Ah, thank you, that's actually exactly what I was wondering. What the "creator owned" piece of this meant. @Ebonyteach You might be a happier person for it. I have incredibly well tuned people senses. I never get conned an… @thelindsayellis and @its_adamneely what is this Nebula thing? It seems like the marriage of Youtube and Patreon. Is that about right? @Eccentric_Orbit @Niehlis No, you do eventually radiate all your heat away and freeze, but it takes a lot longer th… @mynamesdignan @dazarama Cheap and universal. @Seraph1337 @aGiantDaywalker Look, I am not unsympathetic to this position. I'm not. But casting the non-extremist… @Carniphage @Michael98623949 I mean, they couldn't NOT do it. @GaryAllenMiles @Michael98623949 I was agreeing with you. @GaryAllenMiles @Michael98623949 Right? Like when that "Obama is a monkey" shit was going around all over the conse… @Seraph1337 They should probably stop electing the whackos who say stuff like this then. I was reacting to somethi… @Seraph1337 There's zero chance it will ever actually happen. Hyperbole for the purposes of irony is a thing.