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Londoner. Smarter than the average Twitter user. I don't read comments. Block Happy. Allergic to anyone with FBPE in their profile. Not here for your opinion.

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@brexitblog_info I guess commercials don’t pay as much as they used to. @randygdub @MattWalshBlog Actually, you can shoot wild animals, and rightly so. @MattWalshBlog Wild animals should be shot. @SocialM85897394 How else are you supposed to deal with wild animals?
@allisonpearson No, what will happen is this. 1) you will be FORCED to wear masks EVERYWHERE. 2) You will be FORCED… @MetCC Why? They literally can’t DO anything about it. Better to call the police and say they have knives and guns.… @MarianneSansum And so it begins. @BrexitBrit @MetroUK Too busy looting I suppose. @Vicster82 @allisonpearson Never gonna happen, @LeaveEUOfficial Just search black youths and the knives will come flying out, drugs too! @MattWalshBlog Although for people stupid enough to make such claims, it'd be no great loss. @Liam_Baxter31 Then you must be a fvcking idiot. @andrew_lilico Personal choice, if you want to wear one go ahead. Stop preaching and tying to control people. That'… @FraserNelson @jfdta @andrew_lilico And millions agree (but don't want to be bullied so won't come out and say so). @LozzaFox @SadiqKhan Or a shroud. @JonathanNichol4 @JuliaPeeps It's not difficult at all, life trumps "racism" every time. @here_today_go @MayorofLondon @MayorofLondon Oh fcvk off you POS! @LozzaFox I blocked him and his mustached "friend" ages ago. @pritipatel When are you going to give the incompetent #CressidaDick her marching orders? She's completely useless… @iainjwatson @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan @NicolaSturgeon If you want to literally kill the entire economy and bankrup… @LeaveEUOfficial This is what a loser looks like. @MarianneSansum That's pretty must every care home and hospital. Why do you THINK the "death" toll was so high? It… @MattWalshBlog Black Criminals Matter. @PoliticsJOE_UK @MayorofLondon @SadiqKhan What a fvcking twat. @SocialM85897394 Toilet cleaner would be appropriate as she's full of sh't! @BBCNews Old "news", non-citizens, convicted felons. Don't care. @BernaMeaden Because you're all Labour voting twats. @SocialM85897394 Yet there are more blacks in prison in Seattle so I'd say there are your criminals. @MayorofLondon Are you still here? Pity. @Arc_Light666 Yes, funny that. @Arc_Light666 Why don’t they do a review to see who carries the most knives and drugs. Then just concentrate on sto… @BBCNews Now the blacks will ask for Louisiana (which would be no great loss). @SocialM85897394 Lewis Hamilton can fvck off. @SocialM85897394 David, we talked about this.
@BrugesGroup But what about all those with degrees in "post performative lesbian dance activities?" @Peter___Ward Can't stand the ignorant racist and I don't care what happens to her or anyone who chooses to be arou… @brexitblog_info Like buses, terrorists come along in threes. @ianeharvey @Defende98350464 @ArchRose90 @LozzaFox What a fvcking moron you are. @toadmeister @LozzaFox That blow to the head doesn’t seem to have knocked any sense into him. @BanTheBBC @Holbornlolz Always thought he was just a cvnt. @KirstieMAllsopp The bins are ALWAYS full & they NEVER seem to be emptied. Plus, much of this is the work of foxes… @50b8cece03424af @SocialM85897394 Nobody GAS about black programming or how many one-legged lesbians they hire. @CarrieHFletcher Yes it can. This is unhealthy. @AnneliesThuwis @CarrieHFletcher If you look like this then yes, you're unhealthy. @JuliaHB1 Agreed. Covers like this should be banned for promoting an unhealthy body image and endangering young peo… @lianamurphy @SocialM85897394 @guardian @uk_rants @talkRADIO @addicted2newz Swivel-eyed loon. @BrexitBrit No she wont; she'll just bill the taxpayer for the expense. She's good at that. @spectator What is this "woman's"problem? Aside from the obvious that is. @Kleesho No, terrorists too! @MayorofLondon @royalsociety Fvkc off. @Tonytodd1977 @MayorofLondon @BloombergCareer @CreativeLandT He has plenty to support his terroristic activities. N… @MayorofLondon @BloombergCareer @CreativeLandT More places to get stabbed then. @e39driver @SocialM85897394 @LFC_blano All criminals are the same. @john_jb6368093 @tesssummers98 He’s way out of her league. @allisonpearson I’ve always said money will not fix the NHS. They have more than enough money to run a perfect serv… @SocialM85897394 Is that the black guy? Yeah they bring him out when needed. @SocialM85897394 So broke. @crochubay @FfrenchKatrina @StopWatchUK @dominiquetaegon And a full black idiot. Another lifelong moronic failure. Enjoy prison. @MayorofLondon Your people are covered from head to toe, especially when near self exploding buses! @PKhakpour I bet with a name like yours you’re a real cvnt to work with, bye bye. @Phillipasoo Oh fvck off you ignorant idiot. @TheAliceSmith @SuzanneEvans1 Plus you don’t actually have to work at all. @going4golds @TfL You don’t have to wear a face covering on platforms. Why don’t people know this?
@TheProleStar She'll still fraudulently claim all the expenses for it though. @PetersWooll She'll probably still claim all the expenses for it though. @BBCNews I guess the owners will just have to buy a new Bentley every OTHER year. @BBCNews @hendopolis Deep frying is better (allegedly). @Adenoughofit @allisonpearson Bake you own cake. It's cheaper, cleaner, and everyone else hasn't touched it! @affleckquine No, but he's the son of a GP and a pharmacist who worked really hard to pay for that education. Yes,… @verumandverus @SocialM85897394 And if the other black, he'd be in prison midway through the second line. @BBCNews I bet Jordan Peterson will be thrilled. @SocialM85897394 BBC? @thestephmerritt @JuliaHB1 Had anyone heard of this woman before today? @JuliaHB1 @talkRADIO @RishiSunak What a mug. @HellcatFAA @SocialM85897394 Usually from some failed loser. @venatusratio @SocialM85897394 There’s always one cvnt. Bye bye. @thehistoryguy @SteepleTimes Which provides the perfect opportunity to post this iconic shot. @DurleyDave @JamieCollabro @EquityUK No the gays must all be colour coding their handkerchiefs tonight. @Katieleighxox @LozzaFox @RichardHilton1 @DanielJFalconer Except black ones. @DanielJFalconer Could be worse, could be ginger. @AnonymousJourn9 I get them free from Waitrose and then use them to line the birdcage. Usually the Guardian, which… @SocialM85897394 Let's hope it's permanent. @DavidLevan15 @allisonpearson You can't make sense of half the servers at the best of times, but especially not now… @allisonpearson Exactly. Plus, if they can only let 20 people in at a time (for example), then why bother? Go pack… @Beany_1 Another FBPE idiot. @KateWilton1 @BorisJohnson Just go live in France and get it over with. @Mat1L92 Oh grow up and learn something. @confidencenac @SocialM85897394 They're not done apologising to them yet. @MayorofLondon Convicted felons, what's your problem? @britishbullybee @Arc_Light666 Right back at her. It's her people who make up the bulk of the lowest educated thugs in prison. @SocialM85897394 Because he's full of sh't. @SocialM85897394 More like Captain Constipated. @SocialM85897394 Well if one of those is followed through, we might see a drastic reduction in violent crime. IJS. @SocialM85897394 @Lizziedl @allisonpearson Yes, in many cases very old and very sick people and being forced to travel to "keep" hos… @JuliaHB1 Well that told him. @MayorofLondon No, we're really not. We're more concerned about useless black "athletes" who flee from police and t… @LoliLondon @SkyNews Then STOP WHEN INSTRUCTED you fvcking idiot!