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Harvey award nominated comic artist. Mega Man and Sonic @ Archie, Dexter's Lab @ IDW, G Stilton @ Papercutz, and I have an amazing beard

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@PuccaNoodles @GoGoAndyRobo Super hydlide? @PuccaNoodles @GoGoAndyRobo What are we playing? Vectorman? @Robaato_Art @OhHeyDJ The GameCube lid always felt good!And even the startup sounds to the old clunky consoles was satisfying. I would say the last one that really hyped a… @TheMissingYink Oh man, lets not forget cracking open a genesis game box... the sound! THE SOUND! And then pulling… @OhHeyDJ I just wanna feel the cartridge go into the damn console again! Shit, even the eject button on the SNES wa… @OhHeyDJ And the switch is even worse if you play docked. You press that tiny home button on your controller and th… @OhHeyDJ Everything feels so sterile now. I press the PS button on my controller, which is so soft and has no tacti… @endshark @endshark very cool!
@chadbonin it was written in the stars! @chadbonin ok cool, im gunna look into it! Thanks! @Rinnychu @Phons0 would you recommend the original or the remake? I'm probably only going to play one. @chadbonin like those movies that all came out in the early 00s that had a ghost/demon person open their mouth supe… @Fenrir_Drifter Truth be told I didn’t even touch the ff4 disc. It’s still in the cd box untouched. I bought it for the CT. @Fenrir_Drifter Yeah but remember when it came out? 2001, a new port of chrono trigger with animated cutscenes?! Life changing. @Fenrir_Drifter I’m a fraud, I know. I do have the psx and ds versions if that counts for anything.Anyway, the thing that keeps me up at night is that I never owned an original Chrono Trigger cart for SNES, and bec… @chadbonin wait, is it one of those "gaping mouth" movies?I dunno what I'm even saying anymore. It just doesn't feel good to start up a game anymore!Did blowing into a NES cartridge help it work? No, but we did it anyway. And there was the advanced technique of th… on something like a PSX, the "slamming" down of the disc cover, and clicking in the power button felt good. R… miss that feeling of popping in a cartridge in a SNES, and hitting the power switch. That sound and that tangible… anyone have any movies similar to Gonjiam: Haunted Asylum that they recommend? Other than pooping my pants wat… @MikeLuckas would recommend. @Romudeth i missed's only one more edit. to Norstein Bekkler's lab. The spin tingling show is about to start!
Retweeted by Jamps draws a lot of Chrono Trigger apparently @parkerrsimmons @brettmuller simply amazing.but you like to draw. should be easy, right? @RCaseDrawsStuff Go big or go homeBurn Bobonga! Lucca had too much "soup"
Retweeted by Jamps draws a lot of Chrono Trigger apparently
Anyone play trials of mana remake or collection of mana’s release of trials? I’m torn over which one to play.I absolutely loved the new She-Ra design! @chadbonin Nah see, it’s rigor Morris, see? In my head canon he’s an old Chicago gangster. @chadbonin Genuine Ares, god of war here! How is that even possible?! @chadbonin Redd dealing in the black market sale of famous corpses is pretty on brand for him. Would it b worse if… @thioester Yeah, I made a grand entrance for him and everything! @chadbonin Oh god!Is there some magic spell or dark incantation I need to say to have Redd appear on my island again? He showed up on…
Awesome!!!! Thank you!! She punched me into next Tuesday. Pack an umbrella, It’s gunna rain.
@TheIllustriousQ Hm, In the anime, yes. Not sure about the manga, since the original chapters with the badman shirt… @TheIllustriousQ yes? @GoGoAndyRobo transformpadours!Ah! So effin cool! Thanks so much!! @MattHerms i em sawnic, the festurst thngk ahhlibe. @ChibiJenHen thanks!!! @Danny8bit smile bomb!GoBots X Sailor Moon (1985) [REUPLOAD] Sorry for that.. The hair of the original one was really bugging me. It's…
Retweeted by Jamps draws a lot of Chrono Trigger apparently @RCaseDrawsStuff i do! Its great!I LOVE IT OMG! @RCaseDrawsStuff I want for my birthday today is everyone to be happy and safe [and doodles of Taka.]Rim lighting is my kryptonite.
@AWDtwit @OwenDerro @LilFormers @IanFlynnBKC maybe someday we'll all get to team up on an awesome megaman book! :D @AWDtwit @OwenDerro @LilFormers @IanFlynnBKC you did that awesome cover for the Megamix book! @OwenDerro @LilFormers @AWDtwit @IanFlynnBKC own ONE that i bought at a convention from my old college professor's table, and I use it to hold pages in manga.… @kinucakes wow, those look like good ass donuts.
Whoa! Looking cool! see korra is being talked about on Twitter again, here’s my old korra pencils! <3 korra! #korra #korrasami
Jeez, some of those sailor moon redraws are incredible!
@IanFlynnBKC It made me feel things previously unfelt!I watched that underwater movie w/ Kristen Stewart and I dunno why it didn’t do well. I liked it! @OhHeyDJ Sometimes it be like that. I spent a whole work day this week no joke figuring out one sentence. It was an…
@SorcererLance I mean more like... do her justice.That weird feeling of wanting to draw catra but not thinking I could do a good job?This is a large canary. @daluna1338 Wanna trade? has a goblin. @RAHeight Comics are a mostly solitary job. We all pretty much work in isolation, and Twitter is that feeling of lo… @NikkoGuy It’s glorious! Congrats! @kohquette That hair is amazingFrom episode 1 of season 1 all the way thru to the series finale, Catra is the absolute best character on she-ra.
@IanFlynnBKC @ChibiJenHen spiky hair. @ChibiJenHen she may or may not be a partial inspiration for someone I've been known to draw. @scrotumnose Similar path. Started with a tiny graphire, then had the intuous 9x12 for a long while. When I started…'ve been listening to a lot of P!nk lately. I have no larger insight in this tweet, I just like her songs and her… @NikkoGuy I think I played a similar model at guitar center a bit ago. @NikkoGuy It’s beautiful! @actionhankbeard @rianbowart this is great!
@RCaseDrawsStuff i love seeing these studies you're doing! Keep it up!
@Supajoe @MattHerms golden age stuff right there. @RCaseDrawsStuff thanks, it was a blast!NOICE! @jameslucasjones We all hit that realization at some point. Welcome to the jungle errr club. @MattHerms noice! @sushiboyangel there is a line you walk when remaking something: putting in stuff for the fans, but also making it… @sushiboyangel Yeah, without playing the original this scene comes off as confusing. Even a hint of it sticking out…'m a long time Chucky fan and I just wanna share this short clip I made 😅 #Chucky #ChildsPlay #ACNH
Retweeted by Jamps draws a lot of Chrono Trigger apparently @Keith_E That was the next point i was gunna bring up, they acknowledge something that plays, as far as I remember,… @Keith_E Contextually, the player knows what materia looks like cuz Cloud is holding one in his hand in that scene.… @AceGreenLegend it lacks context. Unless you are pretty familiar with the original it makes her look like a crazy person. @Vhyper1985 I was so upset about that!i mean considering how much they liked to drag out sequences in that game, having an extended Aerith retying her br… @AceGreenLegend that is true, but then why not just make them small all the time if they have to shrink to fit into… all the changes to the story and the expansion of the cinematic quality of the game you'd think Aerith holding… dunno, that just bothered me a lot when I was playing. It reminded me of playing Mass Effect 3, and a pivotal cha… get that the materia is IN her hair tie, and I know this from playing the original, but without that knowledge it…