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I hate racists, children, and food trucks // Expect typos // Producer, and co-host of the @fabulousinvalid podcast // Lefty both ways.

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@AyannaPrescod Don't tell anyone, but I'm reading this: up for the Senate impeachment trail.
Retweeted by Jamie DuMont @morettiphd @_AngelaLansbury You are correct. @_AngelaLansbury Lee!! @DearAuntCrabby @ThatEricAlper First album that came to mind. @kevinddaly How is the print? @srmduke87 When he says "mob" he speaks with authority. @WinonaStryder @MagickLoge I live for that hand cream. LIVE. FOR. IT
@MrPaulWinkler @ToddBuonopane @chriskong A bargain. @MrPaulWinkler @ToddBuonopane @chriskong Is there a price on pure pleasure? @GrantGinder This is a plus.The River of Dreams @JimCaruso1 I can’t believe I’d never seen this photo before!Gearing up for the Senate impeachment trail. @morettiphd @RickMiramontez True. @RickMiramontez @GOP craven power-hungry monsters @mfbenji You're basically a chef now. @meganhilty It's not a whole show, just Jud Fry singing "Lonely Room" over and over and over. @DougPlaut When someone says "no worries" to me it makes me worry. @maticaps How did I forget about Duff?There is good in the world. @alsilbs Beyond. @funjamin When did you finally see it?
@Its_Katka I mean... @therealzevgood This will be (happily) in my head all day.I had THE best time talking all things The Night Slaker with my dear @SimardJennifer and the fabulous @JessicaVosk @therealzevgood I mean, Sheena. @therealzevgood Where is "Skyfall" and "View To A Kill"? I'm realizing many of the Bond themes are excellent. @therealzevgood Does that make "Nobody Does It Better (The Spy Who Loved Me) #2? @AnikaChapin I'm so happy I grew up in the 70s. @Politidope Leadership matters @akakarenwilson @kevinddaly This much I do know. @kevinddaly I've never seen this film. @zj_slack This cannot be unseen.
@DancinPete join @birdlandjazz concert & fundraiser tonite at 7pm (est) - this amazing place needs our help - link on th…
Retweeted by Jamie DuMont @JDKingsolver I think about this daily. @Tartick This tweet IS truth. @maticaps "Mom, look up this fuc*ing word..." @BCDreyer Impeach. @BillyFlood20 Count on it. @BillyFlood20 "24K GOLD PLATED BILE" - I am stealing that, as I think it has many applications. ty.Sunday feels @funjamin I feel this. @maddiecorman @JoshRadnor Only for the past 338 days. @DMurphyOfficial This is the correct application. @gnuman1979 Just ask Richard Harris. @BCDreyer How do we know when he’s yelling at us? @luxurytrash_ Wanna meet me at the hardware store tomorrow?
@theryanhallett So brave. This isn't a safe space. @ClareMcCreadie I’ll be checking this space for updates! @ClareMcCreadie I am so excited for you. @chrislhayes It does feel vaguely criminal, but I was just an English major. @heyadamroberts She’s tall enough to be your mother. @fjue Holy sh*t. That’s scary. @liamgareau Celebrities aren’t better than us, they just have better veneers. @ryanmccabe I’m not ready to forgive.
@kevinddaly @BCDreyer You ride for free. @BCDreyer I can also give tours on all the locations (for a small fee). @BCDreyer I see this on the big screen every few years. It's a magnificent film. @MissMollyPope Mine get's lifted off it's foundation next week, that should be fun! @MissMollyPope I never knew they did it all with rubber bands. @mistergeezy I've been waiting all day for Bernie to turn into cake. @StageLeft_NYC Pretty sure we've done two shows about this, possibly a third, who can say?RIP.
Retweeted by Jamie DuMontWait, what the fuck? @luxurytrash_ Here he is boys! Here he is world! Here's Bern!My turn...
Do we still get to be happy tomorrow? @sailorbluto @MsKatrinaWaters This is so upsettingI’m pretty sure that @VP’s laugh will be the thing that heals our nation. @ArianMoayed All the fireworks! @RickMiramontez @PattiMurin @colindonnell @Tartick @MKarns_Presents Can you please put the Susan Carr back in the l… @RickMiramontez ‼️‼️‼️ @ed_trafton Oh yes! @CFLMichael @PressSec It's very nice, comforting, and informative.“We have a common goal to share accurate information with the American people” - @PressSec I probably won’t stop…
@toddelkinsjr @POTUS YES!As he walked to the White House a reporter asked @POTUS if he had a message to the world and President Biden responded, "Unity."We’re proud that Broadway’s own #IsabelToledo started a First Lady fashion trend with this coat in 2008.
Retweeted by Jamie DuMont @damedacia ALWAYS WITH HER @MsHarrietHarris I was thinking the same thing! HA. @damedacia SHE IS IT.The power and force with which Michelle Obama walks is all I need to know we're gonna be okay. @LaurenPokedoff I'm pro coats.On a loop.’s do this. I feel about @JoeBiden, @SenKamalaHarris, and the next 11 days. #vote #BidenHarris2020 #Landslide
Retweeted by Jamie DuMont @mynameisjro Or 2013 @BWWMatt Same. @Its_Katka @carriecourogen @StageLeft_NYC Now this is the only thing I want. Well, and a conviction in the Senate.
Perfect. Trump’s last day. The Military Band right outside the White House — “Hit The Road Jack”...
Retweeted by Jamie DuMont @VP You enabled a traitor and failed the American people on every level. History will be very unkind to you. Your… @seanpaulmahoney You can be president!
@Tommykthedj @NoContextGolden @Aleeexandraaa24 The Del Rubio Triplets (FYI)
@AyannaPrescod I'm also always ready for a revival of August: Osage County. @AyannaPrescod Kiss of the Spiderwoman @morettiphd @RickMiramontez Hancock Park.