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Author of 9 Sunday Times Top 10 Bestsellers. New book - Queen Bee - out April 2020 You can preorder here

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Chislehurst! Please look for Ochi @richardosman Fab x @tracydunks @WeatherDog3 @DeborahMeaden @reallorraine So gorgeous!Well this is a bundle of joy to put on your pre order list. Absolutely loved it @richardosman @mserinkelly Same @MarkLeneve That is so lovely @ParrotStanley 7 Stanny! @JaneyGodley 😂 @anna_higgybilly Oh!!!! @lucy___loo 👍🏻 @JaneyGodley Who taught her that bad language! @purbrooktony One today! But she did it from an acceptable distance!Reunited!! Yippee! @olliecomicstrip @rickygervais I got the moves! @olliecomicstrip @myleftfang @WeatherDog3 Yes! 💔💔 @jane_kjane 👍 @AnExpatWife ExactlyOh, and while we're at it, could we also agree that if you're in a family group and you don't even attempt to go si… never wanted to become this person but ... could we maybe all agree to pass each other on the left when we're on… @DBRacingUK Oh good, OK. I'm doing Duolingo. @kljspope Looking so handsome Arthur!!! @olliecomicstrip @bonappetegan Oooh! @Tooscie ❤️
@TherealNihal Oh! I'm so happy for you!Cirencester please please look for this dog! @olliecomicstrip Arsenic? @KarinvanderKant I also lost at that today 😩 @kerry170568 Good idea @ChristineLoy1 Soon ... 💔 @Lucyspeed It’s way more exhausting than I remember @KendallAnnCurry Twisted it right near the end when I got over excited. Fine now though. @AlisonBurnsJazz Ooh! Let me know how it turns out. @JuneH7669 I can’t 🤢 @dawnymock Wow @HazelGibbons14 Oh god, not now 🤢 @sillytiki AAAGH! Now I’m having two.It’s come to this. I lost by one point. I may be having a heart attack @EstherThePig @WeatherDog3 Oh Phil!!!!! @WeatherDog3 Ooh! Hello foxy babies! @jane_kjane Battery for what, exactly @purbrooktony @rickygervais That’s amazing @WeatherDog3 Good grief. My eyes!!! @MarkLeneve @Stephke_C @Falkorkat Amazing. I have chillis growing now. @Stephke_C @Falkorkat Tomatoes will grow inside if you have a sunny windowsill. And cucumbers. Most herbs - basil and chives do really well. @Art71Rachael Oh no! That escalated more rapidly than I expected! @missmcollins Fab x @goodchild125 @TheTodayShow @Channel9 Thank you! @britmum5 @rickygervais She would have loved that @MarkLeneve @purbrooktony @rickygervais Yep
@sarah_shewring @adeleparks @PlatinumMagUK 😩 @RichardWilkins @TheTodayShow @Channel9 Thank you so much for having me on! @allykat2609 @TheTodayShow @Channel9 Yay! @EilishCatEyes @TheTodayShow @Channel9 Thank you! @bubbledom123 @TheTodayShow @Channel9 Oh no! @AdventurePants5 @TheTodayShow @Channel9 If I knew how to I would! @ParrotStanley @anna_higgybilly @DBRacingUK @LorraineB2112 @JaneyGodley Aww, Stanny!I’ll be live on @TheTodayShow in Australia in about half an hour, talking about #QueenBee No one will ever know I a… @tonypaulway @alexandramoody Oh!!! She’s gorgeous! Look what you two did! @sillytiki @WeatherDog3 @rickygervais Ha! @mel_cbe @McfaddenDayna All the offices are closed at the moment boys, and will be for the next few weeks I think.… @Stephke_C @rickygervais 😩 @Bijouxy @myleftfang @rickygervais ❤️💔 @WeatherDog3 He’s got huge hairy feet, he can’t run! Do you have the same problem? @Lucyspeed ❤️ @Lucyspeed 😩 @tnahieli Same 😂😭 @WeatherDog3 ❤️Yes, sadly pushed back to July because there was a definite possibility they weren't going to be able to get the bo… @BlondShelley @BootstrapCook 👍 @LangdonPatrick @TheTodayShow @Channel9 ❤️❤️❤️ @Kilts4me @TheTodayShow @Channel9 It’s out there now, but here not till July 😩Lovely Australian friends! I will (hopefully - Skype permitting) be appearing on Weekend Today tomorrow morning at… @clarateddy @DorothyKoomson @adeleparks @JillMansell @freya_north @jojomoyes @LindseyKelk @MsRebeccaChance a story this week from the brilliant @JaneFallon on SAGA’s #NotGoingOutClub Do have a listen if you have t…
Retweeted by Jane Fallon @purbrooktony Oh no! Look after yourselves. @BootstrapCook 👏🏻 @ClaireAllan WooHoo!!!!! Amazing! @christianhebel @BootstrapCook Mine arrived floppy. I don't think it's a requirement 😂
@ctremains @BootstrapCook Basically. Few nuts. @Porker10 @BootstrapCook It was lovely! @WeatherDog3 @BootstrapCook Way too much detail 😂 @mrselliott2819 @adeleparks @PlatinumMagUK 😫 @Auntyjesus It’s a documentary @Auntyjesus 😂 @louisejonesjbj @BootstrapCook Ooh lovely! @anna_higgybilly @BootstrapCook Amazing!! @olliecomicstrip @rickygervais This is completely brilliantMy life now ... @tracey_thorn One of those saucepans was me! @Anstey_Harris @BootstrapCook What is this witchcraft??? @DBRacingUK @MarkLeneve @BootstrapCook Same @thehairycats @MarkLeneve @BootstrapCook Yes! @GabriellaS24 Yay! @WhittyAuthor Happy Publication Day! @StanEgerton @BootstrapCook 😩 @MarkLeneve @BootstrapCook I’m not fond of those big floppy watery ones. Well, until now. @leet_muffin @BootstrapCook No one ever wants those things @JustMissEmma @BootstrapCook 😂 @beatieedney @BootstrapCook Fantastic @Bratgirl66 @BootstrapCook Exactly. I’m panicking that I only have a couple of days worth left.