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My expanded edition of 'Taller' is out now, with 8 new tracks!

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Tomorrow at 11:30 am (UK) my 'Song Society' rework of @the1975's incredible 'Love It If We Made It' is going live o… luck with your demons. I had a title and then about an hour later, a song. And here is some of it, now availab…
I played some songs live for @jamiecullum on his @BBCRadio2 show yesterday. We spoke about my forthcoming album, j…
Retweeted by Jamie CullumYou don't have to pull off a jewellery heist to get your friends & family the perfect gift this Christmas. 'Taller…'s such an iconic story behind ‘The King Of Thieves', and from the start of the project I was so excited to pu…👀 @LimelightUK1 🙏😎 @ComeFromAwayUK @Nat_Jamieson @KerryAGodliman @MaryPoppins @Mabel @robbiewilliams @HarryConnickJR @ITV 🙏
Huge thanks to everyone who tuned in to my @RoyalVariety performance with @robbiewilliams tonight ✌️ @jimconroy17 @celineopeterson 🙏😂 to @robbiewilliams and @jamiecullum on the Royal Variety... I love Robbie, but could listen to Jamie ALL…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum- he’s my gold standard songwriter and this is a gold standard song. I learnt a lot from learning it and singing it… played his cello like a guitar and strummed this beautifully creating a bed that was so easy to sing on. The so… with these Song Society covers, we’re just hanging out and a song I want to sing just zooms into my consc… @AudreySN1 @Spotify 😉 @Richard_B_W @RoyalVariety @ITV @robbiewilliams @HarryConnickJR @Mabel @MaryPoppins @robbeckettcomic @RomeshRanga @LondonPalladium 🙌So looking forward to watching 👑@RoyalVariety this evening @ITV 7:30pm incredible acts @robbiewilliams @jamiecullum
Retweeted by Jamie CullumI don't need anything else for Christmas now that ⁦@jamiecullum⁩ has released this beautiful Christmas EP. 🎄🤗
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @JFltchr Thanks Jono, glad to hear it’s a favourite 🙏
Treat yourself to my, perhaps less bombastic, but no less festive track ‘Christmas, Don’t let me down’ today. Sin…
@bethanylearoyd 🙌Thrilled to have had the chance to sing 'Merry Xmas Everyone' with @robbiewilliams for his @ITV Christmas Special.… into the festive spirit with @robbiewilliams and special guests @davidwalliams, @jamiecullum @poppapete299. 🎄🎅🎉…
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@madlib @FreddieGibbs @nprmusic @MarcoBenevento @El_Michels @NprEverything I love coming together on this @madlib and @FreddieGibbs For @nprmusic tiny desk session with added… haven't met @Usher but my wife has, and so I couldn't help but use a thought of hers as an inspiration for the tr… year was tilted to #PlayGloria my #stlblues & a good deal of @HamiltonMusical with the release of @hadestown pu…
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If you’ve been feeling like a kid anticipating Santa waiting for the video for 'It’s Christmas’, your wait is final…🎁 [CALENDRIER DE L’AVENT JAZZ À VIENNE #JOUR 4] 🎁 // @jamiecullum et son énergie contagieuse de retour sur la scène…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @bacfell @CorinneBRae @jazzopen 3 is the magic number @jamiecullum you've really been a constant in my life💫🤟, this year too but @BTS_twt hit me hard sorry
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @johngeorge1977 🙏
@sodajerker 🙏 @jamiecullumfans 📹 @BrianKnueve Sounds like me 😂Here is Life is Grey. Played at the piano it was written and recorded on. At home. excited to be announced with @CorinneBRae for next year’s @jazzopen! Pre-sale goes live tomorrow so make sure yo…
Listen to the full track here tracks from Taller in various ways in the lead up to Christmas here with the title track I find myself a… & Blues Open I'm coming for you! So glad to be joining the lineup, I can't wait to play this beautiful festiva…
Massive love to Brad and Loz the musical geniuses that they are, Danny who made this sound big, beautiful and natur… try not to fall back on the swing versions of pop songs vibe as, well, it doesn’t really float my boat... but her… and @finneas .......I have major love for this incredible pair of musical wonders. I’m absolutely fa…
Can’t wait to bring you the full music video for ‘It’s Christmas’ soon! So on the first day of advent, get yourself…
@je_slater @RomeshRanga
So it turns out @jamiecullum is actually a proper hip hop head. New ep featuring the man himself. It’s a stone cold…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum🍾 xx to it here chat with @RomeshRanga for his @HHSMLpodcast is now available online. I really enjoyed sitting down for this one…
When @jamiecullum performed his take on a @robbiewilliams classic. In front of the man himself. 😍 Listen to…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @MTCUK @mistablaspa Go for it 😉Wow, what an incredible hour of jazz!! An absolutely outstanding session from the brilliant ⁦@joeArmonJones⁩ & band…
Retweeted by Jamie CullumWith man like @jamiecullum on @BBCRadio2 👁 listen
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @JoseAhuedNaime Happy birthday!Can't wait to play at @Sage_Gateshead next March. A huge thank you to everyone that bought tickets for this one, it…
The best part of the week is about to happen. Tune in to @jamiecullum and his Jazz Show on @BBCRadio2 now.
Retweeted by Jamie CullumListening to @joeArmonJones and band sound checking ahead of tonight’s @BBCRadio2 show - trust me, you don’t want to miss it. From 9pm.Goin live on @BBCRadio2 with the man like @jamiecullum from 9pm Special band lineup as always 👁👁
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@BacklistedPod @i_am_mill_i_am @birchos Huge congratulations!!
@AimN Amen!!!Incredible, kinda future blues, soul psychedelic new album from @Labrinth that doesn’t sound quite like anyone else… you for having me 📻 @BBCRadio4 📻 @AasmahMir @Mobeen_Azhar @jamiecullum on #saturdaylive this morning. Tears and bright eyes from me.
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum🙏 @BBCSaturdayLive OMG, @jamiecullum that was simply stunning . Thank you
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @TheRSC @davidwalliams @robbiewilliams @ZoeTheBall @BBCRadio2 Hello BACK you excellent people! @ZoeTheBall So. Much. Fun. X
Had a blast this morning performing some songs for this dazzling array of people @robbiewilliams, @davidwalliams &… @ljyeomans @robbiewilliams 🙏 @amrooney23 @BBCRadio2 Glad I could help 🙏 @tracyhiley @ZoeTheBall @BBCRadio2 @robbiewilliams Thanks Tracy, see you in Sheffield!😂 @netty_ooo ❤️ @simonplewis @jamiecullumfans @ZoeTheBall @robbiewilliams 😎 thank you🙌 thanks @davidwalliams incredible @jamiecullum singing live on @ZoeTheBall Breakfast show on @BBCRadio2 NOW! #JamieCullum #jazz
Retweeted by Jamie CullumOMG @jamiecullum sounding incredible on radio 2 breakfast show
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @MrsH4175 @ZoeTheBall @robbiewilliams @davidwalliams @BBCRadio2 👋Super excited @ZoeTheBall 🙌
Playing 'You Can't Hide Away From Love' on @BBCLater was such an incredible moment for me, if you missed it you can…
I invited @YamahaUK to sit down with me at Cap Roig festival earlier this year to talk about what inspires me ahead… week on Jazz World, Linley will be joined by the one and only @jamiecullum. Plus, amazing music from the Yello…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @garrett_boileve Thank you for the support Garrett, it means a lot @adigerwww @BBCLater @BBCTwo You’re welcome 👏 @RoseMarianFinn1 @BlueAttitudeCD @MoonDreamsMusic @RockWellerSG @scbandcpt @paynepepperjam @MrSimonWatt @Kirstysstory Thank you Kay, likewise! 👏Coming soon, Yamaha Artist and multi-award winning Jazz musician, @jamiecullum opens up about what goes through his…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @angrypuppyfilms @SarahPEngland @LondonPalladium @RoyalVariety @robbiewilliams @HarryConnickJR Thanks Ken! @leiseredmond16 @LondonPalladium @RoyalVariety @robbiewilliams @HarryConnickJR 🙏 @Anthony97567217 @LondonPalladium @RoyalVariety @robbiewilliams @HarryConnickJR 😎
Down at the @LondonPalladium for this years @RoyalVariety performance both @robbiewilliams and I trying to play it…
@jamiecullum Your cover for this track by @the1975 is killer. Puts the song in a whole new light. The bass clarinet…
Retweeted by Jamie Cullum @alexhummel @boniver Thanks for the support Alex. Glad you like it ✌️ @Andykaren7893 @JamesMelville @michaelkiwanuka ✌️✌️ @LengPamela @BBCLater @BBCTwo Thank you 🙏Loving the new version @robbiewilliams Christmas song with @jamiecullum ! 🎄⛄️🎁❤️
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