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Often tweeting about my peripatetic work: writing, making digital things in museums and curating craft and design. Sometimes tweeting ephemera, toys and books.

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@ThatArtBlog Lots of pretties in there. Enjoy. @loobilou @lucigosling @Tate_Publishing And so will I. @caferoyalbooks Oh. But I like a challenge.I'm buying this. Oh yes I am. @fenlandgent The word tidbits is quite rewarding.I feel I haven't tweeted from a bus in a while. This one smells of gum, deep heat, cigarettes and talcum powder. Re… @loobilou I know right? @PamWoolliscroft Well. Respect! @FeargusOSull I could be persuaded. I like Brussels.What a great image. @FeargusOSull What does he think about all those strangers grasping his head? It's got to get old, that. @SeasideFerry Well, well. Women's clothes just seem to drop off in adverts don't they? @JackDAshby @HetNatuurhist @flygirlNHM He (she, they) is, in his own way, rather cute. @PamWoolliscroft I think that must be a plastic flower. I am not at all bitter that my fingers are so un-green that I can't even grow mould. @mrdanielweir Highly spiced. I mean suspicious.Writing commissions coming in. Yip yip. up: just been called by an HMRC tax scam 08443511059 - they say you have to call back immediately or to conta…
Retweeted by Jane AudasA linocut by Dagobert Peche, 1915. Made in Vienna, for a portfolio called Mode Wein, 1914/15. #weinerwerkstatte
Endpapers'r'us. @arranjrees @FlyingTigerUK There are some very good Moleskine ripoffs out there. That blue is a very satisfying blue.I am gagging for a cup of tea. @Sian_Estelle Can we define fancy? @r_mileham @dannybirchall It might be the kindest thing, as it is @dannybirchall @MirandaChitChat Indeed. I do analogue note taking most of the time. @arranjrees C'mon then, impress me with your notebook provenance.. @emmaquinn I do. @arranjrees You have to swear off Pukka Pads in order to qualify. @emmaquinn Grand. I thought it must be something like that. How you? Long time no see.Has any research been done on the health benefits of buying a new notebook?I have never and will never buy stationery with the words Pukka Pad on it. @dannybirchall Yes well. I nearly wrote that I've been buying the same Comme des Garçons wallet for years. But I kn… @dannybirchall Not tragic. You've found your classic. @vincenzokelly Basic hoovering outfit there.Say it Frida. @SignalType See also. Cleaning. Toaster crumb emptying. Mirror polishing. Top of plug socket dusting.Lots of Ghibli love on my Twitter feed. This makes me glad.
A perfect thing. @JackDAshby @HetNatuurhist @flygirlNHM That looks very good.Devo - Whip it. @BBC6Music
Bring it. Put me on it. @melissaterras Woman up. Free the kitten. @lesleybarnes I think only you would reply that to those!
BBC weather says hail showers and a gentle breeze. A little bit contradictory? @Akellytextiles I thought you'd like that.There's a great Lego model of Liberty's department store on their top floor at the moment. Built by artist Jessica… @presentcorrect *followed* @JRed_Fern I do too.That boy's expression. That dog. love me a detail too. Marimekko underpants. From @michalexier's IG. @PjThinker
Spotted an awful lot of small dachshunds today. Some of which would have fitted nicely in my tote bag.Pleased to be able to say (now it is out) that I'm working on the digital things for Fantastic Beasts™: The Wonder… Job Klaxon 📢🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 The fab @VAScotland are recruiting a Digital Officer: Part-time (15 hours/week, flexi…
Retweeted by Jane Audas
@neiljgower I like my churches with a little more bling.
I have friends in Scotland who might be seen in the modern day version of this outfit. A leaflet promoting things t… hoo.
@lskains All yours?Writing can be hard in so many ways.
Retweeted by Jane Audas @Akellytextiles The coffee!? Yes.A rare colour picture of Marion Dorn with her designs, from House and Garden (USA) July 1947. #vintagetextiles
@dannybirchall In that case, I have to agree.Also in the new issue 44 of @uppercasemag I wrote the cover piece on @sophiesmallhorn. I'm such a fan girl of her w… new issue 44 of @uppercasemag has 2 pieces by me in it. A profile of @ard_bakery: The Geometry of Cakes.… @antiqdigitalis @Eesterenmuseum I had a bedspread of that Liberty fabric.Another *funny* old museum booklet through the post alert. @grants4usa I'll take your word for that :) @loobilou 🙂 @Demetrius_Art Lycra champions.This is propa 16th century bling. the year off with a bang - having coffee with a view of women's big shapewear knickers in M&S.Toys'r'us.’m quite often thinking about wallpaper. Herewith a 1821 advert from a Hartford, Connecticut newspaper. French sty…
@BrendanCormier @Twitter Really? OMFG.Johnson is so going to grasp Trump's coattails all the way.Umm.....
Retweeted by Jane AudasLearn your letters. Two 1 day workshops on pen calligraphy with printmaker & calligrapher Douglas Bevans. Saturday…
Retweeted by Jane Audas @dalchodha Wipe away the dirty. @suzyjoinson Lovely images. And what a great rabbit hole of research it all promises.Listening to Mr Beck. Remembering seeing him playing solo at the Royal Albert Hall in 2003. Dressed in Dior.Building on Rozengracht (Rose Canal) from 1925 #Amsterdam #Typography #TypeInAmsterdam
Retweeted by Jane AudasA favourite doll from @museumchildhood which is one of my favourite museums. #doll
@LangeAlexandra @nypl Bring it! @LangeAlexandra @nypl Mall book? *ears prick up*I'm talking at this.
I mean. @mrdanielweir They're great.Eric Ravilious by Phyllis Dodd. I am always interested to see how artists dress. interviewed Olivia for the catalogue to this one. @mrdanielweir This sounds great. More pics if you find them? @PequenhaciudadP The lion! It must be some sort of underground club? @presentcorrect Present (for me) and correct.Just in case you want to buy yourself (or me) a New Year present, a Japanese toy catalogue going for far too much o… memory of a fascinating trip on a free night bus at 01.30 am this New Year’s morning. Elsie and the Child by Arn… @PequenhaciudadP That cover defies explanation.
@AdamKoszary See if I don't! Bare handed.Qué intensidad y empalague de buenos propósitos, listas de cosas fantabulosas que vais a hacer dentro de un día, y…
Retweeted by Jane Audas @lskains I think I have a prosaic nature. I like a cup of tea when I write.Am on a bit of a Céline Sciamma bender. Watched Girlhood last night. It seems as if she just leaves the camera on h…