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@IanFortey A bowl of Sad Mounds Bar might not be horrible... @IanFortey Did you mix the two together? I would.Giant Burrito To Solve All Of Area Man’s Problems For 6 Precious Minutes
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A year ago today I was in Cambridge, MA with one of my oldest friends watching a show that we both agreed was one o… Chuck, ER doc here, We’re not lying. It’s actually really horrible to see people die from COVID19. And it’s no…
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@MikeVanderbilt If I may- @MattOswaltVA I truly believe that you might step out of that car in a cooler outfit than the one you got in with.Wear a mask. You should listen to me, I’m basically the expert for this.
Retweeted by Janey Jane @PulpLibrarian That is magnificent hair and fleeing! @PulpLibrarian Gingers occasionally have to flee as welll... @ReticentTurnip I use brang, occasionally. I’d even forgive him for irregardless, but only because he’s Neil.“And then you’re up to your old tricks in chapter’s 4, 5 and 6!” Elvis Costello & The Attractions - Everyday I Wri…
Retweeted by Janey JaneGood morning. @tftalbott Who could have predicted such a thing? @nikkitruckee A cat is a cat... @nikkitruckee Ouch! Bad kitty! @IanFortey Or a jellyfish. @licjulie I’m so sorry for your loss.While the rest of the world may experience 6 degrees of separation, in RI, we’ve usually got 2. Almost every one I… @IanFortey I would not even try. @IanFortey Same answer.Still wondering.“Mom, did you know that there are five elements?” “Earth, air, water, fire, and...?” “Cheese. Earth, air, water, fire, and cheese.”
No, but really... @IanFortey I’m willing to give my approval...I’m watching The Muppet Movie with my son. It’s a pun filled musical and I have to assume that this movie and @tftalbott are mortal enemies. @tftalbott That would be great, thank you! @tftalbott Looks like the only way is to order a copy. @tftalbott Maybe not tonight though. @tftalbott I have not, thank you. @tftalbott @JCKillpack Sorry. @tftalbott @JCKillpack No need to be extra sharp. @tftalbott @JCKillpack I can make you mine, taste your dip so fine, Anytime night or day Only trouble is, cheese wh… @JCKillpack @tftalbott It loves you, too. @IanFortey Maybe for you. @IanFortey Umm...that’s the best part.Such a sad, pretty song. @tftalbott Don’t turn around, but I think there’s some cheese following you...I SAID DON’T TURN AROUND! @tftalbott I too prefer to pick cheese fresh from the garden. @MikeVanderbilt That’s @OnlyADreamForMe Wonderful. @CorpseMolesting @MikeVanderbilt If they had, at least we would still have “An intellectual carrot? The mind boggle… @MikeVanderbilt I love what I think of as the first 3 Star Wars movies. I avoided the prequels like the plague. My… @behindyourback Hero.Happy Friday. @nikkitruckee Yup.It’s Friday night. I don’t have onion dip, but I still want to watch a movie. What should I watch?
On my evening walk, pack of tween boys pass on bikes. “How are you?” One shouts, uncharacteristically for tweens. “…
Retweeted by Janey Jane @Drhaggis @laurenthehough I love this. @laurenthehough Gun is probably the safest way to approach splitting the avocado, so maybe... @BlueHours The Wall of HairOne funny thing is that the opening line of a song called “We Can Work It Out” is “Try to see it my way”.
Retweeted by Janey JaneWell, here we are! Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat! @tftalbott Oh no! You should share pictures in its memory. @RufusTSuperfly This is fantastic! @mode23 Looks about right, lol.Minus the murderous tendencies and musical genius of course...93% humidity today, so I look forward to achieving the full Phil Spector... @tftalbott I had a random shuffle going on yesterday and was very happy when this popped up- @tftalbott Lovely suggestion.What am I going to listen to today while I’m working?Someone wake me up in an hour, thanks. opening minute of this is really something... morning. @JoParkerBear Mon amour! @tftalbott But I cracked myself up with that... @tftalbott Are your insides feeling scrambled? @tftalbott Darn. @tftalbott Yes, from you. :) @MattOswaltVA I somehow can’t believe that there are seatbelts in that truck. But I’d still go for a ride in it. @BlueHours :) @BlueHours It took me an embarrassingly long time to figure out the it was Joe Jackson singing along. And I love Joe Jackson.I left out a “the” from that tweet, but oh well...I was supposed to go in to office today, but it wasn’t necessary. Cool. Also, today I remembered that I could liste… @ghoulieschool @MikeVanderbilt But without the hand to hand contact, I suppose. @laurenthehough My cat really loves sleeping on books. If he was a dog, I wouldn’t bother asking-but will that be ok? @surlyclown All good, thanks.When you go to grab the pint of ice cream, only to discover it was a load bearing treat...
2020 you can dodge a wrench, you can dodge a ball.
Retweeted by Janey Jane @AprilMDonahue Noooo! @emojibones I like it. @emojibones I suppose “back the fuck up, together” would be considered inappropriate.Ah, Keith Richards is trending. As libraries prepare to reopen, a timely reminder that Keith is a fan. “When you a…
Retweeted by Janey Jane @MikeVanderbilt Sentimental favorite- @MikeVanderbilt I have a fairly substantial K-Tel album collection. Terrible quality, great songs. I love them. @laurenthehough How much? I have zero influence, but I don’t sleep well, so I’ve got free time to work on things....I’m sure they’re here for the coffee milk. @lafleurmtl Las Vegas? @IanFortey Do you even get the ear twitch?