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@jondanziger This is the correct answer.That you're taking creepshots of strangers?
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The boy liked it, but I think he felt the need to humor me. “I liked it! I mean... I don’t really consider it a St… @bornmiserable I want to hear the entire song, this is great. @emojibones Woohoo! @ReticentTurnip Thank you. @AprilMDonahue The boy wanted to see it because of course all of his friends have. Oh lord, Jar-Jar is as horrifying as I’d heard...I’ve avoided it for 20 years, but I’m finally watching The Phantom Menace. @realtofupuppy I wonder if you can still hire Geddy Lee for 10 bucks. @realtofupuppy Awww... take off. ❤️🍺🌲 @JaneIsANaomi Five golden touques!
Retweeted by Janey Jane @realtofupuppy Three French toasts!My favorite Christmas carol is the one where they blame the weather for their social anxiety and just stay home.
Retweeted by Janey JaneThe Claremont UMC nativity. Inside the church, evidently, Jesus, Mary and Joseph are reunited. The statement tha…
Retweeted by Janey Jane @JasonCKillpack @tftalbott So, I think this means Tim owes me an apology. @tftalbott It was actually a very calculated meanness. I didn’t want to suffer alone. (And I smiled in my special way)This has been stuck in my head since yesterday thanks to listening to K Tel records while cleaning. Good morning.… Smith apparently stole his rapping style from Art Carney.I’m planning to watch Night of the Meek with my son today. It’s going to blow his mind. I think I’ve watched it wit… @laurenthehough @cheersinnit Now it looks like it’s peering over its glasses at you in a disapproving fashion. It… @laurenthehough @cheersinnit A Santa hat might make it look slightly less like it is trying to suck out your soul, sure.And a beer..... a tree.Day 2473 - Negative Batman #everydayart #everyday #mirrorlab #fingerpaint #batman
Retweeted by Janey Jane @JoParkerBear Fluffier half, sure. @JoParkerBear I’m glad you and Beto are here. @laurenthehough Holy crap, his heart light is on.... (But it’s seriously very wonderful that you and Teddy are out… @tftalbott Mix snow and chocolate milk.
If you think one of the problems we face as a nation is that too many poor people are getting free food, you are a very sick individual.
Retweeted by Janey Jane @realShelleyC @iamchrisscott Waits turns 70 today.
Retweeted by Janey JaneFlying birds. Excellent birds. This is the picture. Or two... @tftalbott Will trade candy for soup.30 Helens Agree: Some people are flushing 10-15 times.
Retweeted by Janey Jane morning. @tftalbott The cute is strong with this one. @WGladstone Agree that Being There is great-def didn’t think so at 10. I loved the Pink Panther movies so much, tha… @WGladstone Mom took me along to an odd assortment of movies when I was 10. This, Being There, & Excalibur are the… @WGladstone I first saw it w/my mom when I was 10. We would re-watch it together periodically. Each viewing as I go… @WGladstone All of the performances are so natural and effecting. And my mom and Barbara Barrie had a certain impish resemblance. :) @WGladstone It’s such a great movie, and yes, he’s funny as hell and absolutely heartbreaking in it-and he moves be… @JoParkerBear Long distance hug. @nikkitruckee @jpcloser @IanFortey Xerox/copy. Even if the original question was somewhat tongue in cheek, I do lo… this photo of Peter Lorre and Santa Claus.
Retweeted by Janey Jane @ScottLinnen Ha! @jpcloser @IanFortey In Rhode Island we call water fountains bubblers. The first water fountains installed in RI sc… @ScottLinnen That was one hell of @barelyliterate We’ve got Burt’s Bees baby shampoo, which is also no sting. Called the pediatrician, it’s bacterial…
Holiday shopping for the family.... done. @realtofupuppy I’m still half singing “We want the gunk” to myself. :) @tftalbott (Sorry) @realtofupuppy Thank you.My son has pink eye because if there’s anything my house needed more of, it’s infection based gunk. @Nicole_Cliffe We’re currently shuffling pneumonia/bronchitis around my house. To make things special, my son just… Turtle crawling into the Sunset (Photo: Ben Hicks)
Retweeted by Janey Jane @barelyliterate @lindstierney @mysondrewthis @Ck82266917 Fingers crossed, I’m going in! can be so hurtful. My Aunt Didi was crushed by a Burlington Coat Factory Sign.
Retweeted by Janey JaneGood morning. morning!
Retweeted by Janey JaneI may be biased about the title.It’s a sweet little song with a lovely title. @realShelleyC If Biden is the nominee, I’ll vote for him.#AnxietyFeelsLike a hundred conflicting messages all at once...
Retweeted by Janey Jane @realShelleyC Certainly. I’ll vote for a bag of wilted lettuce over what we currently have-but I’m hoping we have a… @Home_Halfway @realShelleyC Preferably not Biden. @tftalbott I loved it, but Boy Wonder is my fav of the two. My copy of Fuel Injected Dreams has a fairly dull cover… @tftalbott So do I. Almost 30 years ago my Uncle Mike picked up a copy, read it, loved it, and thought I would too.… @tftalbott Nice! This is the cover of the copy of Boy Wonder that I have-the other one is so much better. Santa, I would like a poster of this. Please and thank you. but true: 🎶When the Baron cried out, "Merry Christmas, mein friend!"🎶 makes me cry. @realShelleyC @TheAnnaBenson @TimberBoJack I love all of these.
@ScottLinnen And it’s all downhill from there... @behindyourback :( @behindyourback My most common thought for the past 9 years has been “well, I’ve managed to ruin another nice picture of my kid.” @behindyourback Every last one of them.My favorite of my son’s letters to Santa was written the year the boy was 6. It opened with Dear Santa, How are y… @tftalbott I don’t personally know any of them. @tftalbott Not for most of the people I know on part one. Yes for most of the people I know on part two.'s art in the most unlikely of places. Chime in with your images and video:
Retweeted by Janey Jane morning. that John Waters had Steve Buscemi dress up as John Waters for Waters' 1995 Christmas card.
Retweeted by Janey Jane @jobearparker They say you are what eat, right? @behindyourback I’ll take tax and spend over tax and starve any day.Tariffs imposed so far by the Trump administration are equivalent to one of the largest tax increases in decades: a…
Retweeted by Janey Jane @Nicole_Cliffe Where’s your promise ring? @MikeVanderbilt This is fantastic. Heartfelt, heartbreaking and really well written.“Bourdain was a man that the world saw change & grow throughout the years, from his first New Yorker piece to his r…
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@AprilMDonahue And I don’t like to weight-shame, but I’m going to leave it because there he was, in all of his well… @AprilMDonahue I don’t have them either. It brings me back to (the obscenely jowled) Ed Meese stating that he could… @nikkitruckee Hello, small tasty dinosaurs!'Wren In Winter' by UK printmaker Sarah Bays #womensart
Retweeted by Janey Jane @tftalbott I seem to be feeling unnecessarily argumentative today. @tftalbott @tftalbott Speak for yourself.