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#Dababy’s having more fun than anyone has at #SNL in years
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaRunner up: @itskindred Big forehead gang ✊🏾 @samanthamarie He does not look well @Rabble_Rowser 😭😭😭
This thread! original weighted blanket @piritees OMG’m going to get 2 more to trade with my sworders @luchie_hm and @jemarxsouzaomg i could fukin cry #PokemonSwordShield #NintendoSwitch things I really miss since my celiac diagnoses are ramen and croissants.
@luchie_hm I need that ship comic plzI'm putting together a Lupin fanzine for 2020! Looking for mostly comic contributions, and a few illustrations. You…
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @comicsandcola ZAINAB!!! I'm not going to spend a lot of money on Xmas gifts this year. Also me: some Lupin III yesterday and now I wanna draw M O R E
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaHeehee
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @jemarxsouza Oops fusions
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@raetheforce @Steph_I_Will This shit still takes the wind outta me @Steph_I_Will I swear to god I thought this was a bad photoshop meme @ianjq @rebeccasugar Awww congrats! @comicsandcola A spreadsheet!!!! used to be so tiny!!!! 😭😭😭😭🥰🥰🥰 sage + sapphire I. WANT
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @KevinJosephCMX Thanks so much, Kevin! :D#HairLove, an animated short film from @MatthewACherry, tells a touching story about a father learning to do his da…
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @piritees Love you, boo!Don't forget, you can get 20% off when you spend $6 or more using the code: BJP20 >> 📦 Or…
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaCheck out ya girl's @InfringeMag interview! 😊😊 is how my decade sounded on Spotify. Get your #spotifywrapped. guess was wrong, haha Ski Mask was #1 2 years in a row. #spotifywrapped it ain’t out yet, but that’s still my guess!Alright ima do Spotify wrapped in a sec, but I’m guessing my top song is either Tyler’s Earfquake or Megan and DaBaby’s Cash Shit.Jemar: Pokémon fans are the horniest; y’all lust after Pokémon, professors and gym leaders. Me: It ain’t our fault, you seen them?!So I know we're all thirsty for Leon and Raihan but let me draw your attention back to Professor Sycamore from XY
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaHonestly Jay adding his discography to Spotify the week I got all my reports due is sabotage.#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade @hermanos It irks me like no other. That and the w in sword.
People who pronounce the l in salmon. was Jemar last night 😭😭😭😭, the best Twitter story in the history of Twitter, is making its debut at #Sundance2020. Can't wait to see…
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @CraigSJ I feel thisBlurb writing is mania and I feel like they get progressively stranger as they go along in the order I wrote them.
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @RobbinsRose Thank you!!! I hope you find relief too.Young thug at the beginning of the century. Young thug at the end of the century.
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @RobbinsRose I got a severe migraine after my first session so this time I took off work and rested and the pain wa… @RobbinsRose It hurts, it’s not a fun experience. But it’s over in a few minutes. But they give you about 31 shots,… @PeebyKo Thank you! I've had my blood tested a lot and my iron is low but not enough to that I'm anemic. I'll look into that, thanks!I also got my 2nd round of Botox for migraines yesterday (I get it every 3 months). Not fun, but I think it has bee… I found out that I've been having WAY more migraines that I thought. The dr told me even if the pain isn'…
HEY! Thanks for being so excited about DRIFT! It’s out today on Gumroad for only $5 (or more if you’re inclined to…
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaDemon kids 👺 #DemonSlayer
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaI just backed From Truth With Truth on @Kickstarter @RoBroSmo She is precious! Look at her sitting perfectly 😭Whenever I leave the house and realize I’m covered in cat hair @ahmarasmithart That shit look delicious!I mean... @julianlytle That’s one way to see the joke, but not everyone will or does see it that way. That’s how jokes are, s… @julianlytle Okayit’s still wild to me that I’m talking about a Watchmen tv show as an insightful work w/r/t black folks’ lives.
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaReally, Marvel? You thought a fat joke in the #BlackWidow trailer was a good idea and funny? Even after how folks r… @lppny I haven’t seen it yet! I’m worried for them 🦎😰The Best Comics of 2019
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaFor context, it’s in the low 50s here this morning and lizards get stunned by the cold weather and “freeze”. So the… weatherman is warning us about iguanas falling from the trees. Gotta love Florida. @luchie_hm @GoodbyeNavi Yeah it’s happened too many times to be a coincidence. @SaraAlfageeh It’s beyond me! This is super gross and problematic.Dos women on #WatchmenHBO are fucking great.Yo I just watched the last episode of #Watchmen wooowww’s just a few amazing creators doing just that! @RaynardFaux @DAYGLOAYHOLE @OliveOilCorp @shannondrewthis
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaIf you guys want to enjoy black stories that aren’t ridden in trauma all I can say is read more comics! From fantas…
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @biancaxunise Thank you!!!! 🖤🖤🖤🖤
Check out my #CyberMonday deal, code good until Dec 21st!* but y’all knew that @kaylagotlost Thank you!!! I can’t wait for y’all to read it.The title of the 12-page comic is “A Little Esperanza”. It takes place in Puerto Rico 500 years in the future. The… teaser 👀! Here’s a peak at a some of the thumbnails for me and @maddigzlz’ comic for @powerandmagicpr’s upcom…
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaIf someone hasn’t replied to this with “baby yerrda” what’s even the point of this app
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaNighteye’s yaoi hands kill me.
I’ve caught up with the Baby Yoda show and just as I expected, I would die for this old baby.Shout out my guy nick. One of the greatest comics of all time. #nickdragottaarmy
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaThis is my favorite one
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaI WAS BORN BY THE RIVERRRR🗣 #TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @NickDragotta What a dream that musta been lol! Miss you dude! Happy belated Thanksgiving to you and your fam.I finished a sculpt! Kind of kept going back and adding to it every once in a while after I learned something new b…
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila @Rabble_Rowser Omg why am I now just seeing this?! So good!Results! Some of y'all are night owls🦉 brother Oscar never responds to his texts so one must write him a letter !
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Thank you @CHofferCBus @themeganpurdy @incitata @katannthompson @HonestlyJon and everybody who contributed to the M…
Retweeted by Galarian Jamila#TwitterMomentsOfTheDecade May we never forget this gem...
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaWe are versatile #BlackHairChallenge 🙌🏾🖤@itsgabrielleu
Retweeted by Galarian Jamilanindendo, blease...., let chunky player characters exist
Retweeted by Galarian JamilaBilly! 💜💜💜
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