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Harvey award nominated comic artist. Mega Man and Sonic @ Archie, Dexter's Lab @ IDW, G Stilton @ Papercutz, and I have an amazing beard

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@EMannLand He was awesome in that movie. @StumbleReel Lactaid! @digitallyfanged The way I c it, I’m trying to make my body stronger by slowly subjecting it to ... milk... poison? @Fenrir_Drifter Yeah there are no Sonics around her at all @Fenrir_Drifter Not sure I ever had that? @ABCMilkman He’ll get what’s coming to him!I’ve been eating pretty healthy the last few months but this week I am just all in on junk food. I’ll pick it back up next week... maybe. @ZebraCakesArt I might have lactaid in the cabinet, but I’m on the couch you see. @derek_charm @sandy_jarrell @MattHerms Love it man!Sometimes I just need a chocolate milkshake. Yes, I know I’m lactose intolerant, but that’s a problem for future jamps. @ChipCheezum we all know Death Stranding is just the mgs2 tanker level of Silent Hills. My uncle who works at Mother Base told me. @TheGreatClatski @Akaya_ZERO_ROCK 👍✨"Mega Man issue 55 ROCKMAN variant cover" by @jampolinski
Retweeted by Ryan 'Jamps' Jampole @B-7 NYCC"The Light family" by @jampolinski
Retweeted by Ryan 'Jamps' Jampole @B-7 NYCC
@diz2108 it happens. just have fun with it. @ChipCheezum Finally, all my buns related questions will be answered. @brentalfloss @travismcelroy @MBMBaM Jealous!The current #TMNT series hits issue # 100 soon, and it's pretty great to see my name on this special cover alongsid…
Retweeted by Ryan 'Jamps' Jampole @B-7 NYCCThat Heatman looks so bored and not interested in fighting, it's awesome. Heatman - "I'll fight you, i guess." @RCaseDrawsStuff truth! @RCaseDrawsStuff so just giving him wut he wants, making sure he's not in any pain. Which he seems fine, he's actin… @RCaseDrawsStuff my cat who is at my parent's house still is pretty old and we had to bring him in cuz he was getti… @GoGoAndyRobo we need Astroboy. @OhHeyDJ I will defend Legend of Korra till my dying breath.Wow, everyone seems to be team Swiss Rolls! I wasn't expecting such a landslide victory. @GoGoAndyRobo The guy I kno is very upset now. @GoGoAndyRobo If u see any, ya kno mega man stuff, I know a guy who’d like that.
@RCaseDrawsStuff Sorry that happened to you both. I've been in that boat a few times. It's never easy. Good vibes your way! @miichi1st congrats!This is what I do now, I'm a snack scientist.Which of these in your opinion is the better snack cake? @Radiator_Savior it better be a screwdriver ver 2.WHOA or else you're gunna break the zip zap zoobididorpacron! @Radiator_Savior oh you need to update your metrocard's firmware to ver 2.WHOA! @Radiator_Savior or teen wolf it on the roof. @Radiator_Savior if only you could break the wind! @Radiator_Savior henshin! @HandOvrFist My play style is hide behind the Warforge.
@IanFlynnBKC @PuccaNoodles I've never drawn anything on purpose, I'm the Mister Magoo of comic artists. @HandOvrFist He is a Kobold rogue who was the last survivor of his attack party, of every party he's been in. He kn… @yardleyart couldnt he super fast remove one of the legs of the table so that it tilts in Sonic's favor? @yardleyart @yardleyart That's it, I'm going back to my home planet. @diz2108 The fighter is a good class, I played it in many a campaign. @diz2108 I'm playing a Kobold rogue. The axe wasn't for me, it was for a Warforge in my party who didnt have enou… I've played D&D I ALWAYS play a Dwarf fighter. Pretty much any game that gives me the option I will be a D… @IanFlynnBKC i wasn't prepared for this masterclass in comedy.been playing this DnD campaign for a bit. Our team has fought some epic battles, had exciting chases, and just all… @ChibiJenHen I mean, our world would be like a fantasy world to sonic. @GoGoAndyRobo When Diana and I were in Japan we tried to play an evangelion pachinko and I just watched my money dr… did I hurt my wrist playing guitar? Are my bones made of saltine crackers?! @kerobit oh yeah, since highschool. I'm not especially good, I just like to mostly play alt rock/grunge songs from the 90s.
now to buy those Dimarzio Billy Corgan pickups and rock the eff out.update - I got my strat neck to be relatively flat now. It's not perfect but it is super close. However, the truss… @yardleyart oh yeah, Queen Watevra Wa'Nabi! [i had to look up the spelling.] @alex_segura next time i take a sip of alcohol, and someone brings it up that i dont drink im gunna gunna go "there… @alex_segura can never win, man. @alex_segura People always give me a hard time because I don't drink alcohol. and they go nuts on the rare occasion… also saw the 3rd [?] Annabelle movie, I dunno if I talked about it. I really like the conjuring movies alot, I ju… watched LEGO movie 2 last night, and It was cool. It is a visual spectacle, especially the very transformy queen character, loved her. @Fenrir_Drifter you forgot about elevensies! @jongraywb @MattHerms the problem is I didn't order a dinner sandwich! @MattHerms of course, such a fool i've been!i either accidentally ordered two breakfast sandwiches, or subconsciously ordered a breakfast and an identical lunch sandwich.
@RayNarvaezJr @phillipfoshee thanks man, honestly I've sold so many guitars over the years I regret. I had a really nice LTD ecli… @phillipfoshee yeah, i'm just not knowledgeable enough to know. I've heard that a wood block some clamps and heat c… @phillipfoshee yeah, that sounds fishy. People fix guitars from 40+ years ago, why is my 2010 guitar the one guitar that is beyond repair?Trying to straighten my fender strat standard neck. Has a tiny bit of back bow n the truss rod doesn't seem to adju… @LilFormers I like kneeded erasers, but there’s a soft staedtler eraser in a red sleeve that is really good at lift… @ChibiJenHen if it shows your best work then yeah, why not?
@IanFlynnBKC @ChibiJenHen Ian has spoken. @ChibiJenHen @Abby_Starling your work is worth much much more than you charge for! @Abby_Starling @ChibiJenHen I will mark up all her prices. @ChibiJenHen WE SHALL RAIN DESTRUCTION UPON OUR ENEMIES! by selling prints, and doing commissions.
@pellertweeto replace all front ends of vehicles with dragon skulls! @pellertweeto they should put them on the front of planes with the mouths open. that'll make landings and take offs… @pellertweeto better yet can it be made into a car? @pellertweeto ah, a dragon u mean.
NYCC was an amazing experience this year, thank you to everyone I met, and to those who helped me out at my table.… @Radiator_Savior And it will anger the warlock king! @Radiator_Savior Also u can’t drag a motorcycle behind a tow truck on the rear wheel- it will fuck it all up. @Radiator_Savior Well, I don’t think a tow company is gunna have a truck specific for bikes I guess. @Radiator_Savior Im not sure really, but it’s whoever the insurance company sends and whatever kind of truck they have available, I guess?
@Radiator_Savior When Diana’s bike got a flat it was the same thing.Crono X commission at #nycc19! the #megaman #protoman #roll commission at #nycc19!’m the first one to ever make this joke! #NYCC19 @Rawnzilla “It’s time for a cleaning also can you get me that Nycc exclusive he-man figure?” @GoGoAndyRobo Congratulations!
@jongraywb The shot of garnet running with the camera slowly spinning around her!
Acid man commission #nycc19 #nycc2019 #MegaMan #megaman11 #capcom this super fun joker commission today at #NYCC19! #NYCC2019 to New York Comic Con today? See some of our A+ creators in Artist Alley such as @DavidGallaher and…
Retweeted by Ryan 'Jamps' Jampole @B-7 NYCCParenting is hard @JustinMcElroy
Retweeted by Ryan 'Jamps' Jampole @B-7 NYCC
Today is the first day of #NYCC19 and yesterday was the 1 year anniversary of mega man 11! So why not come down to… @Shnikkles It is probably more expensive to get him to hum a few bars. @pellertweeto Very exciting stuff! @Jamitha @ArchieComics @littlebeebooks You’ll knock it outa the park! @alex_segura @ArchieComics @THR @littlebeebooks @micolz @thomaspitilli @Jamitha @sarahkuhn @rgluckst Awesome news!