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Often tweeting about my peripatetic work: writing, making digital things in museums and curating craft and design. Sometimes tweeting ephemera, toys and books.

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Today reminds me of the 1958 film Ice Cold in Alex. A great film. And so good at conveying hot weather. @ateliertally @TheSallyGardner This seems like bragging to me. @jfmcluggage @musgestaltung I don’t mind taking my time with coffee. @TheSallyGardner It is. @pollyannacowboy @musgestaltung Such simple product messaging is rather out of fashion today but I like it. @dalchodha It actually is.One of my favourite illustrations ever. Coop Kaffee, 1943 by the peerless Swiss graphic designer Donald Brun. The c… @ianarchiebeck @JacquiWine @TheSallyGardner @SallyThompson @sally_prue @SalleyVickers @NickWardBooks someone goes to the trouble of manufacturing cardboard pieces to keep my ephemera flat. Also delighted wi…
You need to water plants more in the hot weather yes?If one more sensible person tells me I'd like the weather much better in Scotland and I should move there, well, I'll do it. I will.I feel like this is the bare minimum of acceptable head gear. @loobilou It's all too too much and I want to fly away on a couture cloud.Can you see me drooling @loobilou ? @Demetrius_Art I know I would. @stephenkeeler @ianarchiebeck I'm not wishing away your summer. Just mine. @Demetrius_Art Happy for you.😐 @whatthescriven It's nice to know someone does.Hot. Hot. Hot. Not. In. A. Good. Way.I like to submit writings early. Just to prove to myself I don't always need a deadline in order to finish things. @mrdanielweir The best thing about hot weather in this country is it never lasts. @ianarchiebeck Roll on Autumn. Wet pavements and leaves to kick. Scarves to wear and dignity to be maintained. @dannybirchall You is funny. @mrdanielweir Do you mean hotter? I cannot have this.. @PjThinker Maybe, maybe. Did you manage not to get ice cream on your Liberty shirt?I hope you are all enjoying the heat. Because I am not. @ateliertally Do it. @annamcnally Yes indeed. Catnip for me.Interview with a Danish textile and rug designer in the bag. Now coffee. @_MissEllieB @DesignMuseum @MariscalOficial My pleasure. Where were you living?Another exhibition that stayed with me is Spanish designer Javier Mariscal’s Expo @DesignMuseum in 2009. It was des… wild beavers and I are going to be too hot today.
@jfmcluggage Yes 😀Some of the best exhibitions I’ve visited were in Paris. In 2015 I saw a fabulous button exhibition: ‘Déboutonner l… can I buy a pair of these? is coming. @cronksumark I'd have so liked to commission an avatar from one of the Glasgow Girls. @dalchodha @annamcnally @presentcorrect One of my favouriteist books. Eva.
@helenvoce @heritage_crafts Anything to share? I really want to work on some more, er, diverse approaches to filming craft. @dalchodha @HINIONGE 3 men in a bed and the little one said: let's embroider! @dalchodha @HINIONGE I am, I am. And 3 men wrapped in it..There are a lot of 3 minute slow craft films out there. Wonder if anyone is doing anything more exciting to convey craft using film?Current mood. #cat #orlando #kathleenhale
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@hannah_redler 😍 @hannah_redler Kitten alert? @Demetrius_Art The sound of one hand washing up.Nice mice. @annamcnally I think I'd like to talk about both. @I_like My chuntering? That's true. @jdk653 That worries me a little. Not a lot.The weather forecast promises 33° (feels like 36°) on Friday. That has literally un-made my week. Prepare for an es… @DominicCapuano I literally can't tell if they are dogs or soft toys. @cronksumark Behind every good dog is an elephant.
@shumadas @BritishVogue @VOGUEIndia I've bought it from my early teens. But it had got too far away from what inter… model wow. @shumadas @BritishVogue I had stopped buying it before Edward got his hands on it. So pleased to have it back.This makes me glad. continue to love the ‘new’ @BritishVogue
@ianarchiebeck That is lovely. @kimed14 Yes yes. Perfect. @EddyError1234 My point exactly. Undignified. @jdk653 Another vote for masks on a hook near the door. @Inclinepress Still 24 down here. I'd like it a little cooler. @BecsS1970 Thank you. Such eyebrows would make the Kardashians weep. @BriggsGoode Lovely. Thank you.Less heat, more Autumn.
It’s still 22 degrees C in London. That’s just unkind.HWV monogram of the Handwerkers Vriendenkring (Craftspeople Circle of Friends) on an apartment building from 1919.…
Retweeted by Jane Audas @pollyannacowboy @picturesplus Result then. I'd say. @pollyannacowboy @picturesplus Oh yes indeed. Very nice, by a master illustrator. Where'd you get them? @nicper00 🐕❤️ @hairnetbonbons I bet he is bigger than the sum of his parts. Like all good small dogs. @hairnetbonbons What a doll he is. If I can call a male dog a doll? You know what I mean. @paperhelen He's the bees knees himself. @pollyannacowboy @picturesplus Very handsome, I must say. I can't quite see what the posters are of, though. @_JillyEdwards I do. And dog and cardboard boxes is a winning combo. @ScottishFotoExp @whatthescriven Great. I feel there most be a way to monetise those ears.. @ScottishFotoExp @whatthescriven Has he got a fan club I can join? @BhsMuralHull I'm due to write more about him soon on my blog :) @ScottishFotoExp @whatthescriven Are they pictures of your puppy!? I need to steal that dog. Now. @whatthescriven Lovely. I went there in December. Many photos were taken. @ephemeracity 😍 @GrahamMoss9 I have a decent fan. Phew.Getting A+ doggage on Twitter today.This weather makes me feel like a character in Hergé's The Crab with the Golden Claws. @johnjmontgomery I'm jealous of that Quay story. @JoBoothArtist Perfect. @Miranda19c @DeborahSuggRyan Just because. @Miranda19c @DeborahSuggRyan No. But that tail is *full* of attitude. @jottevanger @jamesinealing That's nice. I will deny having said that tho. @GrahamMoss9 I'm with them. It's not right. @ncomorau I wish he was meeting me today. I wish him good luck but how could they resist, really? @Miranda19c @DeborahSuggRyan Thank you. Hat wearing always requires a certain nonchalance. I see the required nonch… @IanCallaway352 The ears. The ears! @jamesinealing If you say so. @jamesinealing There's always one. Actually sometimes two, with you and @jottevanger @drawingsara Her and me both today. Her and me both. @MostlyPrint What a sweetie. Thanks. @jfmcluggage Dog + snow. Its the dream. @TinTrunk Yes. Yes. And yes.