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Editor-at-Large of Total Film. Words: Sunday Times Culture, Arrow Video, SFX. Zombie by phone box in Shaun of the Dead. Hair done by Fizzgig.

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@LuckyMcKee Pacific Rim @filmsonwax OK! But I only know you as filmsonwax... @street_trash2 Not like they didn’t influence US horror. Someone even talks of how Argento’s movies perhaps influen… Simon’s The American Nightmare, focusing on the horror movies of ‘68 to ‘78, is a far superior horror doc. It… @street_trash2 That’s what’s frustrating - you see the posters of Cannibal Holocaust, Inferno, Demons etc, but they’re never selected @WillChich @street_trash2 Some odd decisions as to which titles they zoom in on, and which they pass over3hrs into Shudder’s In Search of Darkness, Shudder’s 4.5hr doc on ‘80s horror. Enjoying it, naturally, and it’s all… @twangysauce1 Haha. Pretty much opposite 😬Also, extremely hard to write toYou know that whiny, whirring camera sound at the start of Texas Chain Saw Massacre? Well, the garage just down the…
@Orangewarri2r I think his imagination is too vast for Hollywood @street_trash2 @Shudder Criminal to overlook Inferno and The Beyond @street_trash2 @Shudder US-centric? Italian horror from the late ‘50s to the ‘80s was 👌 @street_trash2 @Shudder Can’t wait to watch this @beckygracelea A spectacular plummet. That first season was so good @adlow76 BothReread The Forbiddden today, Clive Barker’s source story for Candyman. What a writer. What an imagination. Now temp… @evanfanning And getting thumped at home by Munich @jaspermccrea @hopeful_yet @halhickel I think she’s astonishing in Joy. I love the film, too (I know many don’t), b… @halhickel Ryan Gosling: The Believer Tom Cruise: Risky Business Natalie Portman: Leon John David Washington: Ball… @totalfilm_jane @MovieBunkerCom I have a fair bit of time for Waterworld. Bonkers. Has some great sequences in it.… @LizTray @ST_Culture Thanks Liz 🙏Gordon’s Alive! I celebrate Flash Gordon’s 40th birthday by speaking to director Mike Hodges and the cast about its… @sideboardlen21 No, it’s on Shudder
The year’s other genuinely unnerving horror movie, The Invisible Man, was made for $7m - a lot more than Vlogger &… that the two scariest horror movies of the year so far are Host and Death of a Vlogger, both DIY found-… @ElawReads The Twilight Saga: New Moon @ZenMizo Miami Vice. One of his best. Grows on subsequent viewings @TomStennerEvans @RolandHuschke I need to rewatch a few that I haven’t seen for a few years. Definitely Heat no1. T… @HamishDwyer That’s the one I have @ChrisHewittLFC We need a fourth striker of the same level so we can rotate seamlessly and keep every 100% focused… @Shiny_Demon @London_Lou Really is @Moosedog23 Don’t know - I watched my DVD @leon83ard I just make a monthly list on my notes on my phone. But I do have various end-of-year lists etc on Lette… @RolandHuschke Maybe ‘minor’ is too strong but I wouldn’t put it in the Top 5, great as it is @London_Lou @martynconterio The last 20 mins is lesser than the first 80Rewatched Collateral. That I consider it minor Mann only points to how extraordinary his body of work is. Still bet…“Why is it so difficult when all I want is to be happy?” First watch of the Alan Parker-scripted Melody (1971), on… @Merl_Alderslade UntouchableToday’s the day that #ArrowFrightFest Digital Edition tickets and passes go on sale.......
Retweeted by Jamie Graham @nrm1972 Give me a shout, mate. I’m in @JRLloyd7 I love Midsommar and rated The Invisible Man, esp the first two-thirds @scoutthehorizon NopeI’m currently embargoed from mentioning the best two new releases I saw in July. More on them when the time is right77 films in July Best new releases: The Beach House, I See You, Pinocchio, Proxima, Good Manners, She Dies Tomorrow… seen SyFy’s Zombie Tidal Wave? It’s calling to me
Host, on Shudder, is taut and effective. Not without its bum moments, but a real achievement to make this six-frien… liked Alice Winocour’s Proxima, which finally gives Eva Green a role worthy of her talents - playing an astr… @GizmoShikari BrilliantJust done a Zoom interview where the interviewee had requested audio only, then arrived into the meet with her came… Sir Alan Parker. One of the great British filmmakers. Bugsy Malone, Midnight Express, Birdy, Mississippi Burnin…, I love John Lithgow. Meeting him on set of Pet Sematary - at the cemetery deep in the woods, at 2am - was one of my career highlightsI say this because I’m currently enjoying HBO’s new take on Perry Mason, starring Matthew Rhys as the famed PI and… @theactualemma What a show. The greatest endingTo this day, whenever I see the HBO logo and hear the accompanying white noise, I expect The Wire theme to followDon’t miss Claire Oakley’s vivid, haunting debut, Make Up. I adored it
@EvolutionPod @Shudder_UK I’ll be doing the same tomorrow night @London_Lou @martynconterio Dazed and Confused for me, by a distance @martynconterio You might just be right. If you discount Dazed and Confused, Slacker, the Before trilogy, Boyhood and A Scanner DarklyStarted using the dog’s shampoo. My hair has never enjoyed such a glorious shine @LizzyFlora @mrbasil_pesto Someone mentioned The Yellow Sea, which is tremendous @edgarwright I’ve not seen Busting. Got a couple of mentions. Must rectify. I have a lot of time for Hyams, and that’s some cast @jamie_graham9 Thank you. I literally paid for two days of that footchase myself as the studio wanted me to cut day…
Retweeted by Jamie Graham @edgarwright When I started reading this, I immediately thought, ‘I trust they paid you back’. Glad they did the right thing @chemalino Great scene @AnneBillson The crunchy footsteps on hard-packed snow and the gritty breaths make it. Can feel the aching limbs an… @AnneBillson That’s ace, Anne. Saw that movie when it came out but have no memory of the chase
@MainstreamMatt That film is a dog’s dinner but that sequence is good @GeorgeaMaddy Electric opening! @ross_maclean I’ll try and get hold of it @WhitlockAndPope You could have a whole section dedicated to Tom Cruise @ross_maclean Not seen it. I really must @LiamHDempsey Still the best @mrbasil_pesto Yes! That’s a great oneRewatched Baby Driver. For all of the expertly choreographed tyre-squealing mayhem on show, it’s the foot chase tha… found myself thinking, ‘Shit, I can’t remember anything that happened in Black Widow - that’s not a good refle… nearly 4 years, but my rambling on about The Young Pope and The New Pope being the some of the greatest TV *e… @jwoodfilm 🙄Just transcribed one of those interviews where the line is awful and you have to play every sentence 3x to at least… star Betty Gilpin’s reaction to her Emmy nomination is worth an award in itself
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@philippino72 Haha, yes, very much so @RolandHuschke First Man is first-rate 👊Remember when people were moaning that Ryan Gosling was in everything? It’s now been 21 months since the release of… @adamstovall @FrightFest ☺️Can’t wait for this. Well done @FrightFest for still managing to bring genre fans a treasure trove of riches in the… @life_horizontal No. I’ll check it out. ThanksThe handling of the chaotic, cacophonous courtroom trials is exemplary, and there are a couple of superlative set-p… @sideboardlen21 Glad you liked it. A steal at £1.99!I found the time-hopping abrupt, and the portrayal of Cosa Nostra soldier Tommaso Buscetta (Pierfrancesco Favino, m…
@street_trash2 @H0rror0fDracula My first 3 poster quotes were on Claire’s Knee, Breathless and The Third Man. From… @HannaFlint Agreed, but any decisions they make will be driven by commerce, sadly @PaulRidd Where is it available at the mo? @street_trash2 Yep, but a lot I liked about it. The first 10 mins, in the booth, was actually my favourite bit
Retweeted by Jamie Graham @FilmLandEmpire Her new one is ace @Anonymous_Riter @RobertPGallant 😊Worth catching Joko Anwar’s Impetigore (Shudder). There’s a touch of Hammer, & AIP movies like Haunted Palace, plus… @adamstovall Thanks. I already have a fantastic guy for when I’m overwhelmed, but mostly do it myself to keep costs… I need to change my routine of making Sunday ‘Transcription Day’. Dread it @nrm1972 Nah. Missing key players, they’ve been awful in the second half of the season, and your record against the…