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Future Bounce’un yeni serisi kapsamında ilk parça Hagan’dan
Retweeted by Jamz Supernova🏠📻 "We are here to keep you company however you're listening and wherever you're listening!" - Jamz Supernova 🏠📻…
Retweeted by Jamz SupernovaSo happy to have been a part of signing this BANGER to @RCALabelGroupUK big up the team! @clipzuk aka @UKREDLIGHT
@BlackMarbleRec @1Xtra Thank you hun!! Hope you guys are doing as well as you can be in these times! @DJWheelUP ❤️❤️❤️ @MedasinMusic @1Xtra Thanks hun great album x @BABii_mp3 @1Xtra All good hun looking forward to EP! @danielnessmusic Love hun xx @JackieQueensSA Love u Mama Jackie!! @LittleOnion @hoodboi @1Xtra 🔊🔊🔊 @DJWheelUP No worries hun, was tryna find ur @ and couldn’t!! X @lewiskunstler @TOKiMONSTA @1Xtra Love guys xx @RobHemingway @TheSelectorR3 Thanks Rob!! Appreciate you sharing xxxx @joleneosoul No worries bbz x @GinaJeanz @djsimbad Sounded great was a pleasure to play x @MrBrunoMajor @1Xtra All good hun ❤️
Thank you for ears tonight! Been an honour to still be able to bring you music on a tuesday! Leaving you with… @GinaJeanz #TropicCity @djsimbad remix on @1Xtra @ShyOneBeats #HouseParty on @1Xtra #WheelUp #VitruvianMan on @1Xtra @TOKiMONSTA #RentersAnthem on @1Xtra @damisule1 #DaysLikeThis on @1Xtra @AyChibs #Grounded on @1Xtra @pedrodalinha & @BRANKOOFFICIAL #Takré on @1Xtra @virgenmaria____ #Hater on @1Xtra @ZebraKatz & @0800shygirl #LickNSplitIt on @1Xtra's my fave picks of the week! #EPTOP5 on @1Xtra! Get yourself listening to @iamnickam @RagzOriginale @danielnessmusic @hnromusic & @romefortune #Lick on @1Xtra @sevdaliza #LampLady on @1Xtra @BABii_mp3 #Snake on @1Xtra @MedasinMusic #EndlessEndeavor on @1Xtra @somnibeats #Sometimes on @1Xtra @farr_music #Magic on @1Xtra @helloBOSCO #PianoSong on @1Xtra @Safiyyahxo #Mornings ft @finnfoxell on @1Xtra @joleneosoul #Everything on @1Xtra @chewbeats #Joyful on @1Xtra @ElisaImperilee #Sinking on @1Xtra @gzxtian #TokyoGirl on @1Xtra last week's #AfterDarkDiscovery Guest @c_bodurmusic #LovelyLonely > @MrBrunoMajor #OldSoul on @1Xtra @donaldglover 12:38 on @1Xtra @iamkimleestar right! Very needed!Kicking of the show with some @Thundercat #FairChance on @1Xtra pleased to be back on your airwaves tonight!! I'm on @1Xtra right now! Keeping you company whilst you chill at h… @djhyphenuk Yeah I think we’re open to mixes deffo!
Get involved artists 👇🏾 @LRGROOVE @SelectorRadio Hah ready xxxMuch love to @LRGROOVE did a dope mix for my @SelectorRadio UK show! Have a listen 👇🏾
@Whitb_xx Oi I might be part 2! “Time to move on time to be strong” @ChantayyJayy Praying this is me but my foremothers have showed differently imma need to werk!!! @EmmaDabiri I was waiting for your thoughts on this!! But question can you remind me who was the Senegalese family…
Using this moment to re-share the really really cool interview series I did with @ReformTheFunk last year! I did…
Retweeted by Jamz Supernova
Had a chat & made a playlist for @FredPerry_Sub! Picking music from @ahadadream @JaymieSilk also a few classics fro… song that would get you straight on the dance floor? “’Melty' by Ahadadream. My DJ sets are quite different to…
Retweeted by Jamz Supernova @spokenpriestess hey hun we're all good made it back ok. Thanks love, hope you guys are doing ok xxx @deejaysamrai Love hun xxxBig up @HaganUK @Melle_Brown @Tungzzzz @joeturnerr @tedjasper @6swsh9 ❤️Music lovers & collectors! TODAY @Bandcamp is making sure that 100% of the profit from music bought goes straight t…
@TherealNihal Also it’s now stuck in my head!!! @JackieQueensSA Hah been there!!! Loook at meeeeee @TomKoast @FutureBounce @HaganUK @ngaioanyia @DurkleDisco Eyyy sick! Also yep noted out in April right will deffo s… cosmic with this co-curated mix by @tomravenscroft & @jamzsupernova
Retweeted by Jamz Supernova @TomKoast New @FutureBounce release from @HaganUK is 😍
@kraeji My pleasure xxx @DJTarget Congratulations Target & Eva!! What lovely news!!PRs! Labels! DJs! A reminder that I’m weekend editor for @mixmag! This is probably a drop in the ocean but if you h…
Retweeted by Jamz Supernova @snoochieshy Yep box of wine it is! @Whitb_xx Hah u too huh!
Leaving you with @KarenNyameKG #FeelinFunky on @1Xtra! Have a safe one and see you next week > @ShyOneBeats #HouseParty on @1Xtra #zero12finest #BabyAreYouComing on @1Xtra @lorenzo_bitw #Salto ft #drumcello on @1Xtra @kraeji #WakingUpDown on @1Xtra @pereraelsewhere #SlowDown on @1Xtra @debnever #StoneCold on @1Xtra @YvesTumor #Kerosene on @1Xtra"BBC NO JAMZ" hah big up @doitlikedua thanks for the namecheck! #NP #ManOman on @1Xtra @N_OCALLERID #Misery on @1Xtra @TomMisch & @YussefDayes #LiftOff on @1Xtra @HCauson #BlindEye on @1Xtra @charlottedossan #TheSnowDance on @1Xtra @kokorokomusic #CarryMeHome on @1Xtra on @1Xtra! Get to know soulful singer @c_bodurmusic plus she's given us an exclusive to play of… @MustafaThePoet #StayAlive on @1Xtra @toradifrance #Vein on @1Xtra @Kamalnw #Homebody on @1Xtra @EgoEllaMay #HowLongTillWereHome on @1Xtra @PipMillett #June on @1Xtra @Sly5thAve #WithYou ft @DenitiaOdigie on @1Xtra @djsmilesdavis #CountOnMyLove on @1Xtra @LittleDragon #AreYouFeelingSad ft @KALIUCHIS on @1Xtra new music and being up on the latest releases then check out my #EPTOP5! This week it's all about @keyahblu @djnathantunes oioi welcome along x#NP @OrionSun #Lightning on @1Xtra @SwingTing #ComingThrough ft @EVABEEMCR @theOGMrFox @ksr_mcr on @1Xtra @Ojerimee #SWVThisAintEasy on @1Xtra @mightbehawa #AroundMe on @1Xtra @milanring #SwitchOff on @1Xtra of the show with @col3trane #GoodNews on @1Xtra