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Retweeted by jamzsupernovaThe B side from @giuliaTESS is #Nightmare and goes off! Get it from the @FutureBounce Bandcamp!… release of the day on @FutureBounce comes from @giuliaTESS two absolute stompers for our club series! The A… day at the @FutureBounce HQ! Two releases out today! The first comes from @ARKTKTmusic & @madmcferrin
@FootworkMonitor @iamsherelle Thank u for sharing hun! And agreed!!! ❤️just catching up on this informative & positive piece on the bbc by @jamzsupernova reminded again of what an unbeli…
Retweeted by jamzsupernova @_Elevener @1Xtra yay glad u like hun xx @VanessaJ2Inspmy @1Xtra thank u lovely <3 x @D_Tribal @1Xtra Thanks D, hope your well hun xxxx @sophie_ellis_ yesss bbz, all for the dreamy records!! <3Me listening to dreamyyyy tracks while working on @jamzsupernova‘s Everything R&B today:
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Really excited for this show! It’s such a great listen! Look out for a @FutureBounce take over show on @worldwidefm @SamEzeh @1Xtra Ahh love that hun! Great record xx @tru_thoughts @jackxsaunders @BBCR1 @DJWheelUP @brint_s yess we love to see it! xTONIGHT 6pm MASTERCLASS: WOMEN IN MUSIC for @bbcintroducing Live 🖤 It’s going to be a real honest conversation abou…
Retweeted by jamzsupernova @WhatKatiedid76 @1Xtra hah hey hun! thank u bbz, hope ur well xHIRING: I'm looking for a freelancer who LOVES JAZZ. Its a radio AP role, probs 1-1.5 days per week. Previous radio…
Retweeted by jamzsupernovaShout to @jamzsupernova with the WORLD PREMIERE just now on @1Xtra of the first single for First Word from…
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Leaving you with @ctress_a #Turin ft @AuraT09LA on @1Xtra @HaganUK #Coastline on @1Xtra @lunchmoneylife #Lincoln @LoJamMusic on the remix on @1Xtra @MonoXPoly #AsLongAsThatLoveIsDivine on @1Xtra @Osquello2 & @MRGOLDIE #Restless on @1Xtra @haich #0594Help on @1Xtra @uma_bunnag no worries huns xx @0800shygirl so ready for the EP!! <3 xx#NP @0800shygirl #Slime on @1Xtra an exclusive from @blkgrapefruit #vulnerability on @1Xtra @uma_bunnag & @lucyluband #BringTheMountains on @1Xtra @AJRadico woop yes hun! big ups to uuu xGet to know South London rapper @jadasea1! Tonight he's in the #AfterDarkDiscovery on @1Xtra @AJRadico #Centre on @1Xtra @khiinfinite @1Xtra love the record hun x#NP another first play, this one comes from @AllyshaJoy #LightItAgain on @1Xtra an exclusive courtesy of @AndrewAshong & @kaidi_kat #SankofaSong on @1Xtra @tayylormadeit #Wet on @1Xtra @khiinfinite #Lucy on @1Xtra #ErikaDeCasier #NoButterfliesNoNothing on @1Xtra @arloparks #GreenEyes on @1Xtra with the amazing @omarapollo right now on @1Xtra & celebrating his journey from us playing his soundcloud… #Efé #Garden on @1Xtra @sincerelyTOBi #Faces ft @SangoBeats & #WaxRoof on @1Xtra @Che_Lingo @1Xtra congrats hun! we come a long way since paris and champaaagggnnnneeee x#NP @Che_Lingo #PerfectWounds on @1Xtra fab EP's for your ears! Get listening to @Kaidi_NKOK @sincerelyTOBi @_KemiAde #Efe & @BrandonBrandon #EPTOP5 on… @JGrrey13 #DoubtNothing on @1Xtra @jeromethomasfoe great record hun x#NP @SamEzeh #Crisi on @1Xtra @_KemiAde so are u boo xx#NP @vanjess #HighAndDry on @1Xtra @jeromethomasfoe #RightThere on @1Xtra @_KemiAde #CrownDawnEdition on @1Xtra of the show with @BrandonBrandon #Solo on @1Xtra on @1Xtra at 9pm! Come join me! In Conversation with @omarapollo & @jadasea1 is in the #AfterDarkDiscovery loc…"I was fortunate to travel to South Africa & Colombia. It was amazing to connect to another side of the Black diasp…
Retweeted by jamzsupernovaICYMI, i spoke to @jamzsupernova for @Polymer_Zine this week🤘 we chatted about CDs, football, broadcasting live fr…
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Here’s @jamzsupernova on graft, @ReprezentRadio, @1Xtra, @FutureBounce, A&R, South London, learning on the job and…
Retweeted by jamzsupernovaMassive love to Tomas for having me on @Polymer_Zine! Spoke about my journey & career to date! Nice Sunday read! 🤓 show #DamilolaBoyNextDoor has been featured in so many tv mags this week I can't I know I keep talking about v…
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@iamntyrell Deffo both! U can “develop” an artist till your blue in the face! U still need exposure to get their music heard!There are just 5 days left to tune into @jamzsupernova on @1Xtra in conversation with @Sly5thAve: talking about & c…
Retweeted by jamzsupernova @FunkButcher @Mixmag No thank u hun! ❤️Salutes to @FunkButcher for curating #Blackout week on @Mixmag so many great articles! not only exploring the erasu…
This week, we’ll be speaking to @jamzsupernova 🤝 Interview live at 6pm on Sunday 🔗
Retweeted by jamzsupernova @codeinedrums @MarcusRashford PreachThis whole convo was just amazing! And this part really struck a chord with me! Thank you @NormanJayMBE! Check out…
Time we worked together.
Retweeted by jamzsupernova @MRWIZE__ Wicked record love it! Keep me in the loop with what’s next!! X @Bonolo_SA @FOCALISTIC Thats a wrong link, I had asked to be changed. Will chase thanks for highlighting
Leaving you with @lustwerkmusic on the remix of #ParkHyeJin #CanYou on @1Xtra @DeejayEarl_ #WerkDatBody on @1Xtra @ejthackray #SpeakNoEvil / #NightDreamer on @1Xtra @thebugzoo @dis_fig @Hyperdub @1Xtra <33#NP @ShingaiMusic #HeyHey @KarenNyameKG Revamp on @1Xtra @jordanrakei aka #DanKye #Raro on @1Xtra @SansSoucisMusic #Air on @1Xtra @thebugzoo ft @dis_fig #You on @1Xtra @MRWIZE__ "They Ask How Are You (And You Just Have To Say That You're Fine" on @1Xtra an exclusive first play from @ernestrareberrg #SecondaryHandstand on @1Xtra with the bae @demae_mae right now on @1Xtra about her stunning album "Life Works Out..Usually" have a list… @jamesblake #IKeepCalling on @1Xtra @omarapollo #DosUnoNueve on @1Xtra #FredAgain #JessieIMissYou on @1Xtra @JayPrince #TheWord ft @KojeyRadical & #DaniSofiya on @1Xtra #Bawo X @Donaleeeeeee #Undercover on @1Xtra @Enny_integrity #PengBlackGirls on @1Xtra @SwingTing X @Shanmariemusic #GiveThanks #SmoothTake on @1Xtra @Safiyyahxo yes hun, pleasure xx @demae_mae likewise hun, anytime <3Get to know West Londoner @Safiyyahxo tonights guest in the #AfterDarkDiscovery on @1Xtra @sincerelyTOBi #Shine on @1Xtra @Gezza_O hey hun, on the doc? yeah man deffo! helped us tell the story of what people miss xx#NP @lousandtheyakz #DansLaHess on @1Xtra @hope_tala #Crazy on @1Xtra @AriLennox X @Elite #CognacEyes on @1Xtra of the show with a throwback @partynextdoor record to celebrate #PersianRugs finally on streaming platforms…<3 @ernestrareberrg yes hun it's an honour!!!!On your radio in 20! Joined by 2 fantastic UK newcomers @demae_mae #InConversation & @Safiyyahxo in the… might seem obvious to us in club land but the global explosion of DJ culture is having a real impact on how we d…
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