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@ConradMcGorkin @PatrickMahomes @buttkicker7 That's was seriously some Hall of Fame level play.
@DavidGo93595770 @williampietri @KaraNSlade Google "People of Praise", the Charismatic Catholic sect to which she b… @DavidGo93595770 @williampietri @KaraNSlade Institutionalized male authoritarianism, for example. @DavidGo93595770 @williampietri @KaraNSlade We're not questioning her because of her faith. We nominated a devout C… @C_Stroop Chrissy, between "Christian Dominionism" and "Christian Nationalism", which term do you think works bette… @RedMuleSports @PFF I understand that feeling. I felt that way about Brady. But I can assure you that actual KC fan… @RedMuleSports @PFF At multiple points this season, there will be Tweets with clips of Rodgers laying out amazing p… @RedMuleSports @PFF Did I denigrate Rodgers in any way? Did I make a slur out of his diet or demean his accomplishm… @DavidGo93595770 @williampietri @KaraNSlade That's a "no true Scotsman" argument. Yes, while there are Christians… @RedMuleSports @PFF You do know that it's possible to have more than one great quarterback in the league at a time, right? @JacobRubashkin LOEFFLER 2020 "I'm just fucking evil." @HardballChris Dude!!! PLEASE delete this horrifically bad take. I know many Americans have the memory span of a… @DavidGo93595770 @williampietri @KaraNSlade It is wrong if her goals are antithetical to equality under the law. @KaraNSlade But the "liberal Protestant Social Gospel tradition" doesn't have sects that promote authoritarianism,… @varindersingh24 @VioletWanderers Rowling's supporters don't like it when I point out that by using the bathroom/changing room argum…, @C_Stroop, I can't wait for you to weigh in on this. Donald's probable SCOTUS pick is a member of a Charismat… @BobBurg @LadyJayPersists "Liberal" justices tend to believe Constitutional protections should apply to everyone. "… @aliasvaughn @highbrow_nobrow This is very very VERY bad! @dusttodigital ...while tripping on LSD. @dougstafford You afraid we're going to be as ruthless as Mitch, bro? Because we are. Every bit. @JasonUvaGun @PatrickMahomes @buttkicker7 Dude! You did NOT! In 47 years of watching the NFL, the Lin Elliott game… @kellen_quick @BritChiefUK Clutch all day long. It's in difficult wins like this one where the greats demonstrate t… @BritChiefUK I've spent a lot of time recently watching regular season games played by the great quarterbacks. We t…
@BillKristol SPOILER ALERT: They won't. Those of us who have been paying attention realize the GOP is rotten to the core. @american2084 I do not trust a single elected member of the GOP. To do so is foolish. We gotta.stop playing Charlie Brown to their Lucy. @amyklobuchar Amy, if the last four years have taught us anything it's that elected members of the GOP cannot be trusted. Ever. @LElaineJennings @publicroad What's wrong with "legal until viability"? @LElaineJennings @publicroad Give me examples of more "moderate" positions on abortion. @publicroad TRANSLATION: "Democrats would capture more Republican votes if they would adopt the Republican platform." @BillKristol @adamjwhitedc Also, don't pretend that another "conservative" justice wouldn't make you happy. Overtu… @BillKristol @adamjwhitedc TRANSLATION: "Democrats should continue to play Charlie Brown to the Republican Lucy."… @jonfavs @RadioFreeTom @featherty @ProjectLincoln I'm a loyal Dem who has defended you guys. But surely you can understand t… @AngryBlackLady As a white guy, I can confirm.Best. Ad. EVER. @RichLowry Nope. You bought the ticket, now you gotta take the ride. @ryanstruyk Best Biden ad EVER! #BidenHarris2020
@ContentedIndie Thank you, sir!!! @kylegriffin1 @iansmadrig Bullshit. Do NOT trust her. @LindseyGrahamSC @realDonaldTrump Jaime's campaign ads are going to be EPIC, you vile hypocrite. @RolyTonks @EvanMcMullin Evan, are you suggesting that if the GOP rams Donald's SCOTUS pick through (which you KNOW… @PerlmanGerry @EleonorMSCNNP I don't trust her for a single nanosecond. She will cave. @notcapnamerica Obergefell is predicated on Lawrence v TX. Lawrence is predicated on Roe v Wade. When Roe falls, a… to hear much concern voiced about the risks of an 8-justice Supreme Court existing during the 2020 presiden…
Retweeted by Jami @danielsgoldman It has to be 4, otherwise conservatives retain the majority, which will be 6-3 when Ted Cruz is sworn in.I am raw and scraped and broken and waiting for enough pain to bleed out so I can gather myself and glue myself o…
Retweeted by Jami @KellyannePolls Get her name out of your mouth! Donald is getting ready to spit in the face of RBG's legacy. And YOU will defend it. @Spinnaahh @MagsVisaggs It sucks for women, LGBT people, and racial minorities. But they're not fetuses, so no biggie, right? @DWUhlfelderLaw He'll have all 52. Duh. @MagsVisaggs We gotta be realistic. I genuinely don't see how we're going to be "okay". Roe v Wade, Obergefell, a…
@edwardtbabinski @MatthewHartke Bingo! I have talked to multiple eyewitnesses to "miracles." These people are not "… @NikkiHaley Wait...are you saying a vote for Biden is a vote for Kamala? Sold!!! #BidenHarris2020 @Independent @GailSimone "It's a marvelous night to catch COVID With no mask while you cough in my face A fantabulo… @chipfranklin @JoeBiden In person. Gonna be the first person in line. @B52Malmet "It's a marvelous night to catch COVID With no mask while you cough in my face A fantabulous night to ca… @MatthewHartke I learned a great deal about collective experiences and distorted memories by studying the hagiograp… @go_ACC_ @notcapnamerica As a practitioner of traditional Hindu Goddess worship for almost 25 years, there are mult… @notcapnamerica And yes, we ARE electing a Goddess!!! @AndreAsunte @Allgums @RealDLHughley Amen!
@bgarrison25 @StatsInTheWild @InsideOutfield @Chiefs During the Spanish Flu, mask mandates and social distancing we… @bgarrison25 @StatsInTheWild @InsideOutfield @Chiefs I'm in my mid-50s. Slippery slope arguments are still not compelling. @bgarrison25 @StatsInTheWild @InsideOutfield @Chiefs I'm not "living in fear." I wear a mask and follow social dis… @bgarrison25 @StatsInTheWild @InsideOutfield @Chiefs "Slippery slope" arguments are never compelling. @InsideOutfield @StatsInTheWild @bgarrison25 @Chiefs You are not arguing in good faith. Bye! @InsideOutfield @Chiefs No. You seem to be attempting to make the argument that, unless we follow the same protocol… @InsideOutfield @Chiefs The actual question is "How many COVID deaths are acceptable?" Are you cool with 250-350K t… @InsideOutfield @Chiefs Again, that's a strawman argument. @InsideOutfield @Chiefs No, I am not for "permanent" masks and distancing. That's a straw man. Yes, COVID will alwa… @InsideOutfield @Chiefs Using your numbers, COVID will kill 5-10 times that this year...WITH mask mandates and soci… morning! Bisexual people exist and are no more complicated than gay or straight people when it comes to pursui…
Retweeted by Jami @notcapnamerica There's also a large amount of bi-erasure going on in the comments. #BiAwarenessMonth @Allgums @RealDLHughley Or...he might be bi. We exist. :) #BiAwarenessMonth
@ManManlyMan1 @jameskirkup @VictoriaPeckham At least I don't suffer from unacknowledged but obvious transphobia. @jameskirkup "Trans women are not only bathroom rapists and serial killers, they're also virulent misogynists. But I'm not transphobic." @ManManlyMan1 @jameskirkup @VictoriaPeckham "Because women must be protected from those evil and SCARY trans people…
@thor_benson @harrisonjaime It was a brilliant strategy. Now Lindsey's on record having recently said things that C… @parislees By using the bathroom argument, JK is absolutely reifying the false conflation of trans women, real peop… @chiefsaholic I got to see Joe Montana play at Arrowhead. It was one of the coolest experiences of my life. @AlanDersh "The Dershow: Reasons Why the Wealthy and Powerful Are Above the Law and Should Never Pay For Their Crimes" @ddiamond @adamcancryn @owermohle "Listen to music by the Grateful Dead." "Ship of Fools" for example. 🤣 @XYX9999 @notcapnamerica I was just looking at past electoral college numbers. Nobody has cracked 400 since Bush I… @notcapnamerica I'm proudly Gen X (along with Kamala 😀)...but what the actual fuck?!? @CoxSports1 I would love to end Robinson's heartbreak, but there aren't any roster spots left on the Chiefs. @connorwillixm @Kalarigamerchic I got on Twitter at the beginning of Louise's disinformation campaign. The "SCOTUS… @GailSimone Come on guys, it's OBVIOUSLY Froot Loops. #BiAwarenessMonth @TheCheekyGinger I was literally going to reply "Louise is a bad actor" before I saw your Tweet. It's been extremel… @Admirer_lo @jk_rowling There's always a "but"... "I believe trans women are vulnerable...BUT they should not be a…
@Admirer_lo @jk_rowling "I support trans women and all, I just don't think they should be able to go to the bathroo… @OhNoSheTwitnt I love the feeling of blocking folks like that. Bye! @Admirer_lo @jk_rowling Her new book is literally about a male serial killer who dresses as a woman to kill women. @davidmweissman @ProjectLincoln There's no convincing them. They KNOW that they're attempting to perpetuate minorit… @Admirer_lo @jk_rowling Nope. More like "I believe trans people should be treated with dignity, respect, and equali… @D_Harms19 "But I'm the great TOM BRADY, so clearly I'm impervious to the effects of aging!" 🤣 @William20852834 @PFF Passer rating for the entire game: Trubisky - 104.2 Watson - 84.5 Mahomes - 123.3 @bebe1969 I wish you were correct, but even a flipped Senate wouldn't vote to remove. You gotta get 67 votes to do…
@that_chapter There's still plenty room in #ChiefsKingdom @ReesusP "Donald Trump is a literal demon from hell!" @noamchomskyT We are in the middle of a global propaganda war, Noam. A global propaganda war which could usher in… @eclecticbrotha After Jerry Jones desecrated my childhood team the Cowboys, the Packers became my NFC team. Props to Holmgren.