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Arsenal, Columbo, travel, chess and cycling fan. FE maths teacher. I enjoy reasoned debate. Retweets are not endorsements. All views are my own.

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Plant and animal species are disappearing at an increasing rate due to human activity. 🦋🐝🐞🐟🦜🌿🐾🐌 In order to preserv…
Retweeted by Jamken22 @KwabenaMega @BrunoManuted IfbSky News apparently had Claire Fox on last night to talk about the legacy of John Hume. No mention of the fact that…
Retweeted by Jamken22Boris Johnson ‘working from Chequers retreat’ after telling people to get back to office
Retweeted by Jamken22Pizza Express says it could close around 67 of its UK restaurants with up to 1,100 jobs at risk as part of a major restructuring plan
Retweeted by Jamken22 @Duffeh_Leeds @JamesMelville It wouldn’t surprise me.
@jonnyceepembs @casa_gabby @JamesMelville Yet he wouldn’t answer my question regarding his endorsement of Claire Fox. @JoelBaccas You’re not missing much. @WeDoNotLearn73 @JamesMelville That you refuse to engage.I’ve also noticed that @JamesMelville has deleted all the tweets he directed at me. I wonder why!I asked @JamesMelville twice why he endorsed people to follow Claire Fox on Twitter. This is the result. @JamesMelville Now it’s your turn. @JamesMelville I’ve conversed with Bernie numerous times. @JamesMelville What about Claire Fox? @ecigjuiced @KickedbyKellard Why did you vote to leave? I bet immigration was one reason! @1WilsonM Exactly my thoughts.Keep telling yourself that. I still see you’ve refused to answer my question regarding your Twitter endorsement o… @MortyMark @JamesMelville @berniespofforth I’ve unblocked you.I’ve really triggered James tonight. @JamesMelville I call out Brexiters every single day. You’re looking to find common ground. @JamesMelville @TheManMurdoch @MortyMark @berniespofforth I converse with her on Twitter. I’ve never met her in real life. @WeDoNotLearn73 @JamesMelville That says it all. @CatioMiles @WeDoNotLearn73 @JamesMelville Which one? Blackadder? @QuislingT @Ara_MaHubbard No surprise there. @arnie_booth I’ve hooked him tonight.No offence to anyone on Twitter, but I class my friends as those I have known outside of social media for a fairly… @TheManMurdoch @JamesMelville @MortyMark @berniespofforth I don’t have Brexity friends. My dad voted to leave but now regrets his decision.You’re calling me a liar, James? Tell me why you’ve been telling people to follow Claire Fox - someone who has de… @hop_addict @JamesMelville Point being?How am I a hypocrite, James? @berniespofforth @JamesMelville I thought he meant in real life. @WeDoNotLearn73 @JamesMelville Go on then. Tell me why you voted leave? I bet it was nothing to do with foreigners. @JamesMelville No. @ViscountLe8ton @Duffeh_Leeds @JamesMelville Crazy! @ecigjuiced I’m confident in my assertion. @casa_gabby @JamesMelville Exactly! @berniespofforth @Duffeh_Leeds @JamesMelville He recommended Claire Fox - defender of those who view child pornogra… @JamesMelville Why should I reach out to those who have voted to make us worse off, refuse to admit they’ve been li… @Ara_MaHubbard @QuislingT There’s plenty more on your timeline. And you have yet to answer my question. @QuislingT Check and mate. @ViscountLe8ton @Duffeh_Leeds @JamesMelville There are no words. @Duffeh_Leeds @JamesMelville He’s recommended people to follow??? @ecigjuiced I’m basing my view purely on observation. @ShaunODell19 @casa_gabby @JamesMelville Did he really? Wow! @roalsovi @JamesMelville Which is why I can’t respect them for voting to make us worse off. @ViscountLe8ton @Johnny_Two_Dogs Which sort of proves him wrong.If I suddenly did a @JamesMelville and began to sympathise with Brexiters, what would you think? @casa_gabby @JamesMelville It’s a strange one. Maybe he’s fishing for more followers? @JonJonesSnr Hilarious! @Duffeh_Leeds @JamesMelville It’s weird, isn’t it! @ecigjuiced I wouldn’t know. I’m not a socialist. @Ara_MaHubbard Well? @ViscountLe8ton @Johnny_Two_Dogs What have you seen? @jeffsprogress @JamesMelville Trying to gain more followers by appealing to the Brexiters. @jdupdater2 How is it a good thing to take away freedom of movement if you’re passionate about the positive future of the next generation? @roalsovi @JamesMelville Sounds a tad vague. @Johnny_Two_Dogs They always hang themselves. @florencerounda2 @jeffsprogress @JamesMelville Not always 😀 @ecigjuiced But true. @roalsovi @JamesMelville Why did your friend vote to leave? @jeffsprogress @JamesMelville I was giving him the benefit of the doubt.So you have no issue with immigrants and unhappy we’ve lost freedom of movement? I also presume you distance your… @jdupdater2 Give it a whirl. What was I wrong about? Bear in mind I have plenty of ammunition saved up. @roalsovi @JamesMelville Yet not one of them can string together a coherent argument for leaving. It always comes back to immigration. @FraiseAdam, that’s @JamesMelville unfollowed. @IswagPrettygir @rantnewsupdate Why 93k? Seems a bit specific. @jdupdater2 Here’s your chance to educate me. @Jaz_Leicester70 I’m about to. @Zobyismyname @gnomeicide @JamesMelville How do you feel about being on the same side as racists, xenophobes and the far-right? @roalsovi @JamesMelville Based on observation. Brexiters tend to be particularly nasty individuals. @juliatanner @JamesMelville 👏👏👏👏 @JamesMelville Wrong! The vast majority of Brexiters are racist, xenophobic, Covid deniers, anti-mask, and generall…! The vast majority of Brexiters are racist, xenophobic, Covid deniers, anti-mask, and generally unpleasant.…'s Mirror: "Test & trace fiasco is time bomb" #TomorrowsPapersToday #BBCPapers (via @hendopolis)
Retweeted by Jamken22Professionals are correct to raise concerns. It speaks to how little trust there is in this Tory leadership. Teac…
Retweeted by Jamken22OMG!! I WAS JUST A QUESTION ON UNIVERSITY CHALLENGE!!! My husband got it before me. #lifegoals
Retweeted by Jamken22 @captinsighthind @JamesMelville I fundamentally disagree. @thereallisaann Sounds interesting.Brexit fuels brain drain as skilled Britons head to the EU @Toriaclaire 👍🏻 @sh3wlf @rantnewsupdate ❤️I’ve been pondering the exact same question.! hackers stole US-UK trade talk papers from Liam Fox's email account - report Charlie Mullins - what a knob. Hiding in his vile villa in Marbella whilst expecting his "employees" to ris…
Retweeted by Jamken22Jamie O’Hara with quite possibly the most insane comment I’ve ever heard
Retweeted by Jamken22 @cuibono2016 @TonyP12490831 Those who will perish because of another lockdown who wouldn’t have succumbed to the vi… @slaveto5cats @SarahWorsnop Thank you. Sometimes I ask questions that people don’t link. I always try to explain an… @WalterVanDerHee @SarahWorsnop Yes. @danieltomsdad @david_mullens I’m not an advocate of herd immunity. I just thought I’d put it out there as a possible option.She’s referring to me. I did try to explain that the tweet she took issue with wasn’t particularly worded well, b… @SarahWorsnop @danieltomsdad @david_mullens Bye. @SarahWorsnop @danieltomsdad @david_mullens I’m specifically talking about the elderly. However, this wasn’t clear… @SarahWorsnop @danieltomsdad @david_mullens I’m talking about the over-60s who don’t care about socially distancing. @leighroy_marsh You’re right. @s6kev @Rusty_Rascal Because they’re only ever interested in crimes committed by the Muslim population. They’re nev… @mjdtoffee @mikeonthemarne @Bee42681881 @BBC You think homosexual people’s lives are worth less. @thereallisaann Thank you. Have a great day. @GeoffBarton9 @Bee42681881 @mjdtoffee @BBC I would think so.