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@paytheline11 @MikeBloomberg Wrong. I'm a real life American human being who is opposed to both Bloomberg AND Berni… @PFF @JustinAHorwitz's not a "coalition". Bernie supporters and his campaign have nothing but contempt for t… @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig My preferred candidate, Kamala, is no longer on the race. Given the… @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig The "shut up and vote for Bernie" part is implicit. @Conspiratorpres @KHiveQueenB If a POTUS can institute M4A via EO, then another POTUS can end it via EO. Do you th… @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig "Your backbone is made of sponge, You're not fit for political disc… @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Are you capable of making an argument that isn't insulting? @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Winning the election by insulting people whose votes you need. @blackhatbadger @FeynmanLives @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Again, "All cops and prosecutors are pig bast… @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig "Defeating Donald by alienating other people who want to defeat Don… @blackhatbadger @FeynmanLives @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Is Klobuchar a "pig"? Is Schiff a "pig"? Spe… @FeynmanLives @blackhatbadger @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig You mean sexism like "A woman can't win the P… @Rexit4Everyone @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Except I didn't say they were the "exact same thing." I don't sup… @DininDalael @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig In what way does that excuse toxic online behavior? @a89502422 @mphillig @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Calling someone's objective experience "projection" is just more gaslighting. @a89502422 @mphillig @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig My experience and the experience of many people like me. @a89502422 @mphillig @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Why? Because it seems that Bernie supporters are more… @FeynmanLives @blackhatbadger @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig "Vichy liberals" 🤣 @blackhatbadger @FeynmanLives @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig How is ANY of that an excuse for bad behavior? @zeno_e @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig I agree. The toxic behavior of some Bernie supporters online is getting EXTREMELY old. @ReadingJust4 @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig The fact that both of the statements I made are true doesn't imply a moral eq…
@ReadingJust4 @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Wow. Saying that I believe there are problems with the way Bernie's supporter… @hegelonhishead @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig Ah, the "all sides" gaslighting technique. @RepublicansforB @BillKristol How about not. I DON'T like Mike because 1. He's a Republican. 2. A benevolent plut… @Leahgreenb @iansmadrig It's BOTH. The online behavior of many Bernie supporters is deeply troubling AND The sla… @andrehenry You need a "both" choice, because it all depends on what you mean by "God". @ralphgardner48 @ericgarland @counterchekist @MsTeeeza10 @MelissaJPeltier As an #Exvangelical, I can assure that th… @metheridge @SuperBowl @PatrickMahomes @Chiefs @PSchrags @gmfb I've watched both playoff games and the Super Bowl a…
A lot of this dynamic feels very familiar. Our abusers -- and Republicans are, in fact, our abusers, DJT himself is…
Retweeted by Jami @KassandraSeven People who don't have employer based insurance and cannot afford to purchase insurance on the open… @SteveMacy4 @brittanylynne8 Among the MANY things that made this The Most Enjoyable Football Season Ever were Mecol… @marcushjohnson Duly reported.
@gjohnlue @Woman4W @ShawnaT81016570 @Kurt98417141 @WendyWilliams As a bi cis male, I want NO part of a "rights" mov… @HowardA_Esq I was thinking about how applicable the Beatles "Revolution" is to Berners just yesterday. "But if yo… @Woman4W @ShawnaT81016570 @Kurt98417141 @WendyWilliams Based on your previous comment, I hear zero desire on your p… @Woman4W @ShawnaT81016570 @Kurt98417141 @WendyWilliams No trans person is worthy of being treated with dignity, res… @gbarnes911 Bloomberg is: Pro Stop and Frisk Pro redlining Pro regressive taxation Anti Obama #Facts @natvanlis I am Jami, Destroyer of the GOP. @astupidmoose @winkweindel @oufenix @SJGrunewald @_mritz @neeratanden Have you actually read a single thing I've written? @astupidmoose @winkweindel @oufenix @SJGrunewald @_mritz @neeratanden With an added dollop of condescension. @astupidmoose @winkweindel @oufenix @SJGrunewald @_mritz @neeratanden Ok, that was...long. I grew up poor. As in "…
@brittanylynne8 @PatrickMahomes The #ChiefsKingdom loves both of you. Have a wonderful day! @PatrickMahomes @brittanylynne8 Here's wishing you guys a wonderful Valentine's Day! @winkweindel @astupidmoose @oufenix @SJGrunewald @_mritz @neeratanden Psssst..."Resisters" are not the enemy. In fa… @ShawnaT81016570 @Kurt98417141 @WendyWilliams Transphobia is anti-LGBT. @eclecticbrotha I reported the fuck out of that Tweet. @peterkohan @DavidKlion THANK YOU! This is the very first time I've seen this sort of toxic crap called out by a Be… @brittanylynne8 Come visit northern NM. Temps in the upper 40s/mid 50s all week with beautiful scenery. Plus, if yo… @EvanMcMullin Thank you for telling the truth.Amen! #EmptyThePews
@tonyschwartz It's theater. @PreetBharara Interesting in the way theater is "interesting." @davidfrum A "benevolent" plutocrat is still a plutocrat. @davidfrum @GOP Because the only way to defeat a Republican billionaire is with another Republican billionaire. @tonyposnanski How? Seriously. Bill Barr is only fucked if a Dem wins in November...AND if that newly elected POT… @nomad_thought @simon_wookey @StellarBoor @virgiltexas We're not saying the MOVIE is homophobic. We're saying the p… @nomad_thought @simon_wookey @StellarBoor @virgiltexas This Tweet is NOT clearly about what you say, otherwise lots…
@StellarBoor @virgiltexas Maybe if a Tweet gets reported by lots of people, the author of the Tweet might want to c… @StellarBoor @virgiltexas OK. So might a better response from Virgil be "Hey, here's what I intended by this ambigu… @virgiltexas US: Hey that Tweet is homophobic and disgusting. BERNIE BROS: Suck it, you stupid liberal corporate w… @StellarBoor @virgiltexas Because we called out a homophobic, disgusting Tweet? @toilrefinery @JediMasterPNW @virgiltexas Thanks for Bernie Bro-ing.The people of Iowa and New Hampshire are great—but don’t reflect our party or nation’s diversity. The voting proce…
Retweeted by Jami @highbrow_nobrow Victims of childhood sexual abuse are 200-300% more likely to commit suicide as adults. Childhood… @MarkSterner3 @emrazz @kwarnockny I'm not "cheering" for his struggle. I have empathy for JP's medical challenges,… @MarkSterner3 @emrazz @kwarnockny Oh right, because JP's ONLY message is "take accountability for your life." 🤣 @DavidDeeOfPRM @krystalball Bernie didn't win IA. Pete has more delegates. #Facts @Conquistador314 @hookersforjesus @AnarchyMunroe @annielobert How have our taxes supported the "influx of Islam"?…
TRUTH! @Conquistador314 @hookersforjesus @AnarchyMunroe @annielobert It's not about the "ministry". It's about my tax doll… @AshaRangappa_ @TrueFactsStated I'm afraid it's worse than that. The cancer has spread to all three branches of government. @ggreenwald Nope. Claiming that the "Bernie Bro" phenomenon isn't real is an attempt to gaslight those of us who ha… @OhNoSheTwitnt I love the comments for that Tweet. It's like the NBA Slam Dunk competition. @shwebb29 What's fun is we'll have the next 10-15 years to laugh at the continued "Mahomes isn't REALLY that good,… @MikeBloomberg @TrueFactsStated Nope. The clip released today makes clear you understood the impact of stop and fri…, Tyrann! #ChiefsKingdom @emilyelarsen I remember George Wallace being shot in '72. I was six. @JaniceClaire14 @HowardA_Esq @Teesa_Michele plu·toc·ra·cy /plo͞oˈtäkrəsē/ noun "an elite or ruling class of people…
#ChiefsKingdom @HowardA_Esq @Teesa_Michele I completely agree statistically. And I've gone from "Bloomberg is a Republican" (which… @lynnv378 TRANSLATION: "Under no circumstances can we allow a poc to be on the ticket this year." @Rich_Cooper "I Hate Women, So Why Can't I Get One?" by Richard Cooper. @SheBleeds "My whole life was going to universally live-streamed on judgment day." Samesies. Yet ANOTHER screwed up thing to teach kids.
@MattVerderame Brady is the not the "unquestioned GOAT" because GOAT is a silly designation. Different players, dif… @skamaniabob @fundy_ptsd @C_Stroop "Relax and rest in God’s grace." Ummm...that's a hard pass from me. Also, it's… @levi_bullen @C_Stroop That would be cool!
@TheRealFrankC_ My man, WE'RE the ones that are grateful. #ChiefsKingdom @theJoshBanks @eclecticbrotha I'll. Be checking out the XFL. But I already watched a season of REAL football!… @JasonBoydWrites @C_Stroop TRUMPISM RULE #1: There is no bottom!!! @C_Stroop Ah...Unpardonable Sin Anxiety. Nobody can define what the unpardonable sin is...AND you can commit it wit… @JulieLBartlett @davidfrum SPOILER ALERT: He won't.
@jm_rives @The_Kyle_Mann You win!!! @MusikFiend @Sir_CharlieRoc @EAMaddenNFL @Chiefs Wait...the Super Bowl isn't a game? @C_Stroop When I came out to my family as bi, my pastor cousin wrote me a horrid letter which literally contained t… @Died_Stoned @MysteryVFXSuper @AcornFrances @anabelsays @sarion_gamer @GailSimone @stillgray TRANSLATION: "I will ALWAYS double down."No @LindseyGrahamSC the first question God will ask you is why did you sell your soul?
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@HMKingFrancisII @Klaus_Von_Trapp @aedison Can the contractors start repairing or rebuilding the home WHILE it is on fire? @MikeBloomberg, I will NEVER vote for a candidate willing to throw trans people under the bus.