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moaninarse @jamieoffshore libpool or de noordzee

I TOUCH UP RUSTY FLANGES FOR A LIVING ...LFC....JFT96 .. Scouse niet Engels ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

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Live scenes as Sajid Javid reveals entire NHS budget for 2020:
Retweeted by moaninarse @BulldogEvo3 Knew it’d hit him hard 😞What abar this fella ? calling someone 20 odd years younger than you “dad” 😭 thought Whitney died in her bath ? case you missed it, video of the week: Dutch PM checks his bike into a big underground parking place. Attendant…
Retweeted by moaninarseIt’s horrible flying in fog @magicmandz1 Goedemorgen x
Goede nacht ✌🏻😴 @DorisVulva Nonce @die_hann Give it a chance , I’m gonna send yer the box set for your birfda pressie, yall be hooked man 🤗😂xx @die_hann I know it goes against me image as a big tough hard drinking animal 🤦🏻‍♂️☺️..don’t have much choice I sta… @die_hann Howay man ...Sunday night just after me roast with a nice bottle of you know what 🙃😂xx @die_hann Love it 😁 x @VonneeeeV 😂😂😂When I worked in a hotel in the lakes one of the chefs was called “the trout” , cos he’d licked a trout out’re gonna have many many many happy years together ❤️ @Marcia790 Helicopter crash I’ve read 😮Yerrrssss another game 😁HahahaDeserve it been fuckin woeful 2nd halfReally? thatShe had to go the walk in with sommer last night cos she had stomach pains and when the nurse asked when about did… @DorisVulva If your a nonce @DorisVulva Dairy lea slice noncePass that 👏🏻 @VonneeeeV Brainwashed by “get brexit done “ the soft twats 🙄 @VonneeeeV Fuckin idiots and places like Burnley too , but the story cheered me up no end 😂Who is contacting Twitter attempting to shut down allegations of Israel war crimes?
Retweeted by moaninarseThought I’d jump on the bandwagon ⛑ GE @graciebarbara Our grace 😂Puttin me thermals on @NotArsedLike2 😂😂😂 @NotArsedLike2 He was just out for a ramble @NotArsedLike2 Canada is a dangerous place in the winter 👀 @NotArsedLike2 Good to see him stepping up to the plate @DorisVulva @DorisVulva This time last year nonceHappy birthtime to me all time favourite yellytail slurper @die_hann 🍷💃🏻xx my he the king now then ?🥶’s that cold , the flame on me lighters just froze @goldilocksrocks @1976_Jessy Happy birthday to you x🥳
Me great great grandfathers brothers daughter made some films in Hollywood then ended up marrying some prince from… of a gun - the La’s Dear Prudence - the Beatles Forgotten town - the Christians @AnnaAreYouOk Yer don’t watch , poor kidThe WiFi here is slower than telewest dial up @VonneeeeV Never followed her anyway but seeing her in that Corbyn t shirt did it for me @VonneeeeV Blocked her last year she’s vile that @VonneeeeV Exactly right , it could be Moslems persecuting and killing Jews , catholics with proddies or vice versa… @JoDickoLFC Goes without saying x @JayMcCluskey74 Blocked that horrible twat last year @JoDickoLFC Same , what a ridiculous way to think 🙄 @FaIse9Firmino @FtblRhys Behave yourself you stupid cunt @leannef55 Me neither but they do @leannef55 7 years of age ...what kind of person would do that 😡 @JoDickoLFC There’s good people there I know , but religion doesn’t come into it for me , I couldn’t give a fuck wh… @b_sickbeard Horrible , poor kid @drivet1411 Nah your not , you just hate murdering twats like any decent human would @b_sickbeard Exactly @Ms_Saint_ Yer I know and understand, defo don’t wanna see it again either @DeanoBarron Murdering cunts are murdering cunts whoever their god is @digsy84 It’s the easy reply for people who defend what’s going on there or turn a blind eye to it , like our government obviously @Ms_Saint_ Horrible as it is people need to know what’s going on there , poor kid , 7 , fucks sake 😥 @digsy84 You criticise Israel your an anti Semite , couldn’t give a fuck what religion someone is , cunts are cuntsNot retweeting the vid but am I anti Semitic for calling the Israelis murdering child killing cunts for throwing a… @DorisVulva No it was on a shelf the cunt @DorisVulva I dreamt the other night that one of these bit me in the hand in Aldi @DorisVulva @AnnaAreYouOk 🤦🏻‍♂️...there was some gobshite American on here getting retweeted a couple of years ago who claimed… @DorisVulva @DorisVulva @AnnaAreYouOk You’d expect shit like that from someone who doesn’t have a kid on the spectrum and who basically has… @DorisVulva What’s bathed pork chop @DorisVulva I know that’s what you’d do @AnnaAreYouOk That’s honestly one of the worse things I’ve ever read @DorisVulva It is , it goes nice with a pork pie @AnnaAreYouOk I’d been scrolling past these today cos I knew I’d be on one if I read them , what a twat of a “mothe… @DorisVulva Melton Mowbray nonce @Softlass_xx 88% on this poll are so wrong 😳x* this rig’ve got a red band on me Gregory peck and it’s either shingles or from when I got me head stuck between a hot pipe… @NIKIDEE15 @Ms_Saint_ @RyanWorrall96 We have to fight the good fight 😂 Owen there , advertising rig shit @NIKIDEE15 @Ms_Saint_ @RyanWorrall96 Nikki is the companies main spokesperson whilst I deal more with admin, somehow it works 🤷🏻‍♂️👍🏻Cos she keeps getting them made bigger then reduced @Ms_Saint_ @RyanWorrall96 @NIKIDEE15 Already perused and rated 😂 it was a perfect 10/10 @scabbyannie Thank you 😊 @02markjones I was out here her grandad took her , Kung hei fat Choi 🇨🇳 @sclfc1 Where you goin ?Sommer’s first ever game and my heads gone at the fact it was 8 yrs ago today 😳❤️ @ianwilson69 Think I’d flipFair enough reason to kick off I reckon @SimmoKaren Defo helped and showed our city isn’t like any other 🙌🏼 @SimmoKaren Boss 😊 a load of us went, reds and blues together , it was that hot in our end that the stewards where… @SimmoKaren 89 cup final 👍🏻