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Author of NYT bestseller The Middlesteins & more. All This Could Be Yours out 10/22/2019.

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@esmewang @Kristen_Arnett Yes I thought that too a second after I sent the tweet! @Kristen_Arnett I’ll just draw up a list of books you should write because I want to see what you would do with the… @Kristen_Arnett I just thought about you writing a novel set in an airport one day and I liked it @meganstielstra It’s so fucking goodThis is an actual goddamn joy to read @wordscience and I recommend everyone start their day with this. BITCH i wrote this
Retweeted by jami attenberg @DisaffectedGlee KINGI made the Chinese food sound delicious in this book, I will not lie @kimberly_wendel he is i agreeSuch attitude honestly @brownisthecolor @essaysmythe @morganapple I feel like SA would forgive you and invite you to eat oysters @brownisthecolor @essaysmythe @morganapple you should come too @MarlaenaHorn don't lose hope! @haleymlotek I thought about those pants the whole timejust spending another tuesday night trying not to freak the fuck out about america @Danadug not a book! just a few thoughts.
Amazing new work from @abbymjame, one of my all-time favorite artists, in the @NewYorker! Enjoy A TERRIBLE ALTERNA…
Retweeted by jami attenberg @Kristen_Arnett love you Kristen @thehysterian ty! @yoderama I mean of course we are all in the shared space together etc but I'm the only one I have to answer to @yoderama Once I figured out that it was my class and no one else's it was very freeingTOP TEN BABY IT’S REAL!
Retweeted by jami attenberg @yoderama It is really not that bad at all and also just do what you want, it doesn't matter @essaysmythe @morganapple ok i will @jmkarmstrong we con ourselves, jen @MarieMyungOkLee I had dental insurance this year for the first time in fifteen years and it felt like a miracleThe Kavalier and Clay TV series is finally, finally, finally happening.
Retweeted by jami attenbergI just tried to figure out my hourly wage for being a novelist and I think it works out to a penny an hour x forever.see you there
Retweeted by jami attenberg @mariskreizman I'll pay you a hundred bucks for your overrated list ;)It's a funny time to be making an underrated books list for 2019 because I'm firmly convinced that if you haven't w…
Retweeted by jami attenbergI have to say that I pay attention to absolutely nothing related to Bernie Sanders at this point @MarieMyungOkLee It does not make me feel better because I do not want you to have to pay that much!Also it’s a *hard* class @hiandrewperry @BCDreyer It’s so delightful! @BCDreyer It’s a new addition to my stack (Dawn Powell’s diaries is another one, for example) and I suspect it will stay there. @heawood I have been thinking so much about how I need to have some FUN lately. It’s been months since I’ve had a good time.I have no book deal and no health insurance, what am I, 40 again?I keep thinking of myself as unemployed as I currently have no book deal.True story: Sometimes when I'm feeling lonely I pick up a copy of @BCDreyer's book and flip to a random page and r… am going to yoga for the first time in 2 months tomorrow, I will be taking no questions at this time @rebel19 I can't wait to read your book @alexanderchee @hels I remember the days when they said you had fifty pages to get someone's attention, and then it… me into the internet old age homeI love to follow media youths on this website and relearn every day how old I amTFW you’ve never gotten pets before in your life but then you get rescued
Retweeted by jami attenberg @jamiattenberg If by that you mean sleep on the table when your adopter isn’t home to stop you — yes. #OTATalumni
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A conversation everyone should witness!
Retweeted by jami attenberg#London I can't wait to see you (relatively) soon! #TheShadowKing launches in the #UK in January! I'll be following…
Retweeted by jami attenberg @RahawaHaile I love Watchmen so much! (I really enjoy Adam Driver's face also.)🎉🎉🎉 Here’s the cover for my upcoming book of nonfiction, Conditional Citizens!! Thank you so much to…
Retweeted by jami attenbergMy only regret with this sandwich was that I did not get a large @jamiattenberg Kitchen table, but yes!
Retweeted by jami attenberg @jamiattenberg If Fellow can get on it , he will
Retweeted by jami attenbergI honestly don’t know how I ended up at Parkway for happy hour but here we are 🙌 @_NatashaDevon Books books booksI’m ready to blow some shit upI need to go fireworks shopping for the holidays.I sincerely cannot believe what a rock star Regina King is. Jeez. @laurenzcollins OUIWhat a year it was having free WGA health insurance coverage. What a wild and magical ride. Back to the marketplace we go! @rachel_x_graves ❤️❤️❤️Thrilled to see my little F*ckface on this list with so many great books, especially the amazing @cpamzhang and…
Retweeted by jami attenbergMAJOR MAJOR MAJOR HAVE FILED ALL MY EXPENSESLove a table dog @chainjizz Sid Vicious!Does anyone else’s dog wait for them to come home on the freaking dining room table just got these for Carnival season event this week is in New Orleans @octaviabooks. I'll be in conversation with my buddy Ladee Hubbard. Dec 12! <3 @Sara_Gbm I am definitely not an expert but it seems like one would want to put the gut-wrenching just before the o… @CalMorgan I can see it so clearly in my head!“Sober Options” would be a good title for one perfect gut-wrenching short story to be placed second-to-last in a collection. @gwendolynfaker oh that's sad! you should treat yourself to a cheapie this week! or get a clipping from a friend.My other goals include drinking coffee, reading poetry, listening to records, going to see music, sleeping, flirtin… main goal for this week is to buy some new plants to replace those who passed during the past few months. RIP, green guys. 🌱 @JennyBoylan <3When writers go to H-E-double hockey sticks, the first thing they give you is a beautifully bound anthology of all…
Retweeted by jami attenbergI'm trying to recommit to attending more cultural events unrelated to literatureI am going to see ART on a Sunday nightLists are great, but have you ever felt truly SEEN by a reader you admire? Love @DwightGarner's description of THE…
Retweeted by jami attenbergReally excited to be joining the @vonavoices community again to teach Young Adult literature next summer. Other tea…
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Townley Grammar School has “abandoned “racist” hairstyle-related punishments, allowing girls to dye their hair a ri…
Retweeted by jami attenberg @Drrramina I seriously do not even want to look at it or go in there. I just went private anyway.#72 First off I don’t know why it’s taken me so long to rediscover @jamiattenberg because ‘The Middlesteins’ was on…
Retweeted by jami attenberg @EmilyFlake Emily why don't we talk about tea more? @jamiattenberg Good morning, hello to you and a big HELLO to the rest of my day. #SundayMorning
Retweeted by jami attenberg @SheriMalman Ohh, great, enjoy! @thehysterian Loved him @SEMurdoch oh good! feel betterRemember when I gave an interview about my dog morning, hello to you and a big HELLO to my hangoverMarriage Story is *rough* @elleinthecity @kristinnguyen10 ❤️Reader, he forgave me
“Yes mommy’s been traveling too much for work but look — I brought you a toy! Do you forgive me?” @Kristen_Arnett I wish I could bottle your genuine excitement at the discoveryJust need to tell a real quick @Kristen_Arnett story: earlier this week, we were walking in Tampa, and she pointed… @rokwon I just write the characters I have in my head, whoever they are! So I can let them out. @imjasondiamond Let me just post these next to each other without commentary