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moaninarse @jamieoffshore libpool or de noordzee

I TOUCH UP RUSTY FLANGES FOR A LIVING ...LFC....JFT96 .. Scouse niet Engels nonce ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ *19

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@anonomoose0774 Miles off 🤷🏻‍♂️ @dianeisblonde Haha 2nd person to say that , me head pots in the cupboardVOTE DORIS 🗳 @Gra_lfc_colfc Great business idea 👏🏻 @MaryauContrair No I get me mum to do that @tevezneck I’m just glad I don’t live with mine so I can continue my work in peace @ElJay10222836 I’d be lynched by twitter haha @tevezneck Nah I keep them trophies in me lock up @mooshteesh Pot luck @mooshteesh Now THAT was a pot @n1k32342274 Wish it was @mooshteesh It’s not big enough , the pot I mean @ElJay10222836 Wrong animal @jay1878nsno CloseA piping hot bowl of french onion soup topped with a baguette crouton with bubbling Swiss gruyere cheese to the fi…* breaking * Police find more human bones in Dennis Nilsens drains up but in work mode 💪
Retweeted by moaninarsePayday / flight details for Monday day @1976_Jessy I would , even if I felt like death 💀 I wish I was having it tonight now 😭 @1976_Jessy I now know what I’m having for me tea tomorrow 👍🏻😂
It takes allsorts @RobInTheShip Glad it’s not just me ✊🏻 @RobInTheShip These things need to be raised and not brushed under the carpetWelcome , bienvenue , willkommen , bienvenidos, benvenuto , Welkom 🤗 about the sky ?, anti-maskers This one's for you 👇👇👇
Retweeted by moaninarseOh fuck off delicious haha
Retweeted by moaninarseMorning fuck off , really ?
Frankie Howerd, Wendy Richard and Paul McCartney in a cut scene from Help!
Retweeted by moaninarse @ATW1062 MERCI @ATW1062 OUINicely done @AtMadgee Yer she started last nightSomethings afoot 🖼💪🏻 @Melanie23593372 @Dayne_n_simple Haha @tevezneck @arsed_no @ChefOnTheCorner His IG is still thereThe white hair of wisdom. Las canas de la sabiduría. Les cheveux blancs de la sagesse. #whitehair 🤍…
Retweeted by moaninarse @DorisVulva Is that what you call it now @DorisVulva J R Noncely
Considering I’m a bad food nonce , I’ve never watched bake off , Aussie masterchef all day tho5 years ago today I got served the worst cheesy garlic bread ever made
Retweeted by moaninarseLeonardo Di caprio holding a glass of sherry or whatever the fuck it is from django unchained is the only good thin… @angiesliverpool Ray penny ? @joggers0 🤣🤣Blagamamma 🍝 @DorisVulva Because @DorisVulva Lower your tone 2 is defo coming #memories’s before lockdown @DorisVulva I did I used to fly them @DorisVulva Fighter plane nonceA bit of happiness in this shitshow every crimbo in Aldi for about a fiver with free little wooden board @NishaKatona Had a mowgli Monday at home, unreal recipes 😍 @AtMadgee Prefer Johnson or his full name or just useless milky bar headed twat meselfMad the amount of people who still call him “ Boris “ @joggers0 Haha just seem a clip of that beforeRIP Jackie Stallone , a real beauty back in the day’s her Instagram
2020 @castawayinlondo Mowgli street food book @SamuelAdams89 @castawayinlondo Mowgli cookbook 👍🏻 @castawayinlondo Have to say it was nice like 😊 , I hadn’t used that book for ages @ptsb32 Afraid so 😬Mowgli mondees , think I’ll have a lie down now @ATW1062 😂😂😂👊🏼 @ATW1062 I’m a man of peace whatever I drink ✌🏼 man nice bottle of deadly rum off me nephew for giving him me fishing gear , none of your spiced shite I won’t give her anymore pate #cobon @theglamityjane Me ex @n1k32342274 Just making sure I think , what a waste RIP @liverbird17 Cremated murdering bastard @BulldogEvo3 Haha same @BulldogEvo3 Yer about the nurse from that , bit weird but giving it a goBut what if you.....oh never mind kool and the gang day #21stnightofseptemberMe - “ brain, you’re still off work so no need to wake up early” Brain - “ I couldn’t give a fuck , rise and shine gobshite “
@DeanoBarron Haha it’s true but it doesn’t last longStarted watching that Ratched on Netflix with Sömmer and within the first 2 minutes a priests having a Tommy tank so kill me @ElJay10222836 Deep breaths and good luck , if you can do the first day the second will be easierUp the scouse bastard pork chops as fuck that 👊🏼Bog virg header please for 600 grandTyler suicidalNow twat the kantsLet’s see what this young kids about thenrode kaart 👋🏼Hup Liverpool hupSoss on cup of in what used to be Paddy Scouse cafe in the village of the damned @jeffwoad70 Loads love it ( birds ) @jeffwoad70 It’s shite @jeffwoad70 Won about a million (£63)