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Jamila @JamilaRowser Miami 🌴

Comics writer & publisher by moonlight @blackjoseipress 🌙 Community manager by daylight ☀️Tweets about anime, my cats, Pokémon, and rap. she/her

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Joined Twitter 12/27/08 Map to the Sun comes out in 31 days! I’m freaking out😳! If you’d like a review copy lmk! 🏀🌞 #aMaptotheSun #comics
Retweeted by JamilaJesus #IMayDestroyYou is so fucking good and gut wrenching.Bf: *watching Pose for the first time* Yo, they have any House of Evangelion fan art?PROOF OF FIVE WOMEN — INCLUDING MYSELF (AND TWO OTHERS — SO FAR WHO HAVE BEEN COERCED AND SUBSEQUENTLY BLOCKED BY M…
Retweeted by JamilaWatching Black male celebrities be silent as fuck while Talib Kweli continues with what is going on a three day lon…
Retweeted by Jamila @samanthamarie I really like that movie!!
If you like Scrabble, Hip-Hop, and A.I. programming, hit me up. I have a random idea in my head that could use your talent and interest.
Retweeted by JamilaOkay, so I’m watching Chowder on Cartoon Network and just had another random idea.... If you liked the cartoon Cho…
Retweeted by JamilaNo more "breaking into comics" panels at comic cons please--instead we need a cartoonists and money panel. We need…
Retweeted by JamilaMe @cheinwunderland I’m so so sorry. 😞Listening to Frank Ocean as I’m writing now and I think @Chrissadonna would be very happy about that.🌞🌞🌞🌞
Retweeted by JamilaTomorrow! @remusmaurice @marinacjulia & @EstrellaVega1 will talk penciling at our next installments of Nuts & Bolts…
Retweeted by Jamila @naomifranq Yup yup yupIf you want to write comics, I recommend drawing them too. You don’t have to be a good draftsman and you don’t have…
Retweeted by Jamila🙃😬🙃😬🙃😬 @maya_skb 😬😬😬😬😬 @maya_skb I didn’t hear about the dude from The internet, what he do?
Nana! 😍😍😍 an article
Retweeted by Jamila @shawnrpryor Thank you!!!!Me watching Floor is Lava + fav art piece ✨
Retweeted by Jamila @hirosemaryhello Right?! She was such a big influence on me believing that there was place for my stories in comics… when they were so so tiny. 🥺🥺🥺 fluffs. a super sweet email from a reader in Tokyo who said my work reminded her of Kyoko Okazaki and I have never felt so SEEN! 😊🙏🏾🙌🏾Aang and Katara’s family look Puerto Rican asf
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@cheryllynneaton You and these ideas!!!! 💰
I’m not going to mention all of the extreme police activity I’ve seen while trying to relax on my balcony. I have n… was a very stressful situation. I was so worried. 😞I’m skipping a lot of details but eventually we were able to speak with the security guard of the train station and… important to know that the trains on that track weren’t running because of covid.We called animal rescue but they were closed for the holiday so we called 911 but they transferred us to the closed… July 4th, @jemarxsouza and I spent the afternoon trying to rescue a dog that wandered on evelated train tracks a… wrangled that bitch up like a cowboy too. 🤠 🍗 @JoametteGil It was only a matter of time before I saw something like that. @junghulee This is basically gonna be a Florida man thread.I just watched a man catch a chicken and shove it into his drawstring bag. (I live in Miami for context.)Y’all the things I see on my balcony. Ima just start a thread. @HonestlyJon Yes and no. It was a to a friend and they thought it was funny.Looks at my big ass forehead ☺️☺️☺️ logging on to watch my stories @ziwe
Retweeted by JamilaHiii if any US freelancers haven't done this yet you gotta sign up-- I just received the 1K grant in my bank accoun…
Retweeted by JamilaDamn am I a nigga with a felony? 😂'all should listen to this great episode of Make it Then Tell Everybody with the awesome @RoBroSmo and @thingsbydan
Retweeted by Jamilanot Goya.... not this...
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Normalize Black characters patting their scalps in comics. #LivingHeroes Inks: @ONeillJones Colors: @kittenbutt
Retweeted by Jamila @UptownThompson @jemarxsouza here's that new phase of content we were looking forward to. @jemarxsouza oh boy lolI wish we had chopstars for comics. @tessreid Thank you!! They are such cuties and very very funny. @veryrarefriend Lol right?!Nancy by Ernie Bushmiller
Retweeted by JamilaYour pet and what they’re named after (just pictures) @HeelsNheartbrk Awww I love it! @HeelsNheartbrk I don't think I knew you had a cat! :3 what a cutie*Turns Zoom camera off to rub Biofreeze on neck* #lifewithchronicpainWould love for @PUSHA_T to call out Drake’s grooming allegations in his next diss. @shannondrewthis @ALA_Booklist @varianjohnson @GraphixBooks @Scholastic @SeaEileen @toastasaurus This is amazing news congrats congrats! @julianlytle Same, I think they are gonna act their ass off. But the age diff is like 12 years I think. @julianlytle The age difference bothers me. :-/
@CarrieCnh12 Super cute!
Can’t wait for y’all to read the story by me and @quasimaddi! Map to the Sun comes out in 31 days! 🏀🌞 #aMaptotheSun #comics #YA #YAlit #YAfiction #teenlit Book Launch Party:…
Retweeted by Jamila @jemarxsouza Close one @illusClaire 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾Our previous Nuts & Bolts sessions are available on our YouTube channel featuring @jarodrosello @JayroLantigua
Retweeted by JamilaWe're expanding our Mini-Grant awards! In 2020, MICE will award 30 Mini-Grants of $100 each. Guidelines and submis…
Retweeted by JamilaJuly's round of ShortBox mini-grants are open for application: five £100 grants available to independent cartoonist…
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@SavageCompanion Hi! We’re just a one person operation now but I’ll post on the site if we ever need to hire anyone…✊🏾✊🏾✊🏾 @AustinLouys I don’t have any special trick that helps me deal with the pain. Honestly I just suffer through it. Meds don’t always help. @DocMoran70 🙏🏾🙏🏾 @Steph_I_Will Thank you!!These fireworks and my poor cats. 😞JA 👏🏽 MI 👏🏽 LA👏🏽
Retweeted by Jamila @elevenafter I went with my gut! 🤷🏾‍♀️ @starfishncoffee Thank you!!! @TheVonGlum Thank you so much! @drkwingduck Thank you!!!!
@samanthamarie Thank you, Sam! @samanthamarie 😬😬😬😬😬😬INTERVIEW: Jamila Rowser on Launching Her Own Comic Book Publishing Company @JamilaRowser
Retweeted by Jamilastill writing comic books like
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@veryrarefriend @GraceSpelman 😭😭😭😭Working on a script and I misspelled my character Cookie's name as Dookie... my favorite tho. This show means so much to me 🐻✨
Retweeted by Jamila @EyesOnBrandon little Bear 😭😭😭😭 @samanthamarie Caroline! A complete embarrassment! Lmao @samanthamarie There were a few moments with Rose where I hollered!Stepped out my own way and did a thing.
Retweeted by Jamila @samanthamarie @ziwe I love them!Writers be like "I know a place" and then [insert description of place later]
Retweeted by JamilaHey look! I recorded a fun chat with @RoBroSmo and you can listen in here:
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blathers getting donations in July:
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About 15 years ago, I heard a White comic creator refer to a Black person as a "fucking ni@@er." No one believed me…
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