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Author of 7 books of fiction. All This Could Be Yours out now. Memoir-in-progress for Ecco. Read my Craft Talk newsletter:

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I wrote a bonus weekend pep talk Craft Talk because I was feeling some people might need it:
@emdashkap Oh I'm so glad you like it! Thank you for reading..@PublishersWkly gives @TriciaLockwood's first novel a⭐️! "Packed with the humor, bawdiness, and lyrical insight th…
Retweeted by jami attenbergOpen for surprise
Retweeted by jami attenberg @DisaffectedGlee ha!More neighborhood signs.
Retweeted by jami attenberg @darth Sid is a runaway artistNow, he rests. The end. the dog exhausted himself because he is chubby and out of shape so once I caught him I had to carry him for a while @TetyanaWrites It is called "Every Day of My Life"I had a business meeting in the park and I brought my dog with me and my dog ran away and I ran after him and I am bad at business meetingsSometimes justice takes a long time. I published this on 3/9/18. In its wake, dozens of others called me with simil…
Retweeted by jami attenberg @mollitudo That's what I thought you meant by "contemplating"All I really ever want to do is talk about writing 😭
Retweeted by jami attenberg @UrsulaSaqui @barbhaynes I have def been worse is all I am saying @meaghano @EmilyGould They're just waiting for the right moment for a comeback @heartbarf I seriously write the same thing over and over againI am over the moon to have this essay about my favorite Thanksgiving dish — my grandmother’s cornbread dressing — i…
Retweeted by jami attenberga nice reminder from @jamiattenberg for writing about your life. i think a version of this goes for poetry, as well…
Retweeted by jami attenbergOnce more for the weekend. As everybody has been reporting, line at the Smoothie King Center yesterday was fast and…
Retweeted by jami attenberg @iMakeArtifacts The purchase price of FREE @HillaryKelly ha! I have never noticed that before in your essays! one small subversive act. @rebel19 If the beloved referee of the puppy bowl is an actual puppy I might say yes @laurawershler Thanks LAura! @EmilyFlake It's because our books are both 1000 years old and 1 day old at the same time these daysI have answered some writing questions in the comments which are open to non-subscribers today, and will do some mo… missed the 1-year anniversary of All This Could Be Yours yesterday because I, too, am distracted. Thanks to anyon… @HillaryKelly I restrained myself somehow!I have been extremely encouraged by all of your willingness to curse in this thread
@firewordsparklr I did not either!All I want for my birthday is a @megstalter cameoEarly voting at Smoothie Center took 40 minutes, everyone was well-behaved, masked, etc. Recommend the experience. @thisisjendoll I'm really gonna go for it next time! @sfreligh next week 2x as much just for oyuanyway sorry I cursed or treaters coming early this year.
Retweeted by jami attenbergHow is the internet still the internet after all these yearsI recommended they unsubscribe.Someone just sent me an email about my free newsletter complaining about my foul languageOK twitter is boring, guess I'll go VOTE. @emilyfmaloney I really want to write ghost stories and will never be able to and it is OK @wurdsmyth Thanks Miranda! @savranly So glad!!! A reading, with photos that inspired me.
Retweeted by jami attenberg"If you’re writing toward the zeitgeist as you perceive it via the NYT bestseller list, or for that matter via soci…
Retweeted by jami attenbergHow you know if the baby is still back there
Retweeted by jami attenbergAlso possible maybe nothing is very funny right nowI think I forgot how to be witty you guysThe weird thing about only being on twitter once a week is once I get here I find I have nothing to say! @iMakeArtifacts he got it! @jadjosey he always does!Thank you for your words @jamiattenberg Two Prescriptions: One for Me and One for You
Retweeted by jami attenbergThe fat child would like the yogurt bowl please @emilyfmaloney But writing good essays is such a talent and appreciated and great! @Cincy_Bookworm oh good!This is the salient point: Stop thinking of it as your life. Start thinking of as a story.I tried to answer this, and I *sort of* did wrote a Craft Talk with two new prescriptions for you.