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Salford and Manchester 🐝 Lancashire. Europe 🇪🇺 Books, running, yoga, dancing. #TheArchers. Cat wrangler to @tofu_coffee.

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If you have ever suffered from or know people who suffer from... • depression • anxiety • eating disorder • ocd •…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @lithgaelark Yes! They really should sing to you while cleaning 🧹 🎶 really need your donations to keep coming in. Appeal is in September and we have legal Bill's to pay.…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷Lady Hale on her Brexit brooch: 'You can do a lot with a spider' you know who the real heroes are? Lovely but slightly dull blokes who take the time video themselves doing munda…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @FurnessGirl Beautiful!
@lithgaelark It is truly a marvellous creature. Ours is named Penry, for the mild-mannered janitor alter-ego of Hon… @archers_fan2015 @feistywomankent @Nynzi @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 Not very wel… @boorach2 I did that too, in the dining room 😂😂😂 oh dear! @FurnessGirl @feistywomankent @Nynzi @archers_fan2015 @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 @feistywomankent @Nynzi @archers_fan2015 @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 I’m already… @FurnessGirl @feistywomankent @Nynzi @archers_fan2015 @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 vacuum has just had its first outing. When it ran out of battery and was looking for the charging station, I… @feistywomankent @Nynzi @archers_fan2015 @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 ‘Scuse pyjamas! @feistywomankent @Nynzi @archers_fan2015 @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 Current frin… @feistywomankent @archers_fan2015 @wessexwildlife @Nynzi @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 @wessexwildlife @feistywomankent @archers_fan2015 @Nynzi @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 It is divine… @feistywomankent @archers_fan2015 @Nynzi @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 And I am a s… @feistywomankent @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 Amazing! 😁 We’re famous!! @feistywomankent @archers_fan2015 @Nynzi @wessexwildlife @lucysaunderspr @MuffetRBoyle @valeriekenny16 Hello Valeri… #borishasfailedtheuk Next year can we all clap for our MP's rather than give them a pay rise?
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @Dr_Plinius @vodka_lady @janeredrosa I think it must be a few years #TheArchers @falmouthjen Hi Jenny! 👋👋👋😊 xx #TheArchersGood evening Twitter! Just finished Zoom yoga (NOT with Kate, Elizabeth and Ifty!) and feeling super chilled out 🧘🏼‍♀️ 🙏☺️ #TheArchers @linniRsbooks @SallyAnnely @ldknitter I hope we won’t have to lose too much of any of these.
We no longer have new data about healthcare workers who have died with Coronavirus. This is because there's been a…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @SallyAnnely @ldknitter I think we need both. Grocery delivery feeds the body. Art feeds the soul. Some people have… question. Why can cinemas open but not theatres? #lockdown #arts #theatrematters #music #musicislife
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷Please retweet if you think that there should be a worldwide ban on trophy hunting. #BanTrophyHunting
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @PilchGrhm @GaryLineker This is like saying that someone gets a Christmas bonus so surely they can survive a third… the clap for the NHS later a 'gesture' or something of substance? Asking for a Prime Minister.
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @Titian73 @djhx66 Gorgeous!Lots of tweets today saying ‘Well, crowds in Soho look bad, but we didn’t have a rise in infections after those pac…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @SloanLJW He always reminds me of this young man 🤣 @jen_jstephen @archers_fan2015 Yoga gear all day, every day. How will I cope when I have to put a frock on again? 😂 @SloanLJW So did Ivy 😁Cambridge University Press are offering complete books to download on race, protests & civil rights. These are avai…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @linniRsbooks Me too I fear 🚜 #TheArchers @linniRsbooks I bet you’d give it go. I know I would! #TheArchers @Furtherfrom @psalotti He wouldn’t be able to resist playing with it #TheArchersElizabeth, ALL of us look like we’ve just rolled out of bed now. All the time. With the possible exception of… @mcmrhona I found Shavasana the hardest pose for ages, just couldn’t relax. #TheArchers @gjmarklew #TheArchers @mcmrhona Thank you, I find it’s easier to miss stuff during the monologues for some reason (too much tweeting maybe!) #TheArchers‘Date ready’ fgs Elizabeth #TheArchersHave I missed something? Have Tracy and Roman parted ways? #TheArchers @archers_fan2015 @allthisandless @TracyHorrobin Shhhhh! 😉 #TheArchers @psalotti @Furtherfrom He’s NEVER letting go of that #TheArchersLynda as she was. I’m not crying. Not at all #TheArchers @morriseygirl @only_sundays Haven’t had a Dairylea triangle in years 🤔 #TheArchers @morriseygirl @only_sundays I do actually love yoga. It’s been surprising to find how good value my ‘expensive’ gym… @MrWeir Brave #TheArchers @morriseygirl I often spend most of Shavasana thinking about Pizza Hut cheese triangles. I am possibly doing it wrong #TheArchers @susanSHharrison Thank you! You have made my day 🍪😊 #TheArchers @susanSHharrison Good morning! Always ready for another coffee ☕️ #TheArchersFFS Lizzie, pin his video and have a good gawp. Make the technology work for you, girl #thearchers
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷Rebel Freddie - look you can't fight the cistern when your entire family are an insitutional part of the cistern #TheArchers
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷Vikshasana. This pose is my nemesis too. #TheArchers @archers_fan2015 I went to get the Click and Collect shipping, and them to Mums to take her items round and to fit… morning Twitter! Time for another coffee I think ☕️ #TheArchersNative American protestors at Mt Rushmore confronted by Trump supporters shouting Go home.
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷
@2di2d @GNaomiMartin I don’t think it lacked grittiness. Stories include a nasty attack on Deirdre, baby Tracy miss… @2di2d @GNaomiMartin I love Bet. And, surprisingly, Ena Sharples. We stopped watching Corrie too when the amount of… @CaseyJWolf I haven’t been able to find anything like it. As for as I know they used normal stuff from the shops. W… @gildy61 Enjoying it so much (old episodes on YouTube) fantastic writing and acting, and such great characters. I o… @2di2d @GNaomiMartin The Ogdens recently (1979?😂) got a new Muriel after Stan ruined the old one by letting the bath overflow! @CaseyJWolf This photo doesn’t do it justice. I’m obsessed with it.I LOVE this tea set! (Ivy Tilsley’s, Coronation Street 1980) Six Grandfathers. Before taken and turned into Mt. Rushmore
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷Just a friendly reminder that whilst today is an exciting day and we’re all desperate to go back to normality, coro…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷#Nottingham Police appeal after Nottingham trauma doctor’s prized bike is stolen from City Hospital
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @HendryTitchner @BBCTheArchers Oh Tracy I am so so sorry to read this. Thinking of you and sending love and Salford hugs xxGood morning Twitter. I am neither in the pub nor at the hairdressers.
What an amazing surprise on a Friday afternoon for the City Council to receive a painting entitled: “The Frontline”…
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷 @Gnomeponders I was thinking about why people like him. There’s a certain type of person who is proud to say ‘no on… @Gnomeponders Very possibly. Though I don’t doubt Conservatives’ ability to find someone even worse. @FurnessGirl @samkelpie1 Huge respect and admiration for NHS staff but I’ve had enough of clapping now. @Gnomeponders Yes. I think he’s the worst kind of liar, he believes what he says in the moment he says it, then who… @FurnessGirl @samkelpie1 *knows* @FurnessGirl @samkelpie1 Know which side his gammon is buttered @FurnessGirl @samkelpie1 What a pillock he is. @MissKittenFilan @charlieandduffy @ElaineWharton1 @ChantsluzShane @JohnKav20922342 @Number10cat @DaveTheCat17 Lucy has the right idea 😸 @rosieTa23060152 @CornstalkElnora Ouch! @FurnessGirl And all those spare bedrooms for ‘the family’ who you just know will go to Centerparcs every year instead @FurnessGirl And if not outside, they will be in their enormous kitchens, which they absolutely, definitely need.Black Cat lost in Trafford, Urmston, Manchester (M41) on 2nd July 2020 #lostcats #lostpets #animalrescue
Retweeted by Jane Bramley 🇪🇺🐝 🕷And yet, he clapped for the NHS. @MaureenRochdale @Libmoggy I like it! @rosieTa23060152 @CornstalkElnora Apparently there is no point in a cast, I just had to grin and bear it. @MaureenRochdale @Libmoggy This is possible. Or I could just call it Thing. @Libmoggy @MaureenRochdale The obvious choice is Hilda Ogden, but Peggy got there before me #TheArchers. I might ca… @CornstalkElnora Apparently some of them also mop, if you have hard floors... *swoons* @CornstalkElnora Apparently it is very sensible and won’t fall down the stairs (sensors!). Which puts its intellige… @MissKittenFilan @samanthaskidm10 @mismegs23 @Kizzylovejenna @JLSJess @OMGItsHelen86 @sarah_mattocks @Libmoggy @MaureenRochdale 😂
@EmilyFlump I’m cogitating... 🤔 @EmilyFlump Mine is this one, it was a lightning deal today: Bagotte BG800 Robot Vacuum Cleaner, Wi-Fi Connected, M… @Titian73 Me 😇😁😎 @PatAlexTea Erm... don’t drink alcohol and I’ve lost weight. I usually lose weight over Christmas, too. 🤣 @nellymargaret @KeriWarbis @nellymargaret That is so kind, thank you! ☺️